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Valencia Esper [Done]

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1 Valencia Esper [Done] on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:59 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Valencia Esper
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: December 19th
Gender: Female
Race: Android, but believes to be human (please read her History and the additional infos down below)
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 58kg
Face Claim: Humanoid Glaceon (Pokemon)

STR: 5
DEF: 5
RES: 1
SPT: 1
HP 150|150 SP

Major: Academic
Likes: Showing off her knowledge; Arguing with someone; Reading; Music; Dancing; Fashion; Cold and ice and related puns; Cakes with icing (get it!?);
Dislikes: Someone knowing something she doesn't; Being late; Having to do something; People who don't listen to her advice; Being ignored; being alone; Dust in general;
Fears: Large electromagnetic manifestations (aka storms); Magnets as she gets real nauseous around them (being an android, it affects her); Seeing her world being annihilated; Being forced to watch others suffer, especially if it's her fault; Getting an haircut; Getting in trouble;

Overall Personality: Don't you hate it when there's always someone criticizing everything you say or do, that they always think that they're right and even when you have proof that they are wrong they won't take defeat as an option? Well if that's the case you might want to stay away from Valencia as she will be upfront about what she believes you're doing wrong. You can also bet that she won't think twice about her words and will lack as much tact as possible and not even care. Of course this is high hypocrisy coming from her, as most of the time she won't even do herself what she'll tell others to do, claiming that she has either better things to do or say that they won't learn anything if they don't do it themselves. Even though her attitude makes it hard to befriend her, she is not without her qualities. It may not seem like it, but Val is actually very caring of others, which is why she can be harsh towards people as she thinks that criticism builds up someone someone's self-esteem, as long as it's constructive criticism of course. She will never say something mean to be mean.

Although she will be stern and stand her ground about her opinions and such, if Valencia believes that she's in trouble or in situations in which people are looking for her and that she doesn't want to be found, she will go into hiding and avoid as much people as possible and hope no one will actually point toward where she went. She chooses the arguments she gets herself into. Her Semblance is very useful for that.

Aura type: Power Aura
Aura Color: Cobalt
Semblance: Mimicry; STR Buff/Utility; Disclaimer, this is not a Semblance to copy people, but objects!

The way Mimicry works, it allows Valencia to take the form of an object in her surrounding and become it. For example, if there's a chair in the room, she can become identical to the chair. Well, rather similar, as though she will have to perfect shape of the object she mimics, she will always become metallic in a cool shade of blue steel. Sure it's not very subtle seeing one metal chair among a mass of wooden ones, but for someone that doesn't know her Semblance, it's great camouflage. She cannot transform into an object significantly bigger than her and cannot Mimic machines with how complex they are. Another important detail is that when transformed she cannot move at all but can somehow communicate, hypothetically through aura resonance. That's what she claims. This is the Utility use and cost 10 SP each time she transforms into a object.

As for how she Buffs herself, rather than Mimicking an object around her, Val can transforms herself into a sword of great craftsmanship. But like when she becomes any other object, she cannot move on her own. Then what's the use to transform into a sword when you can't swing yourself? Well have someone do it for you! In her Sword Form, Val can be really useful to someone who can handle her properly. But why pick her up if you already have a weapon? Well, who knows, she may be a better weapon than the one you have. While someone is wielding her, their own STR is disregarded and they use Val's, but they still use their own Speed. But don't think that in her Sword Form she's impervious to damage, if struck directly she will take damage. Being in her Sword Form costs her 10 SP per post she's transformed.

Valencia's Sword form:

Item 1: Tier 1 "Weapon"; Val wears a pendant to which she is linked. Its material is the one she transforms into when she Mimics something. It can possibly be enhanced so she would be even stronger in her Sword Form, but since it's not really a weapon, she can't use it to fight otherwise.

Item 2: Tier 1 Physical Armor; Val's custom seifuku is made out of a strong and durable cloth that reduces incoming attacks. Its properties somehow apply when she's transformed, making her less afraid to receive blows when someone is using her in a fight.

History and Sample
Project Homunculus:
Valencia was long ago engineered in order to see if it was possible to create an artificial life form that would be capable of blending in with future's society. Of course, she wasn't the only secret project about artificial life or intelligence across Remnant, but she was one of the most unique. While many worked on androids and other forms of self-aware machines, one researcher was working on his own project, code-named "Homunculus". The goal was to create a machine that would be so alike to humans that even it wouldn't be aware of the difference and would have bodily functions similar to humans, if not identical, in order to maybe have a solution for a possible extinction in hopefully many many years.

Project Homunculus was to be the first attempt at fully bio-engineering life, many hardships were faced, many goals were achieved, many problems solved and many challenges still in front of the scientists, but everything was going marvelously well and before too long, their hard work payed off when Valencia first saw the light of day. Wanting to make her life as close as the one of a human, she was but a baby when made, her first breaths literally marking the birth of an incredible step forward in science.

Being something new for the world, the people working on the project kept Val's existence a secret and continued to analyse her and hope for no complications, especially about her body. As it was made to mimic living being like humans and faunus, she had the potential to grow taller, stronger, older... she was much more than the scientist had hoped to achieve. Although there was a detail that they couldn't figure out how to fix which was that even if she wasn't made from mechanical or electronic parts, she was still reacting negatively to the presence of electromagnetic fields, but this one small problem wasn't in any way going to bring down the project. No, of course, this victory in the name of science would be heard of the way it currently was, but not by the right ears.

Other groups wished to know more about Project Homunculus and others wanted to get their hands on it, so unfortunately the laboratory in which Valencia was had been attacked on multiple occasions, the defense protocols of the lab fending off the assaults on nearly every raids... nearly every... In the last attack, most scientists were killed while the others were taken away, probably to "work" for the ones that managed to successfully get in but, that's all they would have from the attack, as Val had been hidden away in a safe place along a wounded man, the one that had started the project from the beginning.

On his dying breath, the scientist brought Valencia to the world by leaving her at an orphanage in Bellmuse before continuing his way down the street where he died from his wound, without his due honor or anyone to even know his name.

Living like anybody:
Valencia stayed at the orphanage she was left at where she grew up, grew strong, grew old, without keeping any memory from the lab she was conceived in as she was too young to remember. It wouldn't change much about her life anyway if she knew about it. She always was the one with the brain among the other kids, always correcting everyone on everything. She was so much of a know-it-all that she was given the nickname "Esper" for her supernatural intelligence which ended up becoming her name. Valencia Esper, it had a nice ring to it and she was proud of it. Also people can't hurt you with something if you decide to make it your own.

Always using her brain rather than her brawn in every situation, she had no problem getting perfect grades in anything she was doing, which quickly grew tiring and boring for her, especially since she didn't know what to do in her life. Thinking about it for about a year, Val ended up deciding that her intellect could benefit the world, especially with the Grimms all over Remnant. So when she was of age, she enrolled at Syne Academy which was the local Huntsman school in town.
RP Sample:
It was a warm and bright day under the sun in the middle of the Bellmuse Plaza and the day would have been perfect if it wasn't of a couple who was arguing in the middle of the cafe where Valencia was quietly drinking her favorite drink in the whole town. Plus it was for a stupid reason that these two were screaming at each other about and Val was beginning to think that they were doing it on purpose. "Why on Remnant would people argue about who fed the cat last?" did she thought to herself. "Who feeds a cat anyway? Can't it hunt down mice or something if it's really hungry? They're currently wasting their time and everyone else's patience with this." After a moment the girl stood up and walked out of the cafe, leaving without anymore words and with the guy just staring at the opposite wall as the door closed behind her. Resting her chin on her hands while her elbows were on the table, Val stared at her half-full cup before seeing from the corner of her eye the man standing up and rushing outside, obviously trying to catch up to his girlfriend to apologize for all this joke of an argument. Indeed, he had joined up with her but, something seemed weird. Looking through the window at the couple, they weren't angry, not sad or anything negative. They were in fact laughing and kissed before leaving the scene. That's when it struck Valencia. Turning her head towards the table the two were at, she noticed that they hadn't payed for what they had ordered. This whole scene was a ruse... a stupid ruse that somehow worked. She didn't know if she had to be impressed or if she had to feel dumb for not noticing. She shrugged before she began to read the newspaper and resumed drinking her coffee as peace was back in the cafe.
Android Information:
Here are some things you need to know about Valencia and the fact that she's an android.

-She is considered an Android, even though she was created to look and grow up like humans.
-She will be affected by Magnets for a mysterious reason, but doesn't fear being soaked by water or any other liquid.
-Not being made out of metal makes her look perfectly human to EVERYONE, even herself.

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ok everything i look's good


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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