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The Axe and Shield [HUNT] [Private w/ Verti]

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1The Axe and Shield [HUNT] [Private w/ Verti] Empty The Axe and Shield [HUNT] [Private w/ Verti] on Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:48 pm

Varialis leaned against a tree in the deep-blue woods. He listened to birds chirping and the breeze tuning the leaves to a perfect chord that could only be achieved with such brutal silence hanging over the land. He sighed as he considered falling asleep, but that wasn't really an option. Even though he had just finished a hunt, as a combat major, he regularly ventured out to patrol for Grimm. Today, however, was different. He was told that he would be given a partner from a different class and the likely spot of Grimm. Something to improve teamwork? More than likely just getting some experience for the other guy. He heard that his partner was a Techie. Either way he was pleased about the news, considering that Varialis' combat capability was much improved when he worked in a group. For now, he waited for his future teammate to arrive.

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Verti Aubergine
Verti pushed his way through the forest toward the meeting site. He was going on his first hunt and had been paired with someone the teachers thought he would do well with. He had made most of the trek through the forest fretting about who his teammate was going to be, and as such received a few scratches here and there from walking into various shrubs.
What if it's a girl?... What if it's a big, mean guy?... WHAT IF I CAN"T TELL WHAT GENDER IT IS? oh nooo!
These questions and more were racing through Verti's mind as he pushed aside a bush and spotted his partner leaning against a tree with a rather large and familiar shield. Verti deflated. YES! It's somebody I know!
Verti approached his companion with a hand raised. "Hey! um... fancy meeting you here." Verti called with a smile, "I suppose we are, uh, partners in combat for today."

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Varialis perks up at the noise. He sees a familiar face and brightens up slightly. He pushes himself off of the tree he was leaning against. This was gonna be his first team effort as far as hunting goes, but he had no idea what the capabilities of his partner were, although, since he was in Syne, he assumed that there was a deal of competence. That didn't change the fact, however, that they didn't have a clue about the other one's fighting style. He didn't hide his thoughts one the matter, "Trial by fire I suppose. We'll likely need to learn how to complement each other in the midst of combat." Varialis was all business at the moment.

As far as he was aware, the particular Grimm they were after had already been terrorizing the locals and causing a lot of problems. He didn't have much more on the situation than that. He smiled though. "Either way, it's our job to stop these Grimm. Plus, there's still two of us. How hard can it be?" He punctuated the end of the statement be starting on the hike through the dense, blue forest with nothing but the sheer will to fight guiding him.

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Verti Aubergine
"Yeah... we are pretty strong I guess." Verti replied as followed his companion into the forest, assuming he knew where he was going. As they walked, Verti thought about what Varialis had said about learning to work together. In his spare time, he started to think of ways that they could synergize. I suppose we have an advantage in stopping power, what with the size of our weapons and my explosive semblance, but if we come across anything quick enough to dodge our attacks, we might be in trouble.
Verti avoided walking into a tree and continued to think.
I have an axe and he has a shield... That thing is big enough that it could protect both of us. If we stick together we could both benefit from each other's equipment.
Once again, Verti avoided the forest's blue flora.
Although, if we are constantly close together, that makes things easier for grimm to keep us in sight and removes the possibility for distractions and surprises. Furthermore, we would both be easy prey for a-
His thought was cut short as Verti tripped over a root and landed face first in the dirt. Taking a few seconds to recover from the sudden shock, Verti lifted himself from the dirt and looked ahead at Varialis. Luckily, he hadn't noticed that bit of embarrassment. Verti cleaned his face to the best of his ability, sighed, and continued hiking.
After a while of walking and occasionally chatting, the two companions reached a small clearing in the blue forest. He looked around at the scenery, smiling a bit at its beauty. "This looks like a good place to rest... if you want. We don't want to be tired if any grimm show up." commented Verti as he took a seat on a log and inspected his axe for imperfections in the blade. Satisfied, he looked up and muttered to himself, "This is nice... I hope no grimm show up so we can enjoy this place."

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The Axe and Shield [HUNT] [Private w/ Verti] Yuki%20Valesti_TBFillin_zpskhnnreuh

 Grimm: Deathstalker
    ►#: 3
    ►Lvl: 6
    ►HP: 220/220  |  220/220 | 220/220
    ►DEF/RES: 3 (15 damage resistance)
    ►WB.DEF: Damage is halved AFTER the defense is applied

- The 3 Deathstalkers were making their way in formation to the village that was rebuilding from recent attacks. The First Deathstalker is no where near the village ( ETA: Post 8 - 10 in the thread )

Dmg Dealt/Recieved


Sharp legs stabbing into the earth as they traveled, creating a terrorizing noise that echoed part ways through the forests was the Grimms that sought to bring about tragedy to a village that was far too familiar to them. They moved in a formation, one being far up ahead out of the sight of the other 2, and the other 2 following it's tracks. This was not something normally exhibited within Animals, but these Grimm possessed Intelligence that were nearly above average, so the element of surprise was a concept that these particular Grimm understood was extremely effective. It's because of this that reports regarding the Grimm attacks on this village often involved 1 Deathstalker, and not 3. One would head up ahead and attack quite some time before the other two arrived to the scene as reinforcements. People attempted to rebuild the village, having refuse to abandon their home so the Grimms would have another go at the village. None of the grimm had yet arrived to the village, but they were well on their way there.

The Axe and Shield [HUNT] [Private w/ Verti] Grimm%20of%20Syne_TBBOT_zpsj81xsdbk

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