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Home sweet home... Right? (Private)

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1 Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:30 am

A stutter here, embarrassment there, the two moved away from the public area as Umi being Umi felt it was rather off to see people in mass quantities. Her home life at the Lockhart mansion was simply to keep guard and serve, and if it meant breaking bones to keep the family safe, well that's what she did. But now she had students to worry about harming her dearest, and as they walked through the halls of the school she walked behind Jun to protect her from threats with her massive hammer in hand, until they reached her room. Upon opening the door to Jun's room she was delighted, yet saddened, at the chaos that consumed it. Parts, upon parts, upon parts scattered all about the room making her tread carefully as to not break anything under her massive weight.

"Home... Sweet... Home? Yes, home. This is... Home? Yes?"

She need not ask the question again as this couldn't be anyone else's due to the lovely girls messy yet constructive tendencies. She'd have to spend some time cleaning, or rather hearing Jun possibly yell at her for cleaning, but her sense of duty made her frightful on what could happen had she made a mistake and put something out of place. She entered the room to find a clean spot in the corner to carefully strip the hulking mass of metal from her body beginning with placing the hammer dead in the corner. Soon the armor came off, the helmet first, then the gauntlets, then the legs, chest, and boots. When she was carefully done removing her enclosure she turned and faced Jun, making sure that this was indeed real and it wasn't some sick vivid dream she was experiencing. She pinched herself, the pain remind her that this in fact wasn't a dream, causing her smile to be a tad brighter than before. Yes, even miles away from her original abode, she was home. Atleast she felt at home, as the mess was a comforting sight.

"Jun... Constructive. Very... Constructive."

She spoke softly, raising a brow as she looked to her master. She carefully took a seat in the corner while bringing her knees to her chest, and wrapped her arms around her legs to make a ball shape. She looked over to Jun once more, her happy smile being taken away by more broken English.

"Master.... Clean? Yes? No? Um... Order?"

She spoke, struggling to get the English vocabulary out in a somewhat proper manner. To her she felt a tad sick from having to have Jun hear her improper means of trying to ask what to do.

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2 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:25 am

Jun felt a bit less awkward as she walked back towards the school and her dorm now that Umierajuci was following her with the large hammer. The giant of a woman once more in the position of her bodyguard and caregiver, replacing the missing Yuu, gave her a sense of security and acceptance that she had felt she was lacking. Upon reaching her dorm room and opening the door it struck Jun for the first time just how exactly she had made a total mess of her room. Scattered all over were bits of spare materials and unfinished projects she had started. Her bed itself seemed untouched with the exception of all the clutter covering it which would be enough to cause one to question where she even slept.

Luckily her family’s name and wealthy actually carried enough weight for one advantage. Her room was huge. Easily big enough to fit four people yet she had the entire space to herself. Now Umi was here to share some of the room as well. However it seemed that Umi was rather less than pleased with the room’s condition as she herself spoke, sounding very uncertain in her use of the phrase “home sweet home” and ending her sentence with the question yes. Jun could only nod in embarrassment at the reality of her situation and the realization she hadn’t kept her room from degrading into such a state.

“Y-yes. This is…my new home… and yours I guess.”

She didn’t know what else to say to the question really. Instead she just watched as the Amazon woman walked over to one of the room’s corners and placed her hammer down. Jun’s face could only redden as she began to watch the blonde strip off her armor piece by piece, making sure to get inside the room and shut the door behind her before Umi had moved past the removal of her gauntlets. In awe she watched as the blonde continued removing piece after piece of her metal shell and put her obviously feminine figure to light. Finally all that stood in the room along with Jun was a single blonde bear Faunus woman in a rather form fitting white dress trimmed in blue. When Umi turned it gave Jun a proper chance to see that the back of the dress was open completely. The very sight caused the auburn haired girl to gulp at her caregiver’s beauty. The illusion was only broken by the act of Umi pinching herself for some reason.

Raising an eyebrow to Jun the blonde seemed to struggle to find the wording about Jun’s creativity before taking a seat in the corner with her armor and hammer. Her knees were brought to her ample chest and hugged to her frame. It caused Jun to frown. A second or two passed before Umi seemed to ask Jun for an order on if she should clean the room or not. She didn’t like that word. Order. It reminded her about how her parents treated everyone that wasn’t each other. Jun herself had to deal with the “order” mentality growing up herself and even now still did to a degree.

“If you want to clean up, you’re free to. I can always take care of it too I suppose….”

The thought then occurred to her. Just where the hell was she going to put all these pieces and unfinished inventions? It wasn’t exactly like she had worked out a storage system for any of it.

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3 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:00 am

Umi had to take a moment to absorb the level of damage in her head, displeased that the mistress lived in such disarray, but at the same time impressed at the sheer level of intelligence of Jun. She knew that she herself wasn't as intelligent, she couldn't even count at a high rate like any of these kids at the school, she didn't know how speak proper English, she didn't even know how the meaning behind many English words. She was a slave girl, slave girls don't end up in schools.

She felt slightly intimidated at Syne as she didn't know much at all to begin with, as she really only knew two things that were beat into her head more than anyone else. She knew how to protect, and destroy, and she was more confident in those two things than most people were about being correct on something they knew everything about. She turned her head to look at Jun, admiring her lovely face, and remembered why she came here, giving her a happy smile as she popped back to her feet.

She took a moment to reassess the damage, and a look of someone getting in way over their head caused her to have a similar one on her face, standing there for a few minutes unmoving. She knew she had to be very careful in the means of moving things, so the bed had to be first as Jun spoke of them sharing it. She blushed softly, bringing her hands to her face to hide her embarrassment. She looked around the room for boxes to place the projects laying sprawled about the bed, finding nothing besides the boxes the parts came in, atleast a few of them.

She carefully picked things up piece by piece, making sure to keep things that were close together with eachother. She looked back to Jun, watching her for a moment before giving her a smile.

"Jun... Is.... Smart. Very...... Smart."

She spoke, trying to praise her little genius. She went back to cleaning up and relatively organizing things that looked the same. Eventually she started humming to herself songs she'd heard the family limo driver play, just at a slower pace so her brain would process and remember it clearly. She eventually grew a little more comfortable, and her pace sped up. While she worked, she'd occasionally look at Jun, not for anything really besides the fact she just wanted to keep seeing a source of her happiness.

It was surreal to her to be back working, and as she hummed to herself as her red aura started pooling up around herself. A blue colored bubble formed, enveloping the room as red snow started dropping all around like someone shook a snowglobe and shrunk themselves to step inside. Of course it was just energy, and it wasn't until she looked at Jun once more did she realize her semblance had activated unconsciously. She had a small look of horror on her face as she slowly put down the box she was filling up and retreated to her corner with her armor, deactivating her semblance visual in the process.

She huddled up into a ball, feeling as though she were to be yelled at for doing something out of place so early on into her line of work again.

"Umi... s-s-sssorry... M-master… J-j-j-j-jun."

She spoke in a series of stutters, fearing that she was gonna get hit as her old masters used to do when she stepped out of line. She thought she was gonna get hit, probably not by Jun, but she felt someone out of nowhere was going to come punish her for her expressing a form of freedom. She hadn't used her semblance once since she came unto the Lockhart household, and was quite frightened at how the Lockhart daughter would respond.

"Umi... did… b-bad."

She spoke, grabbing the helmet to her armor and shakily placed it over her head, expecting a slap to it at any moment. She cowered softly, her body shaking as she was scared, the poor mentally warped servant. She eventually fell over on her side, still shaking in fear as she was terrified of what was to come.

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4 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:29 am

Jun continued to watch Umi as she sat in the corner for some time, wondering what the older woman was going to do, until the blonde seemed to pop up onto her feet. Hey eyes found themselves instantly drawn to the bouncing of the amazon’s bust as she got back to her feet. The concept of feeling this sense of lust, and perhaps even actual love, for her caregiver was actually somewhat scary for Jun. Here this woman had just re-entered her life and she already found herself attracted to her in every way possible. She could only guess how much it would scare Umi if Jun told her, especially so soon.

All while she was thinking this Umi had begun to clean up what would become both of their bed, picking up pieces of Jun’s unfinished inventions that would more than likely remain in such a state until she decided she needed the parts for another project in the future. It was when Umi spoke up, complimenting Jun on how smart she was, that the girl realized she had been lost in fascination with her caregiver’s movements and figure. The younger girl’s face turned a deep shade of crimson when she realized this, turning on her heels quickly to try and hide this from the giant woman.

Before she could say anything she could see a red light wash over the room, causing her to look around in wonder and amazement. Jun would turn in awe as she looked at the floating red specks, much like the snow in those “snowglobes” she would often see sold in stores. The red light faded quickly, causing Jun to smile rather brightly and genuinely.

“Hey Umi, can I see that again?!”

She was fascinated with the phenomenon she had just witnessed and turned to what she was assuming was the source. It was when her eyes came across the corner Umi had put her armor in that she had become concerned. The blonde sat in the corner, stuttering away with an apology to her mistress. The stuttering continued with Umi claiming she had done something bad. When it had finally ended Umi had donned her helmet once again and seemed to be anticipating some kind of punishment. Jun would only approach her, calmly and carefully, before kneeling before the far taller woman. Her arms flung around Umi’s form as Jun held her closely, angry with what she had surmised that she had been forced to endure.

“I’m sorry…Umi…”

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5 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:49 pm

The young faunes girl held fear of what were to come to her, she figured abuse was to happen but instead was comforted by a warm embracement from her master Jun, who seemed to hold Umi in a hug. She heard an apology from her master, something that bewildered the girl and in the moment forgot that she was being touched in an affectionate manner. She pulled the helmet off, looking at Jun with tears in her eyes as she wondered why her master was apologizing to her, when she was the one that slipped up. She softly wiped the tears from her eyes, looking down at the ground softly as she tried to compose herself.

"Jun. S-sorry? I... Mess up. Why... Sorry?"

She sputtered out, not quite understanding the situation. Normally open acts of normality got her abused, so why was it that her young master decided to apologize for something she didn't do? This confused the bear immensely, and suddenly it hit her that she was being hugged on by Jun. her face lit up as red as her semblance, and she stuttered heavily in embarrassment as she had no idea what was going on or what she did to deserve affection. Her head moved, looking all around the room as she tried figuring things out, coming to a blank conclusion that held no proper thought process of why. She was hesitant, but as she saw they were alone she slowly, very, very slowly, wrapped her arms around her young master and held the girls head to her chest. Maybe she did something to upset Jun, maybe she put things in the wrong place, she was lost in thought and wasn't paying attention that she was rubbing her masters head in comfort.

"Don't. Sad... Please? No... Sad. Master Jun."

She said softly, accidentally letting her legs go from under her and fell back softly, staring at the ceiling. If she remembered correctly, Mistress Jun wanted to see her semblance again. Maybe that would cheer up the seemingly sad Jun, and as it was her masters will she touched Jun's head every so softly, and a bubble formed, enveloping in the room. Next was the red 'snow', that went from the top of the bubble to the floor in a constant steady stream of flakes, making them once again look like they were inside a massive snow globe.

"Like... This?"

Umi asked softly, looking around as there was a constant snow fall, which was what was happening before she caught on to what was going on. Maybe this would please master Jun, she thought as she looked over to the girl. She wanted to see her masters bright smile again, and was breaking so many of her own self made rules to do so, just for that one little smile.

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6 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:21 am

Jun continued to hold the taller woman in her warming embrace, failing to notice that Umi had taken her helmet off once more until she began talking again. The blonde seemed confused once again as she asked why Jun was sorry. The young heiress would move back enough to look at Umi in the face while still holding on tightly to her enticing frame. She didn’t want to explain that she was apologizing for her parents and what they had done to the giantess to make her react in such a way for such minor things.

“F-forget about it…”

Jun would just rest her head back against her bodyguard’s bust, looking back towards her cluttered bed in silence. The blonde began to run her hand along Jun’s auburn hair, a pleasant feeling that caused her to nuzzle her face deeper against the taller woman’s breast. Her caregiver would ask that she not be sad. Shortly after the room would glow red once more which would cause Jun to lift her head and look around at the falling red specks. Jun would smile in awe at the effects of her bodyguard’s semblance.

“This is beautiful Umi. Why would you be ashamed of this?”

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7 Re: Home sweet home... Right? (Private) on Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:35 am

Tired, the girl was mentally drained at this point, today had been a big day for her. A little too big, she was a tad bewildered at the reaction of Jun, but she knew the evil about her semblance, Jun didn't. While the aesthetics of it were beautiful, it was deadly. She managed to speak slowly, though her speech as short.

"Ashamed... Because it's... Bomb."

She spoke, letting the woman know that her caretakers semblance was a colorful form of a bomb. Though, she didn't know how what the girl would think of it at this point. Umi stood up slowly, bringing the girl up with her as she stretched. She was tired, and she brushed Jun's head softly, letting out a cute little yawn. She deactivated her semblance peacefully, stretching once more to stretch her long slender back.

"I... Shower."

She spoke, giving Jun a smile. She wandered over to the bathroom door, opening it up and vanishing. She turned the water on, undressed, and cleaned up the sweat of today's adventure and enjoyed the soothing sounds of the shower that helped ease her mind a bit knowing what would come soon. Sleeping in bed with Jun, she shook softly at the thought with her face red. She turned off the water, stepped out, dried herself off with a towel, and put back on what she could of her clothes. She needed her spare clothes that her caretakers would be sending, so for now she had her same old outfit. She wrapped her hair in the towel and walked out to see Jun, another small yawn escaping her lips.

"Nice and clean."

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