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Fuyuko dances into Syne

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1 Fuyuko dances into Syne on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:56 am

Basic info
Name: Fuyuko Ebony
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/6
Gender: female
Race: Cat Faunus
Height: 5'
Weight: 100
Face Claim:

STR: 4
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 4
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: music, dancing, books, anime, cute baby animals, guys who are jerks
Dislikes: quiet, people touching her ears or tail, guys she views as weak (she can be a bit of an ass towards them), bullies
Fears: being abandoned, not having a purpose, large groups of people, being the center of attention
Overall Personality: Fuyuko is a bit of a paradox. She doesn't like people who bully others but is a masochist and likes it when she is being mistreated. She loves to sing and play music but hates when people listen to her. She is often found off to the side of a small group of people just listening to them and hoping to make friends, but is terrified of speaking to them...or being spoken to. She plays her guitar to relax and plays so well that her music can be used as a weapon. She hates being stronger than others and has held back on terms of fighting power so far.

Aura type: recovery
Aura Color: violet
Semblance: Gunpowder Saint: Fuyuko can create a special HEAP (high explosive armor piercing) bullet for her gun from her aura, it takes a full action. Bullets do 20/20 unresisted damage. She can also create flash bangs and smoke bombs with this semblance

Item 1: Rebellion: Fuyuko's marksman rifle. She can use either single short or three round burst. Clip holds thirty bullets and she usually has ten spare magazines of regular hollow point bullets
Item 2: reactive mesh armor: a lightweight anti-dust armor that covers her body except for her hands feet and head worn uder her clothing. Tier 1 armor

Born a cult child to a group of grimm worshippers, Fuyuko spent most of her time being controlled and developed an inferiority complex, constantly believing that everyone is better than her and that she was only valuable as a tool. She was hated by her parents when her aura developed since it provided a highly effective means of killing creatures of grimm. This and other things led to a bad taste in men, as she often dates assholes. When the cult was broken up by the king's men, she lost sight in her right eye and found herself adrift and purposeless. Having never needed to really do anything for herself, she was unable to care for herself and had quickly fallen into a bad group that abused her gifts which further reinforced her self image as a tool and weapon that needed only to obey orders and have no free will. Fuyuko was rescued by a huntsman that the gang she was in had tried to mug. He taught her how to live and be free as well as give her an implant in her eye thatballowed her to sync up with her rifle, giving her the ability to fire accurately from behind obstacles. While physically strong and capable with dust, she can be easily pushed around and has to make a conscious effort to not let herself be subservient to other people. She prefers to snipe at enemies from a distance and has spent countless hours set in one place waiting for a perfect shot. This behavior has led people to think she is antisocial but really she is afraid of getting close to people and being hurt by them. When not working on her weapons, she can be found in a secluded spot with her guitar playing softly or dancing.
RP Sample:
She strummed her guitar quietly, not wanting to wake her benefactor. It had been a few weeks since she finally worked the courage to submit an application to the academy here in Bellmuse.  She would learn to use her gifts to help others and someday, save herself from her self imposed prison in her mind. She wrote a couple notes in her diary, a memento from her previous life and the only thing she truly owned. Fuyuko heard a creak and froze, ears perked and tail twitching in fear. Old habits died hard. She glanced at the clock and realized it would be time for breakfast soon. Putting the guitar away, she went into the kitchen and started making the day's meals. Once again, she had timed it right and the food was served right as Mr. Elden came in, "smells good" Fuyuko blushed and looked away, "I hope it is satisfactory in taste as well." Her benefactor frowned as her looked at her, "what did I say about having confidence? "
"It's important."
Then why must you always hate on yourself? " Fuyuko had no answer to this as she stood to the side, watching him, "aren't you going to eat?" He asked as he started to read his scroll, "I'm not hungry." She shifted nervously as he looked at her again, "you know that rifle I gave you? And that armor? "
"I think you'll need to eat properly in order to master them at Syne." He handed her the scroll he was holding, "this is also yours, you'll need it."

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2 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:18 pm

Hi ^^ Welcome to the site. There are a couple problems with this app I need you to deal with before it can be approved. The first is the semblance, while making bullets is a fine semblance (the bullets you create would go off semblance damage so 20 aura for 20 unresisted damage) however you cannot create dust bullets nor would this lead to the creation of flashbangs.

The second thing is your items, while you can have a weapon you cannot have two like you have listed. Your two items must be different, e.g. weapon and armour or weapon and dust. For example while you can have two armours they must be of different types. You can't just take two different elements of dust. ect. Sort these problems then bump when done ^^

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3 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:23 pm


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4 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:27 pm

Okay, only two things left ^^ What does HEAP stand for XD this may be a common term, just I've never heard it. Also put that these bullets do 20 damage for 20 aura. Second you need to state all that the mesh armour covers. Bump when done

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5 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:31 pm

Super rebumb!!!


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6 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:05 pm

Okay, now that I know these bullets are explosives I do feel like it's okay if you want to make weaker ones you could throw or shoot as flashbangs. Bump when added or bump if you don't want to ^^Sorry for confusion

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7 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:23 pm


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8 Re: Fuyuko dances into Syne on Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:05 pm


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