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I Don't Need A Hand To Hold [HUNT/Private]

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1 I Don't Need A Hand To Hold [HUNT/Private] on Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:31 am

Ophelia De Saint-Pierre


The Hive Mind

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She had a job to do, no matter what else she did she was built to take down Grimms. Today she decided to get off her lazy hide and do that job, starting in the forest outside of the school grounds. It was simple really, and fairly easy hunting Grimm since they were always so bold in their attacks. Hopefully it would be a easy hunt, she had requested some help since she was looking for something she was sure she wouldn't be able to take down by herself. Walking through the forest, the silence of it didn't deter her it only aided in her job. Yin took to the sky above her, about nine meters above her looking around on the ready in case something happened. Yang on the other hand stayed behind Ophelia staying close to her not being farther than one meter away, protecting her blind spot until he was needed else where. A light rain started to come down in the form of a light drizzle/mist. The rain didn't bother her she could function in it with no problems, contrary to the myth about mechanical things and water. The forest, thick with looming trees and soft grass was always nice to admire, especially due to it's rather alluring blue hue. Ophelia would not get lost in it's beauty though and continued at a steady pace to walk the forest grounds, keeping her guard up.

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We Are One

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February 30th

Marcus Saint

February 30th

Rain annoyed him. Okay, that was an understatement. Rain downright infuriated him. It made him snappish and rather irritable to the point of activating his semblance for the sake of burning it all away. However today he had a job today so doing such a childish thing would be stupid. Approaching the forest, he wore his usual knightly get up, not bothering to change his ensemble for a simple hunt. Valvrave hung comfortably from his hip while Conwell was stored away as was necessary at times when he didn’t need it. His hair was drenched and thus matted down with water but that didn’t irritate him anymore than the rain did, however if one were to look closely enough they could see steam rising from his head, an obvious sign of irritation. Stepping beside the young woman he was working with, he slouched and shoved his hands in his pockets, not even bothering to be alert for his surroundings due to his intense irritation and merely contemplated how much heat it would take to dissipate the rain clouds. He forewent any sort of introduction and merely wished for the grimm to appear so he’d have something to take his anger out on. If they didn’t come soon, he’d direct them elsewhere, and that was never good for anyone.



Necessary Information!

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<div style="width: 700px; height: 400px; overflow: scroll; border: 0px dashed black; background-color: #FFFFFF;">

 Grimm: Ursa
    ►#: 1
    ►Lvl: 4
    ►HP: 115
    ►DEF/RES: 4 (20 damage resistance)
    ►WB.DEF: Damage is halved AFTER the defense is applied

- Ursa passed them some distance ahead, halted and watched them.

Dmg Dealt/Recieved
► 0

A Hunt in the rain was all the same to one such as the Ursa traveling about Finnek Forest. It wanted to devour that of the living, and so much like the Hunters hunting for Grimm, it too was Hunting, but for the Hunters. It stood on it's hind legs and motioned it's head up to the air as if it was attempting to pick up a scent from the Air, followed by landing back on it's fours and repeating the same thing to the ground. It was rather pointless due to the fact that it was raining, and the rain would have washed away any thing that was left behind by anything edible. For this Hunt, it would have to rely solely on it's eyes and ears. Luckily for it, there was Hunters about so it was only a matter of Time. Some time passed as the Hunt continued, The Ursa coming from the North while the Preys approached from the east. It continued on it's fours, eventually crossing the Path of the Hunters, though it didn't stop immediately, walking past them some distance ahead a little before coming to the realization that the Prey was near. It lifted onto it's hind legs like before, turning in the direction of the Hunters, only percieving the two instead of the four, with Yin being in the air and Yang being behind the female. Having taken notice of the Hunters, it did not make an immediate charge, taking a moment to watch them to see how they would react.




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