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Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed)

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1 Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:23 pm

Legs crossed before her, head high and weapon in hand Madam Haze stood within an empty training hall. Dressed not in her usual form fitting attire, but in her recently fashioned combat clothing. A sight of both surprise and intimidation to any student who saw her. Long suit trousers, purple wrappings and some strange form of sports bra with a neck. Her heels were much the same though, of course.

She polished the head of her golden scepter, it's massive weight had become light as a feather in her grasp. She supposed that was natural, for the objects in a Goddess possession to perform their best and beg her praise, just as she was certain her new students would. Though she would not praise it, just as she would not praise them. For she knew she should expect such things, they were meant to happen. Not rare instances but common place, like finding the postman had delivered your mail. Or finding your fingernails had grown.

She let out a deep sigh, swinging her mighty mace once in an upward backhand motion; as if to break an opponent's jaw, before bringing it down as if to crack into their shoulders and pull them toward her as they reeled. She stepped into the motion, left fist brought forward for a well placed kidney punch. The thought of which made her eyes shine in all their red glory. It had been so long since she put someone in their place.

Spinning the weapon before lowering it to her side, in all it's polished golden glory, it was time. Her students were supposed to arrive any moment now.

Against the far wall five training dummies were lined, large foam plastic torsos with with blank faces attached to the ground by a strong bar. The floor was hard and smooth, lines on it denoting a training area five meters from the dummies. The training area was fifteen meters in length but only ten wide. Madam Haze stood in the center, her eyes on the door.


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2 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:13 pm

Rai strolled throughout the vast halls of Syne, still not used to the sheer... well, SIZE of the entire complex. This building is even larger than the palace at home! He thought to himself, as he kept on moving through the building. However, he was not here to sight see; what Rai was really looking for, was an available training room. This institution was meant to train Hunters and Huntresses, yes? Then, he would be able to be trained by many experienced warriors, many of which who fought the Grimm on a daily basis, and be finally capable of proving himself to be worthy of the name, "Qing Long".

"Hmm? What is this?" Rai gave a look at a notice stapled on one of the many hallways. "Leave Your Honour At the Door: Hosted by Madam Haze? A training lesson?" He put a bit of thought into his choice, absentmindedly rubbing the scar bridging his nose. This was going to be his very first training class, and he couldn't help but be slightly nervous. What if his combat ability wasn't enough? What if the teacher hated him from the start? Rai's head started to fill itself with different thoughts, before he forced himself to stop. His Sensei had always told him to 'face problems head-on, and improvise if there was no plan', a lesson which saved his life many different times in the past. Even if it meant putting aside his 'samurai's code'. Then, he decided.

For this one time only, Rai Qing Long would have to discard his warrior's code, and bathe himself in the heat of battle once more. If this is how they taught students in Syne, then he would only have to get used to it. For now, he would have to learn how to fight, without any honor.

Even as he told himself this, Rai could only feel dread for what he would have to do...

After changing into his combat attire, Rai stood in front of the door. He adjusted the tachi on his back, before taking a deep breath in order to calm himself.

It wouldn't do if his aura activated, just because he was panicked at attending his first Combat class. It would be rather embarrassing if he showed up in class, with his aura already active. With his determination steeled, Rai opened the door.

...upon looking at the teacher, Rai knew that she was well versed in combat. Actually, no... she actually knows to to fight, and how to kill humans... He muttered to himself,  already wary at the person in front of him. He hastily extinguished the flicker of Aura on his right arm. He could not lose control, he had to remain confident in his own skills. And with that, he walked into the room, not giving a flinch at the look she was giving him.

"Excuse me, are you Teacher Haze?" Rai couldn't help but notice that his left hand was trembling at the look she was giving him. "My name is Rai Qing Long, where should I wait until class starts?"

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3 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:44 pm

Arcen may have been devoid of most of her feelings, but boredom was not included in this list. She was quite bored, walking down these halls, not even stopping to admire the sheer size of it.
She lifted her right hand up to her right eye, pressing it against her face as she felt a bit of pain shoot through her sourced from there.
'I need something to do, I'm getting really bored here.... Hm.... Who's that guy up ahead, what's he looking at?'
She stared at the man as he walked off, and later came back in different clothes. Arcen ignored the multiple people trying to give her a greeting, being one of the more recent people here, and certainly one of the coldest.

Making her way over to what the man had been looking at, she felt a slight tingle of excitement for once.
'Training session?'
Peering into the room, she saw training dummies.
That was all she had needed to see.

Arcen got herself dressed into her combat attire, as well as putting on her combat prosthetics.
She wore a short sleeved T shirt looking dress. It was form fitting, no wrinkles, and quite tight. No resistance, maximum effeciency.
The bottom half of her dress sprouted out into a sturdy 'combat skirt'. The top of the dress was a jet black while the skirt was snow white, like her hair.
As usual, she wore a single white legging on her left leg, and a sleek black shoe, while her prosthetic right leg had nothing to cover it, save for the skirt.
She kept her gauntlets up in the 'ring' shape for now, but was very excited to use them for the first time here.

Arcen felt very strange. She was.... Happy? Excited? Maybe this was the turning point for her, maybe she could finally filter back into society, feel happy, make friends, instead of just shutting everyone out and thinking about the fact that she could die at any single moment.

Upon entering the room, her ears twitching around, noticing the man from earlier. Well duh, of course he was in here. He asked if she was 'Teacher Haze'. Arcen hadn't read anything other than 'Training', and she honestly did not care who or what the Teacher was like in the slightest. The man introduced himself, but Arcen decided she would allow the Teacher to ask her what her name was.

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4 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:00 am

Red eyes glinted and brows flexed, who did this infant think he was talking to?

"You will refer to me as Madam Haze and nothing less, do you understand?" She was taller than this one, as she was most her students. Even without her heels she would be, he lacked even her base physical potential. How pitiful. She also noted his shaky disposition and so, "If you're going to come into my class and misname me, you better have some skill to back your arrogance up. Even if all skill pales in comparison to my own."

She scanned the second student from the corner of her eye as she reached down, looking through her handbag. Mechanical parts in hopes of matching the Goddess? How tedious. Even a body crafted from gold and diamonds could not match her in brilliance nor spectacle. Besides that however the girl did look... somewhat off, though anyone in the presence of the goddess would feel inferior such that their actual imperfections shine through all the more. She wouldn't ask the girl's name because frankly, she didn't care about these insects' names. She had already forgotten that of the boy.

She drew forth a long cigar and a single crystal of fire dust, golden mace in her other hand. Placing the tobacco stick in her mouth she ran the crystal against it's end, the tip lighting bright and orange. She pointed with her mace toward the dummies, expecting them to know what to do without need of vocal command.

These dummies had been expertly designed by an Atlas scientist, such that after being injured they would regenerate. If a sword's slice were to cut down one's chest in a matter of minutes the flesh which had been split would totally reconnect. If you were to take it's head off by placing it back atop the neck the two would once more combine. Blows from blunt instruments would leave dents upon strong impacts, though they two would pop back out in a matter of time.

She removed the cigar from her mouth with a blow of white smoke, "This is of course simply to warm up, I can't have either of you getting cramps and blaming them for your losses. Try not to disappoint me." She returned the cigar to her lips, strutting toward the dummies' far side so as to get ample view of the two's practice. That way she could see just how far beyond saving they were.

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5 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:57 pm

Fenrir walked into the room,  he cursed himself for being distracted by his little stroll through the girls dorm, an action born of a habitual need to know the area. He saw a tall, unnaturally beautiful woman standing over that guy from one of his other classes and a cyber-fox-girl...which as he looked closer seemed a bit off.... He shrugged and walked over, taking his place next to the girl. He was easily the shortest of the group, but given the training he had received since he could walk, Fenrir didn't care all that much even though it made it a bit hard to focus on faces when other things were right at eye level. With "Madame Haze" the situation was ridiculous.  He  bowed slightly to Madam Haze, "I hope I am not too late for training." He glanced at her ample chest and then up at her face. it's not like he had anything better to do at the moment and nothing said time best spent than some sparring with a person with a god complex.

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6 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:05 pm

The sign was slightly intimidating...Amarante looked inside and saw a group had already formed, including Rai and that scary guy from one of her classes...She walked in, hands over her chest and stood slightly behind Rai off to the side. "Wh-what's going on...on in here?" The person she assumed was Madam Haze was stunning. Her body seemed to be in perfect proportion and she was toned but in an angelic way. Amarante looked at her own breast, wishing it wasn't so big. She hoped that they wouldn't get in the way of whatever was going to happen since the whole point of coming to Syne was to stick it the jerks back home. She pulled Hope from her sleeve and clutched it with both hands as she waited.

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7 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:40 pm

Ezuma walked past the door of the training hall and saw the sheer number of people that had gathered for combat training thus far. It was more than she had anticipated, not to mention what she was hoping for. Maybe some more one-on-one time than this, but soon the found that possibility non-feasible considering the sheer size of the school and the more minor number of specialized staff that the school had. She counted 4 students and 5 dummies, so if she wanted to take part in any of this, she had to move now.

The gentle hum of her suit soon made her plaintively aware that she herself did, in fact, exist. She took cover behind the door frame and gently exhaled. She didn't come here to be some submissive little marm that never makes herself known, so she needed to make at least some form of progress for herself. She took a deep breath, hopeful that she could simple breathe all of her troubles away, and stepped into the hall with as much grace and confidence that she could muster, desperately praying that she didn't trip.

Her heart pounded, and she could swear that it was audible to everyone. Clack clack clack. The bottoms of her KESS quietly made themselves apparent. Ezuma soon found herself in a predicament that only she could come up with.

'Oh gods, I'm so tall. I'm 6'3 on my own and easily 6'6 in my KESS. There's no way that I'm gonna get through today without being noticed. That's so much pressure....'

She passed everyone and found a place opposite to an open dummy, taking reference of all of them. 2 guys, a human and a faunus. The human was almost as tall as she was, so she breathed a bit of relief. Then there were 2 other girls there, both faunus. The one girl appeared to use a lot of mechanical parts and the like, she wondered if the girl felt could tell that she was wearing her KESS out of necessity as well. Then, the teacher was across the hall, but Ez tried to avoid eye contact with her, because she just gave off a bad vibe. An eerie silence seemed to hang, so Ezuma decided that it was her duty to break it. She gently placed her hands together and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Um, hello." She gave her greetings forcedly but not loudly and quickly about-faced toward her dummy.

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8 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:17 am

Fenrir caught the silent "hello" from the newcomer. She seemed self conscious and if he had emotions, he'd probably have thought of her as cute...The exoskeleton seemed a bit excessive to him and slightly under armored. He flicked his dark eyes towards her and smirkes, "could you not mumble? The human over there didn't hear you." He had to get his jackass points in after a day of being sickeningly polite to people he hadn't sparred with and couldn't determine if they were worth his respect...God that made so sick...He twitched the muscles in his arms and hands imperceptibly and his gauntlets formed. He reached for a vial of dust, and then considered that since he hadn't started making money, wasting the dust in training would be stupid. He shifted his weight and leaned closer towards the robot girl, "you're tense, loosen up your muscles or you'll hurt yourself badly, and I mean months in rehab bad." He grinned again, "not that I wouldn't mind seeing you out of your crutch." There were perks to being short. And he intended to take full advantage and score more jackass points.

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9 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:03 am

Rai could admit this much, this teacher knew how to push all of the right buttons to make him mad. He clenched his fists, the dragon already starting to respond to his emotional state, flickers of it's form now starting to form around him. This teacher, while ignorant of his past, had unwillingly insulted Meng Zhang, the very man who passed of his skills down to him!

He gave his teacher a momentary glare, his eyes steeled with a cold determination. His anger had already clouded his mind, the battle rage in his system starting to make his body more reactant to his instincts. If he had any thoughts of staying calm, those thoughts were immediately thrown out the window. While he could tolerate getting insulted, NO ONE insulted his late teacher, even if they had no previous knowledge about him.

Drawing his odachi, Rai started to make his way towards a training dummy, fully intent on letting it absorb all of his negative emotions.

With a roar, he struck the dummy with a right sweeping slash, taking away its movement. Then, he turned his body around, bringing the odachi through the dummy's 'guts', before turning one more time, allowing his blade to sever the dummy's head from it's shoulders.

"?!" Rai looked on in disbelief as the dummy regenerated, the cuts slowly sealing themselves away, while it's lost head stayed reattached. He gave a blink, his confusion overtaking his now dwindled anger.

A training dummy that could regenerate? How... interesting. Now, what if he tried this...

Rai walked over to the severed head, before sticking it near the area where the neck would have been located. It reattached, the entire dummy looking as it did, the exact same way it did before. Then, in one fluid move, Rai flashed his blade in a flurry of cuts, each one targeting specific tendons in the dummy's arms and legs.

Flexor Carpi Radialis, Triceps, Teres Minor,  Opponens pollicis...

Each blow would restrict the foe's movement little by little, until their own body would no longer respond properly to any action. Eventually, he started to move towards more fatal areas.

Jugular, Aorta, Carotid , Femoral Artery...

With each slash, more blood would be lost from the opponent, until they dropped dead from exhaustion...

Rai then swung his sword again, this time, utilizing his Semblance to boost his Strength momentarily, allowing his blade to force it's way through, above the hip bone. With a sickening pop, the artificial 'spine' of the dummy was severed, and the sword passed unimpeded through the rest of the body. He then lashed out with a roundhouse kick on it's torso, allowing the freshly severed upper body of the dummy to fly away from the lower half.

Rai gave a few deep breaths, before closing his eyes. This... was just exactly how he had fought... when he was still used as a 'weapon'. And he absolutely abhorred it.

[Action Taken: Rai Qing Long utilizes his Semblance to raise his STR stat by +2 for one post. -10 Aura]

HP: 170/170

Aura: 120/130

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10 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:00 am

Haze could feel her forked tong lashing around her mouth at the show of utter ignorance and disrespect on the part of the new students. Who did they think they were, pitiful children. Unfit to grace her presence, let alone speak in it. "If the remaining four of you don't begin working the dummies now, you'll be doing it blinded with purple lungs. Is that understood?" Red eyes glinted, she stood above all of them; looking down on them like a mighty grimm herself.

One student in particular was ticking her off, the short man who had made some kind of halfhearted bow to her. Thinking he had any control here, how stupid of him. Pitiful, ignorant, arrogant child. He would have to serve as an example. Cloaked within a puff of smoke, she slipped her own purple brand of gaseous venom within the white smoke. She stepped forward, breathing the venomous gas down on him. Even if he didn't breath willingly the skill of the Goddess would force the purple smoke up his nose.

With that done she smirked her snake's smile, cruel and intimidating. "If you have time to talk you're obviously not working hard enough, it doesn't look like you've even started on your dummy. How tedious. I'm not here to coddle bratty children like you, I'm here to force even the slightest part of my unending majesty into you. I don't care how much I have to hurt each and every one of you to do that."

She stepped passed him, not giving even the slightest of seconds to allow rebut on this part. Though, to be fair even if she had, he'd be in no real state to talk. She noted the girl's exoskeleton. While it would certainly never allow her to catch up with the goddess, she reckoned it should at least put her on a level with the other students. She would look to the shy pink haired one and the girl with metal limbs next, frowning an intimidating glare if they had not begun to work their dummies.

She then came to the boy at the end, who had given his name before. He seemed more than a little surprised that the dummy had reformed after his initial slashes. "Can you not imagine how expensive it would be to buy dummies for a combat school? Of course they got better grade ones, they should keep for a few months at least. Perhaps longer with slashes like those."

She found herself at the far end of the dummy line up, staring down it so as to watch the students as they warmed up.

Hp 200 Aura 90 Haze has a tier two weapon and tier one dust.

Twenty potential unresisted damage to Fenir. No roll for poison this time as it was a small dose to shock your systems.

Also Armante, Admin note, remember the 150 words minimum you fall a bit short in this post.

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11 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:27 am

Amarante looked nervously at the training dummy. It seemed to just be a piece of alloy but it clearly more than the eye revealed. She pulled Mercy from her sleeve and flicked both fans open as she ran at the target and then in a series of dance like moves, cut its arms off. She smiled at her accomplishment until she realized that the arms had reattached. She tried a slower move that would leave the blades to block any regrowth as she folded her other fan and stabbed the dummy on the shoulder joint. On a person or a grimm, that would have been stupid on account of the fact that she had little strength compared to literally everyone else in school, but for this, it seemed ok. She made a flicking motion intended to send the arm away, but found that it had regenerated between the blades. A brief moment of panic was followed by a Glyph burst...Her healing glyph inversion coming out unbidden and launched the dummy away from her...or more accurately, sent her flying across the room since she was *much* lighter than her inanimate foe. She cast a shielding glyph around herself and diffused the impact as she landed, "hmph! Stupid piece of junk." She muttered under her breath risking a glare at the teacher, "evil witch over there has small boobs too" She added slightly louder without realizing it.

Glyph: Inverted healing (damage) -10 aura
Glyph: shielding -10 aura

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12 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:57 pm

Fenrir walked under the haze nonchalantly, silly woman he thought to himself. Between their size difference and his reflexes, the attack missed him by a good six or seven inches. He held his right hand out to the side and started weaving glyphs on Vengeance. First was the speed impact boost glyph, since his attacks were based on how fast he could move this was one of the first things he learned to even the battlefield. the symbols wove around his arm like bright red calligraphy and then faded to a dull grey. It was a bit of a showoff trick, but he wasn't on a job so it really didn't matter. He followed up by weaving a solid glyph and then mixed it with a wind glyph to create a Wind Cannon. Fenrir tilted it just slightly and then launched himself into the air. He flipped over and planted his feet on the ceiling and leaned in a way to aim his body at the training dummy, "what do I get for breaking that sucker Miz Haze?" he created another Wind Cannon and blasted at full speed straight down onto the target, Vengeance leading. Fenrir reached out with every sense he had and felt every shift in the air, saw the flow and eddy of the air conditioning and how it would alter his trajectory even in the slightest. He knew exactly when the AC unit kicked on and created a current that would reduce the force of his impact by a fraction. Shifting his body at the last second, he hit the training dummy with enough that had it been a person, they would've been a bloody smear in the epicenter of a crater...well, the smashed body parts were scattered about in the crater...I may have gone a bit overboard.... he twitched his muscles and the gauntlets retracted, "So I need all the body parts to put this back together?" He heard a cry and looked over at the fox girl looking like she had been ragdolled across the one of actual learning and this was definitely the fun class.

Wind Glyph-Augmentation-Speed Impact boost: +2 STR -10 AP
Solid Glyph+Wind Glyph-Wind Cannon: 2x -40 AP
Knifehand Jab

Aura: Recovery +5 AP

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13 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:06 pm

Ezuma stood as the past events ensued. Thus far she had seen a girl get knocked off of her feet by a training dummy, heard herself and several others get mocked by some moron who was hardly worth the time of day, and the teacher was just completely insufferable. She turned her head and looked at the door she had entered through. She could just leave. She could leave and never be back here with any of these people ever again.

It was in that moment that 2 things happened. She looked back at the dummies and saw Rai cutting up his target.

'He's taking this really seriously, oh my gosh! How is he that serious about this?' In that moment it struck her that she was here for a reason, just as many of these people were. The other thing was the gentle hum of her KESS reminding her of who she was and why she herself was here.

She raised her arm and glared at the dummy. She would have to be extremely careful about not hurting anyone in proximity to her or her target. The equations were flying past her vision as she typed into the targeting matrix and finally activated her armaments. The pack on her back split popped open and released a pair of warheads that hissed into the air toward the other end of the hall.

"Danger close!" This was the only warning that her classmates were afforded as her rockets careened toward her target. Shortly before they got there, they split into about 7 smaller warheads apiece and finally reached their destination. They boomed and crackled as the splinters and debris flew about, leaving behind a pile of trash and the faded shadow of the dummy that once was.

Ezuma nodded with approval at the result and began to toy with her matrix once more, smiling a solemn smile as she did so. Where some fought with skill and brute force, Ezuma fought with brains and overwhelming military ordinance.

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14 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:55 pm

Before she even bothered with the dummy, she watched everybody else's approach to it.

First off was the guy from earlier, the first one to enter the classroom. He walked up to the target and struck it with his sword, and watched in disbelief as it regenerated.
So it was a self regenerating dummy. That was new. Arcen quite liked the idea of something she could attack without the fear of breaking it and ruining all of the fun.
So now the man started striking rapidly but precisely, striking essential parts of the body to disable the opponent altogether. He then took his blade and sliced it through the artificial spine of the dummy, severed it into two pieces, and delivered a devastating roundhouse kick, knocking the top half quite a distance away.
Arcen took note that he was quite powerful, almost as if he himself was a weapon.

Next was some other Faunus girl, presumably a fox like herself. She ran up to the dummy, performing an elegant series of dance like motions with two blade like fans. This battle strategy was quite similar to how Arcen preffered to fight.
Arcen was decently impressed, until this girl also discovered the dummy self regenerated. It all just went downhill from there.
She did slower moves, seemingly trying to cut off any regrowth, but instead, it grew back around her fans. The girl was seemingly freaked out by this, panicking, and using what looked like some form of glyph, which sent her flying backwards across the room.
On to the next one, she supposed.

A different man had walked in, taking his place beside her. She took absolutely no note of this, nor did she honestly care. He'd had some ordeal with the teacher earlier, who she also did not care about.
He practically destroyed the dummy, and also made quite the large crater.

And finally, Arcen had noticed quite the tall girl come in, being made even taller by a big metal exosuit. Not something she saw everyday, she must admit.
Arcen assumed it was for power purposes only, but she did question why she was in it this whole time. Maybe she needed it or something? She didn't know.
This girl typed some things into a screen of some sort, and a pack on her back split apart, simultaneously revealing and releasing a pair of.... Warheads? Really?
Arcen watched as the dummy was literally eviscerated by the explosions. If she had any emotions left she might have found that surprising. But no, instead, she just stared blankly at it.
Note: Do not get the girl in the exosuit mad.

Out of the corner of her left eye, -the only one that actually worked-, she saw the teacher glaring at her. What, did she not know to observe the competition before competing herself? Well, judging by her actions and her posture in general, she looked quite stuck up and self centered individual.
Well whatever, not like it mattered.
Now, it was Arcen's turn. If there was a way she could disable this dummies ability to regenerate without utterly obliterating it, Arcen would be the one to find it.

Arcen took a step forward, a small halfhearted grin forming on her face as she stalked towards the dummy. About half of the distance there, Arcen raised her arms up into a fighting stance, almost making a triangle with her forearms before throwing them back down to their original positions, feeling the tingly cold metal sensation that was her gauntlets creeping down her arms, before stopping at her wrists; All without breaking stride.
Making her way up to the dummy, Arcen took her right hand back, driving it forward into a semi decent punch to the middle of it's chest. Although it looked powerful, that wasn't the point.

She held her hand there, looking down at it, and looking back to to the dummy's 'face', the small grin on her mouth growing even larger in size, and especially growing in how disturbing it was.
With a small flick of her right wrist, four foot long claws shot out from their metal restraints, completely impaling the dummy. She then twisted her hand so that her palm was facing up, and then proceeding on to drag her hand up through the dummy, before allowing it to rocket out of the top and through the head of it.
Just like she had expected, it regenerated.
Unsheathing her other claws, she began to go to work.

Arcen began performing a beautiful series of elegant and well placed strikes and slashes, draggin her claws across every single square inch of the dummy. She swiftly slashed at the dummie's throat, weakening it, before bending her body nearly to 90 degrees away from it, balancing on her left leg while she lifted up her right one.
Arcen heard the satisfying whir of powerful hydraulics as she curled her leg up into her body, before allowing it to rocket forward, completely severing the dummies head from the rest of it's body.

She wasn't quite satisfied with this yet, and a sick idea came into her mind as she watched a fly land on where the dummies head would be.
Arcen allowed herself to begin glowing, that same evil grin growing even larger.
She lifted her right hand up once more, sheathing both her claws as she curled up her hand into a fist, extending her index finger out in a pointing motion, and pushing out her arm to poke the dummy directly in the chest.

Arcen watched in satisfaction as the distorted ocean blue bubble expanded rapidly, sending the dummy flying away at a speed of 80+ kilometers per hour.
Realising her quite blaitantly obvious mistake, she looked to either side of her. The bubble expanded out rapidly five meters in every direction....
And a few of her fellow students were within that distance....
At least the dummies were a good two meters or so apart.

Her grin faded, reverting back to the normal expressionless and dead face she always had. Arcen stared to either side of her, tilting her head while her ears twitched back and forth, side to side, right and left, surveying the damage she kind of hoped she didn't cause. Sure, she found it very entertaining that she had probably just sent everybody into a wall, but she didn't really feel like not expressing emotion towards the teacher yelling at her. Too much work.

Action: Arcen uses her semblance to fling the dummy across the room.: -10 Aura.

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15 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:17 pm

She watched as everyone else made short work of their dummies. Amarante fought back years as she got to her knees. Stupid, useless, weak. I can't fight like them I'm nothing more than a pretty ornament. the words repeated in her head as she watched the others. She looked at Madam Haze and could feel the condescending attitude ooze from every pore of her being. Amarante let he aura flow again, her tails forming as she did. She stroked them as she gave in and silently cried. She looked at the others, leagues ahead of anything she could ever hope to do. Even the other fox girl was an entire class above her, having killed the dummy like it was nothing. And the scary wolf man had cast glyphs so easily he may as well have just been breathing.

She stood up and glared at the vile creation that had bested her. She felt cold every other time her power got out of hand, "Oh, no no no no." A glyph appeared in front of her and several lances of pink light shot out and struck the dummy in the chest. She watched in horror as it shattered and the light faded. Amarante sank to the floor, terrified and exhausted.

Actions: 2x Dust Glyph: (aura lance)- 40

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16 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:00 am

Fenrir looked at the girls, "that... what just.... how... what...WHAT?" He eye balled the robot girl who'd almost blown him up and the pink fox girl who clearly had no f-king clue how to use her power. Between the three of them, the psycho who decapitated and then launched everyone away seemed to have the most control over herself. If he was capable of live, he'd probably choose the her despite her problems...or maybe because of her problems he felt, not drawn, that didn't seem like the right word. Anyway, he shook his head and then whistled nonchalantly as he picked up body parts and suddenly smiled as he picked up a head and started in an accent,  "It's just a flesh wound."
"Sorry mate, you've got no body."
"Lies! Lies I tell ye!"
Well if you have a body, then why am I holding your head?"
"Reattach it or I'll chew your legs off you yellow bastard!"
"Bollocks, you couldn't handle untrained girls.  What the bloody hell makes you think you can take me?"
"Put my body back together and I'll show you!"

Fenrir collected body parts of the destroyed training dummies and assembled one big dummy.  He took the fingers from one hand and made a frowning face on it's head as he placed the legs on. He took another leg and stuck it between the other two pointed up, "see mate? I always knew you where a prick."
"Oy, real mature ye little jackanape."
"It looks good on ya, betcha you'll get the ladies."
"How's about I kill you?"
At this point Fenrir threw his hands in the air, "just trying to help a bloke." He looked around, making sure he wasn't about to get shot, stabbed, or blown up again.

Aura recovery: +5 AP

OOC: I just noticed Rante has silver eyes.

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17 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:28 am

The Goddess took a good two steps backward as the white haired girl's semblance launched things in a radius close to her far, fortunately finding she had already been almost, if not already, out of it's range. She was out of it before any of the objects or the force could hit her.

She brought a hand to her forehead. This class... she wasn't sure a single one of the students were adequately warmed up. It was almost as though they wanted to pull muscle after muscle, destroy their bodies. She sighed deeply, the only students to perform well were the partially metal faunus and the sword wielding boy. They had at least struck the dummies multiple times to get their pulse up.

The pink haired girl had started strong, but then proceeded to abuse her semblance and utterly fail. She destroyed the dummy, sure, but that wasn't the point of the exercise. Most all of that philosophy applied to the faunus boy, yes he had destroyed the dummy but not only had he not been warmed up but he had insulted her and done it in a manor which would have left him incredibly open to counter attack. Making noise, obvious jumping, calling out when he hit the ceiling. What a mess.

The girl in the exosuit was... a strange situation. In one hand she had shown her combat style, efficient and quick, she also had failed to warm up. But the Goddess wasn't certain that with her strange outer skeleton she had to warm up. It all depended if the suit was supposed to aid her body's movement or totally replace it.

"If you plan to continue this nonsense just leave my class. Now. most all of you have failed to warm up. You've pointlessly abused your semblance on traingin dummies supposed to be used as a mere starter-

Taking one look at the amalgamate the faunus boy was making Haze flicked the fire dust crystal she had used to light her cigar with, releasing it. As soon as it left her the crystal expanded into an almost meteor like fire ball, striking the dummy pile and setting it ablaze, causing the fleshy material they were made from to start to melt. Upon collision there was indeed a small explosion, only large enough to potentially burn the idiotic boy who had attempted to construct this abomination during her class time.

"I told you already. If you're talking you're not working hard enough, you will refer to me as Madam Haze and nothing less. Any more digressions and I will throw you out of my class, a Goddess lacks the time to deal with pitiful mortals who can't follow simple orders." The Goddess warned the boy directly.

"Now, as a majority of the class has failed to warm up you are each going to drop and do fifty push ups, for every word you say during this exercise you will do ten more. When you have completed this task you will silently meet me in the arena center for further tutelage." And with that the Goddess turned, making her way toward the center of the arena center. Twirling her mace and bag over her shoulder as she went. Keeping her senses open to any rule breaking behind her.

Haze does 25 spt based damage with her dust to any in range of the burning blast.

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18 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:39 pm

Fenrir laughed maniacally as he brushed the dust from the explosion off himself, "that hurt...a little like a kitten bite." His low resistance had made the attack barely survivable. He Channeled his aura to healing the cuts and then dropped and did fifty. He then waxed eloquently about what he thought of the so called goddess in a way that made mere maidens blush and faint and even the most foul mouthed scumbag would blanch at the words he chose. He dropped and did fifty left handed pushups, followed by fifty right handed pushups and then he did several hundred pushups with his feet elevated alternating between left and right hands. After finishing that, Fenrir walked to the center and bounced on the balls of his feet, waiting. He smirked as he did calculated his classmates and teacher. Haze was pretty straight forward,  a spoiled child who had no control over herself.  Arecen was a bit tougher to figure,  she was strong but it seemed like she was inhibited in her mind more than her body. Emma clearly had no idea how to fight just like Amarante...Rai, on the other hand, would be problematic if he had to duel him. The swordsman had reach and knew how to use his weapon...

- 20 Hp
Aura heal: +20 Hp -20 ap

Aura recovery: + 5 AP

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19 Re: Leave Your Honour At The Door (Closed) on Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:26 am



I'm sorry Fenrir but I have to void this post on a couple of grounds. First is that it does not meet the required minimum word count. Also, you haven't even mentioned the fire ball which flew toward your dummy amalgamation, nor the explosion which emanated from it. This is despite it even being mentioned that you were in range of being burned you have not mentioned being hit with the flames or dodging or otherwise.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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