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Stranger Things [Private w/Lothric and Fleur]

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1 Stranger Things [Private w/Lothric and Fleur] on Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:27 pm

He was impressed, the school was actually rather nice looking, it wasn't as nice as Beacon but... it would have to do. He was assigned a dorm room on the third floor at the end of the hall. Ryan was lucky he didn't bring much, just his weapon, money, and some clothes. Normally carrying a semi-automatic rifle through the halls of a building would cause panic but he figured it was probably a fairly common sight on the school grounds. He hadn't seen many people so far, kids were all starting to come back for school, classes started today... or maybe they started yesterday, he didn't remember. Ryan had so far seen some randoms walking the grounds and that couple on the stairwell a few hours ago. He'd probably get to know them better, there was no reason to randomly be on this floor unless one of the two lived here as well. He sighed and opened his door.

His room was rather bland, a mix of plain white bricks and wooden floors. He had the standard bed and desk setup. He tossed the journal onto the desk and opened it, the journal itself didn't have any particular purpose, it kept all his information on his Mother and half Sister, random musings, quotes and song lyrics. He didn't wanna label it one way or another, that would confine him, something he didn't really abide by. Ryan proceeded to grab his rifle from his back where it was strapped over his shoulder, he carefully placed it on the desk and stare momentarily. He would probably have to take it apart to figure out the source of the jamming that had happened in practice the other day. He looked out his window, it was still relatively bright outside, he could go for a walk to clear his head, he grabbed the journal and slid a pencil through its rings. Ryan left the rifle on the table, no point in taking it just so he could be stopped a hundred times by weapon nerds asking "How did it work?!" or "Did you make that?!" or "Can I see it?!"

Ryan stepped back into the hallway once again, he headed towards the stairs. His impression of Bellmuse and Syne so far were pretty good but as he thumbed through the journal, head down. He couldn't help and wonder if he should have given up, he spent three years and more, it was his drive...

'No' 'This has to stop, I don't even know her. It's not a big deal." his mind reassured him he made the right choice, he snorted slightly and continued his walk down his dorm's hall.

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Lothric had been pondering his decision for quite some time but had figured that asking Fleur out on a duel would perhaps be the best to quench his growing interest and he might also find out how his potential friend would be in combat, that in it self was enough of a reason for him to do it and Lothric wanted nothing more then to make sure Fleur was okay as he felt some responsibility over her well being even though it sounded weird to him self and would probably freak out others.

Having found out where Fleur's room was had been something of a bother as there was no amount of strange looks he had been given as Lothric had been dressed in full armor with his semblance active when the question had been asked, being seen as slightly frightening towards some of the other students he had found out rather quickly but the looks and stuttering left him shivering slightly as he wondered why his image was so frightening to some people but slowly put the thought out of his mind.

When he had finally reached the third floor Lothric looked around and finally remembered he had forgotten to ask which of the rooms was her, for a brief moment Lothric smacked him self senseless within his own mind for being stupid enough that he had forgotten that valid of details. It was then he noticed another person within the hallway, Lothric then stopped in his tracks before turning his gaze completely on this person as he then spoke with his calm tone and regal manner "Salutations good sir but you doth not happen to know where Miss Fleur is would you?". He kept his gaze firmly upon this other person although his helmet might have made it hard to notices that and the fact that his entire armor left people with little interest in where he was looking or what he was asking most of the time.

Within his own mind Lothric was going through multiple ways of finding out where Fleur was and it was slightly embarrassing to himself about how much he cared for her when he had only known here for well not that long but it was something about her that made Lothric want to care for her like a little sister or a close friend, still he also made a mental not to gather the required materials so that he could finish her pendant and that itself was no easy task considering the planes Lothric had for that particular piece of jewelry.

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"Salutations good sir but you doth not happen to know where Miss Fleur is would you?"

The armor clad stranger would have probably frightened most off but not Ryan, he narrowed his eyes. He snapped his journal shut, he found the guy slightly unsettling, however. His question was really direct and straight forward, it didn't help he had no idea who he was talking about. He was about to answer and be on his way but his brain stopped him. He replayed he stranger's words...

"...not happen to know where Miss Fleur is would you?"

"Flora..." he whispered to himself. He smirked, could his luck really have been this good? It couldn't have possibly.... could it? Was this fate's way of laughing at him? Ryan realized he was still in the middle of the conversation, he would just play it cool, no need to overreact. His golden eyes danced, he was optimistic but he kept a slight frown.

He shook his head. "Fleur? I don't think I've met her, what does she look like? I may have passed her by." he replied, his frown was slowly turning into a grin, he just a had a feeling, he couldn't describe it. He decided he would keep it low-key as long as possible. Ryan extended his hand.

"Ryan Blakesley, it's a pleasure... and you are?" introductions were a good way of keeping one's motives hidden behind a false smile, it was practiced technique he acquired over years of working in a hotel as he dealt with irritable guests, for once that job was going to pay off.

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Lothric chuckled lightly as he removed his helmet and at this point he leaned his head closer towards Ryan as he grabbed his arm and put full force into his hand shake as his armor suddenly went ablaze and the fire started to dance over his form as his gaze turned slightly sinister.

"Fleur is a precious person to me Ryan. She has blond or slightly yellowish hair, smooth white skin, brown eyes if I am not mistaken and a stutter that is quite clear. Now I am certain she is okay but I tend to be overprotective of people I find precious, also a thousand pardons I am Ser Lothric Ember." his tone was calm yet it sounded sinister.

Lothric wanted to be sure that Ryan understood the situation and potential any sort of trickery would have if attempted upon him. The flames grew in size as Lothric let Ryan's hand go before taking a few steps backwards, measuring the distance just enough so that the last twenty centimeters of his swords blade could still reach Ryan as a precaution.

"Now I suspect you understand the situation and I hope we have understood each other so let us put all our pieces down and start the dance shall we?" Lothric now sounded the same as he did before, the calm tone and regal manner was all there and his eyes had taken their normal friendly features as the fires died down unto nothing remained of them.

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The shake was rough but nothing Ryan couldn't handle. The boy introduced himself as Lothic, he showed his display of power by activating flames that licked and moved about his armor. Ryan tried to keep himself from laughing and walking away, this guy was a totally full of himself, he thought he was scary? Ryan raised his eyebrows and turned his head slightly, 'yeah okay dude'   was the thought that crossed his mind. Lothric claimed to care for this girl as he described her, unfortunately, Ryan didn't know exactly what he was looking for but the description matched the girl he had indeed run into with that other guy earlier.

"Now I suspect you understand the situation and I hope we have understood each other so let us put all our pieces down and start the dance shall we?"

Ryan smirked.

"Yea... I think I do know who you're talking about. I ran into her about an hour ago, she was with another guy. Tough break huh?" he joked about the last part but if he got under this Pyro's skin it would be amusing to watch, even if it probably wasn't the best idea. He was tempted to look through his journal or at least log some of this down, the hunt was back on and he was close.

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"What wonderful news that is, did you perhaps see where they went. Still it is wondrous that she has managed to befriend others. I was slightly worried about her issues and she did react strangely but still alas." Lothric sounded friendlier then before and he held a massive smile on his face delighted in the fact Fleur had found some one else to befriend and perhaps more oh now this he just had to know and it wouldn't be a complete loss he might also have the chance to craft a set of pendants now.

"But ah yes before I go completely into my own mind here, you answered me so I should return the favor to you. So if you have any questions you need only ask my good friend." he still kept the friendly tone and was wondering if he should ask Ryan about which of the rooms was Fleur's so that he could remember it for a later visit, Lothric still needed to ask Fleur about the duel and perhaps get the measurements of the pendant as he had forgotten to take notes when he had forged it for her.

Lothric then placed his helmet onto the small area on his waist designed to hold it while he gazed around at the room doors and remembered he had not been in his own room for quite a few days due to him always forging or training so far into the night that he ended taking a shower after waking up in random locations around Syne after passing out due to exhaustion and he figured a check on his room would perhaps be the best thing to do as Lothric would hate losing a few of the times that still held some value to him.

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This guy was just rambling, what the hell was he talking about? Problems? Issues? Reacting Strangely? What was this weirdo going off about?

"So if you have any questions you need only ask my good friend."

Ryan thought, he couldn't make his agenda known, it wasn't sinister in any way but having some "new" student just randomly trying to find a random student probably seemed odd. He figured he would just keep himself reserved and not ask any questions.

Ryan shook his head.

"No... No, I don't think I have any questions... I'm glad I could help." he was still unsure about the whole situation but he knew he'd have to meet this girl just to be sure. He gave Lothric one quick pat before leaving the scene, he had things to do, this "Fleur" girl wasn't going anywhere, he had time.


I'm going to post in this thread after the conclusion of Field Testing and Chemistry as Fleur, we will convert this thread into the sparring match. You can reply to Ryan's leaving or just wait till I post on Fleur, your choice ^^

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Fleur trudged up the stairs toward her room, she was exhausted, she couldn't believe her luck. She huffed in irritation. A Pop Quiz? Today? Of all days?! She didn't get much sleep last night, she had a reoccurring nightmare, over and over for the last week, it seemed whenever she wasn't with Lloyd she was studying, training or dreaming. In the dream, she kept seeing herself and another boy she assumed, she never got his face. It always started out close, evenly matched but the shadowy figure would always win... and she would always fall... every... single... damn... time. Helpless and useless, figures, it's what she's been all her life. Fleur walked down her hallway, head down, she clearly wasn't watching where she was going or she would have to see the boy walk right by her or she wouldn't have ran straight into Lothric. She stumbled backward.

"O-oh!" she was startled. "L-Lothric?" he was standing right next to her door, strange. He was fully clad in his armor. What was he doing up here? Of course, his room could have been on this floor but she'd never seen him around or come to think of it, she'd never seen him in the dorm buildings almost ever. She rubbed her eyes, he must have a reason for being here. Her smile came off as a tired lopsided grin.

"H-hey Lothric!" she was happy to see him, regardless of the reasoning behind the apparent visit, she waited for his greeting and wondered what could have compelled him to come see her.

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Lothric turned to face Fleur and chuckled at how she seemed to be slightly tired or really bored he couldn't really tell which of the two it was but at least she seemed to be happy to see him.

"Salutations Fleur, I take it the day finds you well?" Lothric kept his calm tone and regal manner as he greeted his friend before he lowered his frame so that he could see into her eyes before giving her a smile "Now pray tell me who is this boy I have heard you been having meetings with. Now do not mistake me I am quite happy you have found friends but I would like to meet him my self if you do not mind it that is." he chuckled heartedly as he stood back up to his full height and looked around for a few before shrugging his shoulders slightly.

"Now I was actually looking for you Fleur, I was wondering if you wanted to have a friendly duel?" his tone and manner where the same but there was a new spark in his voice when he asked her about the duel as if it was a passion of his that had been brought up in conversation or something.

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"Salutations Fleur, I take it the day finds you well?

He was as formal as ever, it was a style she found slightly odd considering his attire but maybe her vision of someone who talks like that just didn't match. Regardless, he lowered himself to her level, she always forgot how tall he was compared to her. She mumbled silently about maybe wearing heels or something about wishing she was taller.

"Now pray tell me who is this boy I have heard you been having meetings with..."

Her face turned bright red as her mind traveled to Lloyd and how they'd been spending their time together, she'd just play it safe.

"H-he's uh... a... g-good friend?" she said, she defiantly wasn't convincing enough.

'Nailed It' she thought, however. She kept smiling at Lothric but he probably could feel the heat coming off her face, it was rather obvious she wasn't telling him something. Not that it was any of his business anyway. Maybe he would just let it go? She hoped. Luckily he did. He continued.

"Now I was actually looking for you Fleur, I was wondering if you wanted to have a friendly duel?"

A duel?! With him?! Oh no. No. No. No. NO. She would be crushed! She glanced him up and down and then at her skinny self, no absolutely not! He would completely just run over her.

"I-I d-don't know... you'd probably win..." is what came out of her mouth. She probably should have outright rejected his request but maybe she did have a chance, stranger things have happened.

Lothric's face turned quite stern when she stated that he would probably win and he placed his left hand on her shoulder before lowering his frame again as he spoke with a slight strener tone then normally "I would rather not hear things like that Fleur, there is no clear winner until the dust has settled." He then raised his frame once more and removed his hand from her shoulder before giving her a smile "Now what do you say Fleur, shall we have our friendly duel or are you going to force me to carry you to the arena?" Lothric chuckled lightly at the thought of carrying Fleur over his shoulder and the complete hilarity that might ensue and how people would react to a completely armored individual carrying some one like Fleur over his shoulders.

His mind then began to race through thoughts about different areas they could use as arenas and he quickly came to the conclusion that one of the many empty outside areas of the school would serve them quite well and would allow Lothric the full use of his semblance without causing the school multiple states of damage once more.

"By the way what are the rules for our little friendly duel Fleur?" he spoke with genuine interest at the mention of rules as if this was a common thing he ask almost any one he fought or combated against in a formal manner.

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"Now what do you say Fleur, shall we have our friendly duel or are you going to force me to carry you to the arena?"

She sighed, there seemed to be no escape at this point, she got wrapped into fighting Lothric. She really didn't seem confident but he did reassure her that there was no clear winner until "the dust settled" Fleur looked him up and down, just a quick few glances and swallowed, he was intimidating.

"By the way, what are the rules for our little friendly duel Fleur?

The fact that he was asking about rules instead of just sticking to standard sets worried her even more. Rules? Had she to set rules for him? Oh no... no... no. Maybe she could try and still get out of it? But then she remembered his jokingly threat of carrying her to the battlefield, that would be embarrassing. Fleur sighed again, heavier this time, she leaned her head back, glancing at the ceiling.

"J-just the standard r-rule set...I-I guess." She probably didn't sound very enthusiastic, she wasn't but she wanted to at least put some sort of front up, which failed horrifically. Fleur moved past him towards her dorm's door and placed her scroll in the clutch, she was still dressed in the school uniform, she wasn't even close to ready for a fight, as her door open she informed Lothric that she needed to change and she'd be out soon. As soon as she finished her sentence she closed the door. Fleur leaned against from the other side, she slid down on her back and sat on her floor. She was tired, not in the shape to fight but she already told him that she would, her head banged against the door and she grunted in pain.

'How did I get myself into this...?' of course she knew the answer but was simply being rhetorical. She sat for a mere minute before getting up, grabbing her sword and changing quickly into her combat skirt. Fleur looked at herself one last time in the mirror, nodded at her reflection and stepped back out into the hallway, "ready" for action.

Lothric shook his head a few times but simply acknowledged Fleur's decision to go with the standard rules when it came to the duel and he simply awaited her when she went into the dorm room.

Moments before she opened the door Lothric could be heard speaking "I understand your skepticism my dear but she must hold some promise and I for one want to make sure Fleur at least tries to increase her skill even tho it might paint me the villain." he seemed to speak in a more serious tone then usual and his manners where more as if he was speaking to a loved one, after a moment of silence he continued to speak "Of course I won't hold back, neither you or me will find that of any use..." he finished just in time for Fleur to have opened the door and he seemed to place something within his pouch.

"Ready I see, now is there any place you would wish for us to have the duel or do you wish for me to pick a spot?" his tone and manner had returned to normal but he his gaze seemed friendlier as he spoke.

Lothric adjusted his sheath for a few moments as he waited for Fleur to give him an answer. Still he did not mind the wait as he kept pondering why his love would talk to him about Fleur it wasn't as if a simple duel would cause any harm towards him and he knew that if he where to get himself serious hurt because of a friendly spar it would never leave her mind and Lothric did not want to be bothered with such a detail at his every waking moment.

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"Ready I see, now is there any place you would wish for us to have the duel or do you wish for me to pick a spot?

Fleur thought for a moment. Personally, she would prefer to just go to the training area, it's not that she didn't trust Lothric, she did but there was just something about the request that kind of rubbed her the wrong way. She tilted her head deep in thought if he was asking where she would like to spar then it would probably be assumed he didn't want to go to the training grounds... maybe Skylight Woods? It was open, it wouldn't be hard to find a spot. Fine, it was decided.

"W-what about Skylight W-woods?" she mused, she rethought her thinking process, it made sense... why was she so hesitant? She wasn't really feeling herself since he suggested they fight... she just couldn't... couldn't...she couldn't even think of the right vocabulary. Her brain was a jumbled mess. maybe this is what she needed, something to wake her up! Fleur took a deep breath and continued her train of thought from earlier.

"It would be e-easy t-to fight with all the open s-space... w-what do you think?" she asked, she hoped he would just accept her idea so they could get started, she wanted to get this over with and maybe take a long slumber for a week or so.

"I agree, a perfect place to have our friendly little sparring match." Lothric sounded slightly happy at the choice of location and took a few steps backwards before motioning with his left hand towards the stairs "Shall we Fleur?" he still had the calm tone to his voice but he seemed happier about the whole situation.

Lothric walked towards the stair as he folded both arms behind his back and kept his gaze forward and within his mind thoughts about the impending duel and the tactics he would have to use was swirling around, considering her frame she would most likely be an agile fighter so long sweeping swings and crushing strikes would not be as useful due to her potential ability to dodge it as well. Then came the information Lothric knew he had revealed to Fleur and he mentally face palmed as all the times his semblance had been used and Lothric still wondered how much she knew of his sword skills so a surprise attack might be difficult when the time came, still Fleur seemed to lack long ranged attacks and any hit she would take might be devastating to her frame and that put some ease on his mind.

While they where walking Lothric turned his head towards Fleur "I must admit I am quite curious on how you will fight me Miss Fleur. The thought it self doth place quite a bit of interest into this little duel of ours but I must ask..." he seemed to stop speaking after those words and let out a heavy sigh as he continued "Pardon me and never mind the question." the calm tone and regal manner he always had was still there but there was something else beneath this time as Lothric turned his gaze back towards the front.

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"Shall we Fleur?"

She simply nodded. As her feet began to move she started drafting strategy, she knew very little about Lothric besides his flame prowess. He'd be a tough opponent for sure... she figured her semblance could easily cut through any armor he placed in front of her but without it, she wasn't sure she could make a dent. Her hand gripped her swords handle, her hand shook slightly but she calmed it, it was just a spar, no need to get worried. Lothric's voice broke her out of her head.

"I must admit I am quite curious on how you will fight me Miss Fleur. The thought it a self-doth place quite a bit of interest into this little duel of ours but I must ask... he stopped. Fleur waited, was he going to finish? How did he know that she was thinking of a plan? He was certainly full of surprises, she frowned.

"Y-yes? What is it?" she asked him but as soon as she finished he let out a heavy sigh.

"Pardon me and never mind the question."

Her frown only deepened at his sudden change of heart. She wanted to ask what he was going to say but he specifically mentioned to forget the question. Fleur sighed as well, she would she supposed. They finally exited the Dorm Towers and headed outside, the sky was slightly cloudy but the breeze felt nice on her skin and through her hair. It was a lovely day to be outside in the fresh air for sure. She did a little skip as they headed towards the forest, something about being outside seemed to put a little spring in Fleur's step and while she wasn't exactly ready to battle Lothric, she pushed her concerns to the side. She already agreed time to make him wish he hadn't asked!

This thread should be continued in a new post in Skylight Woods ^^

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