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Through love and hate (Miho, private)

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1 Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:03 am

Koko Hanazusaki
In a bright and sunny day in the middle of the city Koko sat at an open diner by himself with his cat, he himself dressed prim and proper. He had nobody else with him, and plates upon plates covered his table, ranging from multitude mostly different forms of fish and sea life to the occasional pieces of steak, and with the many plates there were several kinds of beers, whiskey, rum, and vodka to wash down the food. Every so often he'd drop a piece of fish down for the cat, not trying to be a good person but to stop Karla's complaining of hunger. He was progressively knocking out plate after plate, drink after drink all to himself but it wasn't doing anything to him but burning through an endless amount of time.

"I wonder why Delissia requires so much energy when drinking blood gives the same effect, such a pain."

He spoke out loud, not really paying attention to anything around him. He just kept eating, more and more, until he stopped eating all together and started drinking a bit more heavily.

"I mean I'm not crazy, what need does an eternally damned being have to consume this much food. I mean this is just a joke at this point, she doesn't stop eating. If it's not now, it's when I'm asleep. If I'm not asleep it's when I'm doing somethin. It's killing my wallet to feed her this much, come on Karla tell me I'm not just rambling on."

He asked the cat who didn't respond, she was too busy sleeping on his lap to answer. He just sighed softly to himself as he took a break, the constant flow of eating without gaining any level of fullness made him discouraged to eat any more, especially at the bill she was running up higher and higher.

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2 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:32 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
On this bright and sunny day, Lilia had decided she would head to a diner she had been told about by.... Someone....

'Nice job Lilia.... That.... Person, just told you about this place a few minutes ago! You asked.... Them, if they knew any good places to get some food, and you've already completely forgotten them.'

She placed her hand against her head, rubbing it back and forth and narrowing her eyes, twisting her face into a confused look as she tried to remember them.

*Rumble.... Rumble....*

Well whatever. She came here to get food, not think.

Making it to the diner, her stomach rumbled more. Breaded haddock. That's what she wanted. She wanted Breaded Haddock. Upon entering the diner, she stopped herself for a second. The place was completely empty. Well, it was kind of late for food, so she supposed that made sense. She'd be eating alone, she guessed. Ah well, it didn't matter, she was too hungry to care anyways.
Continuing on her way to a booth, she noticed she wasn't in fact alone. There was a man, dressed up all spiffy looking. Looking down, she hoped she had picked something presentable. Yep, she was wearing her usual white dress with the straps going over her shoulders, which filtered down into frilly skirt, and as usual, a pair of black leggings and some nice looking shoes.
She lifted her hand, sifting her fingers through her creamy coloured hair. It was nice and neat.
She still had one tiny black ribbon tied into either side of her hair.
Good. Presentable.

She strolled slowly over to his seat, but slowed herself down as she noticed the large piles of plates and drinks scattered across the table. He also seemed to be talking to.... What was that.... A Cat? That's what it looked like it was anyways....
She took a deep breath, deciding she would speak to him.

"Uhm, excuse me sir.... Would you.... Would you mind if I sat there..?

She pointed to the empty seat across from him, bending her body forward a bit to get a better look. At first glance he seemed like someone she would probably want to stay away from, but she didn't care.
She liked making new friends.

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3 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:38 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
A melancholy time for such a displeasured man led to a more interesting conversation with the cat than he expected. He started talking to her about different flavors of fish that he allowed her to have, which one was the best, and which one was the worst. So far, the Mahi Mahi had taken the lead, the tuna right behind it. The two shared a rather wonderful conversation in peace, only being disturbed by the waiter to refill the drinks.

"I'll have to have the little monster go and see what spices they use on this Mahi Mahi. Maybe have her steal some from the back so I can recreate this later at home. Would you like some as well?" "Might as well, you have too much free time on your hands as is, cooking should do well for you as it would for me." "Quite true, the more time I spend preoccupying myself the less time I have to do anything else, until she requires feeding again."

He spoke, generally carrying the conversation until he was interrupted by a young lady. She... Looked a little too young, and to be by herself was something on its own. He pondered what to do, Delissia in the back of his mind screaming at him to feed her. He held a look of distaste, but turned it into a charming grin.

"Yes yes, take a seat, have a meal. Everything is on me." "Human."

The cat whispered to him, basically telling him that she wasn't like him. With that he held the devious, maniacal thoughts in his head and kept them to himself. The cat cuddled up next to his stomach, embracing the heat the man was putting off while he tried to make conversation.

"Such a lovely dress, makes you look remarkable!"

He spoke, the cat jumping onto his shoulders. The black cat Karla stared at the girl for a moment, looking her up and down to get a better viewing of her. She stared for a moment before she was picked up and placed back into Koko's lap, a small tap on her nose following.

"So what brings you here dressed all prim and proper? Waiting on a date?"

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4 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:59 am

Lilia Hitashigano
Lilia straightened her back, giving the man a sidelong glance and a relatively confused look.

'He'll pay for me..? It looks like this guy's already racked up quite the bill..
No, you can't say that, you have to be nice.'

"No, no, it's fine. I'll pay for myself."

As she was making her way over to her seat, Lilia caught herself, as she heard the man compliment her dress, while the animal, -which she now realized was in fact a Cat-, jumped onto the man's shoulders, and looked her up and down, before being picked up and tapped on the nose. While she did not appreciate a compliment like this as one of the first things she heard, she kept her face frozen in an inviting smile.
Before she could answer, being distracted by the Cat and all, the man asked her why she looked all prim, and proper, and if she was waiting on a date....

"Thank you, I do like this outfit, but this is just my normal attire, nothing special."

Lilia continued on her way to the seat, reaching it and sitting down, and patting her hands down onto her knees. She continued with the false smile.

"No, no date for me. A friend reccomended this place to me, so I thought I'd come and check it out. But I would like to know what has gotten you all spiffied up."

She lifted her hand up, turning it flat, palm facing up, and motioning towards his clothes.
Out of the corner of her eye, she still eyed the Cat. Weren't they supposed to be.... Bad luck? Or was it good luck? She didn't know, she didn't remember. Maybe they just weren't any luck at all. Oh well, it didn't matter, surely.

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5 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:01 am

Joel Icterine
The Shepherd wasn't a mighty fan of crowded areas, so walking through the deepest parts of town wasn't his ideal time. He didn't downright hate it though, a time to get out and look around at a place that reminded him a bit of home was okay as far as he thought. It didn't help, however, when children saw his face and stared like he was something other than human. Joel had been walking for a bit, and found himself with an extreme thirst.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a sign that caught his interest. "A diner?" He whispered softly beneath his own monotone breath and solid footsteps. He moved his way toward the window and raised his eyebrows with something akin to glee. "A diner that serves booze..."

He started to make a beeline for the door at his own, semi-raucus pace. He definitely had no tab here... not yet anyway. He stepped through the doors and slowly made his way toward the bar. He felt a bit like a fish out of water. He hadn't stepped inside a place like this since he was a member of the Atlesian Military. That time was so far away now, so he shook it away. Either way, he stuck out like a duck among chickens.

He sat down at a barstool and leaned his head toward the table. When the waitress came to collect his order he gave it. "Ten pints of whiskey..." He heard someone nearby sputter and he just repeated. "Ten pints of whiskey... and a steak."

The waitress went off seemingly without fuss, and he was left to take in the surroundings. This place was a lot brighter than a tavern. He blamed the windows for that one. He also saw a guy and a gal chatting, but he also saw a cat. He cast a glare at the feline beast. "Tchh.." He scoffed aloud, as he had a great disdain for cats, though he had no clue why, it simply was that way.

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6 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:37 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko quietly listened to the environment around him, showing little but enough interest in the girl to keep her talking, and more importantly get her to be friendly. He diverted most his attention now onto her, trying to pick out any key detail he could manipulate.

"No no no, I have enough to pay for everyone's meal here, I insist love."

He spoke, grabbing one of the beers off the table. Guinness Coffee beer was a delight to him, and upon drinking out the bottle he grabbed a glass with whiskey on the rocks, and started sipping on that. Alcohol made Delissia nicer, so in order to get his way he must get her drunk.

"Oh my dear you look quite delightful, an elegant beautiful face to match such a lovely dress. As for I, aren't you always supposed to dress well before a funeral? Isn't it just the proper way of doing things?"

He smiled, and felt the mans presence eying his cat, as well as the girls. It seemed as though Karla had gotten quite the attention, and with his hand moved pet her she did something cats aren't supposed to do. She smiled, a Cheshire Cat grin, and made eye contact with the man first, and then the girl while holding this sick, grotesque smile on her face. A finger lightly tapped her head and her smile vanished, and he turned to look at the cat, and then the girl.

"Are you perhaps interested in my four legged accomplice? I'll make a bet that if I can amaze you you will let me pay for your meal. Are you ready?"

He spoke, scooping up Karla and placed her on his shoulder. She looked at the man first, staring him down as he did her. "Tchh..."

She made the noise back at the man who made one against her, almost to test the waters. She looked down at Koko, he met her gaze with color blind eyes as she turned her head to look at the girl, Koko moving his finger underneath the cats chin. She looked closer and closer at Lilia, jumping off his shoulder to get inches from her face. Silence was met with an unending gaze, and suddenly she spoke.

"Boo! Hairless human."

She spoke at the girl, and returned herself to Koko's side of the table. He picked her up and moved her back in his lap, where she watched the man as he did her.

"Well? Are we amazed?"

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7 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:45 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
Lilia turned her head, watching quite the character walk in.
Looking back, she noticed the man was staring quite intensely at her.
'Wah what's he looking at!? Is it my eyes? I bet it's my eyes. Heterochromia doesn't seem to be very common around here. It's my eyes for sure.'
She sighed as he insisted he pay for her food again. He was really giving off the flirty vibe, then again, it was probably just her.
Before she could respond with another 'No, I'll pay for myself.', he complimented her again, this time it was about her face. She let out another sigh, but noticed he said to always dress nicely for a funeral. At first she was quite shocked, but then again, this could just be an excuse. Whichever one it was, she was curious anyways.
" Thank.... *Sigh*.... Thank you. And.... Funeral you say? Did someone you know die?"
She tapped her fingers on her lap, giving the new person and the cat a sideways glance as they stared at each other. Soon enough though, the ordeal was over.
So now, the man decided to make a bet that if he could amaze her, he'd pay for her meal.

"Okay.... I guess.... *Sigh*"

She watched the cat walk up to her, barely an inch away from her face. Lilia started pulling her head back slowly, but before she could do that, the cat talked.

Yes, Lilia was quite amazed....
By the Cat....
A sly grin appeared across her face. She didn't really like this person, so she supposed she would mess with him a little bit. Test him.

"Yes, yes, the Cat did amaze me. But.... You.... Didn't.... Sure, you may have told the Cat to do that, but all in all, you didn't amaze me."

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8 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:19 am

Joel Icterine
Joel liked to watch people from time to time, figure out who they are and how they act without ever having to talk to them. He leaned forward a bit as his drinks arrived and tilted his hat down further over his face. He chugged the first pint down in seconds, and when he was done with that one, he planted the glass on the table and picked up the next, albeit drinking a bit more measuredly. He gave a sidelong stare from under his hat and saw the spectacle that was had at the table he had noticed earlier. He cocked an eyebrow with a bit of interest as the cat mimicked his scoffing. "Well... That's... Normal.." He spoke to himself as he pulled back another strike of the Devil's Nectar. "Then again, I've easily seen some weirder stuff. Like that radio show with the 2 dwarves and the donkey..."

He seemed to recoil a bit at the memory. 'Nope, Nope, Not bringing that can of worms into memory again' He was about to take another chaser from the next glass when he found himself staring into the brown alcohol as it spun about in his glass. He looked once more at the table he had been surveying and only now took notice of the plates and such scattered about in disarray. 'Yep. Doesn't it suck when no matter how much you take in, there's still no change felt.'

He took another gulp as he saw the girl begin to speak and awaited the next bit of information to fall into his lap.

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9 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:31 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko watched the cat play with his fingers as she wanted his attention once again, Karla's small pawing at the metal fingers. She would try to pull his hand to her but her claws couldn't pierce the metal to do so so she grew frustrated at the man. Karla let out a small meow at him, catching the voice of the girl as she was sadly listening to him. He pitied her for the moment on what he'd do, had he got the chance. For now he still decided it would be best to play around.

"Yes yes, a lot of people died. Some of my dearest friends were caught in a vicious chain of serial killings. After patching them up they get to have their final rest."

He lied through his teeth with a happy grin. She'd caught onto his little trick of not having to be able to do anything himself, and with that he let out a sigh, followed by a sickining chuckle. He looked over to the Jack Daniels with coke and picked up the glass, downing it with a few seconds. He placed the glass on the table and make eye contact with the girl.

"Oh my dear, you caught on. But I guess I'll give you that one, so for now it's still my turn to make an attempt, I have quite the idea I can use."

He spoke and grabbed the steak knife on the tale he had used for his food. He brought it to his hand, Karla sticking his leg with one of her claws. He looked down at her, while she was watching the man across the bar. He caught the hint, and he held a sick grin on his face as he gripped the steak knife tightly with his human hand. He pulled the blade down with enough force to shred the meat on the center of his hand, and he showed the girl the wound.

"Ready? Keep your eyes focused."

He looked at her, putting his metal fingers to the wound and it started oozing black smoke. He dug into it, and from there he started pulling out something similar to a handle. He kept pulling, showing the handle of the sword, all the way to the blade, then all the way down the serrations and to the rapier style tip. He pulled a five and a half foot sword from the wound, and forced it back into the wound erasing its existence from site. He brushed the wound now with his fingers and it hissed, healed, and went into a state of non existence like the steak knife never cut it. He rubbed his own head softly, then looked at the woman.

"Well? Does that satisfy you, or do I need to pull any more of my magic tricks?"

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10 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:31 am

Lilia Hitashigano
Hearing this news, Lilia felt bad for a split second, but then she realized it could just be some kind of cruel joke. No, no, she was doubting him too much. She didn't want to seem like a jerk to this person, so she decided she would say her condolensces regardless.

"Well, I'm very terribly sorry to hear that."

The man laughed quite disturbingly for a moment, before downing some form of drink in a few seconds. She didn't know what it was, she didn't really care. He spoke about how she had caught on, and praised her for it.... Kind of....
She sighed once more, as the man tried again to pay for her meal.

"I guess.... But if you can't do it, then you get no more chances...."

The man grabbed a knife, and Lilia was startled for a split second, but she already figured what was going to happed. The man stabbed himself, just like she thought he would. She showed him the wound, and it was then, that Lilia came to a very wrong conclusion.

"Oh please.... If you think healing a wound is going to surprise me then you sir, are very wro--"

Lilia immediately ate those words as he began pulling an extremely large sword out of that wound. She, for once, found herself utterly speachless. Her eyes widened, her pupils became small, she couldn't quite register what exactly just happened.
The man slid the sword back into the wound, brushing it with his fingers, and it disappeared.
It disappeared like Lilia's train of thought.

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11 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:29 pm

Joel Icterine
Joel was finally about to take a bite of his steak when the open wound trick occurred. He just sat there with his fork hovering near his mouth as he watched a sword come out and go back in.

'That... is... completely... disgusting.'

He thought to himself as he dropped his fork back onto his plate and listened as several others followed his example, appetites lost. A few even went as far as to start leaving, and he couldn't really blame them to be honest. The merc then went back to his self-conscious thoughts. He realized how boring just watching them was, so maybe stirring the pot a bit could garner a flavor that he so desperately wants out of this. He realized that he had drank 4 of his pints already, and had 6 left. This wasn't gonna do him well at all... unless...

He remembered what the guy at the table had been saying earlier about having some lien to throw around. Joel picked up his pint and rose it to the air, before downing it in about 2 gigantic gulps. He then stated to do the same with the rest, making a public spectacle of it.

There was whooping and cheering from some of the people that were near him, but his true plan had only just begun. The whole time he had been drinking, he did something or another to dishevel his appearance. A tilted hat here, a loose scarf there, and soon he was looking like a long night passed by. He finished his last glass and scanned the room a bit, drunkenly exaggerating his movements.

"And thatsh how a real man drinksh!!" He made a wobbly looking pyramid out of the glasses he had before slouching down and looking around. He targeted the guy and gal and started to wobble his way over toward them. Chuckling every once in a while about some kind of joke that only he seemed to get. He planted his hands on the table and looked at Koko.

Hey! THAT was a neeeat trick you did there with the shtabbing and the swording and the... He trailed off as he mimed swashbuckling motions, "What? Oh! Do you think I could get a few roundsh from you? I heard you shay to your girlfriend here that if you amazed her you'd pay for..... *belch* ... her food. Ish that an open offer? I shuuuuuuure was amazzzzed."

At this point, it was all that Joel could do not to bust out into a laughing fit, or even smirk beyond the drunken grin that he imitated with years of experience. He supported most of his weighted on the table and rampantly turned his gaze from Koko to Lilia repeatedly.

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12 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:20 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko sneaked a cigarette from his pocket and placed it between his lips as he adjusted his collar. He looked to the door, and the cat nipped at his human hand to grab his attention. He looked over to the girl, a sleek rat like smile on his face.

"I kid. It's my child's birthday, I figured I'd go see them at the cemetery this year."

He spoke, sneaking in a bit of the truth behind his lies. He wasn't a constant liar after all, but the truth would gain more trust than the lie would so it was a better option. He had caught her eye contact with him after his little magic trick, moving the cigarette to his fingers, resting his elbow on the table as a few people got up and left.

"I'll take it I won the bet with my little magic trick, I'm oh so glad you liked it. You get to do those fancy things once you've made great sacrifice to a heartless figure. Now order."

He spoke, looking down to her chest for a moment as he began to sip on a bitter dragons milk.

'Looks like you already did that though.'

He thought, taking a swig of his drink before the man approached, placing his hands on the table infront of them. He was in mid drink when the man was talking to him, then looked past him to see his glasses. He finished his swig, placing the bottle to the table and looked at the girl, then to the man.

"Thank you, I uh... I do magic tricks... Oh a few drinks, yeah I guess that sounds fine. Drink, eat, be merry. I'll be back."

He spoke, looking at the waiter whom approached the table.

"Bring a fifth of... Actually.... bring the half gallon bottle of rum to the table. It's gonna be a long night."

He spoke and the waiter nodded and left as Koko walked outside to have a cigarette, hopping into a phone call as the waiter vanished and came back with the glass bottle, placing it upon the dining table.

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13 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:33 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
Lilia studied this man intensely, analyzing every aspect of him, watching as he pulled out a cigarette and slipped it into his mouth.
The man said he was kidding, and that it was just his childs birthday.
Oh, well that makes sense, coulda just told be the truth instead of lying about a funera--'
She ate her words once more, as the man said he thought he would go visit her at the cemetary. This line, however, did not sound like an excuse.

"*Sigh*.... Yes, yes, fine you win."
She felt an overwhelming need to scoff at him, but this feeling was overrun by the quick glance he took towards her chest. He didn't hide it, she spotted him doing it, she knew.
Lilia's eye twitched a few times. Yes yes she knew she ought to be used to it by now, but it still annoyed her when people gave her looks like that.

The other person she had seen come in before now stumbled his merry little way over to them, planting his hands on the tables and incoherently spewing some words at them. She ignored must of these words, but still tried to keep a nice smile, no matter how she felt.

She watched as the man got up and left, apparently paying for this guy's drinks as well. Well, whatever.... She didn't really care. She just sat there, waiting for something relatively interesting to happen.

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14 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:10 am

Miho Hanazusaki
Mhio was walking around town looking at all the things she want/"needed" to buy but she was stopping her self form doing. She was doing good till something she just had to get and wasn't able to stop her self this time. The needed for this was now the only thing she wanted more than anything in the world food. "I needed food." as she walked around and seen some guy smoking by a little diner. That looked like a good place as any to get something to eat so she happily made her to the diner.

Than as she got closer the guy started to look more and more like one of her older brothers. She slowly walk up to the guy "Kiki i-is that you?"

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15 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:57 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko had taken the moment to make a phone call while he was outside, taking to a man about some work. The conversation lasted a few minutes, and upon hanging up the call he sighed to himself softly, until he heard a voice and a name he hadn't heard in years. The suddenness of hearing that long forgotten name caused him to almost have a heart attack, causing him to lower his head and choke on the cigarette smoke.

A short cough and some mental motivation be slowly turned around to the girl, his face slightly stuck in place looking slightly disturbed. He made eye contact with the girl, and if it weren't for that nickname he wouldn't have even remotely knew who she was since we was color blind. He reached up and pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and took a moment to look her up and down as if to mentally confirm that this was who he thought it was. Instead of a gingerly happy response, he had a monotone voice and held worry in his voice.

"Uh.... It's been five years... Can... Can I help you?"

He spoke, and looked inside the restaurant and looked at Lilia, the look of slight horror still on his face. His eyes were frantically searching for something but got nothing, and he returned his confused gaze to what was his younger sister.

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16 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:32 am

Miho Hanazusaki
The man choke on the cigarette smoke as she called out to him. "S-sir are you ok?" than in a monotone voice than had some worry mixed in it? "Uh.... It's been five years... Can... Can I help you?" "KIKI IT IS YOU!!" She than hugged him and want to pet his funny cat ears to see they were gone "Ki-kiki wh-what happened to yo-your ears!?!?!?!?!?" She than ran behind him to see if her still had his tail "I-is your.........your tail gone as well?" Se than once again hugs him sorry for what happened to him in the 5 years they haven't seen each other.

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17 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:58 am

Koko Hanazusaki
Horror. Constant brutal horror, this was who he thought it was. For a man who took the lives of many, hearing someone so innocent and familiar speak to him had caused his heart to skip off beat. Her voice, rather her nickname for him, caused his heart to stop beating entirely. He wished it had stayed like that, but the devilish woman had wanted to see more on what happened and caused the heart to start beating again. Oh how he detested Delissia right now. The hug followed the nickname, and the feeling of human contact that wasn't out of hatred almost triggered a mental meltdown. Miho, his youngest sister, had brought up two questions, both immediately blocking the meltdown from happening and filled that void with minor rage at the memories. He of course didn't hug her back, he didn't know how to feel about his family anymore, but she was atleast given an answer whether she liked the contents of it or not.

"Y-yeah. The tails gone too. How, you ask? Ask the she-devil Yoko married me off to, oh wait, I strangled her to death. You guys probably got the notification for that. Remember that day I was going to go see that monstrosity? The day I suddenly vanished from existence? I was locked in a cage in her basement, and was tortured. For months... on end. Did you know I had a child? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful baby girl. She passed away, I tried committing suicide with a hand grenade after she passed away in her sleep, now I have a metal prosthetic."

He spoke, sighing softly as to not try to take his anger and mixed emotions out in public. He wouldn't want to cause a scene now, but he didn't really keep his voice down. As he tried calling himself down the immense depression started taking over the other emotions.

"My tail... Yeah, that was force fed to me. Being locked in a cage like an animal, I'm not even sure how I feel about my own sisters. None of my break-neck sisters even tried checking her house... I thought I could atleast rely.... Nevermind. D-don't touch me Miho... I don't like being touched anymore. Is- is there something you want? Food? A drink? Because after this, it means the other two might be here... I might have to leave again... Sophia is probably... God Sophia... I-I don't want to deal with the level of rage she might have if she knows I'm here. I never came back home for a reason, I just wanted to be left alone Miho after coming to the understanding I can't even rely on my own family anymore."

He spoke depressed, backing up a few feet from her. He raised his hand to his face, and let it a deep, dragged out sigh. Upon moving his hand from his face he walked slowly over to Miho, and pulled her into the restaurant and to his table with the girl and the deceivingly drunk man beside her.

"Order whatever you want Miho. I got money."

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18 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:29 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
Lilia had pretty much spaced out after he left, only shaking her head to clear her thoughts when he saw some new girl come in with him, tilting her head with an innocent like charm as he offered to pay for her as well. How many people was this guy going to pay for?
Why did she care? It wasn't her money, she should just take what she can get.

She sighed again, deciding she would order her breaded haddock, albeit she was still reluctant to let him pay.
"You're still sure you want to pay for everybody here...?"
Lilia's tone kept a confused vibe, not quite grasping the concept he had in mind.
"I just don't really get why you wanna do that, is all...."
"Say.... Who's that?"

She refrained from pointing at the blue haired girl, knowing it was impolite to do so, especially towards a stranger. Instead, Lilia just motioned her head towards the girl, her eyes fixing themselves on her for a short amount of time, before she moved her body back to it's original position, casting her puzzled gaze onto the man again.

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19 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:49 am

Miho Hanazusaki
Miho's eyes grew wide as Kiki told her all if this and the pain and anger in his voice hurt'ed her a lot. As Miho was about to say something to kiki he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the restaurant and to a table with other people there. *Ki-kiki is with people and paying for there food and......drunks?* At this point she was lost on to why kiki "I just don't really get why you wanna do that, is all.... Say.... Who's that?" She didn't look at the girl an walked up up to kiki and slapped them so hard it was able to be heard all a round them and laving a hand print on the said of his face. Miho's head haging low and her hair covering most of her face mostly the eyes. "I...i don't know if the other two looked.........but i did a few time i tryed the house but one was there i didn't hear anything..... maybe if the other two would have gone they may of heard something. But me i was sold off by th-tha-that that....thing after seeing him KILL!!! MOTHER!!"

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20 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:10 am

Koko Hanazusaki
The cat took her place as usual on the mans lap as he sat down, relaxing for the moment as he turned his attention directly to Lilia, responding to her question of his intentions on continuing his offer. There had been a briefcase underneath his chair, of which he pulled out and cleared off a section on the table. He unlocked it with a key from his pocket, and upon opening the case it showed stacks of currency in blue rubber bands. He shrugged to himself, closing it, locking it, and placing it underneath him.

"I think I have enough."

He spoke, returning his gaze. He pulled a plate of shrimp towards himself, stabbing one with a fork to bring it to his lips. He snatched up the food, a good look of disturbance as Karla never stopped making eye contact with his sister, and as he almost didn't hear the girl ask her second question Karla extended a claw and nicked his leg, getting his attention back as he looked up to the girl once more.

"This woman? Oh, this is my little sis-"

He was going to finish his sentence, but he felt a slap across his face, moving it from a look of disturbance to that of sheer mental pain rather than physical. His face did sting, and he had a red handprint right on his face, the noise catching the attention of everyone around them, or rather the few that stayed or didn't see his little 'magic trick'. He made a small click noise with his mouth, and as if practiced everyone looked away almost instantly. He stabbed another shrimp with his fork, bringing it down for Karla to take and chew on as he sighed heavily, his elbows on the table to hold the sides of his head as he chuckled softly as he heard his sister speak, his chuckle quiet and the only real notification of his laughter was his body moving slightly with each laugh.

"-ter. I always wondered how one wouldn't notice the sounds of screaming, but I guess that's not anyone's problem but mine. And yes, that does sound like what Yoko would do, the complete imbecile of a man. Wouldn't surprise me at all that he'd remove his own wife and rid himself of his daughter, but that's your problem, Miho. Not mine. You wanna get him, get him. If you ask either of the other two I'm sure they'd be likely to assist you. As for me... I am no longer part of your family, nor do I wish to be. So you can either take the small act of kindness and eat, or you can leave."

He spoke in quite the heartless tone, but he prepared himself for something like this day to occur. He had only wished it never came. He rested his hand on Karla's head, brushing the little black cats fur as she purred.

"I mean come on, you can't just come to me and expect me to be sympathetic. She wasn't my mother, nor did she have any interest in me. I was the 'other' child, as you were her pride and joy. I don't think she quite liked me to begin with anyways, never once said anything nice to me, or relatively kind at all. As for your situation, yes it's tragic, but you're a big girl. I think you can handle things quite fine if you can openly slap someone who offered you a meal dead across the face."

He poured himself a shot of whiskey, popping the liquid in his mouth as he placed the shot cup back on the table.

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21 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:07 pm

Lilia Hitashigano
Lilia curled her hand into a fist, placing it to her mouth and turning her head away, closing her eyes as she stiffled a small giggle.
Pain is funny.

Clearing her throat, she re-opened her heterochromatic eyes, fixing her face in, once again, a nonchalant, innocent smile.
"Well.... That was uh.... Surely something, there. Is there.... Nevermind, it's none of my buisiness."
'Plus, I don't think I want to....'
Lilia shifted, growing quite confused at the current scene. It wasn't every day that you saw.... This....

Seeing her Haddock placed on the table, she slowly pulled it towards herself, stabbing her fork into, cutting off a small piece and beggining to chew on it, keeping her eyes fixated on the two.
She hadn't had any siblings growing up, and she had tended to be an anti-social child, so she really had no idea what is was like; But she knew one thing for sure, it wasn't like this.

(I know, it's short. I've really got nothing to go off of, plus I'm not really good at being.... 'Normal'.)

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22 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:49 pm

Miho Hanazusaki
Miho looked at kiki and she dropped her head "'r right sorry kiki." Than out of no where Miho smiled and bummed kiki over to sit down. "Hey kiki is this you're girlfriend?.......Hmmm she looks cute a little youn..........KIKI!?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU GOING OUT WITH KIDS NOW!!!!!!!" Miho than looked at the other girl "Yo-you shouldn't be going out with a grow man you know he could go to jail for this right?.........." "Kiki have you gone more mad this is bad you needed to end this before something bad happens. I'm happy you found someone but she so young. I'm sure if you keep looking you'll find one you're age you really like." As she is saying this some of the works start to look over and see whats going on. One of them asked the other work "What about someone being too young?" the other looks back at her "I.....i don't know."

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23 Re: Through love and hate (Miho, private) on Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:56 am

Koko Hanazusaki
It was as if a switch flipped in his head, the once ice cold hearted man decided he'd have a break from the miserable existence he claimed to have, and took advantage of the moment. He looked to the girl after what Miho said about her, the seemingly off topic yet completely hilarious topic she now decided to go onto was perfect for him, and the girl who giggled at his slap.

"Oh, so it's viewed that way. I... I see, dear sister. You are completely correct."

He spoke, leaving his seat to approach the girl across from him. He took her hand and got down on one knee, putting on the light water works of fake tears. He brought his free hand up to his mouth, looking up to the girl.

"My love, it seems as though our relationship isn't meant to be. She is right, I could go to back to jail."

He lowered his head, allowing a few of his tears to hit the ground as he fake choked back words.

"With that being said, I.... I think we should see other people. I believe it would be in our best interests... And... It may be a little late to say this... but I'm really not sorry. You deserve better, much better than I. It's clear to be that anyone could see the gap in our age is inappropriate. I just hope the minutes I've spent with you were wonderful, as they were to me..."

He chuckled softly, moving back to his seat to lay his head on the table. He held the fit of laughter as his cat looked awkwardly between the three, taking advantage of what was going on to properly flee the scene.

"No Miho, that's not my girlfriend. Honestly I'd be surprised if anyone found interest in me after the disgusting things I've did to human beings. She's just a random person who's dinner I offered to pay for."

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