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Yokume Vanheim (Reworked, Finished)

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1 Yokume Vanheim (Reworked, Finished) on Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:32 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yokume Mitso-Vanhiem
Nickname: Ferris, The Young Iron Queen
Age: 20
Birthday: 4/ 07
Gender: Female
Race: Human Experiment
Height: 5'11
Weight: 138lbs
Face Claim: Nafuka by Hellshock

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 1
Aura 110 |190 HP

Major: Medical

Potato stew
Peace and quiet
Hugging people

Spider jokes
The White Fang thinking she is a faunes
Doctors offices

Hurting Lloyd again
Having limbs torn off
Cats (terrified but wants to pet them still)
Getting cut into pieces

Overall Personality: Yokume, against her looks and extra appendages, is actually a very calm and passive individual whenever she is alone. Passive to the point someone would think she was brain dead, even though her mind is able to comprehend and pay attention to a million things at once, sometimes. Sometimes she is literally brain dead and absent minded. She is extremely dandere in public, rarely showing any emotion and any emotion shown it feels almost slowed down like she needed a moment to see if it were okay to act differently, sometimes. She is mentally destroyed after all. Often rejected for her augmented appendages, she was nicknamed the Silent Spider because of them and her overall attitude, often used as an insult but she accepts the title with... 'open arms'. If anyone needed her help it was guaranteed she would help, even if she was treated wrongly by the person asking her. She just has an extremely carefree life ever since she was released from duty. On the flip side she is completely different around Lloyd, she is open, full of life and youth, having as much enjoyment as she could as if she were a normal girl.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Royal purple
Semblance: Crystal Dragons Black Plague: Aura is pulled into her mouth and nose, and once expelled it looks like a beam of energy. Upon impact crystals sprout out of the afflicted zone, spread outwards, and shatter, expelling a toxic smog throughout the air in a 10 meter radius. Another means of using the semblance is aura pools up in her hands, and she fires the beam down, spreading the crystals at a point blank range to blanket the area in a 90 degree angle moving outwards to 10 meters and shatter to release the toxin. Since it is an offensive semblance it does 20 damage unblocked, and has a status effect of poisoning the victim. The semblance visual is a purple beam of energy, upon impact there are large purple crystals, and once the crystals shatter a thick smog royal purple in color and is not see through blankets he area in the crystals place. 20 per use doing 20 damage at the start with a lingering effect based on the tier of poison which at base is 5 damage spread over 4 posts. (Following status rules). Spread over a range of 10 meters, the smoke covers everything.

Item 1: Torrential Drift V1: Torrential drift is a set of high capacity assault rifles used to shred through, tear apart, and fully kill anything that moves. Previous use used to be for cover fire, holding down a large area, infiltrating a building, or stopping a large group, now they were rebuilt to be for personal use of hunting grim. Tier 1 assault rifles.


Item 2: She has a special government made outfit constructed for her body that reduces incoming physical damage. From the metal imbued cloak to her stainless steel face mask, from the light caliber bullet proof vest to the reinforced leg pieces. Physical Defense Armor Tier 1

History and Sample
Yokume was a darling girl orphaned at birth, never having the special luxury of a family until later in her life after many years of brutal and painful torture. The orphanage she resided in often made deals with the country government to fund the cost to take care of the orphanage children by donating a few of their kids to be test subjects. Yokume was one of the unlucky ones that was taken in and experimented on when she was just 5 and suffered brutal amounts of pain that should have killed her. She was tested on to see if she if she could be a success to a new type of genetic experiment for Dna altering, and a success she was.

She had an unknown organism implanted into her body from a metallic shell attached to her back that changed her genetic structure and from there grew out two extra sets of augmented appendages to be used in combat with nanites in her blood stream to boost her physical recovery rate but at a cost, the longer her in-body nanites were active the effect would take a toll on her memory. After years of thorough training she was put in the field of warfare at the ripe age of 10 to fulfill missions and commit countless acts of manslaughter, search and destroy, man-hunt, infiltration, and repossession.

Body after body dropped in her wake and she had no idea that what she was doing was wrong, and felt nothing from taking a living beings life. A few years later she was finally decommissioned as her 'creators' had decided they wanted to try other, more efficient things and she was beginning to forget her training. When she was released back into the world onto her own terms she was alone again, not a single person was in her life. She had met a boy that she could call her friend who didn't care of her looks, and she played with him for around a year until he got married and suddenly up and vanished.

Alone again she retreated out into the woods to live by herself in solitude, every so often venturing back into town to steal some supplies as she had no idea how to get a job. One day she happened to catch the eye of several white fang members, and they followed her back into the woods to her mud shelter home. The girl, even after killing hundreds of people, had refused to fight because she didn't want to be noticed and deemed unstable which would be led to her being taken out. That was when she met Lloyd Vanhiem, her White Knight that rushed to her rescue.

He had discovered his semblance that day, and she covered the areas of attack he couldn't during the long drawn out fight using her government issued weapon of war. Their combined power sent the Fang running back to town covered in their own blood sweat and tears, and from there he took her back to his home. She was adopted into their family despite her looks or destructive history and she finally had something to call family which she defended with excessive means of war tactics that often scared her new family.

She was loved and treated like family, taking on their last name to complete the package deal. She stayed with them for two years after the day of her rescue and was often found sleeping in her new brothers room almost every night cuddled up next to him. Then something happened between her and Lloyd, she was helping him figure out the organism implanted in her body and when he tried removing the device to make her normal it caused the nanites to go haywire and send a fight response to her brain and she attacked him.

She beat him unconscious and bloody without realizing it and when she came to she cried for hours holding his body to her chest. She was scared, and she beat into her brain that she was too dangerous to be around them and fled after calling an ambulance leaving him with amnesia and no recollection of Yokume in his head. Nobody saw her again for another three years until she decided she'd put her destructive capability to use in order to defend people and enrolled to syne unknowing that Lloyd was even there. She taught herself the basics of elementary to highschool classes so she could be caught up.
RP Sample:
Yokume had found herself lost in thought and lost in purpose, aimlessly wandering around with a deep hunger for stew. Her stomach making all sorts of noises as she droned on. She seemed to have wandered around Syne atleast twice without realizing it, and continued to walk until the bottom of her feet bled. She adjusted the mask on her face to hide her scars and identity, and wandered into an restaurant restaurant. She took a seat and ordered Potato stew with extra cheese, and her stomach growled angrily wanting tamed by the satisfaction of food.

When the bowl arrived to her table she savored the flavor and enjoyed the little time she had alone while she started thinking of classes, curious to know what the Educational facility had to offer to her. Combat classes riddled her mind along with medical courses to cover fellow comrades, that is if she ever got any. She hadn't made any friends since her last encounter with one she could call family, and the thought saddened the precious and loving angel. She still felt immense guilt for what she did that day, and wondered if she could ever look him in the eye again.

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2 Re: Yokume Vanheim (Reworked, Finished) on Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:15 am

The things originally holding this app back from being approved have been changed. Should be ready to go now.

Bump for awaiting approval

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3 Re: Yokume Vanheim (Reworked, Finished) on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:57 pm

weapon change completed, bumping for approval

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