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The adopted Vanheim arrives (Private)

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1 The adopted Vanheim arrives (Private) on Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:33 am

Yokume Vanheim
Walking, walking, walking. That's all the woman did after she was dropped out of the aircraft, walk, walk until her feet bled. She had no clear goal, she was just aimlessly walking, slightly brain dead in the given moment. She hadn't a single thought in her head, her crystal glitter covered cloak fluttering with the beautiful night air. The area she was walking wasn't as populated, so there was little chance of someone calling in a report of a woman covered head to toe in what could be thought of as glitter. Every time the moonlight struck she looked like a walking disco ball, but she didn't even know she was getting attention if she was.

She found herself stopped now, staring at an ice cream shop, more clearly at someone enjoying said ice cream. The two made eye contact, the person looking away because of Yokume's outfit, face mask, and dead eyes made her look like a killer. She stared at the person for a few minutes, turned, and kept walking, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind her. She had her boots hanging on her back for some reason, so the street tore apart her feet, she walked through a park, the only light being a flickering lamp as the others had burnt out over time.

She walked over to the bench next to the lit lamp, and laid down. She fell fast asleep, still homeless since the day she left her only family long ago. She woke up coughing and pulled off her mouth mask, horrendous and sickly coughing that brought up small traces of blood, and coughed herself to sleep from suffocating herself due to the lack of oxygen, and slept peacefully after putting her mouth mask back on. She awoke herself with a second fit of coughing, sitting up to spit out fluids as she tore off the mouth mask.

The coughing fit brought pain, and with the pain she pulled out a clothe to rub her face clean of dirt. She rested her back against the back of the bench, rubbing her eyes. She stared at the sky for a few moments, tossing the mouth mask back on and laid back down, her quiet coughing being the only noise around as she coughed to sleep again.

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2 Re: The adopted Vanheim arrives (Private) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:14 am

Lloyd Vanheim
It was night right now in Bellmuse and Lloyd was out alone for a little night ride on his bike, Sleipnir. It's been a while since the last time he took it for a ride and since the streets were always almost empty at night in town, he figured that it was the best time to enjoy some time to himself. It wasn't that he needed time alone or wanted to avoid everyone, just that ever since he started dating a pretty blonde named Fleur and with school beginning anew, he didn't had the chance to just chill out by himself doing nothing important, just roaming the streets of Bellmuse.

He wasn't expecting much of the night to be honest, just a basic bike ride, but something did caught his attention when he came across a small park. Looking towards a bench, he saw a glittering mass lied down on it. He parked himself near one of the entrance of the park and stopped his engine before watching the things that was there for a moment, trying to see what it could be in the dark of the night. After a moment he heard coughing coming from the mass before he saw it sat down, revealing to be a young woman when the moonlight was shining on her. She appeared to be in pretty bad shape, coughing a lot and seemingly bleeding. Now witness to this there was no way he would just stand there and do nothing, she needed help and even if all he would end up do is convince her to go to the hospital it would be at least that.

Entering the park through the entrance he was closest to and walking towards the girl, Lloyd tried to appear as harmless as a random stranger with a bionic arm and a trench coat could be, which would be surely as hard as it sounded. Walking with heavy steps so he would be noticed, he talked with a calm voice. "Hey, are you alr- no wait that's a stupid question, you're clearly not looking alright right now..." He had been right with his earlier observation, she was indeed coughing blood and even her feet were covered in it, seemingly from a harsh and long walk. "...look, my bike is right there and you clearly need medical help asap, so let me help you by bringing you to the hospital, alright?" Right now he could hear the voice of Avy telling him that again he was too trusting of a stranger. What if she was some crazy killer that wouldn't hesitate to silence him? He didn't care, someone needed help, so he would be there to do his best.


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

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3 Re: The adopted Vanheim arrives (Private) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:53 am

Yokume Vanheim
Yokume was fast asleep, no dreams of wonder filling the girls head as she wondered what would happen when tomorrow came, if she'd have to fight for food once more, or if she had to sleep underneath a bridge again. The park bench allowed some comfort in place of the ground, but left her wide open. Not that she relatively cares anymore, any further existence was painful and lonely, and with those feelings her dreams turned into nightmares, partially haunting her of the past and the things she'd done to people. Not that she cared about most of them, but there were a few faces she would atleast like to see once more but in her mind they were all deceased.

Her one friend wasn't seen for quite sometime after his marriage, the other..... What was he doing? The sudden footsteps caused the girl to awake from her slumber, reaching into her cloak before she pulled herself up to look at the man before her. Her red eyes made contact with his legs, then his chest, then to his face as she tried to process what exactly was going on. There was talk of taking her somewhere, when she heard the word hospital to she twitched, pulling off her face mask to cough up a pint of blood onto the ground, this time it was a little discolored, being shades of red and green.

She looked up at the man, inhaling heavily and prepared herself to give this man one hell of a toxic retaliation until her brain processed who exactly this man was. She dropped her mask, reaching up ever so slowly to feel his face, as if to absorb the information as her hands felt every inch of his face.

"Do... You know who I am?"

She spoke, inhaling softly as her hands started to shake, and from there her body followed. Mixed feelings overwhelmed the girl. She knew who this man was, but it appeared he wouldn't have remembered her outfit. No, that couldn't be the case, she was the only one who had such an outfit, and she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I'm... sorry."

She spoke, dropping to her knees. She had remembered what she did to the man infront of her, and she brought her face down to his feet, silently crying to herself before choosing to speak again, only with a hint of terror in her voice.

"I'm.. sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

She spoke, repeating the same two words over and over again, getting slightly louder as she apologized, her shaking growing more violently as she coughed up specks of blood onto the ground.

"I won't do it again. I promise I'll be good, I promise I'll endure it the next time even if it kills me. I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you... I didn't want... I didn't want to do that to you. There was so much blood, so much blood... Lloyd I..."

She spoke, choking for a moment on words, blood, and saliva. She just waited silently, not expecting anything more than hate, which from him she deserved it. She didn't move, staying in her position as the wounds on her feet had seemingly vanished during the time she started repenting at the mans feet.

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