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Long Daze, Longer Nights (Open)

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1 Long Daze, Longer Nights (Open) on Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:38 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
Islands are great for star gazing. The low light pollution aids in clarity when looking to the sky above, allowing the naked eye to bask upon the universes everlasting light-show. The skylight woods was named for such a view after all, the forest clearing was an ample location to gaze upon the stars. The green leaves cast blue as Finnek in the broken moonlight.

Unfortunately, star gazing was a simple hobby for the woman bellow. Despite having been here long before any other stargazer on that night, she had outlasted all of them. Despite the stares she had received and the patchy weather toward the middle. For now was the prime time, now was her time. She lay back on her own thorax, using it as a makeshift bed. The position had once been difficult and uncomfortable to her but with years of practice she had mastered it.

She stared up into the skyline, her arachnid half lowered close to flat on the ground. Fingers intertwined behind her head as she tracked the constellations, making some of her own as she mapped them. Scorpius, as little as she saw resemblance to the arachnid in it's shape, was one which held some sort of deep meaning to her. Her mentor had been a devout believer in Astrology, informing the her that she was a Scorpio... much to her naive dismay at the time. She allowed herself a light chuckle at the thought, before once more her tired daze took over. What the Scorpio sign represented was all she was feared for, both in the insect and in their manipulative personality.

She heaved a sigh, the cracked moon hanging overhead... it reminded Charlotte so strongly of her. She'd look on that moon to, every night she could, Charlotte was sure. Even though now they must be few and far between. As she thought of that loving embrace of a surrogate mother, one who had perhaps never expected to give as much love as she had, she couldn't help but whimper.

She shuddered slightly. No. Celia had raised her to be strong, to be efficient. How could she fight for her cause if she was so weak after the loss of just one. She had to make things right, she had to establish their rights!

The world gets so heavy so often.

She had to fight against those side-ward glances as she walked down the street. She had to stop the children crying at the sight of her. She was normal totally normal. She closed her eyes, concealing her emotions from the stars, basking in the blue moonlight.

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