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Happy Dog Day! (Open)

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1 Happy Dog Day! (Open) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:16 am


Woof, woof! Just one simple sound was all that Gawain needed to brighten up his day, and so far, he was indeed happy. With his friend by his side, the boy left to the city for a special day, designed specifically for his pet. The planning, however, was a bit abrupt -Gawain having only learned about the celebration early in the morning- but still, the two ended up having fun in the end with the constant exploration of the city. Dressed in his casual white coat, blue shirt, white pants, and white shoes and equipped with a leash, Gawain allowed his friend free reign over the city, allowing his friend to guide Gawain to and fro across the city. There were constant stops given the companion's curiosity and even some small talk from person to person, Gawain trying his best to continue the conversation while appeasing his lovable friend. To say the least, the day was chaotic, fun, and overall, enjoyable for the both of them. Nevertheless, with the dog's special day almost nearing its end, Gawain and his companion came to stop at the town square of Bellmuse, resting together at one of the unoccupied benches.

Petting his kind, fun-loving companion on his head, Gawain rested himself into his seat before smiling down at the large, fancy box on his lap. Inside was a special cake designed especially for his pet; the cake was going to be his pet's final gift for the day after they returned to the academy, but just the thought of feeding the dessert to his pet simply made the boy smile. Not often did he usually leave the academy and rarely did he ever celebrate for somebody else, so that day was an experience for him. Spending money on a friend, making sure that they stayed joyful, all of the day was practically a step towards his dream. He only ever had a similar experience once, but then and there, his companion was what mattered the most, and Gawain was simply glad to keep his friend's life merry.

Taking one more look at his companion who simply lied on the warm yet cool ground, Gawain gave his companion another pet on his head before planting a gentle kiss on his fluffy forehead and stepping up from the bench, box in one hand and leash in the other. Their day was coming to end, but one more trip around the city wasn't going to do any harm for either one. After all, with his companion's happy barks and sweet nuzzles to the boy's leg, Gawain simply couldn't refuse another trip.


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2 Re: Happy Dog Day! (Open) on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:12 am

Passing street by street, greeting each person with a kind smile and face, the two made their way through the city under the still-beating sun. For Gawain, he was happy to see all the familiar faces, even those that remained in stores. Everything leading up to the end of that day was enough to force such a simple reaction onto the boy. After all, he was never that jubilant for the longest time; day by day, all the joy and excitement he had was from learning, creating music, and playing with his beloved family. In the end, everything felt exactly the same, so with just a single break from that experience, he couldn't feel anything but excitement. Running to and fro like a dog exploring their new home, the boy freely flowed through his day with no worry. In the end, all the boy cared about was his day.

That same day, however, eventually brought the small family to where they first crossed paths. Stepping in front of that door, Gawain looked down at his large pet; a year passed since the boy first bought the growing puppy and now, there the two were, grown up –one more than the other, and like age, their relationship grew as well. From simply being owner and pet, the boy and his dog grew to become almost like a full-fledged family. One always looked after the other and vice-versa. Crouching down to his pet, the smiling boy gently caressed his dog's head before receiving a hug and snuggles from his caring companion. The act made him chuckle silently before hugging and snuggling his pet in return. Gawain was simply glad to have such a kind and caring pet, so returning the favor was instinct to him.

After a moment of family nurturing and a talk with Petunia herself, Gawain and friend went their way once more. Their day was close to its end, and Gawain still had to provide dinner for the two of them and treat his friend. Even though they already did so much together throughout the day, there was still so much to do. Hopefully their future together could remain the same.

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