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Praise the Sun! (Private)

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1 Praise the Sun! (Private) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:03 am

Umierajuci Slnka
The large Slovak woman sat waiting ever so patiently, humming songs she used to hum by herself while she was at work. Of course back then she'd hum silently her head, but now that she didn't have hawk eyes lurking over her shoulder watching her every move she turned back into what she truly was, a girl. She was happily awaiting arrival in an aircraft heading over to Bellmuse, looking ever so forward to seeing the family daughter once again, she was ecstatic but her face showed little to no expression.

She held the helmet in her hands, watching ever so intently at the ground coming closer. She placed on her helmet hiding her identity as she normally did and picked up the hammer, heading for the hatch to be released back into the world. As the hatch opened up upon nearing the ground she stepped out, falling a good 16 feet and landing on the ground with a loud clash of metal. She wandered away from the landing zone as the faces of the citizens didn't looked pleased with her for the racket, and she didn't want to cause anymore negative attention.

The large Slovak woman wandered through the city streets looking for directions to a park in the heart of Bellmuse. Her lady, her master, her princess had been located in the park so Umi thought it would be lovely to meet her there unannounced to try and surprise her. She had adored the Lockhart families daughter ever since she was young, Umiera thought she was so beautiful and smart while she still spoke in her nasty broken English. The family daughter was someone she idolized. The Slovak giant worshipped the very ground Jun walked upon, and had wished to return to her side since Jun left her back at home.

Now this was her chance to be back with her master and she couldn't even figure out how to get to the park, and was in a bit of a panic as she frantically asked every person she came across for directions. Eventually she had located the park, entering frantically as she looked around for dearest Jun, the metal armor and hammer catching a bit of attention as she looked like a warmonger.

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2 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:04 am

Jun Lockhart
Supplies. That was the reason Jun had decided to venture out of her room, out of Syne, and into the town. There was only a limited amount of things she could keep on hand at a single time, even if she was the only one using her room. The reminder made her stomach drop like a lead stone. She truly missed Yuu and could only wonder what had happened to her protector. She currently found herself trudging along in her depression through what seemed to be a central park of sorts. Dressed once more in her typical tomboyish attire, the hood of her jacket pulled up over her head in hopes of helping keep her face hidden. Of course she knew this manner of dress would upset her parents if word ever got out about it.

The heiress of the Lockhart Foundation walking around in clothes unbefitting of a girl of her standing would certainly leave an impact on the image her parents had spent years using her to build. She had to admit, the idea of that very thing happening made the girl slightly giddy. If there was ever anything she loved as much as Yuu it would have had to have been those moments when she was able to be a thorn in her parents’ sides. Looking around she saw there was few people around and many empty benches for her to take a seat on. Deciding there would be little harm in taking a moment or two Jun decided to take a seat on the closest bench, pulling her hood down as she did so and allowing her auburn hair, which she had tied into her typical ponytail, to move freely for the first time since she dressed herself to leave the academy.

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3 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:38 am

Umierajuci Slnka
Sunny's frantic searching around caused her to take another look at the information, her eyes scanning the park until her eyes made contact with someone. The city clothes threw her off, but Umi focused on the figure and behold it had been her princess. Umi quickly dove behind the fountain and peered over it to watch her, getting a better look. She let out a small smile on the inside as her thoughts became true and she wasn't dreaming, and knowing Jun was here caused her to experience a feeling of warmth and happiness. Sunny crawled out from behind the fountain and circled all the way back to get behind her. Closer and closer Sunny walked, making sure her footsteps didn't make a sound and she reached forward, using her index finger and pointer finger to hold onto the sleeve of Jun's jacket.

"Dobrý deň, môj drahý , je to tak dobre, že ťa vidím!"
Translation: Hello my dear, it's so good to see you!

Sunny spoke, and came to the realization her master wouldn't understand her language. So while embarrassing herself she managed to choke out small bits of English.

"Hello madam. I here with you."

She spoke, cringing at her own vocabulary. As much as she didn't want to let go of her Sunny released her sleeve and walked around to face her dearest Jun. The large woman got infront of Jun and hunched over to get a better look at her face, as well as her civilian people clothing. She wouldn't say anything about it, really what could she say. Sunny reached up and grabbed her helmet, pulling the metal off of her head to show a bright smile and pleasantly long and lucious hair. Sunny gave her princess a smile, hoping to get a smile, or even better, a head pat was enough motivation to keep her smiling bright and happy.

"I missed Jun."

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4 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:41 pm

Jun Lockhart
Something tugged at Jun’s sleeve from behind her, a voice speaking in a language she couldn’t understand accompanying it. The suddenness surprised the girl and caused her to jump from her seat on the bench only for her to find herself held in place by the thing pulling on her sleeve. Turning as best as she could, rather quickly at that, Jun looked behind her to try and see what had grabbed her. A large mass of armor knelt behind her with her sleeve held between the person’s thumb and index finger. The person spoke, a woman from the sound of the voice, and used rather poor English while addressing Jun as “Madam” and claiming that she was with her.

The armored woman released Jun and made her way around to the front of the bench before the girl could even rise from it. It seemed the mystery woman didn’t grasp the concept of personal space as she hunched herself over and stuck her face in the heiress’. The feeling of being inspected by eyes hidden behind the woman’s helmet made Jun feel even more uncomfortable, so much so the idea of calling her equipment locker from the school crossed her mind. The woman reached up and removed her helmet causing long blonde hair to cascade down from within, a large smile present on her face. The face seemed familiar but Jun couldn’t place it. It was only when the woman spoke again, claiming that she had missed Jun, that the girl was able to piece together who it was invading her personal space.

“U-Umi?” Jun stuttered in surprise. It had been ages since she had last spent time with the woman, before Yuu had been assigned to her as a guard. Her heart sank in her chest. How had she forgotten about the woman? It dawned on her that she never even realized when Umi was removed from her life and Yuu had replaced her. The realization made her slump down against the bench disappointed in herself. “I-I’m sorry Umi…”

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5 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:28 am

Umierajuci Slnka
Upon making direct eye contact with her, sunny's smile was a little brighter than before, her little bear ears moving from excitement as weeks of preparing for this day had all but failed, she couldn't keep the excitement at bay as she pulled the gauntlet off of her hand. She slowly reached out to brush the hair out of Jun's face but stopped just before her hand touched her masters beautiful skin, and she drew her hand back while averting eye contact. It was part of her training not to touch, that the bare minimum she could do would be to hold onto an article of their clothing. This time, instead of her sleeve, Umi held her face, making a cute yet fake little grin to her dearest Jun.

"Yes, Jun. I'm Umi."

She spoke trying to avoid the sheer disappointment that she shouldn't touch her master, ever. She was trained to receive praise and constantly remind herself that those she served were better than her, and we're not to be touched unless ordered to as she was the help and nothing more. She tried to hide the disappointment in her voice but her face showed otherwise as the grin went away to a straight face, and as Jun slumped down and started apologizing Umi looked around before frantically dropping to her knees with a loud clunk from her armor, bowing at Jun's feet.

"I'm sorry. Please... don't... go... again. I'll be... good girl."

She spoke, hoping to try and apologize for causing Jun to appear sad, atleast in mind Umi did something wrong but she didn't know what. She kept her head to the ground at Jun's feet, she didn't dare lift her head. Maybe the time apart caused Jun to not want to see Sunny again, or maybe she wanted to be left alone. In her mind Sunny had already started mentally prepping herself for the ride home seeing as she instantly caused someone so dear to her sadness.

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6 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:11 am

Jun Lockhart
Jun watched both wide eyed and in shock as Umi fell to her knees before the girl and apologized, causing the girl’s heart to simply shatter from the act. The taller woman tried to do her best to beg Jun not to leave her while promising to be a good girl. The act practically destroyed Jun altogether. It hadn’t been her choice to remove the blonde from her service, as always it was her parents’ decision and they had decided it was what they wanted. But that didn’t make Jun feel any better about having failed to even realize she had been replaced by another. In a heartbeat Jun threw herself at the taller woman, wrapping her arms around the woman’s neck and burying her face into the armor of her shoulder with tears staining it.

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7 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:31 am

Umierajuci Slnka
The contact, dear lord the contact from Jun almost gave the woman a heart attack. She was expecting words, not physical contact. Upon basically diving down and holding onto her Umi shut down to take a moment to process what had really just happened and what was currently happening, causing the poor girl to go into a frantic stuttering fit.

"M-m-m-m-master. T-t-this... forbidden. U-Umi... not a-a-a-llowed to... t-touch Jun."

She stuttered out, letting out a flourish of eep's and noises of cute fluster as she had a hard time wondering if she made Jun sad once more as she was now crying. Oh dear lord how would she explain to the girls parents that upon less than 5 minutes of interaction she caused their daughter to cry. Surely she'd get beat, atleast in her mind she would. She picked up Jun and placed her on her feet, backed up a few inches, and squirmed as she was blushing deeply, her plush white face now a gentle shade of pink as she looked at the ground.

"Don't cry master. Please?"

Umi squirmed even more as she started remembering the girls delicate touch after so long, causing her to bring her hands to her face to hide her embarrassment that even as she made Jun cry she still loved and craved the attention she just got from her, slightly wanting more but not wanting to overstep any boundaries. She opened two of her fingers to look at Jun, then closed them once more as she was still incredibly embarrassed at herself.

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8 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:02 am

Jun Lockhart
As Jun held the Faunus woman in her tight embrace with tears sobbing into the taller woman’s shoulder she could barely focus enough to hear her stuttering. For some reason it seemed that Umi believed she was forbidden from making physical contact with Jun at all costs. The next thing Jun knew her former guardian had picked her up and placed her on her feet while stepping back, causing Jun’s crying to halt due to the sheer confusion of the action. Umi asked Jun not to cry as she looked down towards the ground.

It was Jun’s turn to look away as she wiped the tears away from her face, doing nothing to be able to rid herself of the stains of where they fell from her eyes. “I-I’m sorry Umi…. I forgot about you…” The girl’s voice trailed off as she finally admitted what had been wrong. “My parents replaced you and I didn’t ever realize it… I’m horrible…” She wanted to run away. To go back to her dorm room and lock herself away for the rest of her life for her horrible mistakes.

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9 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:05 am

Umierajuci Slnka
The poor girl, Umi watched her master slowly break down and look away from her, which caused her little heart to sadden. Umi thought to herself that she must keep her dearest master from being sad, even if it meant having to break her own mental mind set for just one day. She slowly approached Jun, hesitantly reaching her arm out, and rested her hand on the lovely young ladies precious face. She brushed her face softly, comforting her until she moved her hand under her chin and lifted Jun's head to her, to see Umi's soft smile to hopefully ease her mind.

"No sad. Jun needs... happiness. I can... fill void... once more?"

She spoke in a gentle sweet tone, using her hand to brush the young girls hair. She wasn't upset that she had been forgotten, it meant she didn't make enough effort to be remembered in the first place. She was the help, not a sibling, not family, nothing all too special so she hadn't felt too sad that the woman had left her thoughts of the past behind. Last she remembered she rarely had her helmet off while she was in work mode, so maybe that's how she was forgotten, as the only time she had removed her helmet was before she laid her head, visiting Jun's room to tuck the young lady to bed after a long days work.

It was quite possible the girl the girl had been busy enough progressing forward she hadn't thought to look back, and for that it made Umi smile just a little more as she was still slightly stuck on the past. She had remembered a phrase that the girls parents used to use amongst themselves that made eachother happy, even while she didn't know what it really meant she decided that after years of hearing it and trying to perfect it that it may be the only set of words she could use in a sentence that wasn't as broken as the others. Hopefully that would make her happy, atleast it was worth a shot.

"I love you, my beloved Jun."

Umi pushed even further past her mental boundaries as she would do anything to make the girls sadness go away. She grew closer to Jun, wrapping her arms around the girl slowly and hesitantly to bring her into a hug, and used her hand to brush the back of her head ever so gently as she used to do to keep her asleep.

"I remember... you were little girl. I tuck you in bed, and brush your sweet head. You slept so cutely. Can... can I still do? Or... no......"

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10 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:43 am

Jun Lockhart
Jun’s body stiffened at the feeling of her former caretaker’s hand making contact with her face in such a gentle manner. It wasn’t something she was used to at all. Affection came rarely to the girl, from her parents or from anyone else at that. Her already aching heart seemed to actually split in her chest as the Faunus woman rubbed her cheek in the soothing fashion. Or at least that was what it felt like. Soon enough the blonde’s hand was under her chin and lifting her head so that she was looking at her face to red face still fresh with tears falling from her puffy eyes.

It was Umi’s voice that claimed Jun needed happiness, that she couldn’t be sad. It was her that suggested she fill the void for Jun a second time. The tears slowed, welling up in the auburn haired girl’s eyes as she let the taller woman’s words sink in. Was she simply trying to return to her previous position now that Yuu had gone and disappeared? Or did she truly want to be the source of happiness in Jun’s life again? The younger girl had been able to recall the memories from when they were last together, how she could fall asleep while tinkering and wake up in the she-bear’s lap.

Then, for the first time, she heard words she was certain she’d never hear in her life. Umi had claimed to love Jun, even going so far as to call Jun her beloved. Before she could respond she could feel the cold metal of armor pressing against her face and the warm embrace of arms around her. A hand rubbed the back of her head in a calming way. The older woman would continue to speak in that broken English that Jun was beginning to find rather adorable. Going on the remenince about when she took care of Jun as a young girl. How she would tuck her into bed and brush her hair. She asked if she would be able to do it again.

Jun could only press her face against Umi’s armor in an attempt to hide it from the taller woman. Not wanting her to see how it had become a horrible combination of puffy red eyes, dried tear trails along her cheeks and a pink hue of embarrassment. The previous question was answered. Umi seemed to truly care about Jun more than she cared simply about her job. In response Jun would wrap her arms around Umi’s waist and nuzzle the cold metal against her face.

“I-I suppose…I can let you do that again….if you forgive me for forgetting you…” The words were bashful, like a timid schoolgirl playing with her crush. “B-but…y-you have to sleep in my bed….w-with me this time…”

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11 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:52 pm

Umierajuci Slnka
More and more did Umi feel her stomach burn from going against her orders, paranoia soon stepped in but was shoved to the back of her mind as she was damn well going to enjoy this moment she'd been waiting for since Jun left. She kissed the top of the girls head, then rubbed her face against Jun's soft hair, bringing back more and more memories. She felt Jun hug her back, and let a bright and happy smile return to her once worried face. She felt the acceptance once more, the thing she craved more than anything she was getting now and she couldn't be happier. The soft words left her masters lips, the words she got to hear made the girl squirm with glee.

"Thank you master. Thank you thank you thank you!"

She spoke with an excited tone of voice. She was so happy, so happy until she heard the next set of words escape her masters lips, causing her happy joys to come to a sudden stop.

'Ttttthesamebed. Thatisforbidden... But it's what master wants... Umi isn't allowed to disappoint... But.... But... Master you cute bully!'

She thought in her head, spinning around to take a seat on the bench Jun had been sitting on and she moved the girl onto her lap, embracing Jun and enjoying what wonderful time she had before she started beating herself up mentally for even doing so later, or what worse things her parents would do to her if she found out Umi had gone far beyond the orders given. But, did she care? Jun was her master as of now, her parents weren't around to hawkeye her either, so as her master wished she'd be accompanied in bed, so be it.

"Y-Yes master. Same... Same bed. Yes."

She spoke softly, using her hands to softly rub the girls back. She hadn't noticed how much attention the two were bringing upon themselves, but she quickly took notice at all the people around them.

"Uh... Master... People... Looking. Can... Go? Somewhere.... No sight? No eyes?"

She said, trying to say that she'd like to go away from where they were, away from the people watching them. She didn't know who were civilians and who were with the men she was sold to, so as of now she'd like to get to a safer place to enjoy her time with Jun in safety.

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12 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:53 pm

Jun Lockhart
As Jun held her caregiver as the older woman turned them around and took a seat back on the bench she had found Jun on. The young heiress was moved with her into Umi’s lap and wrapped in the Faunus’ arms. Umi began stuttering about how Jun wanted to sleep in the same bed as her, accepting it like she was expected to as a bodyguard. Jun would continue to rest her head against the blonde’s armored bust, finally content in having someone at her side once again. She could feel Umi’s hands on her back and she could only sigh in content at the sensations. That was, however, until her caregiver requested that they go somewhere more private.

It seemed as if there were too many people around for her to feel comfortable with. Jun’s face lit up bright red at the question. The only place she could think to go back to for privacy was her own dorm room back at the academy. That in itself posed new problems but for now she didn’t care. She’d gladly bring Umi back to her room, after all they would be sharing it regularly soon enough. Plus the Lockhart foundation’s name, and wealth, carried enough power to easily rectify any issues she would have with the administration.

“M-my room at the school… w-we’ll be alone there…”

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13 Re: Praise the Sun! (Private) on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:28 am

Umierajuci Slnka
Many a time Umi felt as if she were going to have a heart attack, not from stress, not from anxiety, but from the sheer level of happiness she was going through at the moment. She started humming an old tune, until she caught herself doing it and immediately stopped. She looked at Jun as if she made a mistake, and hushed right up for the time being until it was time to go. She carefully, very very carefully picked up Jun's small frame and stood her on her feet, grabbing her helmet and placed it back on her head.

"R-ready. Master Jun."

She spoke, grabbing the handle of her hammer held it in both her hands. She moved the head safely away from Jun, and flipped a switch causing the long destructive spikes to show themselves. She flicked the switch again causing them to retract, doing so just to make sure that in a time of need that they'd work, just in case. She'd break someone's skull under her boot had someone even thought of trying to hurt her everything. Her sun.

"Now... Ready. Just... Precaution."

She tilted her head, looking around to see the eyes that were once watching them avert as she tested the mechanics of her destructive war machine. With that, the two made their way out of the area and back to the school.


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