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Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open]

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1Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] Empty Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] on Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:52 pm

Sunday. 8:25 am. Finnek Forest.

There stood, in the center of the blue hued forest, the young man, supposed descendant of a god, Royan Silvercrown himself. "I wonder if anyone else is around." He had already unpacked into his dorm, and classes weren't to start until tomorrow. Nothing was really going on in the forest, he was just lying down on a patch of blue grass. "I could get used to this.." The thought crossed his mind as he closed his eyes. He felt like sleeping, but he wasn't tired. He felt like he was floating in a land of wonders. Then he remembered. This was a cruel world. People died, creatures survived. He was on his journey to rid the world of the darkness. He opened his eyes. He felt like a milennia had passed, yet nothing really crossed. He got up and put on his jacket. "Here's to a better world, heh." as he took a swig out of his canteen.

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2Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] Empty Re: Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] on Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:51 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
The blue hue reflected upon Lothric's newly shined armor as he walked through the forest, it was gentle steps that sounded his arrival as his armor made soft sounds of metal plates on metal plates and the wind slightly grabbing the chain mail wherever it could as if to challenge the metal in a contest of strength. Step by calculated step Lothric continued his walk through the forest as his gaze kept wandering to any potential hiding spot any Grimm could be using this time, it was no secret to any that had observed him lately that Lothric had just had enough of being ambushed by the Grimm and their annoying habit of hiding in the shrubbery.

As he closed on an area Lothric heard some movement but it was far enough away that it's exact wielder could not be figured unless Lothric would halt his progression through the forest and considering his current state of mind there was no way Lothric wanted to take a chance on another ambush.

Unsheathing his sword Lothric silently let out a heavy sigh as he drew his gauntlet over the blades magnesium strip, sending sparks flying every conceivable direction a simple moment of focus and the entire sword was engulfed in a fiery inferno as Lothric lifted it over his head with both arms and swung it downwards towards the ground in the direction of the sound he had heard, knowing that he could enrage something beyond his current capabilities Lothric wanted the first strike to be meaningful so he poured his focus into the flames and as the blade made contact with the ground they poured forth in a single line that shed the blue hue from the area and replaced it with a fiery red.

The roaring fire could be heard for quite some distance and the red hue could be seen even further as it picked up speed as it continued it's movement and soon it had reached the center and before long it erupted into a wave of fire and heat as it barreled towards Royan as it had carved a path of destruction through the forest and the charred remains of flora could be traced back towards Lothric as he slowly lifted his sword and placed it back into his sheath before he started to walk slowly on the charred ground as his gaze was now completely locked upon the end of his attacks destructive path.

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3Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] Empty Re: Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:46 pm

Sunday. 8:27 am. Finnek Forest.

Hearing a scorch, he looked to his left, seeing what seemed to be flames. Immediately, he ducked and rolled forward, barely avoiding said attack and stayed alert. "Who's there?!" he shouted, as he slowly drew his axe. "If the attack came from my left, they've probably only recently entered the forest. Maybe if I jump 'em from the front.. No, too risky. I'll just lay low." He sheathed his axe once more, and walked while crouching. As he walked, he heard less and less footsteps. "Maybe they've left. Hm." He took out his journal and lied against a tree.

Log 45 | Finnek Forest
"Dear Journal,
I've been in Finnek for a short while, and I've been attacked. I don't know if they're friendly or if they're even human, but I'm slightly scared. I hope I can possibly put up a fight if they aren't friendly. If they are, maybe I'll ask them why the hell they threw a goddamn fireball at me. I'm not sure. Well, I guess this just a short log."

As he finished up his writing, he suddenly felt a strong wave of fatigue hit him. He was tired. "Maybe I could grab a quick nap. Hopefully they won't kill me." Fat chance. Right?

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Ser Lothric Ember
Lothric suddenly heard movement and something akin to a person drawing a weapon but considering the remains of his fire where still crackling in the distance Lothric couldn't quite make out if he had heard correct so without a moment of hesitation he drew the sword once more and walked towards the noise as he took precautions to make each step as light and make as little sound as possible, but sadly due to his armor and the wind rattling of it he made more then enough noise to be heard.

When he was within the final few meters from where he had heard another noise as if something was laying down or crouching Lothric took a few quick steps and turned around the tree as quickly as he could before lifting the sword tip up and towards Royans throat, tho there was a three meter distance between the two Lothric was confident that he could quickly end this individuals life should he attempt anything hostile.

Lothric kept his blade pointed towards Royan as his eyes could be seen slightly beyond his helmets visor and they seemed to be cautious yet angry as if Royans mere presence had some how angered Lothric beyond measure.

Not allowing for any leeway Lothric focused upon the remains of his flames for a few seconds as they suddenly left the flora alone and launched themselves straight at his sword setting it ablaze. Returning his attention to Royan Lothric suddenly spoke with a clam yet angry tone "I take it thee doth be the reason for whatever disturbance I felt upon mine entry to this forest of blue?".

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5Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] Empty Re: Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:52 pm

Sunday. 8:40 am. Finnek Forest.

As Royan opened his tired, weary green eyes, he saw a gigantic blazing sword and a man, maybe a hunter in a big, shiny, most likely heavy suit of armor. He had heard the man's question. He nearly jumped at the sudden exposure but remained calm. "Keep talking like a saltshaker and I'll bash your head in. And you're the one who attacked me, with, how'd I remember it, um, a gigantic FIREBALL?!" the boy shouted, with his rage emphasizing on the fireball part. "I swear, if this prick thinks he's going to kill me, he's got another thing coming at him.." He slowly drew his axe, and decided to duck down and parry his sword away. He got up and raised his axe. "You're lucky that you didn't swing Mr. Blazing Sword at me. If you did, you'd probably be in pain." he said as he paused, "Now, could you tell me why you almost killed me?"

Sorry it's short.

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6Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] Empty Re: Hakuna Matata [Intro/Open] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:09 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
As the axe made contact with his blade Lothric leaped backwards slightly and entered his normal battle stance with the hilt at head height and the tip pointing downwards right to left, Lothric kept his gaze upon Royan and shook his head a few times before his entire frame erupted into a fiery inferno.

When the fire had completely swallowed his form Lothric spoke with a slight fiery crackle to his voice but he kept the calm tone "Doth have made an unwise decision my friend and it doth seem to be mine duty to teach thee some manners." as he finished speaking Lothric removed his left hand from the hilt of his sword and all the flames gathered within as he then lowered his sword slightly to increase his defensive capabilities.

"Now I give thee a second chance to end this conflict, sheath thine weapon or you will force me to render you but charred bones and ash upon the scarred flora of this forest of blue." this time Lothric spoke with a commanding voice as the fireball in his hand grew in size for every moment as it started to swirl as well.

Within his mind Lothric was creating different scenarios and strategies in case this person would not yield their weapon unto it's rightful place within their sheath, as he continued to think and analyze Royan, Lothric found that he didn't really feel like killing him but if he would not yield the outcome would not be denied and Lothric was never one for settling something without a decisive ending.

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