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Arcen, the autistic, masochistic, sadistic, severely depressed, traumatized, and extremely violent muffin. V.2.0! [SHE'S BACK AGAIN.]

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Arcen Anokades

Basic info
Name: Arcen Xiege Inu Anokades (Pronounced ARR-sen Zeej Inoo Ahh-NO-kah-dehs)
Age: 18
Birthday: December 11th
Gender: Female
Race: Arctic Fox Faunus
Height: 5'5.6
Weight: 115.4 lbs
Face Claim: Karin- Fairy Fencer F

STR: 4
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 4
Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Medical (Although she does know Combat quite well, and likes to consider herself a Combat Medic, or a Field Medic.)
Likes: -Children.
-Cold Weather.
Dislikes: -People making fun of her Disabilities.
-People making fun of her appearence.
-Swimming in any depth of water.
Fears: -Arcen has a very deep fear of fire. While she can stare at a fire and be mostly fine, if she is touched by a decently sized fire (A.K.A fire dust attacks or semblances, things like that.), it's more apparent.
-Arcen fears deep water. You'll understand when you learn what she looks like.
-Arcen fears she will be outcast from society for her entire existence because she is an 'abomanation', or so she claims.
Overall Personality: Arcen is not able to be placed under a specific personality, for she, in all honestly, lacks such a thing. Arcen is essentially devoid of any and all emotion.
Most of her reactions to things are blank, expressionless stares. She is cold and dead on the inside, and is just as much so on the outside. She lacks the 'brain power' necessary to render just about any situation worthy of an emotional response, giving the impression that she is essentially brain dead at all times, and she basically is.
Arcen does enjoy the company of children, or childish looking individuals, and despises everything and everyone else, save for those who have proven themselves worthy of that rare feeling known as 'love'.

Disabilities: An extra section, just for Arcen.
Arcen is in no way fully intact, mentally or physically.
The first, and most apparent disability is her voice. Arcen, due to.... Reasons later mentioned.... Is very incapable of normalistic speech. A gurgle typically overtakes her monotoned speech, and even a whisper can be swept away by a gutteral sound such as that.
Second disability is her right eye. Arcen is a Heterochromatic. Her left eye is a golden yellow, and her right eye is a dark red.
Like most of her, Arcen's right eye is dysfunctional. There is a scar on a diagonal (top left to bottom right if you are facing her) acrossed her eye.
The scar seemingly continues in her eye, because a white jagged line runs across, connecting to both sides of the scar before and after her eye. Her pupil is constantly a small black dot, darting around frantically, almost blending in to her Iris, and speaking of her Iris, that will sometimes grow larger or smaller while shaking around as well.
Arcen still has sight in this eye, but it is constantly darting around, shaking, trembling. All she sees when she closes her left eye is a bunch of shaking, as if there was an earthquake.
Arcen's left eye does this as well, but it will only jitter occasionally, and it usually does this for a few seconds.
Third, Arcen's right leg and left arm are prosthetic. She has a combat leg+arm, and a casual leg+arm. Her combat leg is quite powerful. She can deliver very painful kicks with it, and it allows her to run and jump a bit better.
Her left arm isn't as powerful as her right arm, and absolutely not as powerful as her right leg.
They are water proof, as well as being fire and cold resistant.
Ironically, being fire resistant, it's still metal, so it heats up her 'stumps', and depending on the heat, the rest of her body.
While good for attack, these do absolutely nothing for defense. They can be cut or ripped off of her body much easier than normal limbs, and it takes quite a while to put them back on.
Her Combat prosthetics are a sleek and solid black, and they almost look like actual limbs as opposed to a bunch of metal stuck into her.
Her Casual prosthetics are more modern looking. They are not heat or cold resistant, and water rusts them. As you could probably guess, she wears the casual ones most of her life, and only uses the combat ones in battle situations. Sometimes she likes to challenge herself in a training battle and use her Casual prosthetics.
She also has a robotic ear, specifically her right one. This ear looks almost exactly like her left one, except that instead of a tuft of fur, on the inside of her right ear there is a sound receptor that looks like the top of a microphone.
This ear is also a sleek black colour.
Fourth, Arcen does tend to bleed an abnormally large amount. While it does look like she will just flat out bleed to death after being impaled with a sword one time, the blood pouring out of her chest serves no purpose.
(Just a bunch a bleeding cause I'm a sadistic piece of crap. Bleed dmg is still in effect to weapons that can do it, but any weapon can make her bleed. Basically, every hit with a sharp weapon makes her bleed, but the bleed status dmg happens like normal, only to specific weapons.)
Fifth, as previously mentioned, Arcen is mentally incapable of expressing emotion most of the time.
Finally, she suffers from Atypical Autism, but refers to it as Autism, assuming she decides to speak in the first place.

Aura type: Healing. It's as if it is some cruel joke, since she can never heal back what she has already lost....
Aura Color: Dark red. Occasionally, this colour will become distorted and displace itself, like disfunctional technology.
Semblance: Arcen starts to glow when using her semblance. This glowing is actually a protective coating that forms around Arcen.
When it detects an object connected to a life form, or just a life form in general, it expands rapidly, pushing the object and anything else in the radius back with impressive amounts of force.
This expands at an alarming speed, and goes around Arcen in a bubble shape 5 meters in every direction, before stopping suddenly and violently. It then slowly retracts back in to Arcen, warbling as if it was unsettled water, and when it touches her once more, it disappears.
This bubble does not actually hurt anyone, even with the speed it goes at. You'd thing the Gs would just kill them instantly, but this barrier is different. Whatever it is made out of, it cushions the impact, miraculously leaving the victim unharmed.
However, the momentum carries on, flinging the victim quite a distance.
Now, this does absolutely nothing against bullets or arrows and the like. It only works if it detects a life form is in contact with the offending object, so long range weaponry is reccomended.
The main point of this is for her to activate it while she works on a fallen ally, buying her more time to operate.
The glow is a blinding white, outlined by blue like the ocean, and the sphere is a see through blue, but the image is distorted, as if looking through a bunch of bubbles.
With enough force, it can be broken, but once it is broken, it will begin warbling faster and faster, before shattering into pieces.
It is obvious how many posts this lasts, and the cooldown is 2 posts. It also costs 10 aura each time.
Item 1: Arcen wears gauntlets wherever she goes. These gauntlets can retract and fold into themselves, before stopping about a quarter of the way to her elbow. When unfolded, they still stop at her wrist, but instead of looking like a big metal arm band, they look like big metal gauntlets. They stop at her wrist.
These gauntlets have four slots in them, in a position similar to how her fingers connect to her hands.
Out of these gauntlets come four long, curved metal blades, or if you prefer simpler descriptions, big scary claws.
Adept at slicing through flesh, but terrible against metal and other rock solid surfaces, these beauties are Arcen's main method of attack.
When fighting and still keeping her sanity, Arcen is very graceful, almost as if she were dancing. Every movement, every attack, can simply be described as elegant, or amazing. When she has snapped, however, it becomes more broad, more angry, more savage, more powerful, and also more predictable.
These claws vary in size. They can be set to one foot in length, to two feet in length, to three feet in length.
Unecessarily they can extend to four feet in length which is just flat out rediculous.
Length does nothing but extend her reach a small amount. The claws still slice and dice the same.
(Tier 1 weapon.)

Arcen's Claws:
Except with more of a gauntlet look, and.... You know.... Four claws.

Item 2: Armour. Arcen wears a thin, fluffy looking blood red scarf wherever she goes. This scarf is heavily reinforced and can withstand a surprising amount of damage.
(Tier 1 physical armour.)

Arcen's Arm (and leg, kind of):
Her leg follows this scheme as well.

History and Sample
Arcen's life was never easy, and it will never be easy.

Coming from your average, generic family, Arcen Xiege Inu Anokades, along with her brother, Accel Anokades, and one other sibling, a younger sister, was the only one of the three with problems. At least ones apparent before they all left....
The poor girl's autism was bad at first, but her siblings always cared for her, understanding the situation or not.
School involved much torment and bullying, but Arcen never understood any of this. She presumed it was normal, seeing others like her get pushed and shoved around, including Accel and her younger sister.

An already difficult life made even more difficult.

Around the teenage years, Accel had to move out, as it was difficult to support three children when one of them required so much attention.
The younger sister, who's name Arcen could never remember, left soon after.

So then it happened.
One fateful night, Arcen was on her way home from somewhere she can't recall, when suddenly, she was attacked by Some Anti-Faunus types. Merciless, brutal, and very, very violent.
The slashed at her eyes, bashed her throat with some form of hammer, beat her in the head with their fists. They tried to just slit her throat and end it all, but she ducked, and that is how she lost her right ear. Finally, to finish it all off, they sawed her right leg and left arm off. They would have done more, but somebody had spotted them earlier and called the police. So they legged it, and somehow those wretched filth made it out without being caught.
They left her in a pool of her own blood.
The worst part is that she someone stayed conscious for the entire thing, and the whole trip to the hospital, finally passing out from blood loss in the operating room.
The rest of what happened is a blank to the poor girl, and so is her whole childhood. She hardly remembers her siblings, and when she does she tends to have an emotional breakdown before forgetting about it all the next day.

Over and over again.

Finally released from the hospital, she was rejected by her own parents, who were both poor, and horrified of what their daughter now was.
Arcen didn't care. She was just going to leave anyways.

To her inexpressible surprise, she was adopted by a man named Kiuka Sunglow, or something like that. She could hardly remember his name for the years he was in prison, but all she knew is that she was given a credit card and what she presumed to be his house, so she made it of utmost importance to keep is a clean as physically possible. It took a toll on her, but she did it anyways, both unaware and uncaring of her slowly deterierating self.

Soon enough, after becoming aqquianted with her adoptive "father" once he had been released from prison for god knows what reason, she transferred to Syne Academy.
She'd had to take care of herself for a few years in that man's house, so she knew perfectly well what to do when she'd start bleeding or something like that. She had also crafted her own prosthetics; High power limbs capable of dealing quite painful blows, albeit a significant amount less so with her arm.

Combat? Eh... Tech? Eh.... Dust? Never used it..... Academic? She could hardly remember things as it was...... Medical?
Screw it why not. She knew how to heal, and she knew it well.
And thus began the journey of the autistic, masochistic, sadistic, severely depressed, traumatized, and extremely violent muffin.

The muffin known as Arcen Xiege Inu Anokades.
RP Sample:
Arcen walked through the halls of this "Syne Academy", her dead gaze shifting from person to person as they each gave her that typical and pitiful stare, or that generic look of fear. She didn't care about that, just like she didn't care about anything else. It was pretty sad when you thought about it. The girl was so brain dead that she couldn't even care about something correctly. Nothing she did was correct.
Well... Almost nothing...

Her blood red scarf was placed loosely over her right shoulder, gently swaying along with her noticably irregular walk cycle.
The metallic clang of her prosthetic foot echoed through the relatively empty space as those who were there fell silent to stare at her. That same, condescending look. Stare at her with those same, wide eyes.

And do you know what she did?

She stared right back at them, with her cold, heterochromatic glare.

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