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Storyline opening arc

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1 Storyline opening arc on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:39 am

Fuyuko braced as the escape pod hit the ground,  she checked her rifle and made sure it wasn't damage from the battle in the sky and subsequent escape from the nevermore. She opened the pod door and saw the flaming ruin of a once proud airship falling from the heavens. She did a quick inventory check and was pleased that she hadn't lost anything. Knowing her armor was useless against grim claws and jaws, she started towards the direction of the academy she had seen prior to the attack. If she could hit the high ground she would be safe. A rustle to her left caused her to climb a tree and hide in the dense foliage. She unsung Rebellion and pointed it towards the source of the noise, a wild pig. She swept her gun around to see if there were...yes...a lone ursa...She adjusted herself and aimed at its eye and then shifted to compensate for wind and movement. After a minute, she fired and the creature died. Climbing down, she raced along her original destination. She snuck past several more grimm and a number of huntsmen and huntresses who seemed more interested in fighting each other instead of the grimm. Fuyuko found a hollow where she could relieve herself and take a bite and a sip.

After a couple minutes of rest, Fuyuko started again. The sounds of fighting had died down and the grimm must have been distant from her. She found a ruined house. Carefully opening what was left of the door, she swept her gun across the room from behind the corner. With no discernable threats, she stalked heel-toe, heel-toe  from room to room, gun pointed where her eyes went. After satisfying herself that the lower level was clear, she made her way to the stairs and quietly checked the room. It appeared to be a master bedroom with a tub across from the bed...curious. She found a ladder leading up and froze, gun aimed towards it. It was doubtful that the owner had simply left it like that. She examined the room thoroughly. As far as she could tell it hadn't been disturbed in some time. She carefully reached the ladder and snuck up it, sweeping the gun to give her a good view of the attic. She saw no signs of inhabitants and climbed into the ruined room. A hole above her head fave her a means to the high ground she wanted. She was about to check for grimm when an explosion shook the house. She looked behind her and saw a group of huntsmen coming towards her position. The one with the rocket launcher aimed again. She held her hand out to the side and a violet light coalesced into a large bullet. She opened the chamber and fed it in, the house shaking from another near miss. Fuyuko aimed at the weapon and shifted ever so slightly. The silenced rifle made a click and the man's weapon exploded as she slid off the roof. She sniffed the air and found a faint trace of...salt? She must've been close to Kompress. Carefully climbing down the side of the house, she ran towards the smell and heard crashing behind her. She dashed with a last second sprint and found herself flying off a cliff. When all options suck, the one that sucks least is the best. Even though she wasn't good at swimming, this was much better than being violated by perverts. Her clothes and gear weighted her down too much and she parted with everything except for her gun, armor and spare magazines. In the distance, sounds of fighting could be heard as she swam away. The beach seemed close, she would try to get help from there I'd they didn't try to kill her on sight.

------to be continued

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