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"Unique" Semblances; and also, "I'm Home!"

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1 "Unique" Semblances; and also, "I'm Home!" on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:25 am

Alright. It's been at least 1 year I have been off of this website, and approximately 4 years I have been creating ideas for a possible OC team for RWBY. So before I get too into what I am doing, I must say a few words...

Syne Team, thank you SO much for creating this website for all us RWBY fans. I'll admit, when I was looking at character ideas for other RWBY fanmade characters, I was starting to lose my interest in the creation of RWBY characters. I will not be specifying any names, but the ideas I saw were rather... cringe-worthy. Now, thanks to the help of both Youtuber Mark Zhang (his RWBY trailers are amazing!!!) and you guys, I think I have the inspiration to resume coming back to this website after so long. So once again, thank you all for not giving in to a lack of imagination, and for being inspirations to us all!

Love Laughing

With that settled, let's get moving to the main topic I listed in the title.

When looking through the Semblance restrictions, I started to turn uneasily towards the semblances I created for my fanmade team, LSVK. Many of us members of the Syne community have created many new "unique" Semblances for our characters, many of which include copying the abilities of our friends, active camouflage, cryokinesis, clone creation, and so on. However, some of these Semblances have been met with... scrutiny, and have not been met with much approval by the Syne admins and staff.

The main reason why I created this message, was to show a select list of Semblances I created, and inquire if they were valid or not. Depending on the ones which are approved or unapproved, I will be using a select member from LSVK as my chosen character for chatrooms and events. I will leave my decision with you all!

Kuroi Ookami's "Purity"- "Purity" is an offensive-based Semblance I created for Kuroi, the team leader of LSVK, and is not meant to sound as 'innocent' as it should be. To be specific, I associated purity to have two different meanings: the "purity" to cleanse the body of wounds, and the "purity" to cleanse a life from the mortal plane. In this case, I am referring to the latter of these choices.

I had originally meant for this ability to be considered as an ability to empower a person with a "light" specialized for slaying Grimm, as they are "stains" in the world that need to be wiped away. Now, would this be considered as Godlike if it were to be applied to humans who have darkness in their own hearts? Personally I believe so, and I am not holding much hope that this will make the cut. But, regardless, the choice is yours!

Victor "Sherwood" Hans's "Lucky Room- The "Lucky Room" is a rather... very technical-like semblance I created, with the aim to create a "storage space" for Victor, in order to hold ammo and weapons for specific purposes whenever his own weapon isn't suited for the job. I guess it could be called a Utility Semblance? "Room" is capable of holding practically anything, with one problem: it can only be activated whenever Victor is in contact with a green colored fabric, specifically made from natural materials. Not only is this Semblance color-coded, but items can only actually be pulled and placed if and only if they can reasonably fit within the size of the fabric. In addition, any living organism cannot be placed into the "Lucky Room", especially not humans or Faunus.

Rai Qing Long's "Chi Manipulation"- Rai can manipulate his Aura to buff any allies by feeding their own Aura, boosting healing and enhancing their own Semblance. In addition, he can also utilize his Aura to buff his own skills, enhancing physical ability and recovery rate. The downside to this Semblance means that while it has many uses, all of these are restricted by Rai's own Aura amount, and all of these are actively energy-consuming.

Levi Seraphus Michaelis's "Archive"- Knowledge is power, and "Archive" is pure information. When activated, Levi has the ability to access a plethora of information inside his head, allowing him to quickly solve problems as well as to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of technological devices and weapons. In addition to this, it is also capable of solving precise equations and solve complex algorithms, given enough time spent analyzing the target of interest.

Unfortunately, the human brain simply cannot keep up with all this information running in one's head, so this Semblance can only be utilized for a select amount of time, before it "overheats". As an addition, prolonged use results in monstrous migraines, and the target must be in view for at least 1 full minute in order to obtain the best results.

And with that, my troubles are lessened quite greatly. For all those who spent all this time reading this lump of text, thank you for reading!

And Syne staff? Please be very honest with any opinions you may have about this. I can take my own share of criticism (since I have to endure likewise from my own readers).

I'll see you all again!

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2 Re: "Unique" Semblances; and also, "I'm Home!" on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:24 am

Hello Nagi, I don't think we have ever met, and if we did it probably too much of a short time for my poor memory to remember (seriously I should see a doc about this...) but as one of Syne's mods, I'm glad to welcome you back here, at home! ^^

I was intrigued by your post, since myself I came up with a rather unique semblance and I kinda wanted to give some opinions on yours and I hope that it'll help. I'll be giving criticism based on two criteria: RP Flavor and System Functionality, so basically how it looks and how'd it'd be used here.


So first, Kuroi's: I really love the vindictive aspect of it, having it be some sort of holy power really makes it interesting. As to how it would work it probably would fit our Damage Semblance rule, so you wouldn't be able to totally "purify" someone or something in one shot as you'd be limited by the fixed damage of the semblance, but at the same time, who said that darkness was easy to get rid of?


Victor's: The idea of some sort of personal pocket dimensions have been used and/or talked about here and although I really like the idea and especially your how concept/design of it, there's no real uses to have something like that here, besides the easy access to an inventory... it would be awesome if for example Victor had multiple weapons, it would allow him to quickly reequip himself for different situation.......... but everyone starts with one weapon (and no second form to allow progression) and getting new ones is not easy...


Rai's: This one's easy, we already have a lot of people here that can buff others stats and heal. We know that won't haven't seen much like that, if not at all, but it has always been here, so it's pretty much the safest semblance you got ^^ Plus you can probably


Levi: I really like this one personally, reminds me of that one guy in Fairy Tail (can't remember his name) who has something like that as his magic. But, as much as I like it, I don't really see how it can work with our current system, plus depending on the information you can access, it could become borderline metagaming...


So yeah, those were my takes on your semblance... of course there's always the chance to tweak them a bit to make them work with our system more properly, so if you want just hop on chat so we can talk about them, I'm pretty much here everyday now, so it'll be my pleasure to help ^^

Hope to see you around, and again, welcome back ^^


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

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3 Re: "Unique" Semblances; and also, "I'm Home!" on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:30 am

Thank you very much for the assistance! Now, I truly know who I am going to choose as my character now, so thank you very much!

As Rai would say, "Xie-Xie Laoshi!"

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