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Koko Hanazusaki's weapon upgrade

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1 Koko Hanazusaki's weapon upgrade on Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:12 pm

Koko stood in the middle of the forest, testing out his weapons swing speed as it was finally lightened and properly weighted. The serrations had been adjusted and extended by three millimeters, and the blade had been increased in length another six inches, making it an even six feet in length. An odd length for a blade as ill designed as his could be, but it was still useful for many situations as it could be used for dozens of different movesets and swapping through styles of attacks.

He eyed the blade, then looked out to see Delissia standing in the clearing with a copy of his new blade, smiling and waiting patiently as Koko looked to Karla, who gave him the 'go ahead' look. He inhaled slowly, activating his aura to rush forward with increased speed, upon coming within 15 meters he whipped the blade forward, watching the blade bounce off the earth and went into a spiral, and upon the blade growing closer to the woman he grabbed the blade by the handle mid spin from the air and swung at her head.

She ducked the first attack, and as Koko swung for her mid section she blocked and kicked him at an incredible speed, almost crushing his chest in. He recovered quickly and thrusted, the woman stepped to the side and tapped the blade down with her own while Koko brought the blade closer to his center of gravity. He swapped the blade to the opposite side of his body as he swung his back to her direction, using his weight and physical power to increase the minuet movement force.

He quickly let go of the handle of Abomination, and grabbed back onto the handle to have the tip of the blade aimed down, brought the blade up and aimed behind him, and went to reverse thrust attack against the woman. The blade pierced the deities smokey figure and she laughed to herself, patting him on the head like a toy. She pulled the blade from her body and tilted her head out of range of the attack that followed the reverse thrust, and kicked the back of Koko's leg in.

His body buckled but he wasn't out of luck, he quickly adjusted his body to roll and catch the ground with his hand, using his free hand to swing the blade at her legs while he spun his feet towards her upper half to catch her off guard which didn't work causing her grab his leg and flip him into the air to watch him land on his feet like the cat he was. She applauded him, shared a smile, and vanished from the world once more as he took a seat on the ground to rest the newly adjusted weapon in his lap.

The break was short lived as the woman reappeared with the copy of Abomination in her hand and went to slash down his back, but he used the weapons newfound reach to catch the end of her blade in the serrated teeth of his, and deflected the attack all together. He shot to his feet as she vanished once more, appearing behind him to try and impale him. He spun quickly and parried the attack, pushed her off her center of balance by shoving her her shoulder, then went to impale her head.

That didn't even work against the woman as she bit the blade with her teeth, and as he pulled away she flashed him one more smile in congratulations of the new weapon upgrade, and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Word count needed 500
Words total 601/500
Weapon upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2

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