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Bloodied, But Not Broken. [Private, Koko] [Quite violent, beware]

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Arcen Anokades
It was late at night, somewheres in Bellmuse. Arcen was walking down the streets, by herself.
It was too late for many people to be out, and this was prescisely why Arcen was. Nobody else, save for the occasional passerby, so Arcen liked to go on walks, think about things, instead of curling up and thinking about what she really was.
Still, just in case though, she flattened her ears against her head. Her left one blended in near perfectly with her hair, and her right ear looked somewhat like bow, or a black flower.
Her tail? Well.... That couldn't be helped, she supposed. She just wanted to hide her prosthetics, really.
One thing she couldn't hide, however, was her eye. Constantly twitching, looking around, darting back and forth, never resting.
This is the sound she made every day of her miserable life from now on. No matter how much she tried to think about something else, no matter how much noise there was, it was all that she could hear. Pat, Clang, Pat, Clang.... It haunted her every day, every night, every moment of her god forbidden life.
Letting out a painful, gurgling sigh, Arcen shook her head, placing her Human hand on her forehead and patting it slowly.
'You know, it'd be great if I could speak like I can think. If only.... But no, I had to be the one who got their life ruined.... Not anyone else.... Me.'

Arcen was wearing her usual attire. A white dress with long sleeves to try to hide her arm, and a semi long skirt that kind of stuck out at the end a bit instead of falling down to her knees. She wore a singular white legging, on her left leg. The doctors had told her not to wear anything on her right foot, as it would mess with the mechanics of it. While she could still wear pants and such on it, she could not wear shoes, and since leggings covered her foot like socks did, she couldn't wear those either.
Her arm and leg were a silverish gray. A half sphere shape connected into her left arm socket and right leg socket, and out of that sprouted four thin metal beams, forming a rectangular shape that connected to smaller, full sphere shape, located where her elbow/knee would be. This had another four metal beams sprout out of it in the same shape, before reaching her hand/foot. Her hand looked relatively normal, kind of like a robot's hand in those sci fi movies she watched sometimes when she was sad.
Her foot looked like a boot. There were no toes, just a flat and stable platform, with an indent and a heel.
So, thankfully, her Casual prosthetics still kind of fit the form of a normal person's arm and leg, so she could at least try to hide them better.

Feeling a sharp pain shoot through her, the source being her left eye, Arcen decided quickly she would take a shortcut through the alleyway to her right. She knew nobody ever came through here. There was a thin path, followed by a large square shape, about the size of a middle school classroom. This clearing had four paths, one for each wall of a building, and one of which dropped her off kind of close to her destination. Specifically, the one straight ahead. Starting her way through the thin path, she stopped at the clearing.
'Huh.... This place is actually kinda pretty at night, especially with all of the puddles, and the streetli--'

Once more, the feeling shot through her, much worse now, causing her to gasp in pain. This time, however, her left eye started twitching, everything got blurry, out of focus, mixed together into something similar to abstract art. She shook her head, trying to clear the feeling, leave the pain, but to no avail.
She stumbled, nearly tripping, but caught herself on one of the walls with her.... Left hand? She couldn't tell anymore.
Arcen brought her right hand up, covering her eyes and trying to make sense of what was happening, slowly slumping down onto her knees.
She felt a difference in her left arm, meaning that her sleeve had probably come down, so she pressed her body against it, just in case anybody spotted her and tried to help her. The best she could do was just hope they helped her up and asked her if she was okay, so she could put on the masquerade of being too scared to speak, so just nodding instead, with a heartless smile and lying eyes.
She was breathing heavily. The pain was different this time. It was more severe, it was lasting longer.... Maybe she would just lose her sight altogether in a few years....
Arcen didn't want to think about it, as it was all too true.
'I heard the doctors I know what they said!! They said it was a miracle I survived, but they said I could shut down at any moment!! Done, gone, dead!! My heart could stop working, I could lose my sight or my speech altogether, my brain could shut down, anything! Why did it have to be me!!?? Why couldn't those filth ruin someone elses life! Why!!??'
Things started getting clearer, but she didn't care. She didn't give a damn anymore. Nothing would get clearer now, she was filling up with tears.
It hurt. It hurt to cry. It was a very unpleasent sound. Some form of warped gurgling came from the girl.
'I can't! I can't do anything right! I can't even cry right for god's sake!! My life is pointless to everyone but me, that's a fact, and I know it!! I know it is!'
She took her right hand away from her eyes, lifting it up and making a fist, before slamming it into the ground with quite impressive force. It stung, but she didn't care. She couldn't feel it.
Some form of distorted wail came from the clearing that night, just another gurgling monotone cry for help, sourced from one who was bloodied....

But not broken....

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Koko Hanazusaki
Darkness, the quiet city of Bellmuse was filled with nothing but darkness. The sounds of footsteps of what appeared to be five teenage faunes eliminated the silence. They were running for their lives from a vicious man that had already taken the lives of two of their friends, all while aiming to take theirs as well. These kids hadn't stopped running and puffing away as they had been chased for twelve miles now while being thoroughly pursued by a murderous black phantom. The streetlights started fading, and as the were ready to crash and burn they turned the corner to put themselves on a new street.

"This wasn't part of the plan!" "What plan?! It was supposed to be just calling him out to get him arrested for assault!" "You saw how well that went! He's wearing our friends body parts!" "Well I didn't expect it be a cake walk! He's not called the Faunes Hunter as a joke, you idiot!" "Hey man screw you! This isn't a game anymore, he's seen our faces! It's only a matter of time!" "Matter of time for what?!" "For Kokokyokorimo Hanazusaki to split our heads and drink from our skulls. Wait, where's Norman?"

They spoke, stopping their running. They had entered the area with five, and suddenly they were down to four people. They looked amongst themselves, until one squinted his eyes at something in the distance. One of the four pointed over to the thing in the distance growing closer to them.

"Hey guys, I think that's Norman." "I think so too, I'm pretty sure that's Norman. Hey Norman, you alright man?"

They shouted to their friend, all while their friend approached slowly. Upon the mans friends shouting he waved, and they were happy to see their friend. Until their friend grew closer the smiles remained, the group walking over to meet their friend half way stopped suddenly as their friend had stopped moving.

"You alright dude?" "Uh guys... Norman isn't breathing."

They spoke, and their friends mouth moved sloppily, until his head was peeled off. The head was whipped over 20 meters to the mans friend, and the body followed with it, blood splattering as the body connected shortly infront of the group. The friends screamed as Koko was covered in their friends blood, and they ran for their lives. They ducked into an open alleyway, finding Arcen making noises.

"A girl? What do we do?" "Grab her and go! That monster is right behind us!" "Alright help me pick her u-" "Everything alright du-"

The boy spoke, looking at his friend. His worried face turned into that of sickness as his friend had a blade coming from his mouth. The man moved his face into the boys view, a sick smile on his blood covered face. He was wearing a black suit, a necklace made of teeth, a head band with bloody ears of a faunes wolf girl, with blood oozing out of his mouth. The boy looked at the girl, then to Koko as his friend had his head split in half, blood spraying around them.

"Another one down, did you really think this was a good idea? Heheheh."

He spoke, and as his friends body fell Koko grabbed the body by the leg and used the body as a bat, blasting his friend with the corpse. The boy hit the wall, and one of the other two rushed but Koko grabbed them by the head and crushed it, biting into the flesh. He let out a sick laugh, ripping the limbs off the boys friend, leaving just a girl, boy, and someone who already looked like they'd been attacked before he arrived. The boy tried to get his friends body off of him, all while Koko approached the boys female friend. She screamed, but her screams were shut off as Koko's metal hand blocked her mouth off, and he crushed her jaw. He pulled, tearing off her mouth and watched her drop. He stomped her head in, and walked over to the boy. He tossed the jaw of his female friend into his mouth and stomped on his mouth, then grabbed him by the throat.

"The best part about everything... I get to go home after this and start a new day tomorrow. I'll cut pieces of your flesh off and use them as fertilizer for plants. I'll send these plants to your families as a condolence, and as people normally neglect plants your parents will watch it die since they never got to watch you die."

He spoke, slamming the boy on the ground, stabbing him repeatedly as his gurgled screams were muffled with blood. He stopped stabbing the boy at some point and formed a ball of fire in his hand using the cats aura, and set fire to the still living body, watching as he burned to death.

'One left.'

He heard Delissia speak into his head, and turned to look at the Arctic fox girl. He brought his face close to hers, smelling her scent. He moved his arm behind her back and picked her up, pressing the blade of Abomination to her chest.

'Kill her.'

She spoke, and as he moved his body to impale her he felt something dense. He gripped onto her to feel a metal arm, and wiped the blood off of his face to get a better look of her. He looked to his metal prosthetic, and then to hers. He dropped his sword and upon contact with the ground it exploded into smoke and vanished, while Koko used his free hand to open the eye with the scar. Her eye had been damaged, his eyes were damaged. He lost his arm, so did she. His eyes wandered up to her fake ear, and he brushed his fingers over where his would have been, now reduced to holes.

He held eye contact with her, a look of nothingness on his face. He pondered for a moment, and instead of killing her he just watched for a moment. Not breaking eye contact as he was going through flash backs, and placed her on the ground. He walked over to a wall, pressing his head against it in internal conflict. He slammed his head into the wall as he became flustered, and punched the wall before returning to the girl. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder as he sighed to himself, showing one act of mercy and pity. He didn't say anything to her, he just started walking to the hospital to drop her off.

"God damn it why did you have to be faunes. Hell, why did you have to... Bah."

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen slumped down further, her prosthetic hand sliding down the wall. She felt less, cared less, but yet she kept beating her fist into the ground until it became red, and then some.
She heard frantic running, she heard terrified screaming, she heard the disgusting gurgling sound of blood, but all that did was remind her of herself.
It splattered against the wall beside her, some of it splattered onto her side. She lifted up her fist and slammed it into the ground once more, but she felt something, something sticky, and her eyes cleared of the watery tears. She stared at the blood on the wall, the red liquid spattered against her side, running down onto the ground below. She had just slammed her fist into a puddle of the stuff. Oh boy, did that get her going. She stopped feeling, stopped caring, suddenly she was back to normal.
And just in time.
The one she presumed was behind this mass murder picked her up. She stared at him, her right eye darting around frantically, but her left eye was fixed on his face. Cold, dead, heartless, unmoving.
He brought up a sword, which was actually taller than she was, and put it up against her chest.
Arcen's emotionless expression did not change.
'Do it.'
Something inside of her wanted him to, wanted him to kill her right then and there.
'Do it.'
She shut this feeling out completely.

The man pulled his sword back, about to drive it through her chest, when suddenly he stopped. He probably felt something, and she immediately presumed it was her arm. Typical. It was always the prosthetics.
She expected him to thrust the sword even faster through her now that he knew, so I'm sure you can imagine she was very confused as to why the man dropped his sword, and where it went when it hit the ground, but still, she kept her left eye fixed on him, cold, unmoving, unchanging.

He touched her arm, her eye, her ear, every single bit of her that shouldn't be the way it is besides her leg, and then touched his own. Was he.... Pitying her? Relating with her? Now that she moved her heartless gaze from his blood covered face, she realized he had a prosthetic arm as well. His eye.... Maybe he was half blind? Colour blind? Maybe he couldn't see any colour at all? And his head. Maybe he'd had a similar experience to her with her ear? But then, where was his tail? Did that get cut off as well? What the heck had happened to this man?
He dropped Arcen, and her legs immediately buckled, falling down onto her knees once more, in a state of complete and utter confusion.
She watched as he walked away to bash his head into a wall for a while before walking back over.

So now, apparently, the man decided he was allowed to pick her up. What, was she his property now? No, screw that. If he wanted to take her somewheres he'd have to survive her first. He'd just killed people like her, ruined lives, he was no better than those three who ruined her, except nobody had come to their rescue....

Arcen shook her head as he started walking away with her. She wasn't going to just let that happen, like her or not. She didn't take into account what she had just discovered this person might have been through, and she honestly didn't care, not one bit, not in the slightest.

Using her small form to her advantage, Arcen easily slipped out of his grasp, dashing forward a few feet before swiftly turning around to face him, and yet, she still kept that cold dead expression on her face.
She heard a splash sound, and looked down, noticing where she stood was quite the violent scene. A few body parts lay scattered across the ground, circling a large bloody puddle.
Looking up, and staring back at the man, her eyes didn't change, her mouth stayed still, the face of someone dying on the inside.

She gasped as pain shot through her again, and she couldn't help but bend over slightly, twisting to the left, allowing her prosthetic arm dangling lifelessly. Whatever this newfound pain was, it was really getting bad. It felt as though her body was rebelling against her. Arcen felt her stomach churn, her muscles seemed heavy, any movement was difficult for her. She placed her Human hand up to her right eye, the hand covered in blood, leaving a tiny crack between two fingers, just large enough to reveal possibly the most disturbing position her eye could be in. Her pupil and her iris were dilated, little more than a blood red and jet black dot, shaking around violently. Her eye was bloodshot, quite severely. Her other eye had stopped vibrating a while ago, but for once, it changed.
Her functional eye was contorted into a look of pain and suffering, and for a brief moment, she felt something. But just like that....
It was gone....
Her hand trembled on her face, twitching violently. Too many thoughts were going through this girls head right now, and none of them were good.

Removing her hand from her face, it fell to her side, flexing and tensing up as if anticipating ripping something apart. She opened her mouth, letting out that same warped and disturbing gurgle, before she spoke with her classic monotone voice.
"........Who........?? ........Wh--.......Wwhhhhh--......Why.........?"

It hurt to say these words, but something was different. She was stuttering, why was she stuttering? She felt something bubbling inside of her. Something was wrong.
She lifted her right arm up, placing it gently on her throat as she felt something coming up.
Another louder, longer, and more disturbing gurgle come from the girl, before she curled over, pushing her knees into her chest and placing her prosthetic arm onto the ground, and coughing violently before vomiting out a tiny puddle of blood. She did this several more times, each one sounding more painful than the last.

Eventually Arcen couldn't take it anymore, she crumpled down, falling onto her knees with a metallic clang. Her arm fell down onto it's elbow, and her Human arm wrapped itself around her stomach, feeling more things coming up.
But no matter how much blood she coughed up, that cold, heartless expression still stubbornly refused to change.

She knew she was as good as done, slumped down onto her hands and knees, coughing up blood, but she still didn't want him picking her up and taking her to god knows where, so she came up with a plan.

Arcen started glowing.

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Koko Hanazusaki
Koko felt the girl slip from his grasp, and immediately stopped moving to watch the scene play out before him. He completely ignored her after she placed her hand to her face, and pulled off the necklace of teeth and the faunes ear hair piece, tossing them into the piles of flesh that had already started drawing in the flies. A little black cat came from the darkness and approached him, and she let out a small meow as he brought his hand to her. Fire appeared in his hand, and while the girl was having an episode he set fire to the bodies, the smell of burning hair and flesh releasing a near toxic smell. He pulled a cigarette from his pack and placed it to his lips as the girl started trying to talk, only to have started spewing blood infront of him while he heard a clunk of metal as she dropped. His cold eyes cast a gaze as she basically started breaking down, be it physically or mentally or both. He lit the cigarette, avoiding her two questions until she started glowing. As soon as the cigarette was lit and the cherry burned brightly Koko shot forward, roundhouse kicking the girl in the side, followed by picking her up and tossing her infront of him.

"Koko that's enough! You just Bruce Lee'd that poor child!" "Whaaaaat, she started glowing, how the hell am I to know what she was gonna try and do? She just watched me kill like 4 people. Fight or flight kicked in..." "You don't have to beat her! God you are a lowlife scum bag you know that?!" "Yeah, I'm a scum bag, I was totally not gonna take this left for dead little glowing brat to the hospital, not one bit. Why don't you shut the hell up Karla, let me do my god damn job." "Job? Job?! Is this some kind of sick joke to you? You don't even get paid to do this, you just like doing it like the schizophrenic psychopathic two-faced demented-" "Alright I get it! Little rat, God you irritate the hell out of me you know that?" "For the love of God go pick that little girl up and get her to the hospital already." "I'd love to if she weren't putting up a... hold on that kick might have killed her..."

He spoke, approaching the girl and picked her back up once again, checking for a pulse.

"She's alive." "Good, now get your cat *** moving." "I'm not a faunes!"

He shouted at Karla, the cat hissing at him. He looked down to the girl, then sighed harshly as he slung her over his shoulder and held her there with his metal prosthetic.

"You happy now Karla? I picked her up, she's probably gonna stab me in the god damn back." "You can't die anyways why does it matter if she harms you? Her life is the important one right now you selfish immortal prick. Start walking."

She spat at him, he glared at her, then turned his attention to the girl, knowing full well she was probably gonna vomit up blood all over his clothes. He pointed at her with his human hand, bringing the finger right to her face.

"You are lucky, the only reason I'm showing you mercy and sympathy is because it's my daughters birthday." "You still have yet to go to the cemetery to see her, you can surely procrastinate the day away can't you?" "Didn't I tell you to shut the hell up?" "Didn't I tell you to start moving?"

Koko glared as he kept smoking, looking down at the cat as she hopped up onto his free shoulder, and he turned to look at Karla but stopped, shaking his head softly as this wasn't a topic worth arguing. She annoyed him to no end but honestly Karla being around improved his productivity when he wasn't out killing, he enjoyed the time with Karla even with as much as she annoyed him. But wasn't that what pets do? They annoy their owners but in the end they still get the love and attention they desire, and the thought of such made Koko look over to the girl on his shoulder as things in the alley way started heating up from the fire.

"I could kill you, I could turn you into a little slave girl, I could do much worse to you than I did those people, but you don't get to die. No no no, you get to suffer until it's your time, just like everyone else. Now, Karla, give me directions to the hospital before she pukes on me."

Koko spoke, letting out s soft yawn as he started walking. He felt remote levels of pity for the girl, but those thoughts replaced themselves as he continued moving on. He was hearing Delissia scream at him in his head, both he and the cat twitched at her screaming.

'Why don't you kill her?! Kill her! Cut her throat, peel her head back, drink the blood from her throat! Kill! Kill! Skin her corpse! Do it!'

He heard her shouting at him, all while he kept walking, smoking to remove his attention off of Delissia, who was a little unhappy with him at the moment. Well, not even a little unhappy, she wanted blood, carnage, chaos and everything in between that he wouldn't give her.

'Nah, she gets to live. She gets to suffer through the same level of hell we all have to, until it's her time to die or she because a victim of mine in the future. I'll show mercy this one day, simply because she reminds me of myself, even though that in itself isn't a good enough excuse to cart her around. Maybe I should call an ambulance instead.'

He spoke, the cat reading his mind and decided to speak to what he thought.

"Calling an ambulance would take too long, just keep walking. She seemed fine enough to defend herself, she has enough fight in her to atleast make it there."

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen painfully began standing up, regaining some of her strength, but she couldn't block out the immense pain coming from her chest. She still felt that uncomfortable bubbling and shifting, as if something was out of place. Well, whatever it was, it hurt.
About half way up her slow climb to a semi decent posture, she felt another one coming up. Right as the liquid was in her throat, she noticed the man dashing forward, before delivering quite the hefty roundhouse kick directly to her side. The blood in her mouth went flying back with her, and into the wrong tube. She flew a few feet, trying to register what had just happened, while simultaneously trying to cough up the blood that was blocking her oxygen supply, but before she could do that she came in contact with something, which she presumed was the ground.

The landing Arcen had made her bounce about a foot off of the ground, and it also fired the blood out of her mouth. She didn't feel like moving anymore, but no, she didn't get the luxury of rest,  for very soon after this painful encounter, she felt a tug on the back of her clothes while she was still in the air from the bounce, and she began moving again, going up for a brief moment before being thrown back to her original position.
Her limp and seemingly lifeless body tumbled across the ground, letting out mostly thumps, with the occasional metalic clang of her prosthetics, before finally rolling to a stop with her back facing the man. She didn't move, nor did she want to move. She just wanted to lay there.

She slowly regained some more strength, clearing her head, the sound of speaking became less muffled. It hurt to breath, it felt like her rib cage was constricting her.
Soon enough, she was picked up again. The man seemingly checked for a pulse, and it was then Arcen realised her head was loosely tilted to the left, her eyes half closed and her mouth slightly open, with a small line of blood running down to her chin, but her right eye kept twitching, darting around constantly.

Soon enough, Arcen's Aura came into effect and healed her slightly, as if saying "No, get up and kick his teeth in."
And kick his teeth in she shall.
The big bonus about this was that most of the pain she had endured hadn't really effected her much, it was more constricting pain rather than actual pain. Albeit this one had been on a much higher scale, she was used to these breakdowns and episodes by now. Heck, it had made up the past two years of her stupid and useless life.
The second bonus was that, albeit the kick and throw hurt a ton, it moreso just knocked the breath out of her, and since she was slowly regaining her senses, she felt like starting her counter attack.

He slung her over his shoulder, sticking his finger quite close to her face and speaking of all of the wonderful things he could have done to her.
'Ohhhhh dear christ.... If I could talk, there would be just so many things I'd love to scream at you while I'm ripping out your jugular.... So many things....'
Arcen had officially lost it, that much was clear.

Apparently this man had a talking Cat. She didn't quite understand how this worked, but she wanted it dead too. She would make sure it wasn't talking for long.
At some point it had jumped up onto his other shoulder, but she hadn't noticed it until just then.
As they started moving, there was talk of a hospital, and calling an ambulance.
Arcen was going to make god damned sure she wasn't the one who needed a hospital by the end of it....
She was going to make god damned sure alright....

Before she decided to follow through with her plan, she moved her head slowly to the side, staring at the Cat. At first she kept the same cold dead and heartless expression on her face, but eventually she turned that into a slight grin, her eyes all cute and nice looking.

Once more,
Arcen started glowing.
Although this time the charge up wouldn't be interrupted by a roundhouse kick to the gut and being thrown around like a toy.
Right before the charge up was complete, she twisted her body to look up at the man, giving him the same innocent and happy look and poking him in the middle of his chest, keeping it there for a good two seconds before her semblance activated. The distorted blue bubble expanded rapidly, and fired him behind her, into a wall.
The Cat, as long as it didn't have a solid grip, should have only gone a few meters and would probably be fine, but the man was absolutely in a wall right now.... Or maybe he went down the other alleyway....
Nope.... Nope it was the wall....

Right before he shot backwards, Arcen had 'hopped' her body up, at least loosening his grip so that she only flew back a bit farther than the Cat would have. That still didn't change the fact that her landing involved her falling onto her face and skidding a bit....

She planted her hands onto the ground, pushing herself up and moving her legs underneath her the allow herself to stand, albeit she struggled slightly, but she managed.
Lifting her front half up, she rubbed her forehead, taking in the damage that she may or may not have done.
While she looked at the man against the wall, she wondered if she had killed him....
'Awh no.... I don't want it to be broken! I wasn't done playing with it yet!! Damnit Arcen! Wait, is he dead? I can't tell.... Maybe he isn't.... Thinking about it now, if he's not dead he's probably angry.... That's.... That's not good....'

The blue distorted looking bubble slowly closed back in on her, rippling and occasionally sending a rounded spike out here and there, before finally coming into contact with her, reverting back into a glow, and then fading out entirely, like a candle in the wind.

Arcen brought her arms up, crossing them in an 'X' shape with her right arm over her left, extending her fingers and keeping her wrists straight in line with her forearms as her gauntlets began extending.
They stopped at her wrists, and Arcen swiftly uncrossed her arms, throwing them slightly behind her as the four, foot long claws unsheathed themselves from their metalic restraints.

Her fake smile left her face with ease, reverting back into the same cold, dead, heartless expression it was always in.

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Koko Hanazusaki
First the cat made eye contact with the girl, and then Koko turned to make eye contact with her. He didn't trust that small smile, as someone who faked most his emotions he could call BS a mile away. He watched her light up once more like a Christmas tree, placing her finger to his chest. He stopped moving, letting out a sigh as he looked towards the girl, knowing almost all too well what she was going to do, as he figured her little light show wasn't for healing.

"I hate you."

He spoke, and felt himself go airborne. He had kept a gaze long enough to see Karla land safely, and closed his eyes as he felt the impact against the wall, utterly snapping his neck and caving in his skull. Karla ran up to him, his body stuck smashed into the wall like a piece of gum, and she watched him, unmoving.

"Koko... Are you alright?"

She spoke, watching the blood leak from his head, mouth, and eyes. His skull was shattered, that was the most visible thing, a mass of blood and brains seemingly splattered against the wall. He didn't move, black smoke started pouring from his blood ridden body. A woman formed from the smoke, skin and hair the same color as ash, orange eyes filled with evil and hatred, wings forming from the smoke coming off the mans carcass. Her horns were the last thing to form on her body, and she approached the cat, looking down to her then moved past her and to the bloodied body of her host.

Almost as if it were a game she dug out his neck, broke through his spine, and beheaded him, tearing the head off the rest of the way with a sickening sound as the flesh pulled apart. She played with the broken skull, seemingly drinking the blood from the openings in his head, and ate his brain. She let out a small chuckle, a small giggle that turned into a horrendous laugh, shattering the glass on the buildings and lights around them. Her laughter caused the fire of the carcasses around them to extinguish, and from there she politely placed the skull down, and started eating the charred corpses of the bodies that her host had slaughtered moments ago, leaving nothing but bones behind.

She wiped her mouth, the cat staring up at the monstrosity as she picked up the severed head, spitting blood from the victims across the open wounds, watching them hiss, bubble, and heal. Karla hesitantly approached the demonic figure, making eye contact with her as Delissia turned to look at the little black cat.

"D-Delissia, it's okay. Just calm down, have him calm down, just-"

She spoke, getting cut off by the sick smile of the woman, her grin passing that of any human capability, looking absolutely horrifying.

"Nevermind I'm getting the hell out of here."

Karla spoke and darted off, Delissia looked down to the head as the eyes opened up, making eye contact with the woman. He looked at the girl, then had his head brought up to be face to face with Delissia, who tilted her head so innocently. She brushed the hair from his face, and moved her hand under and into his neck hole, making a puppet from the severed head. She moved her hand to make it 'talk' which seemingly amused the woman as she was very content with it.

She looked at the girl, making the mouth move as the eyes moved by themselves as if it were a joke, the creepy smile returning on her face as she had a toy and was so happy about it. Eventually she turned the head back to face her, and used her fingernail to scratch at his teeth, then let out a small humming sound. She twitched, pulling her blood soaked hand from the opening and wondered over to the rest of Koko's carcass, peeling the body off the wall. She impaled his body and brought the opening of its neck to her mouth, coughing up fluid into it, and the body started twitching, healing the broken bones, healing the internal damage, and reattached his head.

The body twitched violently and suddenly, the nerves connecting themselves back together, the flesh sizzling as it reconnected, and the spine reattached itself. The monstrosity stood above the newly revived corpse, and watched Koko pick himself up. He dropped to his knees almost immediately, and started coughing, except he wasn't coughing up blood, fluid, nothing of the like. He was coughing up bugs, they looked like a mix between a spider and a fly, and came out in mass amounts from his throat.

A good square foot was covered in nothing but these insects, and they squirmed and twitched on the ground. Delissia wondered to the front of Koko, lifting his head up. She forced his mouth open and reached inside, pulling out a strange form of Abomination from his body. The blade was oddly pulsating white, and Delissia dropped the blade infront of him. She chuckled softly, vanishing in smoke as he pulled himself up, picking up the blade. Karla came running back, watching the woman.

"That.... That hurt a lot more than I hoped it would. Not the impact, I didn't feel that all to well, it was more her breaking my neck, and using my head as a puppet. God I feel violated like a Bill Cosby victim..."

He spoke, the cat staring intently at him and had a surprised look on her face, speaking out.

"Your teeth.... Open your mouth...." "Huh?"

He raised a brow, picking up the cat. He opened his mouth, and she closed her eyes, shaking her head scared out of her mind.

"What's wrong?" "She.... What did she do to your teeth... That's just sick."

She spoke, and pushed away from him. She looked at the blade as its pulsating slowly died, and looked back at Koko, shaking her head before vanishing into the darkness once more. Koko looked at the cat as it vanished, then looked to the girl, and walked casually over to her. He cracked a grin, opening his smile to show black etchings carved all through his teeth. A satanic writing of a long forgotten language covered his teeth which would tran, and he chuckled ever so slightly to the girl.

"Come on, I was only trying to take you to the hospital because you were injured, now you had to go and do all that, had to bring her out here, damn near hurt my innocent little cat who wanted me to help you and carry you there. But seeing as you are fine-"

He spoke and coughed, a final insect hybrid resting on his tongue. He reached into his mouth and pulled the bug out, crushing it in his hand as he looked to her. He chuckled once more, his eyes slowly grew from friendly to blank as he tilted his head.

"Seeing as you are fine and can walk on your own, I'm going now. Unless you persist in trying that cute little trick again. Because as you can clearly see from that little... viewing... all it did was irritate me.

(Let it be known this is the softer version of what my post could have been...((Reworded some parts, added words, etc.)))


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Arcen Anokades
Arcen sheathed her claws, watching as the mess that she had made grew worse.
But no matter what was racing to her mind, the memories being triggered by the sight, the disturbed thoughts, the horrible history, every single moment she spent covered in someone else's blood, all of that....
She felt nothing.
Mass amounts of blood leaked from the battered and broken corpse, and yet she still stared at it blankly, not even the slightest sign of any expression ever emerging on her cold face.
She felt no remorse, no guilt, she'd been through the lot of it. She'd slaughtered the people that ruined her life, and now she was training to do the same, alongside healing people. No laceration, no revolting wounds, no horrible images, no amount of blood and gore could phase this girl.

Watching as a thick looking black smoke began pouring out of the corpse, forming some demon looking thing, all the physical representation of her internal emotions could stack up to was a head tilt. Just a slow, casual, dead, head tilt. Nothing more, nothing less.
The thing she presumed was a female began mutilating the corpse further, along with eating the burned bodies covering the space. More thoughts raced through her mind, trying to trigger a disgusted response, but to no avail. She kept a solid unmoving face, watching the violence unfold before her.

Arcen began to grow tired, so she sat down cross legged on the dry ground, away from the blood soaked patches and puddles.
While most would be vomiting violently onto the ground at the scene, Arcen sat there with a blank expression covering her face.
The female begin playing with the man's skull, having it make faces at her, yet she still sat there, swishing her white, fluffy tail back and forth across the cold pavement.

The female seemingly stuck the body back together after a while of playing with it. Arcen watched with absolutely no change in facial expression, besides a small *Sniff*, as she placed her right hand to the ground, pushing with that while she unfolded her legs to move herself up and off of it.

The now standing Arcen watched as the corpse twitched violently, forming back together.
She ignored the ordeal he followed it up with, and the confrontation between him and the cat. She did, however, begin paying attention when he started walking towards her.
The Arctic Fox Faunus blocked out his smile, focusing only on his movements. What was the plan here?

As the man stopped, she tilted her head slightly upwards to glare at him.
Her cold, dead, emotionless face did not change like it should have.
A chuckle came from him, and Arcen's mind raced more, but it still could not trigger the physical response she should have made at the given moment in time.
A blank expression emerged from the man's face, quite like her own.

He said he was leaving, but Arcen was extremely disatisfied with the encounter. The least he could do after all of that was give her a challenge.
The man had first of all, killed defenseless Faunus like she was-- She used to be. Then, he was killed simply by her semblance.
She opened her mouth, emitting a distorted gurgle before forming a singular bland and monotoned word. No matter the fact her tone rarely changed, this word sounded oddly disgusted.
She swiveled her head and body to the right side a bit, lifting her head up a little more and sliding her eyelids down to a half closed position, as a small *Tch* escaped her lips. She crossed her arms.
Another throaty gurgle ensued, before she uttered the same cold, disgusted word out of the corner of her mouth.
"...You........... Are......................... Weak..."
More violent gurgling was followed by three words, all spoken in the same cold, disgusted, monotoned voice.

Despite her lack of emotions, a tiny frown carved itself onto her face. She genuinely looked revolted by his prescence. He wasn't even able to survive her semblance, she doubted he could actually hurt her anyways.
On the inside, Arcen was really hoping for a fight. She was quite terribly bored, as well as depressed, and she needed something to cheer her up. A good fight should do the trick. At the very least, she could test his fighting skills. Sure he had a big sword, -which, as she looked closer, seemed to be a bit bigger now-, but did he know how to use it?

Standing only a few feet from the man, Arcen put on an awfully bold display, as well as seemingly forgetting about the fact that she currently wore her Casual Prosthetics.
She swiveled her head and body back to face him, opening her eyes to glare at him. Arcen lifted her right leg up, before slamming it back down into the ground with a metallic *Clang!*.
Arcen seemingly yelled this word, a slight raise in tone as if straining her voice. This time, however, the gurgle ensued throughout the entirety of the word, instead of before and/or after it.

She would have emitted a low growling sound, kind of like a Dog would, but the yell had hurt her throat too much to make practically any more noise.
No matter how much hatred and disgust flowed through her body, her cold, dead, blank, emotionless face refused to take action, besides flaring her nostrils, slightly lifting up a small opening at the edge of the right side of her mouth, and baring her teeth.

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Koko Hanazusaki
The first word from the girl was easily overlooked as Koko looked at the bones that were once living breathing people, they had names, families, friends, there life was ended because they decided to pick a fight with someone who they thought would die from a gunshot to the head. The second time the girl spoke was catching his attention softly, but he thought it had been a frog croaking in the distance. The girl spoke a third time, and Koko stopped, chuckled softly, and turned to face the woman with his blade in hand. Weak? How, from allowing himself to die from something he knew he didn't need to dodge? That was the only thing that crossed his mind of what she was talking about. Well maybe it was his look, or quite possibly the fact he allowed his soul to be taken by the devil. There could have been many things she were referring to, but as she sounded like she was on her death bed he couldn't really figure she'd go into depth on her words.

"You sound like a frog giving birth to a moose, can you possibly say something more than one word a breath? People with lung cancer try harder than that. And there is no problem with weak people, weak people don't have to work as hard because someone else will pick up the slack. Weak people are more intelligent than society rejects like you, and I."

He spoke, staring into the girls eyes with his, the two sharing an unnerving amount of dark vibes. He looked down to his sword, and pulled up his sleeve to show the robotics. Tossed the blade to his other hand and pulled the glove concealing his metal fingers, and placed it in his pocket. He tossed the sword back and forth, from one hand to the other, the blade making a small cling every time it came into contact with his metal prosthetic. He was half expecting Karla to intervene once more, but she hadn't come back. She left the area, left the two of them alone. He grew closer to Arcen, then as he was within striking distance he used his aura and his speed increased dramatically. He aimed for a non vital area on the girls body around her stomach and pressed the blade to it, into it, and through it. The sound of cutting flesh filled the air, and his sword became soaked once more.

"You really just wanna die, don't you? Have someone clean up the last guys mistake."

He spoke, and grabbed her shoulder, forcing the blade all the way through her body, and butted her right against the hilt. He looked into her eyes as he let go of her shoulder, and started lifting her up higher, and higher, and higher, almost to where her thighs would be by his face. He didn't even use both hands, just his prosthetic to lift her up. He could only imagine the serrations slowly stabbing into the flesh, but he didn't give her time to kick him in the face. Oh no he approached the side of the alley way and stabbed the blade into the wall, suspending her a solid 5 feet in the air. He let go of the blade, and took a moment to walk a few feet from her. He pulled out a watch to look at the time, and then a box of cigarettes colored black and white. He popped the lid on it, and let out a disappointed sigh as he was down to a few left. He closed the lid and placed them back in his coat, then spoke to the girl suspended in the air without making eye contact.

"Is this what you wanted? To feel more pain and suffering?"

He spoke, turning around to look at her and at what blood had already been spilt. He grew closer to Arcen, tilting his head ever so softly while spreading his arms out in question.

"Well, what is it? Cat. Got. Your. Tongue?"

He spoke, pulling her out of the wall and stabbed her back into it, suspending her to be face to face with him. He let out a mocking 'tch' as he pressed his hand against her stomach, onto the girls flesh with his metallic fingers. He dug his fingers into the opening on sides of the blade, spreading the wound further and further, almost tearing apart the skin. He just wanted to inflict pain, he was quite a sadistic man after all. Any amount of pain and suffering spotted amused him and amused Delissia even more.

"You know, I really didn't want to be this person today but... I'll make an exception. From a Reject, to a Reject, I'll make this one exception, just for you."

He spoke with a dead smile, forcing his fingers through one side of the wound and out the other, potentially doing damage to the area around the wound and the floating ribs. He twisted his fingers and pulled, looking down to his blood covered hand as he stroked her skin, her marvelous white pearlescent skin stained with scar tissue. He chuckled softly, pulling her off the wall one handed again in a demonstration that if she were talking about his physical strength to be weak she would be wrong as well. He brought his foot up to her chest, and forcefully kicked the girl off, the poor thing probably catching each and every serration on her way off. He sighed, flicking the blood off the blade at the girl, and closed his eyes softly.

"Happy now? Can I go home, or do you need more?"

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen's aggressive act faded suddenly as the man insulted her voice. What, was he so inconsiderate as to not even take into account the fact that she might have more than one thing wrong with her? Great. Weak, and a jerk.
Her face, now reset back into her usual dead expression, glared at the man. She let off a casual right side head tilt, flicking her ears to the left, opposite of her head, before recentering it as the man grew closer.
She swiveled her head to the left this time, closing her eyes again in disgust.

All of the sudden, Arcen felt a sharp, searing pain rip through her body.
She stumbled on the spot a bit, flitting her eyes open and casting her gaze to the man's shoulder, and starting her way down his arm, before finally setting her eyes on the problem.
Arcen had been impaled.

Her eyes dilated, iris and pupils receeding into a mere tiny dot, surrounded by a vast expanse of white. Once more, thoughts raced through her head, yet again failing to trigger any form of physical response. Her eyes were fixed in this small, miniscule state for now, yet her mouth moved silently, incapable of the words she wanted to say.
'I Hate You....'
Arcen shakily moved her prosthetic arm to her chest, pulling it up near her face and watching as the blood seeped through the cracks in her 'fingers'.
She lazily lifted her head back up, dead expression unable to change.

He set his hand on her shoulder, driving the serrations further and further through her bloodied body. She tried to stop it, placing her hands to her chest and wrapping her fingers around the blade, grabbing it tightly, and upon failure, pulled her head back and gritted her teeth, grimacing as her body was ripped through, until she reached the hilt. A full six feet of serrated steel was driven through her chest, yet her expression did not change.
If she was capable of screaming, this would be the time her mouth would force it out of her, but no. No, all she could do was gurgle, and right now, she couldn't even do that. All she could do right now was eject streams of blood out of her mouth.
She felt the sensation of upwards movement, no longer feeling the ground beneath her feet. Her body fell practically limp, yet she still kept her face fixated on his, her dead, emotionless expression still refusing to change.

Arcen outstreched her human arm, placing her bloodied hand down by his prosthetic one, shivering as she felt the strange tingling sensation of the blood seeping through her clothing, as well as running down her legs onto the hard ground below.
Soon after they started moving, she felt a thrust, and a sudden stop, but she didn't notice the wall. All Arcen noticed was the serrations ripping through more of her flesh.

Watching as the man walked away, she cast a quick and weak glance behind her, now noticing the wall she was stuck to.
"H....hh-hhhaaaaaate.... Y....yy-yyyoouu......"
Arcen's voice was a mere raspy whisper, the gurgles hardly distinguishable from the ambience.
Upon being lowered to his height, her eyes filled back out, but the expression on her face, -or rather, the lack there of.- still stubbornly refused to change.
Her fluffy white tail dangled lifelessly above the ground, already caked with her own blood.

The cold tingle of the man's metal prosthetic touched her body, and she felt tugging near her chest, follow by a burning, searing pain, as he began ripping the wound apart, making it even bigger.
She turned her head away, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes as his hand went straight through her.


As the man started stroking her skin, her eyes dilated once more, reverting back to a tiny little dot.
Something felt.... Off.... In Arcen's body.
Her right hand began flexing, twitching rapidly, before spreading the feeling to her shoulder.
As she was ripped out of the wall, this action stopped.

Arcen's body jolted a bit as she felt his foot up against her chest.
She braced herself. She was aware of what was coming, and she was aware it would hurt.

So then it happened.
Her body was propelled backwards, catching each and every singular serration, gasping in pain as they all ripped through different parts of her flesh, her beaten body twitching as the blood was sprayed everywheres.
Arcen hit the ground with a sickening *Thud!*, her body tumbling lifelessly as if she were dead, but no, why would she get the luxury of death when she could just endure more pain...?

Rolling to a stop, face down on the pavement, Arcen's body twitched violently. A jolt here, a little bit of movement there, and a whole lot of blood splattered everywheres.


With a small twitch of her hand, Arcen began pushing herself up onto her knees, grasping her bloodied chest with her prosthetic hand as she propped herself up with her right. Her breathing became irregular, shaky and distorted, ragged and painful.
Arcen body twitched violently once more as she began coughing up blood, as if enough hadn't already come out of her already.
It hurt. It hurt to breath, it hurt to move, and it especially hurt when the overwhelming pain surged through her broken body.

'I don't like it! It hurts!
It hurts it hurts it hurts!
The pain, I don't like it! I don't I don't I don't!! It feels bad! It feels bad and I don't like it!
I don't.... I don't.... I.... I--
I do...?
Do I like it--?
I.... I do....
I do like it.... It feels....
It feels.... Nice....'

The girls body began shaking violently, as some horrible distorted gurgle came from her. The difference about this one, however,
was that Arcen was laughing.
Thoughts raced through her mind, and this time, they triggered something.


Blood splashed onto the ground as Arcen forced herself to stand up, turning around to face the man.
Her upper half was lopped over to one side, arms dangling lifelessly as the 'laughing' stopped.

"...Do you.... like.... pain...? I......... I like....... pain........."

She could hardly make it through this sentence without 'laughing'; A small giggle took place after every few words.

Arcen innocently tilted her head, a wide, blood stained smile carving itself into her face as the painful gurgling ensued.
As she lifted her top half back up into a straightened position, as well as recentering her head, her body shuddered, a rythmic twitch of her left eye followed suit of her right, albeit at a slower pace.

It darted around, scanning each and every individual thing at a fast and frantic speed.
Her hand began flexing again, twitching rapidly as the blood streamed out of her chest.
It was all quite funny to her now, really. The blood tickled her, the burning sensation felt relieving on this cold night, and the hole through her chest shot a jolt of searing pain throughout her body.


Arcen didn't attack just yet. No, she wanted to feel just a little bit more before she ripped him to shreds. It felt so nice, and tingly.
Last time she'd felt like this, she had ripped off a man's arms and beat him to death with them, but Arcen held no grudge with this one. There was no reason for her to kill him,-again.-, or even for her to just be a part of his life anymore, but if she left now she may appear weak, and if she appeared weak, well.... She didn't want to appear weak.
Never again....

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Koko Hanazusaki
For some odd reason he hadn't noticed the small streams of blood the girl had spat out that quickly covered his head, parts of his face, and his jacket. He didn't feel the wetness, nor did he register the color through his color blinded eyes. He just watched the girl twitch, possible mental melt down on top of her uncontrolled body movement. Koko pressed the blade into the ground as a resting place, sighing softly as he broke out that black box once more, and lit up to smoke. The girl now forming rather coherent sentences caused him to look her direction as he passed the lighter from his hand back to his pocket, and upon her asking her question his expression never changed.

"That's because you're a masochist honey, those people enjoy pain. Me, nah. Never cared for it, reasons you wouldn't care for mixed with my reasons of not telling you immediately shun that conversation from life. But I will say one thing, watching a child's pained expression as she slowly dies from internal diseases is quite painful for a father to watch. Once I'm done with you I'm going to visit a blood market and have that wretched beast regurgitate the flesh and organs of those faunes so I can part them out and donate the money to the local orphanage so that they don't have to feel what 'she' did. I don't need it, I already have trouble staying down if you didn't notice."

He spoke, eyeballing his blade. The blood and bits of flesh covering it went to waste as the lack of color just showed fifty shades of gray, followed by lumps of tissue. He grabbed it and brought the blade to his mouth and tasted the flesh and blood and flicked the rest off besides what was stuck in the teeth of the serrations. He approached the girl softly as she went into her little laughing fit and touched his prosthetic hand to her wound, blood softly covering his hand as he brought it to her face. In a sick sense of humor he brushed on a smile of blood onto her face, moving almost ear to ear.

"Pleasantly enough you'd be rather pretty had you not decided to play this game, sweetheart. Even past the prosthetics, the eye and the ear are rather cute."

He spoke, taking a drag off his cigarette while moving his blood soaked metal hand up to pull the cigarette out of his mouth, and he let out a small ball of smoke. He used his human hand to touch her face as he moved the blade into his metal hand with his cigarette, to slightly force her crazy eye open to where he could get a better look, and once he got his fill he let her go and wandered back a few paces, bringing the cigarette back to his mouth.

"Even your eye can be considered cute, pity you're just a sugar dipped psycho with a warped sense of humor and a pain fetish. But since you like pain so much, I'll do you a favor."

He spoke, turning around to look at her and at what blood had already been spilled from her wound. He positioned his blade from his hand, and whipped it towards the girl, watching the blade impale her shoulder and with the force and weight behind it he watched the impact pick her up, and fling her down the alleyway with the blade still inside her. He heard a small ting, possibly the sound of a body hitting a dumpster. He went to investigate and saw that she had been impaled to the large green trash bin, and she was right back at the hilt after the blade went through. Funny enough, he almost felt pity for her. Almost, she brought it upon herself and she said she did like pain, so who was he to reject something she wanted that he could oh so easily deliver. He moved his hand under her chin and forced her head up to look at him, cigarette burning bright with the orange cherry emitting smoke.

"How's that princess? Do you like that too?"

He spoke, moving his hand away from her. He pulled the cigarette from his mouth and put it out on her arm, the bright orange cherry probably burning into her flesh as it went out. He flicked the remaining bit of the cancer stick and its filter away from the two, and stood back up to take a few steps back, admiring his work. Interestingly enough by now he'd of already snipped off her ears and tail, then parted out her internal organs but something was telling him to just leave it be. It wasn't Delissia or Karla, maybe it was his brain? Maybe it was a sense of guilt? No, he didn't feel guilt for faunes. In the end he notched it up as just a minuet feeling of pity.

"Again, you still look rather cute with that little blood smile. Perhaps if things were different I might have taken interest in you, your physical appearance is dashing. Your mental, maybe not so much but what's one hour of meeting someone really do? Considering you can't even tell me to f-off effectively, who knows what your personality is like. Still, you are an adorable piece of eye candy none the less, even past your missing limbs which who am I to even judge. I blew my arm off with a hand grenade."

He spoke in a sickly sweet style. He meant what he said behind his words, even while his personality was more on the flirty sadistic side. She wanted pain, hopefully this would suffice. He grabbed onto the handle of Abomination and dragged it back out of her, and the noise emitted off ripping through the dumpster's metal wall was cringe worthy. Foot by foot the blade left her body, and once removed he flicked it dry again, and forced a foot of the serrated steel into the ground as a resting place incase he needed to use it again.

"My oh my what sins I've committed tonight. Tell me, do you still want more pain?"

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Arcen Anokades
Arcen's body stopped dead, any movement ceased to exist after one simple word.

Did-- Did he just-- Cute...? I'm.... Cute?? What? Does he not see me as a reject from society!? An emotionless psychopath bent on killing whatever she pleases!?'

The girl shook her head a bit.
No, no, that couldn't be it.

'He's lying! He must be lying! I'm not cute! Nobody thinks I'm cute! He's just scared, that's all! Yeah, yeah that's it, he's scared!
But is he....?
Why would he be scared, he's the one with the big sword. So....
What if....
What if he.... What if he really thinks....
I'm cute....?'

She completely ignored anything else he said, her mind racing as she contemplated what was happening, what was going on, where she was, how she got here, and finally, how she got into this mess.
Her smile faded, eyes filling back out, wiping the blood on her mouth away as she innocently tilted her head.

"..............You.....................Think.............................I'm................................. Cu--"

The final word of her sentence ended abruptly, instead being replaced with a sickening gurgle. Sticky, red liquid flew out of her mouth as a sharp pain surged through her body once again.

Feeling herself once again be propelled backwards, Arcen internally sighed.
'So close.... Yet so--'

Her train of thought was cut off as her body came to a sudden, horrible stop. Apparently, she had hit a dumpster.
Arcen instantaneously wrapped her prosthetic arm around her chest, clutching it tightly as she felt the blood seep through the cracks in her 'arm'.
She attempted to move her human arm to her head, but she soon enough realized that it was currently pinned.
It was now that things began to go blurry, coming in and out of focus. Once more, her eyes dilated, head tilting to the left side, away from the blade as she felt the momentum it carried drive it through her body again, along with the hard impact of the hilt.
Rendering her earlier actions useless, a long, wide stream of blood began to flow out of Arcen's mouth as she coughed more of it up, along with a fair amount of saliva mixed in with it that she was practically incapable of swallowing at this point.
Any positive emotions Arcen had previously harboured flowed away, along with the excessive amounts of her own blood.
That cold, heartless smile etched it's way back onto her mouth, her body giving a rythmic and violent jolt every few seconds, occasionally going out of beat to twitch some more.

As the man approached, her vison cleared. Her first instict was to look down and find the source of the lovely feeling that was currently burning it's way through Arcen's entire body, but all she saw was red. Lots and lots of red.


The man lifted her head up, and she stared at him. Her pupil and Iris were a mere tiny dot, and her mouth was stuck in a wide, terrifying grin, whilst the blood leaked out, filtering itself through any hole in her that it could.
There were quite a few of them.
Her body twitched as the burn embedded itself into her arm, and this time she looked quite displeased by the 'fire', her grin fading a bit.
As he began pulling the sword out of her, Arcen's body began to come with it, slowly moving forwards a bit, before limply settling back down against the dumpster.
Her smile returned once more as the newly unblocked wound began oozing out blood as well.

Once more, the word 'Cute' was thrown at her, as well as 'Dashing', and 'Eye Candy'. But Arcen was now far past those emotions. Sure, her own blood felt nice and warm against her skin, but she'd bet that his felt better.
Much better.

"....I.........Enjoyed it.............."

Lifting herself up into a crouched position, the girl repeated the same action as earlier in order to unsheathe her claws, before swiftly continuing on with her plan.
Arcen literally threw herself at the man, placing her knees on either side of his hips and thrusting her unsheathed claws into his shoulders, knocking him over onto his back.
Her body recoiled slightly from the impact of the ground, and a tiny bit from the contact with his chest.

Arcen lifted her right arm up, curling her hand into a fist and throwing it forward.
Her demented smile grew larger as she thrust her right arm into his left leg, twisting her wrist around and ripping the claws out in a scooping motion.
The first blood was drawn then, and she enjoyed every single second of it.
Finally, she took her right hand and made a swift, deep cut sideways across his gut.
Arcen laughed the whole way through this, somehow finding it quite funny.
By now, the man's chest was caked with blood, although quite a large amount of it was, in fact, Arcen's.

Deciding she wasn't done yet, Arcen lifted up her prosthetic arm, curling her hand into a fist as her grin became even larger, seemingly reaching it's limit.
She began to thrust her claws forward, aiming directly for his throat, but suddenly, she stopped.
Her eyes reverted back to a normal size, albeit her right one still twitched around like crazy.

'Cmon, cmon, I'm better than this! He doesn't deserve my time! I should just leave right now, I think I've done enough.'

So, she decided it was a good idea to just stay there, unsure of what to do, on her knees, on top of some guy who could absolutely not be trusted.


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Koko Hanazusaki
For once Koko took attention to the girl, and he heard something before the blade hit her. Did she.... Really take the compliments to heart? Well... They weren't exactly lies. She was a cute girl, but it seemed like the sweet talk buttered up the little sky color fured girl, seeming like it actually managed to put her in confusion. Maybe, just maybe, he could mess with her. He wasn't a saint, he wasn't a grand old person, he was a monstrosity after all, what would this woman be to him to be further than a little lap doll, she could certainly take a hit from him, though he was trying his hardest to avoid her vitals.

Still, being impaled twice isn't exactly a walk-offable thing for the weak willed. She must have really wanted to kill him, atleast that's what he thought. He chuckled softly, watching her stand up and draw her weapon. She rushed, and he laughed the entire time. First her weight, then the sheer feeling of his flesh being stuck like a wild animals, feeling a burning sensation that dulled quickly from his shoulders. Then came the ground, he felt his back become a little wet from the surrounding destruction he left, and with the girl impaling him he continued laughing, harder, and harder, and harder as he never broke eye contact.

He felt the flesh torn from his leg, and his laughter slowly died down to a chuckle as he let her do what she wanted, only later coming to the realization she'd ruined his clothes. Her blood was literally covering his upper half, it looked similar to a B-movie slasher film with the amount of blood around them, on her, and pooling over him. He felt the slash across his gut, and the laughter slowly stopped, and he watched her, back to showing little to no expression of pain which the little girl probably wanted.

Finally her hand went up, and from the direction she was aiming she'd of either hit his collar bone, neck, or chin, somewhere along that area. He expected to be spitting up blood, but she stopped herself, and he tilted his head.

"Hey... Why'd ya stop. Heheh, heheheh, heheheheh. Why did you stop pumpkin?"

He spoke, eyeing the girl. He grabbed the pack of drenched cigarettes from his pocket as the urge to smoke was raising as well as the pain flowing through him before going numb. He pulled one of the blood soaked cancer sticks out, one of the dryer ones atleast, and crushed the pack in his hand. Yes, he stopped to have a cigarette break in the middle of being cut apart, all while the girl was still sitting on him. He grabbed the lighter and moved the cigarette to his lips, and lit the end. He inhaled hard at first, choking back what blood she got in his mouth as she was leaking like someone turned a hose on, and he grabbed the butt of the cigarette with his human hand and patted the girls head.

"You aren't exactly heavy are you? I'd expected that arm and leg of yours to weigh more, might be blood loss but you aren't really too heavy at all. Stuck me like a dang hog. I'm gonna have to getcha back for that one, princess."

He spoke and blasted her dead on the chest with his metal hand, as hard as he could while in his position. He grabbed her by the scruff of the chest of her outfit and threw her off of him, and stood up to catch his bearings. He looked down at himself, an unpleasant sigh in his voice. Another outfit ruined, he'd have to either stop buying such expensive clothing or start aiming to kill, because at the rate he was going he was burning through clothes

"God dang kid, I look like a slasher flick victim, heheh. Did an alright job, but you should have carried through with your last attack, otherwise you wouldn't be so human natured in my eyes as to hold yourself back."

He spoke, looking down at the wounds she inflicted as his blood spilled out. Black smoke started pouring out of them like water from a dam, and within seconds the wounds were gone with a series of hissing, sizzling, and loud popping as the flesh mended itself together. It was rather graphic to see his skin seal itself and hear the internal wounds heal up, and his clothes remained tattered from where she struck him. He looked disgusting in his eyes, and he'd sure as heck need a shower. He grabbed abomination once more from the ground and used it to hold himself up, as he was growing tired. Not physically, just a massive mental drain since he had chased those kids not too long ago. He stood up straight, squeezing the handle of abomination as it puffed away in a ball of smoke. He didn't want to use his blade again, but the girl did irritate him by inflicting pain on him. He enjoyed being on the giving end of the pain, not on the receiving end. He grabbed his cigarette into his left hand and opened his arms wide, letting out another laugh.

"I'll tell ya what, I'll let ya try that again, I'm a nice guy after all, go ahead and do your worst, you little muffin. Prove to me I shouldn't chop you up into spare parts right here. If you impress me, I'll do something about that little bleeding out thing you have going on, just so you can live to feel the pain you desire once again."

He spoke, remembering he had a few health potions after his encounter with the Dust 'witch' that he encountered late one night. He could hand one off, he was gonna give her one anyways. He kinda just wanted to push the girl futher and further down the sanity tree, or throw her back up it, whichever worked first, or he'd beat her unconscious and force the potion onto her whether she liked it or not. He liked this one, she was feisty, and refused to die. He moved the cigarette back to his lips and inhaled, exhaling dark smoke as he walked closer to her, arms still extended outwards. He came within a few feet of her, aiming to see if she'd snap again, or maybe playing with her heartstrings like the sinner he was would get him further.

"Come on beautiful, whatcha gonna do? Gonna try and make he cry, spill my blood, or are you gonna sit back and take getting impaled again, seeing as a pretty girl like you seems to enjoy it so. Come on sweetie, try and make me hurt~"

(Got permission to auto hit this post, though I didn't really use my weapon to deal more than 5 damage.)

Damage inflicted to Arcen this post with hands = 5 (Defense stat taken into account blocking 0 damage as 5 damage is the minimal amount allowed to be dealt and I wasn't using my weapon. Damage = 5)

(OOC extra note, taking a 1-2 day break from this thread after this post, having to get into this mind set is kinda messing me up and is causing headaches which is why I post at night before bed.)

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Arcen Anokades
She stared in relative internal confusion as he began to smoke....
In the middle of all this....

'Is he underestimating me!? I'll kill him! I won't stop myself, I won't hold back, I'll kill him! He will die! I'll rip him apart, I'll soak this place with blood, and if he comes back again, I'll kill him some more!!
I'll kill him! I will! I'm not weak! I'll kill hi--
I'll k--'

Arcen's body recoiled from the touch.
Was he.... Did he just.... Pat her!!??
Her ears flattened out against her head, her tail springing back to life as the pure white fur bristled up.
When was.... When was the last time someone touched her like this....? When was the last time someone had patted her head in a manor other than some form of sad, sickening pity?


That was the answer.


That was something that Arcen constantly radiated to everyone and everything around her, and it made her sick. They all saw her as weak, lesser than themselves, and why wouldn't they? She could hardly function in daily life, why would they assume she could even fight? Right now was a prime example. She couldn't kill him. She knew he'd come back right after, she knew he couldn't actually die, and yet, she found herself on top of him, unable to do it.

'He.... Patted me.... He touched my head, and he didn't pity me.... He patted me....
He patted me....?
He patted me....
He.... Patted.... Me....
He........ He pat........ Patted...... Patted me........

Her train of thought, once again, was cut short, as he thrusted his hand directly into her chest.
The winded girl coughed, for once not throwing blood out of her mouth.
Arcen held her ground though, refusing to get off from one simple attack.
She was, however, effected by being grabbed by the collar of her clothing and thrown off of him.
Feeling her body hit the ground, Arcen coordinated herself, twisting herself around and thrusting her claws into the pavement, before grinding to a halt.

Sheathing her claws once more, she got to her feet, staring blankly at the man.
Arcen's eyes were clouded, mouth hanging open a small bit as she tilted her head.
"You........ You... Patted..... Me....

She gritted her teeth as another shot of burning, searing pain pathed it's way through her dirtied body.
"Whyyyyy.... Did you............ Pat mmeeeeeeeeeeee....?
Do.... You.... Pity me.... As.... Well.........?"

Her arms dangled lifelessly once again, left eye calming down as she focused on him.
For a mere few seconds, she completely forgot about the pain and suffering she was currently enduring, before a painful reminder drove it's way through her nerves.
Arcen doubled over, clutching her chest with her prosthetic hand, unsheathing her right claws and thrusting it into the ground to support herself.

"No.......... No............ You can't....... Be.....
You...... Pity me....... You.......... Do........"

'He has to. Nobody likes me, I don't even like me!! He pities me! He must pity me! He has to pity me!'

She straightened her back, sheathing her claws and bringing her right hand up to her forehead, gently placing it sideways as if checking for a temperature.
As another round of pain surged through her, Arcen put pressure on her head, feeling it droop down a little bit. Her mind was racing, and it hurt. It hurt her head. She didn't understand, she didn't get it. She couldn't grasp the concept of someone not pitying her, not hating her, not fearing her, not seeing her as a horrible failure in life. It didn't make any sense to her, she couldn't comprehend this feeling, this.... Overwhelming confusion.

Her eyes, unsurprisingly, dilated again, as she slowly lifted her head back up to glare at him. She may not express much emotion, but even without the change, you could still read her like a book.
Anger, confusion, rage, pain, sadness, depression, and it was all topped off with a consuming blood lust.
And yet, she wiped it all away.
No emotion, no reaction, no weakness.
Again, her eyes filled back out, mouth shutting closed as she let go of her forehead, a blank expression took charge of her face in place of the cold, dead one.

She lowered her body, stretching her right leg out behind her, while curling her left one up, placing her right hand's fingertips to the cold, wet ground. A traditional running position, brought to you by an emotionless killer.

Arcen thrusted her left leg backward, propelling herself forwards as she brought her right leg out in front of her to do the same.
Keeping her body low to the ground to reduce resistance, Arcen unsheathed her claws, once more dragging them along his gut, near perfectly tracing her previous cut's marks with her left claw as she shot past him.
Throwing her right arm into the ground to slow herself, she twisted her body around, before once again shooting forward.
Arcen stuck out her right arm, moving it forward in a sweeping motion as she took his legs out from under him, swiftly making another cut on the back of his legs as she did so.
Twirling her body around again, she dashed to his left side, facing away from him.
She lifted her right leg up, performing a 180 degree turn, ending up facing him as her foot was at the peak of height.
No emotion creeped it's way onto her blood covered face as she brought her foot down, feeling her heel come into contact with the middle of his chest as she continued to push it downwards towards the ground, driving his body into the pavement whilst keeping her right leg completely stiff.

Arcen kept the heel of her foot on his chest, slowly putting pressure on it as her blank expression kept itself fixated on her face.
She lifted her head up slightly, looking down on him as she twisted her foot from side to side, slowly applying more pressure.

A decently volumed gurgle escaped her lips as she lifted her foot off of him, curling her legs up to crouch beside him, planting her right hand on his chest where her foot had previously been, moving her prosthetic hand to his face.

"Do.... You pity...... Me?"

Her blank expression still refused to leave her face as she uttered these words, a quiet gurgle following.
It was the one question she wanted answered.
And she wanted it answered Now.

(Got permission to auto hit three times this post .w.)
[Damage done to Koko this post: 15. [Insert maths here.]]

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Koko Hanazusaki
He didn't change his posture or position when she charged him as he allowed whatever was gonna happen happen, the slash across his chest spraying blood over the ground. The sudden pain was nauseating as every time she'd cut him she'd catch his intestine, causing them to open up. He looked down to his stomach, and soon felt weightless. He felt his legs go from under him, doing nothing to catch the fall with the burning pain in his legs from her claws, then was promptly slammed to the ground. He felt his back crack in the process, sending a warm feeling throughout his body as his cigarette stayed in his mouth the entire time, refusing to fall such as he did.

'I wonder when the last time I was slammed by someone... I think it was that Doe. It's an odd feeling, one I really don't quite care for. Especially from this little faunes pest...'

He thought as he felt the pressure grow on his chest. He inhaled slowly, brining his chest up as he followed the pressure to see her foot, following it up her leg, to her midsection, and finally he made eye contact with her with a dead tired look on his face. He chuckled with her leg pressing his chest down ever so slowly, she wasn't exactly heavy, his blade sent her flying earlier. He closed his eyes and chuckled softly until the nothingness took over, opening his eyes as he followed eye contact when she got down to his level. He was taken back by her hand touching his face, her hand was cold, as all metal prosthetics carried no heat. He stared into her face, cringing and twitching before he slammed his metal hand against her chest, full fledged, trying to cause her pain and get her to stop touching him. He hated physical contact with a burning passion.

"Don't touch me like we're friends like I'm someone you know. I hate being touched, especially by faunes scum like you."

He spoke, pulling himself to his feet as he remembered her question. He grew angry, of all the words she could say, she chose the most pathetic one to use. He latched onto her shoulders, pulling her up to stand with him. The word pity... from his perspective she was messing with him just to irritate him, throwing around such a word caused him to grow rather furious. Why use the word pity, of all things she could say why was pity one of them? He contemplated back-handing the little rat for her choice of words, but he didn't. He just glared into her eyes, well... eye.

"P....ity? Do I... pity you? Hah! Is that some kind of sick joke?"!

He shouted, pushing the girl away from him. He was disgusted now, did she think that just because she had physical restrictions that she deserved to be pitied, or should be pitied? His metal arm took more lives than his regular, he used his prosthetic more as an extension than a hindrance, and it's usefulness showed constantly. He deflected lethal blows, locked his fingers like a vice on people, and shattered skulls with just his prosthetic. Her physical appearance, the crazy eye and the missing ear were a joke to him, the only thing he could really see her asking or talking about pity for was her appendages, and if that were the case he'd surely slap the life out of her.

"You don't back down from someone who doesn't die, there is nothing to pity about you without placing your physical appearance and hindrances behind little walls of hope and weakness that you'd look like someone to underestimate and pray on, you stupid idiot. You've been impaled twice, all the way through, by serrated steel of an unforgiving blade forged in malice. From such you've recovered twice, and continue to fight, maybe not for your life, but reasons even I don't know nor do I give a damn about them. I punched you in the chest, knowing full well I could hit hard enough to force your chest into connect with and stop your heart. I picked you up with a blade buried in your small frame, and you decide to throw around the word pity of all things?! I don't pity a psychopath who'd rather try fighting a god-like entity rather than laying down like some poor fool after getting poked by an imbecile with a box cutter just to save their own skin!"

He shouted, hell he screamed at this poor girl. He didn't quite give a damn how loud he was being, she irritated the hell out of him. He slowly approached her, closer and closer until he was less than two feet in front of her. He chuckled softly, trying to correct his ill temper, but it wasn't working in the slightest.

"But first... I must show you why the term 'hero' is nothing more than a fancy word for someone who goes out of their way for another, and why you shouldn't agitate someone who enjoys playing the villain. I say that, because I tried being a 'hero' for you, just once. Just a random encounter, talked into doing so by a demonically possessed cat for you to have that monstrosity play with my skull like a damn sock puppet. That's how far being a 'hero' got me, now you get to deal with the unnerving level of hate one goes through when their only actions of kindness get stepped upon as if it were no... big... deal......"

His sword, stuck in the ground like excalibur, vanished and appeared in his hand once more. He activated his aura and boosted his speed, moving his hand to his bleeding chest to cover it in blood. He flicking it in her face to blind her while he slammed the blade through her stomach, pushing it slowly all the way through. He twisted the blade as it reached the hilt, and grabbed onto her prosthetic arm.

"This reason in particular is why everyone gets sick of playing the hero, and find out the harsh way how far playing the villain really gets you. Kindness... Is weakness. Kindness... is why I have 'I love you' carved across my back. I'm not gonna let that happen again, especially not from a little ball of fluff of misguided and poorly aimed emotions."

He spoke, pressing his boot to her chest to try and force the blade out of her, and tore her arm off to the shoulder in the process. He tossed it to the side like it was nothing, laughing at the poor craftsmanship of her appendage as he tugged on the blade. The blade refused to come out, and he slammed her to the ground, stomping his boot on her leg as he pulled the blade out with a sickening rip. He flicked the blood off, and looked down to her, kicking her in the side full force for just annoying him. He hunched down to her as his wounds hissed with a flourish of smoke and sealed, patting her on the head once more, in fact he slowly petted her head, the look of exhaustion hanging on his face.

"I'll share with you a little bit of information sweeting, the reason I play the bad guy is because playing the good guy got me tortured for almost a year. I play the bad guy for another reason, to get feeble minded idiotic individuals like you to band together as friends in hatred of me, and hopefully one day you all rise up together fight back, giving me the end of my existence on this damn rock. Holy water, a bible, a cross, and nails are the only things you could use to fully banish the demonic entity possessing my body and soul, keep them in mind. I can't even go into a church without spontaneously combusting into a ball of flames."

He spoke, standing up straight as his blade vanished in his hand, the cigarette taking its place as he looked down at her, the blood soaked rag doll of what she was now. She was gonna die if he left her like this, and he sighed, having to go that far on such in the first place as it wasn't his goal. He contemplated leaving her to die, but he felt the mixed against him coming from her, and as he checked the wounds on her she'd surely bleed to death. He let out another small sigh as he extended his hand, smoke forming in the shape of a ball. A small vial of fluid, Mini Kay's Health Regeneration Drink, appeared in his hand as the smoke vanished. It's purpose was to regenerate health, and he looked down onto the faunes girl. He crouched to come face to face with her and forced his metal fingers into her mouth to force her jaw open, and dumped the drink in until the vial was empty. He then forced her jaw shut and closed her nose, basically forcing her to drink the fluid. Once he was sure it was gone he let her go and stood up, yawning softly. He finished the rest of the cigarette and flicked the butt of it on her chest, and stretched softly as his job here was done.

"Enjoy it, it'll probably be the last gift of kindness I give you. I expect you kill me in the future, somehow anyways. Until then, doviđenja."

He spoke, walking down the alleyway and vanished into the dark of night, and left for home.


(Got permission to auto hit this post, mixed use of my weapon and my fist to deal more 45 damage.)

Damage inflicted to Arcen this post without a weapon = 15 (Defense stat taken into account blocking 0 damage as 5 damage is the minimal amount allowed to be dealt while I wasn't using my weapon.) Weapon damage dealt this post = 30, making a combined total of 45 damage, putting Arcen at 15 health. Then brought up to 40 with the Health drink.

Aura use -10
Mini Kay's Health Regeneration Drink -1 = 2 remaining

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Arcen Anokades

One word to describe her reaction.


Blasted dead in the chest, her face didn't change, her emotions didn't change, all that happened was a small recoil from the blow. Her back arched a bit, but she kept the rest of her body fixated where it was, save for her prosthetic, of which she moved away from his face in response to his request.
Arcen was emotionally dead now, lacking any and all motivation to do anything.

'Yeah, pity! That's what I said ya god damned idiot! Pity!
Do you pity me!?
Everybody else on this wretched rock does, so do you!?'

Being brought up to stand with him, Arcen found herself incapable of a retort, physical, or verbal.
Being pushed away, Arcen found herself unwanting of a comeback.
Being yelled, being screamed at, Arcen found herself harbouring that same dead expression on her face.

'Look. ANGRY!!!! He's YELLING and SCREAMING at you, so put some form of expression on your STUPID FACE!!!!
MAYBE if you didn't look like a HOPELESS IDIOT, you wouldn't get that SPECIAL TREATMENT you hate so much! Have you ever thought of that!? No, no, scratch that. Have you ever thought of ANYTHING useful in your stupid, worthless, horrible, god forbidden life!?'

She stood there, unmoving as he lectured her about being a 'hero'.
Nobody was a 'hero'.
They were all just idiots who thought they could do anything, be anything, and that they could save the world.
People with an ill understanding of how the world worked. They hadn't suffered through what Arcen had.
And in thinking that everything was perfect and only bad things happened to bad people, they always feared Arcen, stayed away from her, or worst of all, felt bad for her.
Some people had good hearts, and wasted it all by trying to make her feel good.
It made her sick. Sick to her stomach.

Ignoring the rest of his pointless rant, she was mildly surprised by blood landing in her eyes.
She closed her left, narrowly avoiding it getting in her eyes, but her right stayed open, fixated on the fluid as it crawled down her face.
The pupil stayed with the blood, glaring intently at it, watching it drip off, falling towards the ground.

She wiped face, finally able to see what was going on, and her left eye snapped to the drop that had come off of her right.
It hadn't hit the ground.
Rather, it had hit a six foot long serrated steel blade that was currently impaling her stomach.
When did that get there....?
How long has that been there?
I don't.... Think that's supposed.... To.... To be.... Be.... there....'

Arcen was basically broken, now. Internally broken. Physically broken. Emotionally broken. She was even, somehow, more mentally broken than she normally was.
Her head loosely fell to the side as she stared unwillingly at his face.

'Little-ADORABLE ball.... Of.... FLUFF- and.. Misguided.. EMOTIONS?'

Her eyes simultaneously filled out, and widened horrifically, as she felt him grab her prosthetic arm.
Every other sense except for touch and sight was ripped away from her, along with a slab of weak metal.

Arcen's mouth hung open as some form of sound came out of her mouth.
"I.... I-hate... So-much.... I...... so.... much........."
Practically inaudible, Arcen's words were envoloped by a warped gurgle anyways. It was pointless to try.

'STOP!! Just STOP!! This stupid girl is too weak for this kind of crap!!'

A voice in her head.
Rebelling against Arcen's every move.
This was new.
And what do you know?
She didn't like it.
Just like she didn't like everything else.

She felt the sword get jammed in her, now realizing it was, in fact, through an organ. Her stomach, to be exact. Yeah, yeah that was probably why it was stuck there.
He twisted his arm, and it felt as if she was being torn apart....
As he realized it was stuck, the man slammed her into the ground, and she heard a metallic crunching sound as her body lifted up, off of the ground a fair bit, before falling limply back down as relief spread through her. No more sword.

No more sword, sure, but now, there was nothing to stop another stream of red fluid to pour out of her body.
The other two had already slowed down, not ejecting out as much as before, but the newest one was gushing it out like crazy. Eh, that'll happen when you get an organ impaled.

She emitted a distorted groan as she struggled to roll onto her stomach, attempting to push herself up to stand again.
This futile movement was interrupted by a quite sudden and dull pain in her ribs as she felt her body, once again, get propelled away with surprising force. A kick to the side will do that to you.

Arcen probably looked dead right about now, as her body tumbled across the ground, before skidding to a halt.
Once again, she heard a crunching, grinding sound.
She certainly felt the part, as her body was splayed loosely across the ground, occasionally twitching, trying desperately to function properly.
It never functioned properly, however, and it certainly wouldn't start now.
Her mouth, also still leaking blood, forced itself closed to try to prevent it.

He patted her again, and she tried to react to it.
Once again, a futile effort.

She closed her right eye, as the pain of keeping it open was to much for her to bear any more.
She felt like passing out, as her left eye feel to an almost closed position.

She watched him, started at him, glared at him, but she was too weak to express whatever sad attempt at emotion she usually tried.
He stood there, he looked her over, he knew how she felt.
Angry, sad, hurt, pained, offended, defensive, internally conflicted, hated, pitied, and, most of all, confused. Completely, and utterly, confused.
And the following encounter solidified just one.

He got right up in her face, and Arcen felt her jaw get forced open, as well as her nose clogged, followed by a
different liquid sliding down her throat. Given the current situation, she presumed it was some form of health regeneration type drink.

Commence the breakdown.

Why. Why did..- I-
He- What..?
It- doe...
I c- understand..
Ah- A.. A.... Aahh....- I c..
It- doesn.. Make s-en-se
Is it.... Pity?
Is that what it is? No, it can't be.
Can it...? No. It can't.'

As he dissappeared, she groaned again, gritting her teeth.
'Get UP damnit! Get UP! Stop being USELESS, and get UP! He was WRONG! YOU DESERVE TO DIE! YOU ARE USELESS! USELESS!
Now how about, you LISTEN to ME, and GET UP!!??'

Arcen rolled herself onto her stomach, moving her arm, as well as questioning why she was listening to this voice.
'There you go! Was that so god damned difficult!? No!!
You're just weak!'

Another drawn out, distorted moan, as she pushed herself up, hearing a spalsh of blood fall to the ground underneath of her, flowing towards her hand as more of it fell.

She lifted her left leg up first, pushing it up and extending it outwards to get herself to her feet.

'Gooood job gooooood job, bravo, bravo, look at how strong she is!! She stood up all by herself!! Now let's see her walk.


Arcen incoherently stumbled forwards, almost looking like she was drunk; Taking a few steps, and nearly falling over.
Grabbing her arm, she carried it along with her, somehow remembering it in her current state of mind.
Soon enough, however, when she put her prosthetic foot on the ground, she heard a horrible metallic screeching, followed by a groan, and a snap, as two of the top four beams, and three of the bottom four beams of her metal prosthetic, completely broke, falling onto the ground with a *tink*, albeit one muffled by the splash of blood emitted from the puddle they landed in.

She stumbled, attempting to regain her footing, but every single time she put her prosthetic to the ground, it bent inwards, completely limp, completely useless.
Arcen's leg eventually buckled, and she fell to her left side.
In an attempt to catch herself, she twisted her body and began to outstretch her arm, only to be greated with a brick wall.

Arcen's back bent inwards a bit as she slowly slid down the wall, leaving a thick, wide line of blood on the way, before finally falling to her knees, and keeling over to the right, curling into a ball and clutching her chest.

"I.... I ca--cahhaahhaaaah.... I caan't.... It.... Hurts.... Me....
It hurts.... Me too.... Too much....
I ca--"



She let out some form of warped hiss through gritted teeth as she pushed herself up, grabbing her prosthetic arm and stumbling over to the right wall, placing her hand on that, and slowly 'walking' her way towards the general direction of home.


This is the sound she made on this particular night of her miserable life.

The sound made by somebody who was bloodied,

But not broken....


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