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2. Role Playing Rules

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12. Role Playing Rules Empty 2. Role Playing Rules on Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:19 am

Leena Lilac
Role Playing Rules

  • No Godmodding
    You control your character and your character alone. Minor npc's being the exception, such as a waiter at a restaurant. You don't get to tell people what to do. No one likes a bossy person. On the flipside, you aren't Superman either. You can do whatever the heck you want with your character as long as it's balanced. You can't suddenly phase through attacks passively.

  • No Metagaming
    This is a third person limited RP. Your character can't go around reading people's minds or experiencing their memories (Special, harshly graded cases excluded). Any information you get out of character (OOC) cannot be used in character (IC) Unless your character legitimately knows said information.

  • Killing and Death
    Killing is not allowed here without permission form both parties, with the exception of a few special NPC's somewhere down the line, in which case permission is implied upon entry to the topic. If both parties have agreed, it needs to say so in the topic title (recommended) and/or an OOC note in the first post. There is a rule to this though. These topics cannot exist on campus. I'm fine if you wanna fight in the school, but I can do without a dead body on my floors.

    Any character that dies will have the account locked for an indefinite period of time (event revival is possible), and I will make a graveyard topic for characters to be forever immortalized.

  • Face Claims
    Any face is fine to claim as long as it's not a RWBY character, or a person that exists in real life. If you go inactive for 6 months (no RP posts), your face is no longer Claimed and can be claimed by another player looking to claim your face. Upon your return, Your face is now unclaimed, and you will have to claim a new face  before continuing RP

  • Alternate Accounts
    I know how it is to want more than one character. If you have an idea for a new character and you want to make an alt, I have no reason or desire to stop you. More students for me, right? Of course, there is always a line that needs not be crossed. I will step in if you make too many alts without keeping them active. Kinda like a bartender. If you cannot keep up with your characters,  you can always go to the Character adoptions section in resources and post an app there.

  • Revamping
    If you would like to Revamp or recreate your characters, all you need to do is make a new application on the account you would like to redo. We in staff will assume It is a revamp and act accordingly. Just know that you will lose all progress including Lien and EXP.

  • Topics and Posts
    I won't put too much of a limit here, so I think a maximum of 5 Topics sounds fair. I mean, do you really need (or want, for that matter) 435 topics? I'm also gonna ask that each post be at least 150 words. One liners are lazy and dull. At least pretend to try to make an effort. Topic Avatars should be no more than 150px by 150px, and should match your character's face claim as closely as possible. When posting with a buddy or two, don't double post and follow post order. Post order is the order in which players join the topic. it must be followed throughout the topic. YOU MAY NOT SKIP prior to three days after the previous person's turn. THIS INCLUDES NEWCOMERS TO THE TOPIC. If person A and B have been posting, person C who wants to join the topic may not post until after person B. The order is not ACB, its ABC. If you are skipped while being attacked, you take full damage on your next post, unable to do anything about the incoming offense.

    For Class, team, and Site event topics ONLY, there will be a much lenient post order, as these are the topics meant to have lots of people. You may post at any time you want as long as there is at least one person for topics with 4 or less people between each person's post. Example: Persons A,B,C,D have posted. A,B, or C may now post whenever they want. If person C wants to post right now they can. The same goes with topics of 5 or more people, but there must be TWO people between any given person's post. If you have any questions, contact staff.

    Do note while on academy grounds you are under the watchful eye of the school’s head of security. Breaking the law on school grounds may draw him forth, however if you encounter grimm on the grounds and are losing he will step in to aid you. Any illegal activities on his grounds may result in expulsion, a fine or potential jail time IC. He can also be contacted though outside school grounds he has less power.

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