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[Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm

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1 [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:28 am

Twas a wondrous, gorgeous summer day in the Academy of Syne; the azure ocean peaking out of the ivory pillows that blanketed the endless sky, emerald tree's covered the great valley around the school of young hunter's and huntresses. The gentle and tender breeze kicking up dust about the main fountain in the Courtyard Commons, "Wow this place is huge, how'd I end up getting lost?" "This is ridiculous." A light tone cooed in the air, ringing like a chime dancing in this gentle breeze, the hands of the wind caressing his golden locks, his sapphire gems glittering with a intense focus, but his body language deceived any who would look upon him. Floating carefully off the ground upon a strange device, a skateboard was what is appeared to be but no wheels underneath it to support the weight, yet he levitated freely about three inches off the cobblestone grounds.

A black coated figure with a yellow hoodie, black slacks and a dark toned set of fashionable boots he wore, the yellow gloves holding onto a dingy looking dufflebag, it had a few worn spots on it, but was excellently crafted due to the age it held. With the young, rather distraught fellow pulling one foot down on the ground and pushing himself forwards, his transportation device pushed him forwards, he picked up some speed and upon tossing his bag onto a bench he zoomed towards a railing. With him kicking up on his board and the sound of metal grinding metal filling the air, he quickly rode the short thirty second trip and grabbed the back of the board, doing a quick three-sixty spin before landing on the ground and tilting around to head back to the bench, he chuckled lightly at his trick.

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2 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:17 am

Lothric was on his way towards the fores once more as he had found the peace it offered as quite the boon when it came to him weaving his flames and with the practicing of his swordplay. Wearing his armor and having his sword by his side Lothric was no stranger to people giving him looks as to many it might seem that he lived within his suit of armor which had sparked some interesting rumors when one took his semblance into consideration.

Still his walk was interrupted as he passed through the courtyard by the sound of metal meeting metal and it lasted for something around half a minuet which made Lothric wonder what it was, as he approached the noise he found it was just another student riding something that Lothric took as a food tray of sorts and using it to grind a railing.

Not sure what was going through the other students mind he shook his head a few times before approaching the wielder of whatever strange thing that was. His steps could be heard quite easily as well as his armored frames movements when he approached, a few moments was all it took for the gap between them to close until Lothric was within two meter from the other.

Letting out a silent sigh Lothric held out his hand before he spoke with his normal calm tone and regal manner "Salutations to you my fellow, may I ask what was that feat you just performed?" he then gave the boy a smile before bowing his head slightly in respect.

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3 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:40 am

"Wha?" was his retort as he heard a voice, and with a quick tilt and the board slowed down enough for him to turn his body and look at a figure approaching him, with his ocean like orbs spotting a male figure in full clad armor, speaking to him about his trick he simple replied.  "Oh that, that was just a Ollie-Grind-Caballerial combo I did on my hoverboard here." Guessing by your... armor, you're not use to seeing this?" "Nice to meet you, the names Venator, but that just a name I go by." His tone was a calming one, for he stepped off his board and placed his foot on the back lip of the board and pushed it down, sending upwards and catching the top lip with his left hand before resting it along his shoulders, his golden locks sweeping into his eyes, dancing along with the hands of the breeze. "So what brings you over yonder here?" "Can't be just to say hi to little ol' me?" "I'm not all the special, gosh I just got here and already I am being talked to, guess my popularity is sky rocketing."

He simply jested, his tone could tell he was being sarcastic and was in a joking manner, but with that quickly came a rather somber like expression upon his lips and his brows, for they fell rather limp and docile like, his force blue eyes locked onto the sky before he spoke once more. "Look, don't mind me really, I can see that I am just a detour for you, I'm just here trying to get around the campus, this place is enormous and I got lost, so I'm killing time here." His words echoed about him, and he turned his back to the male, letting his blue scabbard upon his back waist be visible, the empty shell meant to hold a weapon without it's blade in it, almost purposely placed that way for the sheathe was rather large, almost one hundred and thirty five or so centimeters long. He then looked over his shoulder at the other student, if he was a student, "I didn't catch your name mate, what was it?" "I don't think you told me yet?"

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4 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:53 am

Lothric simply shook his head a few times with the barrage of answers and questions this Venator had managed to craft within the simple time frame, when asked for his name Lothric move his right hand upon his chest and extended his left outwards to his side before bowing his entire frame thirty degrees. "I am Ser Lothric Ember. It is a pleasure to meet you Venator, and to answer you in a general term, even if this might hath been just a detour I find it quite the enjoyable one at that so unless you take my presence insulting to your own I think I shall stay." he held his normal tone and manner while speaking and as he finished Lothric raised his frame to it's full height before removing his helmet.

He then took a few steps so that he would be at the side of Venator and turned his gaze upon him before speaking once more "Now you are correct that I do not know much of your so called tricks and you may also be correct when it comes to your self but I find you interesting enough Venator and as such I doth think you more then worthy enough of my time. Now why not just simply get acquainted with one another as I can see by your sheath that we both have enough in common to at least get to know each other and who knows a friend is a valuable asset for a Hunter."

Nodding at his own sage wisdom Lothric couldn't help but wonder where Venator had placed the sword which clearly was to be placed within his sheath but alas he had to push that thought to the side or it might just be on the tip of his tongue within long.

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5 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:20 am

Listening in and taking in the wording this male spoke, Ser Lothric Ember, the last name caught his attention, he wasn't sure but that name inquired that his family were somehow related to fire, or flames, he didn't want to let his true IQ pop-out, either that or he was just over thinking his name. "Eh... Ser Lothric is abit of a mouthful, don't mind if I call you Lothric or Loth for short?" "And Ember... is that... oh never mind." "Just ignore my rambling, and yeah I can tell by your armor immediately that your weapon had to be a sword." He quickly retorted before speaking out once more, adjusting his stance and looking at Lothric, taking in what he said about him. "Nah I don't mind you being here, wouldn't hurt to get to know someone, so tell me, what brings you to Syne?" "Bet your story is a dozy?" "I would like to hear it if you don't mind, and I can tell this empty sheathe is bugging the hell out of you?" "Or I could be over thinking things again."

He cursed himself, spiting out his remarks in his head, "Idiot, stop trying to read this guy, just act like an idiot!" With him now taking a few steps forward he turned his back against the metal railing he used a few moments ago for his combo, placing the board on the ground and it turned off. Thus Venator's eyes locked back onto Lothrics being, the man was very strange to him, of all people to run across, a old English speaking knight persona was not something he pegged people now a days to take on. Hell, he should talk, he was dressed like a hipster from a bad B-rated movie would wear, but he cared less, this attire was comfortable and he liked to tone it gave off, young person, something he could use to blend in. With his leather boot of his right foot rising up, he placed the sole of it on the second guard rail of the metal fence like obstruct, his golden strands dancing away more in his face, as he flicked his head sideways to get them out of his eyes.

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6 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:00 am

Lothric shuddered slightly at his old Childhood nickname coming forth again but in the end just let out a sigh as he answer Venator "I would prefer Lothric but if you must Loth will be just fine." before Lothric could regain his thoughts he noticed Venator asking about his family name and then simply trying to pass it by.

"The Ember name is linked with fiery in many ways. My fathers company or should I say the Ember company is responsible for producing large quantities of good quality steel and other such materials. Their forges aid in the making of weapons and other good for use by several armed groups as well as crafting unique pieces of art and other ornamental pieces for civic use." Lothric kept his normal tone and manner but within he did not enjoy talking about his fathers company nor would he ever admit that it was something he had been forced to ready for the eventual ownership of it.

"Now yes my story is not really an adventure, or well it has it's moments like all of ours do and I guess I can humor you on some parts of it or the short version one would say."
clearing his throat Lothric then let out a heavy sigh as he started to remember his childhood and before long he had arrived at the memory of him and his fathers arguments and the ending it had taken.

"Well I was born to my Father Irov Ember and my mother Sasha Everin. I was a lonely child and was brought up in the privileges and solitude it brings, my father mostly away on business and my mother had her friends and social circle, tho out of the two I still care for my mother but my father not that much. To him I was always his heir the one to take over the company and everything in my life was set up to do just that, from my friends to even my tutoring was all just focused on that aspect." Taking a few deep breaths Lothric would then continue "I never had any real interest in the company besides the forges in where I would spend quite some time crafting jewelry and other ornamental pieces that I would gift to my mother or my friends. A stupid mistaken to be sure as when my father found out I was pulled away from my tutoring and in all manners forced to hone my craft, this and the underpaid faunus work force my father had made me a target for the White Fang. So in the end they got their hands on me but the safe house they had set up suddenly burned to ash and cinders with all of them and me in it, clearly I was fine." as he finished Lothric chuckled and there was a hint of malice within it before he once more continued. "In the end I had found out my Semblance was the ability to conjure and control fire. I then started to practice it day and night and stopped using the forges fire to craft the items I did and used my own semblance for it, this led to several events and the forging of my own suit of armor and sword. In the end me and my father after many an argument broke ties and I came here to Syne, The End." slightly drained Lothric let out a few coughs as he drew breath and within his mind quickly once more removed the images of his youth.

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7 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:56 am

With him listening, taking in the information that was being stated to him, Venator picked up a strong hint that he didn't care much for his father or his work, but he didn't want to bring too much thought about him to Lothrics mind and he simply smiled. "Blacksmith eh?" "You and my dad would have gotten along well, he's a blacksmith actually, became one when he retired from being a Hunter." "He's the one that gave me my gear here, and forged my sword, but that little detail isn't important right now." He said, clearly not wanting to bring out his sword, since it was very flashy when he did summon it forth, plus also he didn't want to spook Lothric in the slightest, observing the gear he had. "If you want to know about me I can give you a really short version, : don't know my parent's name, since you know how some parents are with their kids."

He said with a quick cough before returning to talking once more, adjusting his feet and placing his other foot on the railing and setting his other one on the ground, and placing his hands in a crossed manner, placing his gloved covered palms under his arms. "My dad was a Hunter and my mother was well... she was something alright, she didn't tell me much when I was a kid, and what little I knew, well... died when she passed away." "She was one hell of a cook and I learned all I could before her passing when I was seven." "She was my villages chief in Vacuo, and mainly she cooked meals that were tied to home, since our community was very tight." He had to pause, because the torment of his past began to rise back up, his face clearly held a pained look, but he kept his emotions level and spoke once more to Lothric.

"But the more important thing was, my mother and father loved each other dearly, and were seen more as friends than anything, I know, I watched them for years, but after my mother's passing ,I took on training to well... I'll say it bluntly, my mother was killed by Grimm." "I trained when I was seven to seventeen, and went on a hunt with some local Hunters from the Academy in Vacuo, we traveled for a whole year until we found them." "Killed them off and returned home, I was offered a deal to come here and hone my skills even more, and well.. here I am." He said with a smile on his face, clearly, even though the past was painful to him, he knew how to handle it and keep his composure level before looking at Lothric in the eyes, and holding up his thumb at him, "But no worries, I'm going to give my all here, and be the best Hunter there is, after all, I have to trust my instincts." "And they tell me, here is my best bet in becoming stronger, so others don't lose things important to them, like what happened to me."

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8 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:20 am

"Perhaps we would have at least found something to talk about." Lothric chuckled slightly as he didn't really think about calling him self a Blacksmith before now actually. Lothric continued to listen to Venator and could see the pained look on his face but did not react to it as he wanted his new conversationalist to continue so the whole picture could be painted in front of him and only then would he finally answer. Venator continued his story and Lothric couldn't help but get a a bit sentimental as the loss of any family member no matter who would be taken harshly for most but he kept his smile towards Venator and when he had finished his tale Lothric placed his right hand on his chest and spoke "My condolences for your Mother, but at least you can honor her with your life and the others you will spare from such pain." thinking over his words he couldn't help but smile slightly bigger now before stretching his arms.

"You know, when ever you have time we should go hunting. Keeps you fit and what is better then sending some Grimm to the oblivion that spawned them?" Lothric took a leap but figured another swordsman to befriend would add a few potential hunts and training sessions but most of all having some one to call friend would be an equally great boon in this school.

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9 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:32 am

"Yeah, you're right, I can my father even told me I have a bit more than just a little of her in me." He said to Lothric, hearing his proposal of going off to hunt Grimm some time, and this was a good idea, but as of now, he wasn't in the mood to go hunting, he still needed to find his dorm, the way about the campus, and where to go between classes. "Yeah I would like to, but not right now, I sitll have to learn my way around, and hell, we don't know how each other fight in combat." "If we're going to learn to work together, we need to see how our comrades move." "Learning my friends is just as important as learning thyself, and thine enemies." He said in a rather harsh Old English tone, clearly not use to speaking such a refined manner, for his rather light tone butchered a few letters in his way of speaking before he stepped away from the railing.

"Lothric, if I would be so bold as to... please ask this favor, demonstrate your skills to me, let me see how your fight, and in return, I'll do the same, but be warned." "The reason why I didn't show you my sword before, was well... it's easier to show you than tell you." His words left a rather mysterious tone, for now he took a few steps back, allowing his heavy armored friend to draw his sword and begin his combat practice, Venator would watch closely, in-order to further understand how Lothric fought. If he didn't learn about his comrades fighting styles, and how to work with them in their motion, then he couldn't call himself a Hunter, unable to adapt and evolve oneself was the biggest challenge to becoming stronger, and by watching his pal, he could learn some new techniques.

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10 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:38 pm

Lothric chuckled lightly before he took quite a few steps away from Venator before he snapped his fingers and suddenly he was engulfed in a fiery inferno. Lothric then drew his sword and the flames started to grow in size and power, he then started to make a few practice swings as he readied himself. Lothric then swung his sword from right to left in an arc and as he reached the end put weight of his left foot and reversed the slash before grabbing the blade with his right gauntlet and making a over head chopping move. He then adjusted the grip on the blade with his right and went slightly lower on the blade with his left before using the guard and pummel as a mace and making a few quick strikes and jabs as he then flipped the sword over and moved his hands back onto the hilt.

Lothric then held the sword with his right hand as his left started to weave the flames into fire bolts and pillars which started to circle each other and explode all around him yet the fire seemed contained and left no scorch marks on the ground as it seemed to vanish just moments before making contact with it. Then Lothric sheathed his sword and continued to weave his flames as they took form of a massive fiery bird that flew into the sky before exploding into a violent ball of fire which then slowly dissipated.

Finishing his little routine Lothric returned to Venator and chuckled lightly "Well I do enjoy that little routine but I do not dare draw upon any more of my reserved while I am inside the schools grounds or I dread the outcome. Now my friend show me your skill and strength."

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11 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:23 pm

Seeing the power that Lothric held, watching him swing his sword about, letting his flames dance about, the ground not even being affected by the power of his Semblance, the way he moved, the flow of each strike was similar to his own. But Venator's sword fighting had a bit more re-finest and finesse to it, making his seem more like a dancer than anything, upon seeing Lothric end his combat and proclaim to Venator for reveal his power; a simple smile came across his face. "Amazing footwork, and swordsmanship, very well." And upon raising his right hand towards the sky, his eyes closed and the air about him seemed different, along with his change in aura so did the sky, as dark clouds formed over him and the crack of thunder echoed in the air.

"Yahweh, come forth!" These words brought for a loud crack in the air, as the clouds now stirred and a bright blue light shimmered through the dark mass above him, a quick flash and energy shot forth, a arcing blade of azure fore cracked and smashed into the ground. The sight, the glow of blue shined before him, a blade had appeared before him, the clouds slowly darting away, with that very same hand that summoned it, he swung it down in a counter clockwise manner and grasped the half of this unusual weapon. The twin fang like bladed weapon, the dancing arc of lightning in the center fuller, giving it a more celestial like appearance, the rather long blade and short like handle made it's grasp almost painful, but to Venator is was not.

Upon summoning this magnificent blade, he places the blade along his arm, his left one in fact, letting the blade be cradled in the dip of his arm between his arm pit and his torso keeping the blade pointed towards the heavens and his hands at his side. Slowly pulling his right arm up along his body in a arcing manner, his wrist twisting and his index and middle finger extended as he points to his left, when he did this his true stance and fighting style began His stance changed and started slowly the circular movement he performed seems futile to man who would witness upon this, his flowing motions despite the large chunkiness of the blade he held, swiftly his movemnts changed from his one handed stance to a two handed stance.

With his hands both now grasping the handle of his sword, his motions becoming even more fluid than before, each step seemed to be slow but graceful and with his sword leaving a force blue glowing trail as the light shined off it's side, and his arms moved about. Once completed with his tutorial of his swordsmanship, he looked over at Lothric with abit of an embarrassed look on his young appearance; "Sorry about that, when I get into my mindset I get... kind of lost in the motions and the flow of my training." His tone was definitely calm, and seemed to reflect in his stance and how swiftly and spun his sword in hand and sheathed it behind him, letting the scabbard consume the blade and let the half and some of the guard to play peek-a-boo with Lothrics' gaze.

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12 Re: [Invite - Ask First] A Coming Storm on Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:42 pm

Lothric kept his gaze upon Venator while he started his routine and it was clear that fighting against this style would be a bother to some degree at least not to mention the summoning of the blade could prove to be a different problem in it's entirety.

"I must say my friend that your style is different to most I see. Still that fact alone doth not do you justice as your method of unsheathing is interesting and quite new to mine eyes." Lothric kept his gaze focused on Venator as he spoke with his normal tone and manners.

Still there was always a use for melee combatants that could keep the Grimm distracted while the ranged ones delivered hell upon the blasted creatures, Lothric could still feel the anger that simple little word brought forth and it cause his eyes to visibly shiver slightly as he focused upon just how much he hated the things and yet he still feared them and their power, it was like deep inside he feared them but his hate seemed to be the stronger of the two and Lothric had always just counted that as his instincts warning him to not go overboard.

He made sure to calm himself and restore his complete calm manner to himself as he took a heavy sigh and turned his gaze towards the sky before chuckling slightly.

"Well now my friend art there anything else we need to converse about or is this the end for our current verbal and figurative dance upon this stage?" Lothric managed to keep the same tone and manners as before but he sounded slightly calmer then before. It was not that he had no enjoyment in talking with Venator but he had other plans for the day and if those where to be realized Lothric couldn't keep chatting with this fellow for any longer then what was needed for the time being.

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