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Umierajúci Slnka

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1 Umierajúci Slnka on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:32 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Umierajúci Slnka (Dying sun)
Nickname: Umi, Sunny, Era, Miera
Age: 24
Birthday: 1/ 16
Gender: Female
Race: Bear Faunes, she has little blonde ears and longer, more dense nails on her hands and feet
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 195lbs
Face Claim: Aiz Wallenstein

STR: 4
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 100| 200 HP

Major: Medical
Warm food of any manner
Warm drinks of any manner
Helping people
Protecting things
Leg irons
New masters
Dying while protecting someone

Overall Personality: Umi is a very quiet person, as she has not perfected the English language she feels mentally belittled when she speaks it. She prefers to keep quiet anyways as any outspoken nature usually got her beat. She tries her best for anyone who shows kindness for her, willing to lay down her life for them, but only if she finds them worth while due to the years of broken and abused trust. She can be quite affectionate whenever, she can be very aggressive when the need arises, but if she can touch you or hold onto an article of your clothing she would do so at any time. She craves attention and praise from her owners family, often going out of her way just to earn the smallest amount of praise.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Vicious Frost: Vicious frost is a versatile semblance in the means of going on the offensive or going on the defensive, upon using her aura she can cast a bubble to form a shield around herself or someone of her choosing, and if she casts the bubble on someone else she can make it to where the bubble will block oncoming damage by popping and exploding. Upon popping the bubble it sends a blast channeled outwards or inwards depending on her choice, depending on whether or not it was someone she wanted to protect or someone she wanted to harm. On the other hand she can also throw these bubbles at targets which will either explode on impact or trap them. Aura visual shows red snow forming inside blue shelled bubbles, upon exploding the snow on the inside moves out and falls, vanishing upon contact. These bubbles cost 20 aura and deal 20 damage, as well as ranging from 2 meters to 10 meters in size. The bubble will block up to 20 damage at the cost of 20 aura if placed upon someone to protect them. These bubbles are not stationary, meaning if they are casted on someone that person becomes the epicenter and the bubble moves with them.

Item 1: Vetva Kanica (Branch snapper): A great hammer made of steel with a large head, the hammer has two built functions to make use of the weapons potential of being more than just a blunt weapon. The handle of the hammer has two switches built in, one switch located near the base of the handle activates 8 inch long spikes that come out of the head of the weapon. The second switch located just above where the first hand would be placed activates built in jet that makes the weapon easier yet faster to swing in a fight or die situation. The jets work by drawing in air from the swing and expels the air out the the opposite end of the hammer head, making it swing faster than your average hammer. Handle compacts for easier travel. Currently undergoing processes to restore the built in shotgun. Tier 1
Item 2: A metal suit of armor, armor reduces incoming physical damage by absorbing the kinetic physical energy into the metal plates causing minuet vibration of damage distribution. Physical damage armor tier 1.

History and Sample
Umierajúci, normally known as just 'Umi', is a slave girl who's name was originally forgotten. Umierajúci Slnka translates from Slovak to English as 'Dying sun' for she has little brightness in her life. When she was born her parents sold her to a human slave market for chump change to pay bills without so much as a second thought, and was bought by a demented mistress with a sick sense of humor. Honestly Umi never liked her one bit, she was a rude person with a tendency to be a perfectionist. She trained her in the art of defending and attacking, whenever she failed or made a small mistake she was severely beaten. She was trained by the same woman to never get violent towards or disobey her current master, whoever it may be which led to a fear of disappointing those she looked up to, whether she wanted to or not. So Umi listened, and learned, until she was passed off onto another person, and another person, and another person each more horrendous and evil than the last through the ever thriving slave market. Umi had lost a lot of 'sunlight' during these times and became more of a drone than a human, eventually going so far as to commit vile acts of murder to other human beings in benefit of her master before she even knew what she was doing was a sin. When she was 15 she was passed onto a very abusive man, one who beat Umi frequently and almost to the point of death, numbing the girls nerves daily from physical pain to the point she was unconscious most the time and developed a desire for affection and affectionate touch. Unlike Umi she retaliated one night and crushed the masters head with a hammer, and eventually was picked back up by the slave market. She was bounced around person after person month after month until she was bought by the Lockhart family at 17 to be used as a bodyguard. She didn't refuse the order, one of the things that actually brought light into her life was looking after their family which she hadn't ever done before. She'd fantasize bout being something more than what she used to be, so this was an opportunity at a new life, another chance to redeem herself. Her previous master before the Lockharts, a woman a bit more kind than anyone she'd met crafted her armor so that she wouldn't be defenseless, and she taught her how to smith, and from there she forged her hammer to protect someone other than herself. So she went on to work for the Lockhart family, surprisingly enough they allowed her to stay with them, and upon finding out that Jun's old bodyguard was no more she begged to be at her side, protecting her with her life.

RP Sample:
Sat waiting ever so patiently, humming songs she used to hum by herself while she was at work. Of course back then she'd hum silently her head, but now that she didn't have hawk eyes lurking over her shoulder watching her every move she turned back into what she truly was, a girl. She was happily awaiting arrival in an aircraft heading over to Bellmuse, she was looking ever so forward to seeing the family daughter once again, she was ecstatic but her face showed little to no expression. She held the helmet in her hands, watching ever so intently at the ground coming closer. She placed on her helmet hiding her identity as she normally did and picked up the hammer, heading for the hatch to be released back into the world. Upon landing she was met will all kinds of beautiful colors, buildings, and people as far as her eyes could see she hopped off the remaining 10 feet of the air craft, causing a loud crash as her metal boots collided with the ground. Eyes were on her as she walked towards the school, she herself looking at everyone's horrified looks. She didn't expect they would watch her so intently, but she had a job to do and someone to protect.

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Approved ^^


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