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Chapter 1: Knight Errant

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1 Chapter 1: Knight Errant on Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:42 am

Gallahad walked along the shore, his servant in tow, "milord,  I believe it is time to break fast." He looked up at the noon day sun, "Very well, Mr. Azure, prepare our meal whilst I inspect our surroundings." Gallahad left and examined the ground and surroundings for signs of grimm. With no immediate threat perceived, he walked back to the simple setup of a pro table table with two small meat pies, two cups and a thermos of wine, "milord," Azure began, "not to seem as if I am in complaint,  but are we near the academy the Grand Meister told you of?" The reptilian faunus sniffed at the air, "truly, I do not know, our journey should have brought us close to the city had not the shop been run aground two days ago. I suppose it is the will of the divine that I suffer thus and I must needs refuse to eat more than once a day until we reach our goal. Even then I may need to prove my penance in some other manner." He savored the pie as he looked about. The sun was warm as it should be on an autumn day near the equator.  A cry rang off in the distance, "Milord?"
"I heard it too, someone is in need!" Gallahad put his helmet on and raced towards the disturbance, drawing his blade and extending the haft to full length. He leapt over debris and found a swarm of grimm attacking a hut. With nary a thought to his own safety he bellowed a war cry and charged. His blade sang as he cut through the horde in seconds, the creatures shrieking death rattles quickly cut off. When the last one fell, the hut door opened, a young boy peeked ouy, "are you a huntsman?"
"Nay, lad, I am a knight of Bellmuse, trained in the Temple of Bahamut. Are there others nearby in need of aid?"
"My dad was out gathering wood for his carvings. I don't know if he's...he's... The child began to cry, "milord, I sense a creature of grimm that way." Azure pointed down the beach, "Stay with the boy, I shall investigate." Gallahad swore he would find the boy's father and return him before heading off.

Gallahad came across a scene of carnage and destruction, soldiers fighting grimm who had attacked people along the shore. He braced himself as a creep tried to attack, only to be cut in half in a single blow. He made his way towards the center of the battle and found himself face to face with a grimm larger than normal.

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