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Broken Arrows (shadow mission solo)

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1 Broken Arrows (shadow mission solo) on Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:30 am

Amarante walked into the station, "Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Valentine."
"Yes?" She jumped and turned. Thompson Valentine stood right behind her, "I am here to shadow you for the day." He smirked at her, "cute little thing like you interested in law enforcement foxy doll girl?" She bristled, "I'm not a doll! I'm a kitsune faunus." Thompson patted her head, "sure, and you're also not dressed professionally." She looked down and saw she was in her kimono... and it was hanging off her shoulder. She eeped and pulled it up, "so where are going?"
"I AM going to shadow you whether you like it or not."
"Right, because you would blend in so well." Thompson smirked, "you got a weapon?" Amarante glanced away as she pulled out a fan and shook it in his face, "you don't scare me".
"Your Hand is trembling".
"D-mn you." He grinned and motioned for her to follow, "gotta go. There was a robbery in one of the Sakura mercantile warehouses."
"Wait what!" She raced after him as he got into his car. She jumped in and looked at her scroll. This was going to be hell.

Her discomfort increased as they pulled up to the warehouse, "your family has a habit of getting mixed into some bad things." Amarante grimaced, "it's not hard to tell who you are when you habitually stand out like that." She wilted, "a simple shadowing....why does it have to be so hard?" They walked into the building. It was surprisingly nice for a utility warehouse, "Detective, thank you for coming on such short notice." Mr. Adam Silvers was a small, slight man starting to go bald in the back, "you said this was the seventh robbery in as many days, right?" Mr. Valentine didn't waste time, "ah, y-yes. This is a medical supply warehouse owned by Sakura Mercantile. Some of the items here are worth more than small towns. That stuff is completely untouched." Mr. Valentine's head shot from his scroll, "come again?"
"All the things that were stolen where supplies being donated to clinics in the poorer regions of Bellmuse. Bandages, inexpensive medicines, an X - ray machine."
"Where were these things supposed to go specifically?" Silvers shrugged, "The exact details are kept under wraps until delivery specifically to avoid this."

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2 Re: Broken Arrows (shadow mission solo) on Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:49 pm

Mr. Valentine considered that bit of information,  "so items for charity are often stolen then?"
"Not so much stolen as 'misplaced'. Sometimes people will label something as donated but it's sitting in their living room."
"Are these supplies that valuable?"
"On the street maybe. But most money  for this stuff is made by taking bulk supplies and selling to competitors so they can skip research and cut ahead."
Mr. Valentine raised an eyebrow, "oh?" He asked, not quite hiding all his skepticism. "It's quite true in this part of Bellmuse. We have several warehouses like this in poorer districts. People can't afford drugs so it's not like the thieves can get a worthwhile return on the merchandise. Unless they're selling to rich people, which is doubtful, it must be for the new shipment we got."
"New shipment?"
"Supposed to be the biggest thing in medicine I've been told." The release is set for next week." Amarante snapped her fingers,  "nanotechnology. An inexpensive viral core of some sort that lets the vaccine or really any kind of medication adapt and kill resistant strains. If it works the way it's intended to, Sakura Mercantile would effectively driven medical R&D to obsolescence. I image it would also work on narcotic drugs as well since the core would recognize anything that's harmful to the body. That would end cartels everywhere as well."
"So we have two groups with similar motives then." Mr. Valentine tapped his badge on his belt, "alright, can you show us the cameras Mr. Silvers?"

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