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Fenrir Sable

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1 Fenrir Sable on Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:38 pm

Name: Fenrir Sable
Age: 18
Birthday: 7/28
Gender: male
Race: Okami Faunus
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Face Claim: No clue who this is

STR:4 (Brawn)
DEF:1 (Defence)
RES:2 (Resistance)
SPT:5 (Spirit)
Aura 250|50 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Sowing chaos, pissing off authority,  quiet
Dislikes: loud people, people abusing their power, people's hive mentality
Fears: people touching his face, failure,  crowds, his past, his power
Overall Personality: Often described as a sociopathic jackass or homicidal sociopath, or even a bag of shattered glass trampled on by a herd of goliath depending on who you ask.  Fenrir hides behind an okami mask and says little if he can help it. Fenrir finds people in general to be uninteresting and stupid, but there have been individuals who managed to earn his respect. His Fears himself and has a habit of holding back in a fight on account of the fact that most of his moves are meant to seriously maim or kill in a short period. He has zero tolerance for anyone who lets themselves wallow in their failures and has a tendency to brutally cut down allies with his words without meaning to. Fenrir has shown to have a less...murderous side to himself, willing to take a hit for an ally if they are vulnerable, he is especially courteous (on the outside) towards women and elderly people. However his eyes scare most around him so he just acts like an asshole.

Aura type: recovery
Aura Color: black/grey/red
Semblance: Glyph: Fenrir can create glyphs and control what happens inside them. As a member of the Sable family assassins,  he has access to glyphs of questionable morality. He prefers Stealth, which creates a space of distorted air that mutes any sound made by the person inside and making them appear like a ghost when seen from the corner of a person's eye but still very visible if looked at directly. He often uses this in combination with a disguise since it works best in areas with poor sight lines and lighting. Almost useless in bright areas or if the person steps on something that makes loud noise over 60 decibels. It has an aura cost of 10 auta per use and maintaining and is easily shattered if the person affected does an action that involves loud sounds (i.e. stepping on a dead branch) or contact with another person (I.e. a Melee attack or even just brushing against someone). After the Glyph is shattered or dispelled,  it takes a few seconds to recast it.
Wind glyph: Fenrir can use wind glyphs to boost his speed over short distances, jump higher than usual, glide and soften landings. He can also use wind glyphs for attack and combine them with dust for devastating effects.
Solid Glyph : a Glyph that can be used to create a platform where one is needed. It is created by a combination of an updraft supporting a platform of highly condensed air. Even though it is called a Solid Glyph, it is unstable and only those experienced in fighting with poor footing can stand on it without falling. Used to get to hard to reach areas or can be tilted to form an impromptu shield and swung like a weapon.  However it's not quite durable and a strong blow can shatter it.

Item 1: dust channeling talon gauntlets named Vengeance and Retribution. Ideal for knife hand strikes and dust attacks. They become 3 rings on his center fingers for both hands and two wristbands on each arm when put in storage mode.
Item 2: 2x vial of fire dust

Born to the Sable family assassin clan head family, Fenrir spent most of his life learning how to strike and kill quickly in a world where anything could kill him. As the youngest of his clan, he was expected to take the worst jobs given out, often low paying, menial, and more than slightly illegal. He became fed up with how his elders took jobs with only money and power in mind and not honor or duty, jobs that he felt were treason again the people of Bellmuse. He finally snapped when the person he loved died at the hands of his family and he was unable to protect her. In the ensuing battle royale, he learned shocking truths about his family and himself that he swore would never see the light of day beyond the walls of the compound. One of his brothers escaped the massacre and left a haunting message for Fenrir, "Bellmuse, has already fallen." He became determined to find out the meaning of the message and if possible, stop whatever was going to happen. To do that, he would need to finish training and so he left for Syne.

His prefered glyphs are Stealth and Wind which he uses in conjunction with his speed and agility to avoid getting injured by enemies. As a wolf faunus he has sensitive hearing and smell and his eyes are black with red vertical slits. This is a Sable family trait that is said to allow the clan to see even in total darkness, but there is no proof of that being the case while it is true that the Sable family assassins have keener vision than most faunus and can process audio/visual information in .07 seconds, another Sable family trait. With the death of the head family, a civil war has broken out among the Sable Clan Assassins leaving an indeterminate amount of people Fenrir still has to kill. His main concern remains to be his brother.

RP Sample:
He dodged the blow, the wind of the blade ruffled his hair, "I knew you wouldn't fall for that trick." Fenrir's face showed nothing behind the mask, "you think you can stop all of us?" His grandfather bellowed. Fenrir cast a Stealth Glyph and sprinted silently across the room and used a knife hand thrust at the old man's spine. His grandfather turned and blocked the attack, followed by a counter punch in the stomach.  Fenrir let out an explosive breath and tried to regain his bearings.  A blow to the head sent him to the ground. He twisted and dodged another attack, using a spin kick on the ground to force his enemy away and he jumped to his feet. With no dust left, he could only use Stealth and Wind glyphs with limited efficiency. That was all he needed, or so he told himself.

Fenrir hated the stares. He knew the scent of blood was almost visible to any of these people who would actually look at him. The mask was askew, partially revealing a demented smile, "The lords of this land are dead. You have nothing to fear now but the grimm." As if to prove his point, a pair of Ursa appeared.  He adjusted his mask and took a fighting stance. A blink later and both creatures lay dying as their life bled out through numerous holes in their bodies. Fenrir snapped his fingers and the corpses disappeared as the grimm died. He took a step and heard a crinkle of paper. It was a pamphlet about Syne Academy. ...He would find others who had honor and seek to join them...This was what his life had to have been missing. He walked down the path. Never looking back.

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2 Re: Fenrir Sable on Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:32 am

Alright, there's a few things to change here.

First, I'd like a link to the image you used for your FC, just post it alongside your "No clue who this is"

Second, you got 2 stats point over, you need a total of 12 and not 14

Third, I need more precision about your Semblance, what are its uses and a short description of them along with the aura cost for each

Fourth, History and RP Sample needs to be in spoilers and the word count hasn't been met for both of them (300 words for History and 150 for RP sample)

Reply a bump when done


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3 Re: Fenrir Sable on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:28 am

Fixed it bump

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4 Re: Fenrir Sable on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:40 pm

Removed dust Glyph since it seems op in retrospect. Removed lance and blast since they're redundant with wind glyphs, ditto blink glyph. Altered nature of Stealth Glyph.

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5 Re: Fenrir Sable on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:30 pm


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