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Late Night Reflections (Open)

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1 Late Night Reflections (Open) on Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:19 pm

The library was a place for quiet study and reading for the entire school to enjoy. While not entirely against the rules, it wasn't exactly looked upon favorably to be in there later in the night. Nevertheless, Varialis was sitting at a table right it the middle of it all with a couple of stacks of books about as tall as he was. Most of them read with non-fiction titles regarding history, such as textbooks. A few regarded battle tactics and strategy, and even less were some baser titles of reflective stories and classic compilations. He sat nose deep in one of the historical texts 'The Great War: A Schism of Nations' that had quite a thick binding and relatively appeared unused. Most classes wouldn't cover this kind of in-depth analysis unless it was for a specialized class, for the young faunus however, this was the big picture. More than abruptly, the book was thrust away from him and his head slammed into the table with no indication of gentleness. This action was shortly followed by a groan.
Varialis wasn't studying for any class of the sort. He was doing this despite himself, purely for the reason of gaining the information himself. He yawned quietly before closing his eyes for a brief moment and accidentally drifting off to sleep.

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