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The Syne Post: Birthdays for this September 2016

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Hello everyone! It's Eliera Goldera, again, with another issue declaring the birthdays of the month, this month of course being September.

Starting off, I hope that both Ms. Ashley Skyler and Ms. Liona Mimiko had wonderful birthdays, celebrating in their own individual ways, and I do hope that the faculty, staff, and students at Syne Academy, and even the city of Bellmuse wished the two well. Really, happy 20 years to the both of them, and I hope that they're able to live happy lives in their individual future. Now, without further mention, here are the birthdays for this month of September!

September 18th:
Kokokyokorimo Aika-osiris Hanazusaki

September 21st:
Lapis Lazuli Valesti

September 22nd:
Roux Lanj

September 28th:
Azazel Macross

And those were the four birthdays for September: Mr. Hanazusaki will be turning 25 on the 18th, Mr. Valesti will be turning 23 on the 21st, Mr. Lanj will be turning 20 on the 22nd, and Mr. Macross will be turning 18 on the 28th! I hope that they each have a wonderful day, spending their time in their own enjoyable ways!

Now, before you start preparing for anyone's special day, I'd just like to remind everyone that these were the only four that I could find recent activity from across Bellmuse and Syne Academy. Remember, if you were left out or if you know a friend that was left out, then please start putting in some work to be noticed! Syne Post will notice you, so don't worry!

Finally, I hope that I'm able to help anyone preparing for any gifts or events for any of the growing faculty, staff, or students with these monthly issues. I wish you all well and happy early birthdays to the four growing Huntsmen, but before you, go, please remember, don't ask us how we know about any of this!

- Eliera Goldern

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