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Akemi [Finished!]

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1 Akemi [Finished!] on Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:33 am

Enrollment Form

From Japanese 明 (ake) meaning "bright" and 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful"

Basic info
Name: Akemi
Age: 18
Birthday: 2/16
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 5'4 (164 cm)
Weight: 121
Face Claim: (Artist: Dusk)

STR: 2
DEF: 4
RES: 4
SPT: 2
Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Medical

Likes: Shopping, Snow/Wintertime, Reading (Particularly Romance Novels and Fairy-tales), Smoothies (Strawberry Banana), Helping Others

Dislikes: Being Disorganized, Liars, Meat, Loud Noises, Summer/Heat

Fears: Humans, Grimm, Heights, Drowning

Overall Personality:
Overall Personality:
Akemi is quiet and slightly timid when she is around other people she doesn’t know, however around other Faunus she seems work like a well-oiled machine. Interacting with Humans give her the most trouble, it’s not that she doesn’t like Humans but she feels uncomfortable and sometimes even fears the most intimidating ones due to the past Human/Faunus relationship.

When presented with a problem or challenge Akemi prefers to attempt to analyze the situation and keep a cooler head to solve it, she will come to rash action if she is forced but rarely.

Akemi became a Medical Major because she enjoys helping others and doesn’t like violence. She isn’t a pacifist but she would avoid it and walk away in most situations. She hopes to become a doctor and follow her Father's career path or at least a field medic to continue helping her fellow huntsmen/huntresses.

Finally, Akemi enjoys her studies and school, she also likes the wintertime and would be classified as a snow bunny. She enjoys shopping (primarily clothes) and smoothies. As a vegetarian she doesn’t like meats but will eat fish and hates being disorganized, she wouldn’t be necessary as a “Neat Freak” but she does like to have a certain level of order in her daily life.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Alice Blue (#ccffff)
Semblance: Healing Clarity
Semblance Description:  Akemi can cast a “Clarity” Glyph on the ground around her. The Glyph causes a boost of Recovery for those standing inside it, she can also use her staff to channel the semblance and run around healing people through it.  
Additional Semblance Information: Range: (10m), (Heals for 1Hp/1Aura, 20 max)

Item 1: Healing Staff (The Staff is mostly for show but Akemi can channel her Semblance through it and while it’s not generally made for combat she can use it to parry attacks and make weak strikes. The staff is also collapsible for easy portability)

Item 2: Air Dust Vial

History and Sample
Akemi was born on a snowy night on February 16th, she was born in the cold as her parents did not live within the borders of the Major Kingdoms. She was the 2nd oldest in a family of 8. She had an older brother, 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters mixed in between. Her parents were a mix of Human and Faunus so the belittlement she encountered was probably even more so throughout the years. Her Father held a steady job in Atlas where he worked as a Doctor and her Mother stayed at home to raise a household of 8.

As the years passed. Keeping everyone fed became a harder and harder task. Eventually, her older brother and she were sent to live with their Uncle in Bellmuse a small island to the south of Atlas. While reluctant at first Akemi eventually gave in and moved. Her Uncle owned a small cafe in the capital city and welcomed the pair with open arms. The agreement was they could do whatever they wanted with their lives as long as they were living under his roof but they had to work part time in the Cafe. Her brother worked in the back as inventory  and she was placed as a waitress. Her Brother continues to work in the Cafe as he really took to the job. Akemi, however, wanted to follow her Father's footsteps and become a doctor. Frequent Grimm attacks in Bellmuse also encouraged her to study at Syne rather than a typical Medical School.

At the age of 18, she finally quit her job as a waitress and applied for Syne. She was accepted into the Academy and continues to study there hoping to improve her knowledge on Medical Training, the training to combat Grimm is a bonus in her mind, anything to help others.
RP Sample:
“No! I don’t want to go!” she yelled, Akemi wasn’t known to yell or raise her voice especially at her parents. Her Father sighed and her Mother was silent.

“Akemi… you know how hard things have been. This is going to benefit all of us, even you.” her Father had a certain calming voice, normally she would be soothed by it and accept he was probably right but tonight was different.

Akemi tilted her head to the side and rubbed her arm. “Why can’t you send Rowen or Lily?”

“Now Akemi… That’s selfish. You know - “ she cut her Father off.

“All I KNOW is that you’re taking me away from my home! From my dreams! … from you guys… “ Her Father stopped and for once didn’t have anything to say. He became quiet and her Mother  closed her eyes and slowly started crying. Akemi’s heart strings were tugged and after seeing her Mother’s tears realized she might have been a little harsh with her words. She knew deep down that this wasn’t easy for them either, they were sending their two eldest out into the world early and they would miss her and her Brother a great deal. Her Father placed his hands on her Mother’s shoulders in a futile attempt to comfort her and rubbed them, he gave her a sad look and mouthed the words ‘“Please” At her Father’s plea Akemi started to sob as well, she ran out of the room to find her Brother who would be accompanying her.

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2 Re: Akemi [Finished!] on Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:56 am

Hi I'll be grading your app ^^

There's one thing that needs more detail and it's the semblance. I'm glad to see a healer as we lack those btw ^^

Just add the range of your glyph (10m) and the rule of healing (Heals for 1Hp/1Aura, 20 max), add that and you'll be good to go ^^


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

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3 Re: Akemi [Finished!] on Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:20 pm

Fixed! also I promise my RP Sample could be better, it's rather mediocre. Sorry!  ><

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4 Re: Akemi [Finished!] on Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:32 pm

Don't worry, your sample was great, approved ^^


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

"If anything goes wrong, I blame Oli..."
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5 Re: Akemi [Finished!] on Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:38 pm

App moved in order to make some correction, I am at fault here, sorry >.<


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

"If anything goes wrong, I blame Oli..."
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