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I May Fall . . . "But I refuse to crawl. . "

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1I May Fall . . . "But I refuse to crawl. . " Empty I May Fall . . . "But I refuse to crawl. . " on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:28 pm

Yu Leigenma
(Disclaimer; It's been so long since I've done this, so it'll take me a while to get back into the feel. So until then, I'll start off my first returning post in a novice way.)

*Red Like Roses (pt 1) Plays to the swift movement of the action to come*

Huffing the breath viciously through his lungs, Yu flees as fast as he can from the King Taijitu. Yu, using his semblance molded around his plates, cuts the obstructions in his way while moving through the tree's, swiping them aside only slows down his momentum as the Taijitu steadily stalks Yu's gradually decreasing speed. Yu, looking back in shock, loses his footing and trips only to roll down a hill narrowly avoiding the Taijitu's failed attempt to swallow Yu whole.

"I can't afford to get too carel-"

A noises, sharp but painfully familiar, fills the air around Yu. A second Taijitu emerges from the grounds about 50 meters in front of Yu, it's possibly a nest . . . But with the size of these Taijitu, who knows how many are down there- A loud hiss alerts Yu who tumbles out of the way barely missing the huge fangs of the Taijitu who had originally chased him down here, was this it's plan all along? Yu had been noticing since he fought his last Beowolf that the grim have been acting more and more efficiently with each other. These thoughts rob Yu of the time necessary to react to the Taijitu emerging from the crevasse below. He is swatted backwards into a stone wall, luckily his aura protects him from the damages that would have been. Yu begins to get pissed

*Red Like Roses (pt 1) begins to fade into (pt 2)*

"Let's get it! I owe myself some new shoes anyway!"

Yu stands to his feet as the seconds that describes the gap that separates the lunging Taijitu and Yu. Yu gathers his aura and drenches around him, activating his plate and moving them into his shogun form while poising other plates to become shield, swirling shields. The pressure Yu's aura gives off is enough to put a Saiyan to shame as it creates slightly dense flickering spaces around him, leaving a slight crater in the ground he stands in, damages the wall his back is facing, and effectively repels the Taijitu marginally away from himself. the escaping aura condenses, falling back onto Yu forming a thick misty coat over his armor. The shogun awakens. The Taijitu seems to be acting as one. They only hiss while slithering around Yu, creating a safe perimeter from Yu.

"Do they really know my absolute distance? H-How?"

A Taijitu attacks yu from the side as another attacks from the front, they seems to understand when a foe is distracted, but how? How can they be this resourceful and combat oriented? Yu doesn't have the time he would like to have in order to investigate. Yu erects a polarized plate wall, setting the charge to positive while tagging the Taijitu on his side with potive and negatively charged plates. Forward Taijituignores what just happens, opening its mouth and turns sideways, Yu harbors the rest of his concentration, grabs the hilt of Guillotine while entering a sacred sword stance. The Taijutu on the side slams into the wall only to be repelled and attracted to it simultaneously, effectively trapping it for the time being. The forward Taijitu wastes no time in extending its jaw out towards Yu as he begind to glow brightly, the Taijitu is only seconds away from devouring him, Yu unsheathes Guillotine revealing a blade that shines brighter than a neutron star, Yu swings Guillotine several times with such immense amount of force and concentration that the released energy lines rip through the Taijitu in front of him. The remaining slashes travel through the ground, uprooting and cutting everything, including the nests inhabitants. the polarity trapped Taijitu was pulled into the direction of a polarity slash, ripped apart anatomically. Yu immediately collapsed to his knees, aura barely flickering, his plates fall to the ground, including the wall set up to trap the Taijitu.


A hard gulp after a breather.

"... Again ... I didn't think I still had it, to this degree.."

(Music fades..)

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