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Sophia Hanazusaki (Finished)

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1 Sophia Hanazusaki (Finished) on Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:23 am

Enrollment Form

"I'm cute, innocent, like cuddling and long walks on the beach!" "...if you seriously fell for that weak trick you're as stupid as you look"

Basic info
Name: Sophia Hanazusaki
Age: 20
Birthday: 2/13
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 5'5
Weight: 116 lbs
Face Claim: Faris Nyannyan from Steins;Gate

STR: 3
DEF: 4
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura: 130 Health: 170

Major: Combat
Likes: Sweets, Blood, Inflicting Pain, Nighttime, Ribbons and Cute Things! ^^, Manipulating People
Dislikes: Family/Siblings, Everyone Else, Herself, Sour Tasting Things, Open Displays of Affection (Although this could be because she's jealous)
Fears: Not Being Able to Change, Heights, Her Father
Overall Personality:
Sophia has a dual personality depending on who she's talking with, around strangers and "friends" she appears sweet, friendly and very open. However, around her Family and people she dislikes (which is most breathing creatures or Androids) she's pretty much full on nightmare. Sophia has been knocked down, beat up, spit on and abused in all kinds of ways and she still treks on.

Sophia's "true" self is a complex mess, she pulls a big game, always acting better than everyone else. Constantly berating others for her own amusement, she enjoys watching others suffer because it helps with her own pain. Seeing that she isn't the only one going through hell "relaxes" her. The sight of blood causes her adrenaline to rise and she enjoys sharp objects. (they are her favorite method of causing pain)

Sophia absolutely dislikes her family, she hates the name associated with her and wishes now to be just rid of them. Sophia used to look up to her eldest Brother, Koko. He was always so nice and caring, to everyone! She loved that about him. After he was married off at the age of 18, he left her. This crushed Sophia, who may at the time had a slight crush on him. At the time, she didn't understand how her brother, her hero could just let himself leave her. This small but significant event is what caused Sophia to start to turn cold, she isolated herself and it's part of why she became what she is today.

Despite all the things wrong with Sophia she does have a tiny bit of good going for her which is she has incredible "charisma", she's seemingly able to talk and trick people into doing things for her, whether this is because she's young and attractive or because she's a good actor is still debatable. Sophia also has the desire to change, she wants to be able to trust the world again, she WANTS to open up and have friends and most of all she wants to be loved, for once in her life but she fears it's too late for her to change into someone better.

I guess at this point I should clarify, when I mention above about Sofia having "friends" ... well, that was a lie. Sophia doesn't make friends, she uses people and then dumps them, whether that means ditching them or killing them it doesn't matter to her. Sophia will use others to raise her station, her wealth, power, anything. This has left a hollow feeling inside of her, she's constantly in a state of depression but like mentioned she hides this fact really well.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dawn Pink
Semblance: Blood Rush (Unlike most Semblances that can be activated solely on Aura, Sophia's Semblance doesn't work quite like that. Sophia must first draw blood and taste it before her Semblance can activate, this can be an enemy or her own. Blood Rush grants Sophie increased damage with her attacks [Strength Modifer]{And no... she's not a vampire})

Extra Semblance Note:
The reason Sophia's semblance doesn't trigger solely on her Aura is because of the informal training she had. Typically Semblances are discovered at Combat Schools at a younger age with guidance from more experienced Huntsman. Sophia having none of this and just being slightly unlucky have forced these circumstances onto her.

Item 1: Sophia's Charged Sword (A "laser" blade that can be turned on or off, Sophia's sword is actually just charged Ions compacted into a blade's metal. While the blade won't straight up slice through anything it does leave a nasty cut and burn mark if connected, it can EVENTUALLY cut through metal if enough pressure is applied)
Item 2: Sophia's Overcoat (Beneath her typical maid-like garment, Sophia's overcoat has a hilt for her sword and offers additional protection against dust based attacks)

History and Sample
Sophia Hanazusaki was born on a snowy day in the closing months of winter. (February) she was a Hanazusaki and therefore lived rather comfortably inside a large mansion. Being born a Faunus made her home life relatively easy. However, her social life took a hit because of her heritage. At school just was targetted and more specifically she was tormented by Human Kids, her cat Faunus features were rather tall and prominent on her head, she would spend most days coming home with a frown on her face insisting "everything was fine". As Sophia soon started growing up into a more "noticeable girl" (if you know what I mean) the teasing started slowing down but at that point, she had become numb and detested most people she interacted with in public. Sophia found comfort in her eldest brother Koko who had always been nice to her, she admired his sense of right and his seemingly endless supply of happiness. Her Brother wasn't always going to be around as proven when he was married off by her Father, whose Sophia's relationship after that was strained, she cried for months after Koko's departure and when eventually her younger sibling Miho was sold by her Dad she ran away from home, hopefully never to return.

After Sophia left home a void began to fill her soul and something else began to emerge, she had developed a split personality to front strangers with in an attempt to hide her sadness and broken heart. She became angry, angry at her Father, her Brother, all the people who teased her, she bottled her emotions and began training herself, if she was going to survive outside her life of "luxury" she would have to become stronger, she crafted a sword from spare parts and with a little help from "guests" she had "acquired" and quickly disposed of after. She was slowly turning into a monster, she tried hunting for her Brother killing anyone who didn't give her the answers she was looking for. Her motivation for answers drove her onwards. She gave everything she had in her search but in the end after 2 years of looking with nothing to show for it, she gave up, her hate for him now and her family now stronger than ever. Him for leaving and her Family (most of the anger directed at her Father) for causing it.

Sophia traveled mostly for the next few years. She had no purpose in her life but her hate kept her going. She murdered, stole, manipulated and seduced her way through life. She did this for a few years leaving a trail of destruction wherever she went, she became infamous but nobody could put an ID to the culprit.

Eventually, her hate and self-loathing that had been building since she left home climaxed. On a moonless and rainy night she attempted to hang herself inside a motel she was staying at in Vacuo. She blacked out due to the lack of air but awoke in a hospital bed, apparently in her incoherent and hazy state she didn't lock or close her room's blinds, another passerby had informed the staff and they saved her. (It was said on that day her heart grew 10 times bigger...) but in reality, it pissed her off, she wanted to die! In her attempt to be polite she left the hospital without taking a life but she had managed to pocket her pain killers. She did, however, because of that one small act of "kindness", it may not have grown her heart back but it reignited a spark... a single ember on a burned out set of coals... could people that she had hated for so long be redeemed, was she treading the wrong path? Were they that bad? ... She didn't know but vowed to continue living life and attempted to put her hate behind her because of this, some would call it a turning point in the young lady's life. It's still a struggle because of habits she's developed over the years but she continues to keep putting in the effort.

Finally, Sophia ended back in her home Kingdom of Bellmuse. She more or less came back as a fresh start after her "Vacuo Incident" she enrolled at Syne Academy in hopes of potentially turning her life around one step at a time.

RP Sample:
The cellar of the bar stank, it was wet and moldy, hardly fit to hold food or any kind of drink. The clack of heels on the cold floor was the only sound to be heard over the patrons above her head, well..that and the young man who was attempting to scream into his make-shift gag. He was up against the wall, his mouth sealed by a cloth, arms, and legs tied up. His tears flowed down his cheeks as he looked at his captor. A Faunus girl, roughly 16 years old, she had a glowing pink sword in her left hand that matched her hair, she was grinning as she watched him struggle, she knelt in front of him.

"I'm about to let you speak human, scream and I'll kill you... give me the wrong answer and I'll kill you... do we understand one another?" she spoke the words calmly as her red eyes matched his hazel ones. The tied up man nodded vigorously before the girl ripped the gag from his mouth and he coughed, he breathed heavily, his lips were quivering.

"L-Look... Ms... I don't know anything about this guy you're looking for...! I-I've never seen him!" he sputtered his words out and the girl sighed. Was this another dead end? Damnit! She looked back at him and gave him a sad smile. She didn't say anything at first and seemed to be deep in thought. The young man looked at her, fear plastered all over his pathetic face.

"Y-You'll let me go right? I t-told you I don't k-k-know shit!" she shook her head, her pink side curls spun.

"I'll take good care of you... don't worry..." she took her thumb and dried his tears... "Just enjoy this sweetie...I know I will..." she leaned forward and kissed his rough lips, the guy didn't have much time to react as he felt an extremely painful sensation pierce his chest. He screamed into her mouth but was soon drowned out by the flow of blood that came up his throat and into his mouth. She had stabbed him with her blade and twisted... right into the heart. His life ebbed away as some of his blood entered the pink haired Fanuas girl's lips, she let off a small moan before pulling away and spitting the blood on his face, he gurgled his last words as her sword swiped a clean slice into his neck effectively ending his life. She stood and looked over her handiwork, she grabbed his shirt and cleaned her blade before walking out of the basement door and into the night, she didn't regret her actions and she would surely do them again...

Author's Note: Sophia is planned out as a dynamic character which means she will undergo an important inner change, as a change in personality or attitude. Therefore this Bio could possibly become outdated.

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2 Re: Sophia Hanazusaki (Finished) on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:25 pm

ok so everything looks good dark and evil but good


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Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
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