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The Fire v The Flower [Private w/ Fleur]

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1 The Fire v The Flower [Private w/ Fleur] on Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:44 am

Lothric stepped out into the clearing and looked around before taking a heavy breath, they where finally here, not that it had taken an extremely long time getting here but the Lothric's mind was focused upon the duel and it was not much else that he had focus on which had allowed him to stumble a few times when walking and each time small flames had started to cover his armor as if the act of stumbling alone was enough to anger him.

When he entered into the large open area Lothric stretched out both of his hands to either side as he turned his entire frame towards Fleur and gave a small chuckled as he said with his calm tone and regal manner "I doth believe that we have arrived towards our stage and not to go overboard but I think that this will be quite the performance don't you?" as he finished his introduction to the entire area Lothric unsheathed his sword and turned away from Fleur as he started walking for a bit, when he finally stopped Lothric placed his helmet onto his head before fastening it.

Lothric then turned around as he moved his gauntlet upwards his sword and the sparks it created soon turned to fire as it started to cover his armor in a violent raging inferno as he started to seem like a shadow within it and then from within Lothric spoke with the same manners and tone "I doth hope you are soon prepared Fleur for I shan't go easy on you!" with that said Lothric released his flames in a massive burst that scorched the area within the clearing leaving only ashes and scorched ground left.
The area was twenty meters to the center where Lothric stood and it had stopped just short of Fleur making sure that she could have felt the heatwave or at least residues from it as Lothric chuckled slightly sinister as he then lifted his blade and pointed it at Fleur as he locked his gaze with hers.

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