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Med-U-Cation (Closed)

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1 Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:53 am

Syne's medical wing was a fascinating place. With so many students, staffing the area twenty four hours a day and being prepared to deal with all the potentially gruesome injuries training spars and hunts could incur. From lacerations to burns to the flu. Everything beyond and between. However, the school had a notoriously low death count. Certainly a surprising considering the number of injuries which poured into the ward.

However there was a perfectly logical explanation. For most every medical student would spend at least some time every week working in the ward. Honing their skills and aiding their fellow students simultaneously, it was a better way to practice than any medical class could ever be. A safe environment with more experienced teachers and students handling the more complex situations while younger students would handle broken bones and minor wounds mostly. Though that did of course pend their prior medical training and experience.

As a boy was wheeled in, screaming in pain. A bone emerging from his forearm at an awful angle. He was wheeled before one of the students, a first year who had since arriving at the academy spent a majority of her in-school-time treating patients. For the sparring classes would go against her vows to harm no life willingly. The man panicked at the very sight of her, not only did he have a broken arm but now he had been left before some arachnid abomination?!

He struck with his remaining good arm, a glow of yellow meeting his fist as he attempted to resist the woman's advance. Near nullifying the damage. Her hands a misty white, unflinching as his fist met her face. She pressed one hand on his shoulder, soon thick white web stuck his back to the chair. Restricting his movement as though his injured state had not done that enough. The spider faunus also noted the man had lacerations on his torso, deep and red. Potentially organ tissue damage though the screaming told her his lungs were fine. Beowulf claws the most likely cause.

She brought her hand down from his shoulder to his chest, coating the wounds in the white silk. He continued to cry, attempting to escape his seat. She caught his injured arm, quickly lacing it in a deep white and tight cast. Sculpting the arm back it it's original state. The man continued to ball and scream, despite her knowing this was an almost painless process.

"Okay, you're done now," She calmly sounded. Bringing her hands together the white silk vanished. The man lurched forward, ready to punch her again, only to find that the hand he had reached with was his right. The very hand he had so nearly lost. His arm healed with only a small scar at the center of where the bone had emerged. He looked to his chest, finding the claw slashes had vanished.

He dropped to his knees, bawling and apologizing. Speaking of how selfish he'd been. The large woman simply pet his head, acting more like a mother than a doctor, "It's fine deary, you were scared. You're fine now~ Shh~ Shh~ Could you tell them to send the next in? Go get a good night's sleep and you'll be all the better~ No more stress today, doctor's orders."

The first year hunter nodded, rushing out the infirmary hall.

She sighed, gently passing a hand over her lightly reddened cheek to sooth and heal it. While it was all well and good, practice for battlefield medicine and they were scared, she couldn't help but note her fellow medical students didn't receive this kind of treatment. Despite her proficiency the hurdle of her appearance made it difficult to be a doctor. This was a fact she had come to accept.

She pulled back the surgical curtains surrounding her area, looking around the hall. The school's hospital had a waiting room, just beyond the hall's massive double doors. Within however there were two rows of twelve surgical cubicles. Within each were beds for those who required them, drips, a tabletop with an array of medical implements and a sink. She was second to the end of the left row, the cubicle next to her open and empty. The floor a purple plastic like substance, easily cleaned, and the walls white.

She looked down at herself, white apron still unspoiled with blood. Dressed in her normal pull over kind of dress otherwise. Her hair done up just as it usually was. She left her cubicle for the back of the room, at which there was a small silver fridge. Opening the door she removed one of the aura restoring drinks in their cartons, allowed for the medics only during their work here, drinking it as she made her way back toward her area.

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2 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:56 pm

Ky couldn't help but spin himself as he walked through the halls of the Infirmary and medical ward that he would be spending the next 4 years of his life tending in. There was so much to see, and he was quite shocked, not to mention pleased, even if his face didn't actually show it. This was what he had been seeking for such a long time, a life like this, and it was finally well within his grasp. He was told to wear his school uniform for his classes, but he was pretty sure that they didn't mean to wear it in here for starters, plus he preferred to wear his white-coat anyway.

   There was the off-hand screaming that occurred every now and again, but by now he was more than used to it, even more so with people he wasn't familiar with at all. He passed by the waiting room not too long ago, and pressed on towards the more bustling area's beyond. Kyeji looked a bit like a punk with his hair as long as it was, maybe even a bit like a woman, if they didn't notice a lack of frontal assets. Every once in a while there was a nod from someone too busy to stop, nor properly acknowledge the existence of the world around them.

  The names on each of the cubicles passed by his chest as he went through and looked for his with an inexplicably bored look on his face. Finally he found a cubicle, farthest to the end, with someone placing a plastic placard with his name and title located next to the entrance. This one was his he supposed.

'Medical Trainee Kyeji Ikatsuka'

   He definitely was far from a fan of the trainee part of it, considering he had lengthy experience with situations such as this, but the logic was infallible considering how little time in the way of a professional working environment he had spent, or even how little the school actually knew of his experience at all.  He stepped inside and found an apron hanging from a hook on one of the walls inside. It wrapped around his waist easily, and he took a moment to observe the room around him. Off-white, sterile looking, a completely antipathetic atmosphere to his abandoned building space in Mistral. A cigarette was popped into his mouth and lit before exiting his space.

   The halls were still rife with activity, as this was a combat school, so he doubted that he would have much downtime while he was here. It was better that way in all honesty. Ky looked around the hall as he had no idea who he was supposed to report to, or if he was supposed to report to anyone at all, but he assumed that he did considering his status here.

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3 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:48 pm

The medical wing: an area where all medical students would usually spend hours in a week training in their field. It wasn't terribly bore in the ward, pristine white walls with wonderful art adorning them, state-of-the-art machinery of medical wonders, and of course, rows and rows of beds filled with injured students all receiving treatment from their fellow schoolmates.

James was no different from the rest, currently treating the wounds of a teary-eyed huntress. Lacerations covered the entirety of her arm and blood streamed from the open wounds. The poor child looked to the be 17, just a year older than his own sister. With the grace of an older brother, he began his work. Chains from his wrist, and coiled themselves on the girl's arm - tight enough so that blood would not seep through. The girl winced in pain, and the faunus boy began to whisper a little song, to ease the nerves of his patient.

"Hush little huntress, don't scream and cry. This snow-white fox will make your wounds go bye. With grand chains born of the heart, healing wounds is a form of art."

As the words escaped his lips, the chains glowed brighter before dimming once more. The chain vanished in a spectacle of light orbs, and the arm reappeared wound free. The girl examined her arm in wonder and smiled in appreciation at the boy. Returning the gracious smile, he nodded at her and she took her leave.

Sighing, the fox boy leaned back into his seat. His tail worked its way to the front and gently laid over his eyes. As great as it is to be in medical, it really is a lot of work. The sound of the bed straining under weight entered his ears and he let his tail drop onto his lap as he looked over his next patient: a boy of eighteen. James glanced over the body for any sign of injuries, of which, he found one: a bump on the skin near the left shoulder too big to be normal. a telltale sign of a dislocated shoulder - easy enough. Placing a hand on the affected area, and another on the other side of the boy as a brace, he counted to three and pushed it into place.

A scream ensued and the exiting of a boy from his cubicle followed.

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4 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:53 pm

The small girl entered the medical wing of the academy. While technically a dust specialist, her healing power meant she had a responsibility. She watched as students healed the injured with no trouble. She walked up to one of the doctors, "Excuse me," She said bowing to the spider faunus, "My name is Amarante Sakura. I was told I could get credit for working here. I believe I sent a message earlier." She watched as a badly mangled hunter was taken to the ICU, his moans of agony radiating to other patients. She was dressed in school colors, but once again not in uniform in favor of a kimono. Amarante nervously returned her gaze to the woman in front of her, "where am I supposed to go?"

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5 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:42 am

As a pink haired girl approached Charlotte had been prepared to deal with some form of injury, but it soon became apparent she was simply looking for work. The large arachnid gently sighed, making her way back toward her cubicle for fear of cluttering the path to doctors, "You've got to register or be registered as a result of your major a few days days beforehand, sending a message today probably means you'll be slotted into a rota either this week or next. If you were supposed to come here to work you would have been told and a cubicle prepared for you~ As nice as it is of you to come so quickly deary, please get out of the way, you can't just wander into the medical area like this. Cross contamination can result in dea-"

The sounds of a clicking lighter and the smell of smoke brought confusion to the medic's mind. This area was supposed to be for medical practitioners and their patients only, yet a student dressed in clothes unsuited for medicine and now some blonde haired boy lighting a cigarette in an area for which hours daily were spent keeping it sanitary. A scream from a patient across the room returned her from her annoyed state to normality however. Back to her gentle, nurturing, nature. Perhaps she was being to rude, this girl had at least come to help. While the blow to her cheek had healed, she realized the dampener it had put on her spirit did linger. She noted that she was perhaps not in the best of moods.

She sighed once more, attempting to release the ill vibes, before smiling and gently bowing herself as the girl before her had. "I'm sorry, that may have come off as rude. But people's safety are at risk from cross contamination, as a practitioner of medicine you must understand that. You can't just wander around this room freely without proper disinfection or clutter the path between patients and their surgeons. We are dealing with injuries abnormal even by hospital standards you understand. Injuries on not civilians, who run from grimm, but hunters who combat them head on. And those who fall in spar with their fellow students, sustaining deadly forces enough to destroy the very creatures I mentioned. These extreme complications in surgery allow even more time for infection to take hold so sanitation is all the more important."

She paused, realizing that she hadn't received a new patient yet. Things must have been beginning to wind down for the evening, she hadn't kept track of time. Not having anywhere to go or anyone to see, she had been working since she'd finished lunch. She now turned to the blonde newcomer, hoping they would have heard her speech and decide to snuff out the cigarette. Regardless, at least things were calming down for the evening. "Excuse me, do you have the time on you? I think we might be starting to go into night shift." She paused, realizing her tired and annoyed state had caused her to forget her manners, gently curtsying in her spider like manner she spoke; "Oh, apologies to both of you. My name is Charlotte Monochrome, a first year student who has been coming here for some time. I have many years of surgical experience outside this school."

Aramante, while it's fine you're here this was supposed to be medical students only. That and as I told you in the Haze class, remember word count is minimum 150. No more non medical majors please. Only exception being undecided majors with healing semblances. This is not a class and such has linear post order

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6 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:31 pm

Kyeji tilted his head a bit at the spider girl. The cigarette hung limply from his mouth as he stood barely a foot outside of his newly registered cubicle.

   'Oh dust, is that some kind of grimm? Wait, how would a grimm get in here? Why was it not attacking anybody?' He thought to himself.

   It was by that point that the words that she had been speaking began to make their first registry into his brain. His first realization was that she wasn't a grimm, and was actually a student here. Ky accidentally let a puff of smoke out in their direction. He stared at them as he plucked it from his mouth. It had become a habit for him to smoke in the medical stations, so he never really thought much about how frowned upon it might have been here.

   "Sorry." This was the only word that came out of his mouth as he crushed the cigarette in his hand to put it out. It only burned for a moment before subsiding.

   He sighed and thought about how he'd just wasted a cigarette for no good reason before pulling out his scroll and peeking at the time.

   "Mmm. A quarter to 10 right now, so it is getting fairly late." He slid his scroll back into his pocket and took a few steps over to fully join the group.  "Kyeji Ikatsuka, first-year student here. I prefer that people just call me Ky. I have a couple of years of medical experience as well."

   Of course, this was when the night shift started. He'd heard stories about the after-hours times in hospitals. Always a similar theme though, that as there became less patients, their problems often became more and more severe. He wasn't entirely sure about the entire truthfulness of those stories. He was sure that he'd already had to stop himself as he reached into his pocket to try and grab a new cigarette, but he just left his hands in his pockets for now.

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7 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:57 pm

Smiling guiltily, James waved goodbye to the leaving boy sending a sour glance in his direction whilst rubbing his shoulder. Leaning back into his chair, he sighed once more and began to twiddle with the various equipments set in his workspace. Playing with a stethoscope, his thoughts just wandered about - how much Lien it costed to buy a high-graded salmon dish, his class schedule, and how likely it was for his sister to acquire food poisoning before his next visit. Chuckling lightly, he smiled fondly at the excitement of visiting home soon.

His ears twitched as a commotion across his cubicle took place. Setting down his 'toy', he dusted off his jeans, straightened out his vest, and proceeded to exit the space to take part in the interactions. The work flow was getting slower anyways, and it was confirmed by the telling of time by another first-year student, who had just gotten rid of his cigarette.

The snow-fox's eye twitched at that. Smoking in a medical ward? Really?

He took a glance at the rest of the crowded group: a small, pink-haired girl who looks to be out of place, and he resisted the urge to shiver at the sight of the spider Faunus. Despite his own fears of spiders, this was a classmate of his. No need to be scared. In any case, it was true that the night shift was starting soon. This would mean that the more intensive injuries would possibly require more than just one student for treatment so teamwork will be imperative during these hours.

Speaking of, he should head to the back of the area and grab himself one of those aura-restoring drinks he was told about. He would not do well to be out of that precious resource during these times.

He coughed a bit before walking towards the group of three. Waving a hand in greeting, he introduced himself with a grin. "Hey. The name is James Gray. Charlotte, Ky, pleasure to meet you both. Suffice to say, my only experience in the medical field is being the personal caretaker to my sister, and well this, so I look forward to both of your guidances in the future." He then tilted his head, looking at the smallest of the four present. Faunus like Charlotte and he, and a fellow feline faunus as well. He let his tail drift over to her and waved it in greeting.

"I don't believe I caught your name, miss. May I have the honor of knowing?" He smiled in friendly grace.

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8 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:27 pm

Arcen crossed her legs, blocking out the screams she heard, for she did not care for such sounds. Standing up, she turned herself around, away from the entrance, beginning to fiddle around with a few of the utensils at her disposal.
She let out a distorted, gurgling sigh as she heard more of the screams, as well as crying, all of the like. Bored, she picked up a needle, inspecting the measurements.
Arcen wore the white apron as always, with normal looking attire, as well as her casual prosthetics.

Unbeknownst to her, she had a patient coming, specifically one with a dislocated leg. The man looked very disturbed when he was wheeled past the Spider lady's cubicle, shuddering slightly. While she spoke softly, he could not ignore the fact that she looked absolutely terrifying.
Arriving at Arcen's workspace, he felt kind of relieved. He had a normal Medic. Well, at least he thought he did.

Clearing her clouded mind, Arcen's ears flicked around rapidly as she heard the wheels grind to a halt. Despite the slow speed, the wheels were quite awfully squeaky.
She cast a cold glance over her left shoulder at the man, her actually functional eye staring him up and down. Arcen was one to get the job done. Not with a happy face, not with a warm smile.
She got the job done.
Turning her body around completely, the man pulled his head back as he took a better look at her.
Right leg was prosthetic, left arm was prosthetic, right ear was prosthetic, and her right eye was twitching around like crazy.
"You know, maybe that spider lady isn't so bad after all.... At least she tried to look friendly."
The man shook his head. He knew he was in no position to pick and choose who drove his leg back into place, he just wanted the pain to stop.

Walking up to the man, Arcen couldn't help but have a small grin form on her face. Not an 'Oohh happy happy' grin, more like a 'Watching you writhe in pain is going to be very entertaining for me' grin.
He pulled his head back again, but sighed, and relaxed his body. He wanted his damn leg fixed, scary lady or not, so that's what he was gonna do.

The Arctic Fox Faunus bent over, placing her hands on his lap with a small *pat*, staring him in the face with that same tiny, yet very disturbing smile, as she placed her right hand on the dislocated area, and her left 'hand' on the other side of him. He recoiled at the cold touch of her prosthetics, but calmed himself once more. It'd be the last time he was calm for a good while, she'd almost absolutely make sure of that, intentionally or not.
Letting out a quiet, throaty gurgle to start, she eventually got to the stage where she was able to utter the words 'Three... Two.... One...' in her signature bland and monotoned voice. Not quite sure what she had said, the man made a confused 'Hm..?', before realizing what she said the 'hard' way.
Feeling a jolt, he instantaneously braced himself as the agonizing pain shot through him, with quite an audible *Pop!*

He tried to keep it in, biting his lip, but alas, he failed. He exclaimed very loudly just how much that had hurt, summing it up with a scream, and a few undesireable words that she blocked out completely. Not because of sensitivity, no, she blocked them out because she found the sounds quite annoying. Arcen's smile faded. Well.... Whatever.

Once he'd had the chance to accustom to the pain, he was wheeled away. She didn't know where, nor did she really care, for she was too busy internally whining about the fact that quite the commotion was going on outside her workspace. Being quite a recent addition to this already gigantic school's attendance list, she doubted any of her fellow students actually recognized her, save for a few.
Letting out another distorted, gurgling sigh, she peered around the corner, before stalking out and standing in front of her cubicle, staring at the source.

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9 Re: Med-U-Cation (Closed) on Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:49 am

Charlotte had learned to tune out the popping sounds of relocation long ago, she just imagined them to be a bottle of soda that someone in another room had opened. She couldn't bear the thought of such a thing happening to one of her limbs. But she was fortunate and an abnormality in statistics, never having broken a single bone. Perhaps due in part to how cautious she could be.

She smiled fondly at the pair of newcomers, gently curtsying in her spider like manor; "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, thank you for gracing the humble me with your presences. It is always wonderful to meet other members in my field, this hall has felt quite lonely for some time. A sense of kinship would do it well. When doctors but heads patients slip through the cracks."

She gently stretched, rising to the tips of her feet and towering abover them all. Lowering herself with a sigh. It had been much too long since she had eaten, "I do wonder, do any of you have any food to spare? Forgive my brashness, I know we have only just met, however this body of mine takes a lot more to sustain than that of regular faunus and humans. So many additional muscles. A larger heart, greater lungs, such that is to be expected."

I was moving into university the past month and the wifi was down for a good week and a half. Hopefully we can pick this thread back up?

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