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Lilia Hitashigano, the one with the Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher. [Finished and ready to be approved.]

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Lilia Hitashigano    (Pronounced: LIL-lee-ah Hih-TASH-ee-GAN-noh.)
Age: 19
Birthday: June 27th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5"7
Weight: 117.3 lbs
Face Claim: I cropped the above picture and it won't work here, so just use my avatar as a reference.    -Artist unknown. Except heterochromatic. Left eye is blue and Right eye is brown.

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 200 100 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: -Food.
-Her Gauss Cannon. (She's kind of a weapon nerd.)
Dislikes: -Not feeling happy.
-Inconsiderate jerks.
-Feeling helpess.
-The one thing that she hates the most is when people get her age wrong for the sole reason of her appearence. While she is still 19, she's got absolutely nothing to show for it besides height. Sometimes people even think she's lying about her age....
Sadly, this happens quite often....
Fears: -Swimming in Deep water. Ex: The ocean.
-Spiders and things that look like spiders.
-Pitch black darkness.
Overall Personality: Lilia is what you would describe as nice. She is easy to get along with, she is friendly, and she is adept at slicing monsters. Lilia is kind of timid, and impatient, and basically acts like a child, despite her age. She can be very patient when waiting for the perfect shot, however. In daily life, she is childish, kind of irresponsible, but she is polite. She likes seeing new things, new people, and especially, new weapons.

Now, throw all that out the window. What did you do? You've probably made her mad, good job, you dun goofed.
Lilia is not the most mentally stable individual, and she expresses this by being ABSOLUTELY INSANE.
While she is extremely hard to make angry, when she is, she's basically a psychopath. Extremely mentally unstable, she's like a different person. This isn't triggered by simple combat training, this is when it's the real deal. Some bad person hurt her, and she is going to mess them up. While she doesn't get any stronger, her determination to obliterate the target with a metal spike that exceeds a muzzle velocity of 3km/second increases greatly.

Lilia is very defensive when she is insulted seriously. If somebody gets her mad, (Not psychopath mad, just she's kind of angry mad.) she will not hesitate to deliver a high kick to the face. Lilia is a very flexible person, and she has powerful springy legs, so sometimes she will just kick someone in the skull instead of firing at them.
Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: A mixture of Blue and Brown. Not like mixed colours, some of it is Brown and some of it is Blue, half and half.
Semblance:  Her semblance is easiest described as intense focusing. Basically, she strains her brain and eyes an extreme amount.
Her semblance is actually not the intense focusing, that's just Lilia straining herself.
Her semblance comes in the form of six rings, three for each eye.
The smallest ring goes around her pupil, the middle ring goes around her Iris, and the third ring goes around the Cornea, or rather, the outer edge of her eye.
These rings simply appear out of thin air, forming from smallest to largest, and setting on her eyes in that order.
These rings are Brown and Blue, and they are flourescent.
The three brown rings go on the Blue eye, and three blue rings go on the Brown eye.
These rings seemingly 'lock' into place, as if they are a part of her eye now.
Lilia, once they are locked in to place, can strain her brain and eyes to abnormally high levels, analyzing every little detail, controlling every movement she makes.
To her, it almost seems as if time slows down, but it doesn't, she just processes things at such a rate that it seems as though everything moves slower.
Now, while her brain and eyes process things faster, her body does not move faster or slower. Although it may seem like she does, because since she can analyze everything, every move, every attack, and an extremely fast rate, she can react quicker as well.
She can do this for 1-2 posts. After that, she will begin to have a headache. The headache starts off minor, but that lasts about a second, then it's like she's having a migraine.
This headache wears off in 4-5 posts of not using her semblance, no matter the severeity.
Item 1: A Gauss Cannon.
She likes the Coilgun.
She is accurate with the Gauss Cannon.
She will shoot you with the Coilgun.
Lilia carries around an Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher. Long, sleek, and packs one heck of a punch. She can reload this beauty in a matter of seconds, but it can only hold one spike at a time, meaning she has to reload almost constantly. It is also a mid to long range weapon. While close range can still work as good as anything, having to constantly reload means every shot is crucial.
She carries a holster for it that crosses diagonally down her back. The holster hides the entire weapon.

Gauss Cannon:

(Makes the sound of a Crisis 2 Gauss Rifle, but much louder and more powerful.)

Item 2: Technically armour, although it doesn't add much protection.
Lilia wears specialized gloves that are designed to grip objects such as walls. This adds to her already apparent mobility, and helps her get to vantage points easier.

History and Sample
Lilia wanted to become a Huntress to help people who couldn't help themselves. Her parents are alive and well, and she sometimes goes to visit them. Lilia's backstory is nothing special, really. She's lived a normal life as an only child, she's made plenty of friends in her childhood, and she's always been abnormally adept at shooting. Even her first time to a range went with her missing next to nothing.
Lilia was the kid who'd climb trees. All of the time.
She was the open, outgoing type of child who'd make friends with just about anyone.
She never grew up from that.
She's acted like a child through her life. Always trying her hardest to make friends no matter who or what they are.
Unless they are spiders.
She doesn't like spiders.
Lilia tried her best to keep her friends from the early days, but ultimately, she had to move on.
One day, she decided to come to Syne Academy. Instead of climbing trees and firing at bottles and targets, she could be climbing cliffs and firing at bad things. She wanted to make a difference in the world. While she does keep in mind this difference may not be great, she still wants to make it. 207 words
Due to her rather bland childhood, there are many experiences she has yet to.... Well.... Experience....
She has never experienced loss, large amounts of pain, and she has especially never experienced a relationship. Lilia was always described as being cute.  The cute, innocent, and annoying one.
Innocent, yes, but at some point this word stopped describing her. She snapped, if you will. The cute innocent annoying Lilia turned into the cute psychotic annoying Lilia. She doesn't really know how or why it happened, she just knows it did.
But she doesn't mind, she enjoys it.

And here you are with a grand total of 303 words.
Thank God.
RP Sample:
Lilia was sitting in a chair, casually watching TV, when she heard a very distinct sound.
The sound grew louder, more apparent, more annoying....
It was a fly.
She spotted it, just in time for it to land on her nose.
She muffled a little growl as it crawled around, legs moving in a rhythmic beat.
She was going to kill it.
She stared intensely at the insect, slowly removing her hand from it's comfortable perch on the arm of her seat.
Raising it up, her eyes began to go crossed. Her face was trembling, succumbing to the tickle the fly gave her.
Finally, she struck. Her hand flying at her face.
Alas, it was to no avail. Her efforts were for naught.
She had smacked herself directly in the face, and the fly, being a fly, and dodged it gracefully.
Lilia sighed. Once again the fly had one.
For now....

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Added the things I needed, but I feel like I've forgotten something, so if I have please notify me as to what I need to fix.

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Sending the semblance to Leena to see if I can clarify better.

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Another bump, changed her semblance entirely, although it still serves the same purpose.

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