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Ryan Blakesley (Finished/Pending Approval)

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1 Ryan Blakesley (Finished/Pending Approval) on Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:05 am

Enrollment Form

"The bond that links your true family is one of blood, nothing is thicker than blood's bond..."

Basic info
Name: Ryan Blakesley (Aelagari)
Age: 21
Birthday: 4/3
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0 (1.82 Meters)
Weight: 154
Face Claim: Drawn; Orginal Work (Artist Unknown)

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura 210|90HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Singing, Family, Reading, Training
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Corruption, Class (But Enjoys Learning) , Saying Good-Bye
Fears: The Night (Not Darkness itself, just the aspect of Nighttime) Losing Loved Ones, Being Forgotten
Overall Personality: Quiet, calm and assured. Ryan is the definition of the mysterious rogue stereotype. Ryan, despite his quiet demeanor, is not shy, he tends to adapt to his environment extremely well, he reads social cues and emotions like second habits. He tends to be oddly cryptic but has NO problem speaking his mind. Ryan has a certain drive to him, a fast paced ambition when he sets his mind to something he usually has no issues taking it through fully.

Ryan cares deeply for his family, only really knowing his Father he tends to relate better to male adult figures rather than females. He's willing to throw himself into danger for the protection of loved ones and he does it without hesitation. He is VERY Protective of the ones he loves, he seems to compensate this because of previous losses.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Dark Blue/Indigo
Semblance: Earth "Bending" (Speed Debuff on oppenents)
Item 1: Weapon: (Semi Auto Rifle)
Item 2: Light Cloth Armor (Fits over his shirt)

History and Sample
Ryan was born in the Kingdom of Vale on April-3rd. He was born to a small restaurant/hotel owner and a huntress mother. His parents aren't married and never have been.

Ryan mainly grew up with his Father and has never met his Mother. His Father raised him with a strong but kind hand, good ethics and a solid teaching of the world and the people in it. Ryan studied combat and Remnant history while he worked part time at the hotel. At the age of 14, he started going to Signal Academy. This is where he built his weapon; Fury. The rifle itself is semi-automatic, with a long range scope. It also the option of night vision/thermal settings.

Ryan graduated Signal at 17, he was accepted into Beacon as the top of his class in Signal, but before he could start the new term his Father fell ill. Ryan put his aspirations of becoming a huntsman and help is Father run the Hotel and take care of him. Ryan kept modifying and training in his free time. Only a single year later his Father passed away of a heart condition. On his deathbed, his Father revealed to him that he had a sister, half sister. His mother had Ryan during her time in Vale but eventually settled down in somewhere else a few years later. He advised Ryan to reenroll into Beacon and continue his education. Ryan in typical teenager fashion declined, he continued to run the Hotel another year before he found a new suitable owner and sold.

From there; Ryan ended up drifting for 3 years. He took part-time classes at Beacon and continued his training. Ryan also completed odd huntsman jobs to keep ends meet as Part-Time students didn't live on campus, he never stopped trying to find information about his half-sister and mother. Eventually, while he was on a job he heard a tidbit of information regarding the pair. He dropped everything and attempted to follow the lead.

Ryan traveled to Mistral in search of his Mother and Mistral, it took him a combined 3 Months of asking and searching before he got a lead. Out on the edge of the capital city, there was supposed to be a run-down home in the swamps. It was the dead of the night when he arrived, the light inside was lit, he knocked thrice and when nobody answered, he waited. Knocked again. No response. Ryan tried the doorknob and it opened, the house was empty. Clearly, someone HAD been living there. He scoured up and down, searching the property. As Ryan was about walk away as another dead end an older gentleman walking into the home, he smelled of booze. A small fight ensued as Ryan easily gained the upper hand, after settling down the two talked, Ryan asked about the potentiality of a girl living here. The man snorted and said he was a month too late, her name was Flora and she had run away, he didn't know where and he didn't care. Ryan exited the house empty handed once again.

Frustrated Ryan knew he couldn't go back to Vale as he didn't have anywhere to stay. Ryan eventually took a job in Bellmuse which had need of Huntsman because of theirs were still in training. Ryan worked the jobs for a month before enrolling into Bellmuse, he had given up. It didn't matter, this chase had defined him for last few years and he didn't have any answers. As luck would have it; his Sister was also enrolled in Bellmuse. They would meet... eventually.

RP Sample:
The night made him very uncomfortable, you never quite knew what was lurking in the shadows. He feared the night because the creatures of the Grimm did not. He wandered through the streets of the tiny town, all the wooden houses were closed, lights off and boarded up. He had his rifle strapped over his shoulder and placed down but ever ready. His eyes glanced the environment, she defiantly came this way. Intel suggested as much and it was from a good source. He checked his scroll and talked into the device.

"Fleur, anything?"

a pause before a response.

"N-nothing yet Ryan..." the girl sounded uncertain as if she nervous. Ryan chuckled, knowing her, she probably was.

"Ok," he said into his scroll. "I'm coming towards you. We'll search together." He placed the machine back into his pocket. He walked the rest of the lonely road and turned right, his half sister and her golden hair were on the street corner. She watched him approached and nodded. He grimaced, this was the third lead they had that seemed to go nowhere. She defiantly came through here, the bounty collector even said so when Fleur showed him the picture.

"W-what now?" Fleur asked she shivered in the cold wind that blew. Before he could answer a loud roar came from the treeline in the distance, it was roughly 100ft to their left. A giant gorilla Grimm walked out and pounded his chest. Ryan only smiled, no words were exchanged between him and his sister, they drew their weapons and began their dance.

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2 Re: Ryan Blakesley (Finished/Pending Approval) on Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:20 am

Approved ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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