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This plan is "Gold" (but Red Like Roses) (Open to everyone)

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Yu Leigenma
Yu walked around Syne, puzzled. The teachers were busy, most students were off for the weekend to prepare for the Bellmuse party. Understandably no one wanted to return to the reality that the grim were speezing their grip on the living parameters of the different countries. There was going to be a war, yet no one seemed to care at all.

"This is ridiculous!"

Yu silently stormed to his locker, frustrated enough that his semblance bonded his pens to the lockers door. Yu stood there in silent frustration... Allowing his breathing to calm him down.. He realized several things in the process

"Why can't they just see that there is something more that needs to be done other than simply party and ignore the severity of the issue? What is a stupid dance going to do in order to save these people? Urg!"

The bonded pens flatten from the pressure of Yu's semblance, Forcibly deactivating his semblance in the midst of his anger, the pens drop to the floor and lightly bleed their red ink onto the floor. Ironically Yu chuckles at this sight.

"It'll all be for nothing, misery will stain the thread of hope, everything will be lost, surely when it all falls.."

Royally confused, Yu takes a much needed breather, sounding defeated he thinks of the reason he walked to his locker. Unable to find the reason, Yu opens his locker anyway and out falls a picture.

"What's this..?"

Crouching to retrieve the fallen item Yu realizes what it is as he gets closer to the ground. A couple of seconds of hesitation overtakes him as he flips the picture over revealing his parents team, team MRVL (Marvel), said to be one of the top teams to graduate from Syne in their day. Then! Suddenly! The idea hits him!

"I got it!"

A large majority of kids stop what they're doing and stare at Yu as he shoots up tall and slams his locker door, Yu stares back... obviously embarrassed. Clearing his throat as he calmly walks off.

(in the background ['I May Fall'] slowly fades into play "there's a moment that chnages a life when... we do something that no one else can.. and the path that we've taken will lead us.. One final stand..")

Yu travels through the school, pasting flyers on each corridor he could get access to, each flyer is a sheet of construction paper with "Want to join a team to fight against grimm?! Meet in the Lecture Hall rm: B13-67!". Yu catches his breath as he races back into the classroom, but to avail.. no one shows. Keeping his shred of hope intact, Yu sits at the front desk staring at his parents team picture, waiting for people to show.. at least someone to show.

"Somehow I know this is going to workout.. Syne's rules may have changed but I know the huntsmen spirits they posses haven't."

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