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Never Judge a Book by It's Cover (Private)

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1 Never Judge a Book by It's Cover (Private) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:25 pm

Celia Windspear
The sun was finally setting, it’d had been a long day and Celia was just looking to unwind. She had spent most of her day studying up on Bellmuse’s history, as a newcomer to the Kingdom, she felt she would need to educate herself at least a little bit so she didn’t sound completely stupid whenever she spoke. She left her dorm about an hour or so ago and found herself down in Bellmuse Central, it was a quaint little plaza that branched off into more of a district styled city. Celia was walking nowhere in particular but eventually found herself in a little park with a few trees, rows of flowers and fountain in the middle. She sat on a bench that stood with it's back towards the fountain. Celia didn't bother bringing her lance into town and dressed slightly more casual as she wasn't in battle attire either. She wore her hair in a single ponytail and wore a nice white vest and undershirt with slightly styled lined jeans, her necklace was pendant that was given to her by her Father as a going away gift, it was the Windspear family crest, silver of course. She toyed with it before turning and viewing the park around. She was surprised by the lack of activity in the park, she only saw two other people within her field of vision and they were leaving, she glanced at the sky. It was getting darker by the minute and those clouds rolling in wouldn't help, it looked like rain which excited her, Vacuo didn't get much rain unless it was coming in from the west off the coast, she had only witnessed it a handful of times, she figured she would eventually get used to it as it would probably happen more here than back home. She sighed as she smiled at her silly memories, she missed it, Vacuo. The beaches, the tall buildings, the palm trees... the sand...she wished she had gone to Shade but knew very well this was the right decision... even if she didn't agree with it.

Celia tilted her head back so it slightly hung back, she closed her eyes and tried to relax for at least a little bit anyway. Her serenity was almost immediately interrupted as a chirping flew past her ears, she cracked one eye opened and found a little Cardinal had landed on her knee, it tilted its head and chirped at her. She smiled and took her pinkie and slowly brushed it's head, it chirped again before flying out of her grasp. It landed on her head, stopped and then finally flew off towards a nearby tree. Celia was still smiling at the little event that unfolded in front of her, little things like that definitely lifted her mood up, she looked around in the park one last time as the sun dipped behind the oncoming clouds, maybe this "Bellmuse" wouldn't be so bad after all... just maybe.

OOC + Extra Information:
Just a basic post describing the surroundings, come in however you want. ^^

Celia Voice <---- For Referance Later

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2 Re: Never Judge a Book by It's Cover (Private) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:50 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
Such a wonderful time, peace and serenity filled the once talkative area that was now quiet and near emptied of life besides the small animals playfully enjoying themselves. A group of two, a man and a cat, had decided to take a stroll into the park as it looked like a storm would be on its way. Koko, dressed in his fancy attire consisting of dress pants, dress shoes, a black button up jacket with red buttons, and a red tie to match. Amongst his jewelry he had a silver Cuban necklace and with a white gold watch with a face consisting crushed diamonds as he decided today was a 'fancy' day. He gave his cat who was riding atop his shoulder a cute little red bow tie to match him, and the two were simply having a joyful time.

"I really like the park at this time of day, it's always so lovely. But I guess you still can't see colors, can you?" "Not without you telling me what looks like what. And I guess, I mean I don't go out much unless it's to do... Well, you know all to well what I do. Either that or I'm drunk out of my mind to seemingly attempt to escape Delissia constantly talking in my head." "Take a break once in a while, your body would thank you." "Yeah yeah I know I know."

The two chit chatted back and forth, and they walked by the fountain past the girl. Karla turned her head to watch the pretty girl, and jumped off of her master to go a greet the lovely lady. She made her way over to her, jumped upon the bench, and let out a playful meow to the woman who caught her attention, tilting her head while playfully moving her tail back and forth. Koko watched them from a distance, looking a little more focused on trying to see who exactly Karla was trying to play around with, and remembered her from the tavern, the one he showed the trick to. Karla had been nagging him before hand to show a little kindness to those who don't do what he normally does, to share kindness with those innocent or seemingly innocent of heart so he decided to casually approach the two. While on his way, he tried to act a little more cheerful and put on the 'talkative' persona of his.

"Hey toots, you're a... you're from the tavern right? The one I showed the shot glass trick to? You ordered the sober daiquiri. Yeah, yeah now I remember. My apologies, I'm not very good with remembering things. Too many blows to the old noggin. Almost ashamed of myself that I had possibly forgotten such a pretty face."

He spoke with a slight amount of pep in his voice, nothing too strong or too weak.

'Yeah, that's her alright. That's definitely the one from the bar.'

He thought to himself, and got closer to Karla but didn't take a seat as she did. He simply stood on the side furthest from her, as not to attempt to invade space and create hostilities.

"Whatcha doing out here? Enjoying the beauty of what life has to offer?"

He spoke, sighing to himself and tapped on his head softly.

"My apologies for the sudden approach and the questions, I'm just making sure my cat doesn't get herself into trouble."

He spoke, looking down at Karla who returned the same look back to him, and turned her gaze back to the girl. Karla rubbed her head against the girls arm in a show of affection, and let out another small meow to try and act cute.

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