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Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth)

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1 Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:32 am

It was the middle of the day at Syne Academy Kalos had just finished his last class of the day. And so far according to him its been a very boring and dull day. "For a school the specializes in training us for killing monsters, it can get rather dull here sometimes." he said with arms behind his head, as he was strolling down the halls on his way to the Training Arena.

Usually when the day is as boring as this, sometimes its good to head to the training arena for some liveliness and action. Now Kalos isn't the violent type, he just enjoys a good far amount of action every now and then. Even at the training arena Kalos is known to be a very humble and modest person, who usually can blow away the competition but won't ever admit it.

He continued his walk, and something caught his eye. A small of group of four kids around his age, surrounding another figure with laughs and giggles. It didn't take much to realize what was going on, one of the kids was bullying one of the academic kids with no real combat training. The bully had a small group behind him to make him more imposing then he really was.

Before the leader could land a punch on the helpless kid, Kalos was done there and caught the fist with his right hand using his Prometheus so the leaders hand would hurt a little but not to much. "Why don't we leave the poor guy alone now huh guys?" Kalos said with a light chuckle rubbing the back of his head. The group of bullies did not look so intrigued to stop now.

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2 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:48 am

Fuyuko was deep in thought. She debated with herself whether or not to write to her parents, or her master...or anyone from Purge of the Grimm....Her ears twitched as she heard the beginning of a fight. Don't get involved, just keep your head down... she looked at the leader of the mob. He was big, strong looking...not quite handsome but she wasn't one to make choices on looks, Master had seen to that. She reached in her shirt and rubbed where the scars were. A young man came from the side and stopped the weakling from being pummeled. She wasn't sure what to think of him. He was clearly stronger than the bully, but the numbers put favor behind the mob. She curled her tail under her skirt and folded her ears into her hair and walked over to watch closer. She kept a hand out of sight and called on her semblance to form a flash bomb and tucked it in her pocket. The bullies seemed interested in causing problems with the two men, though a couple who had seen her made some...uncomfortable gestures towards her.

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3 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:43 am

"Ha! you should have just minded your own business kid." the leader said he held his right right hand that hit Kalos's prosthetic arm it hurt him but not enough to keep him from baking down like Kalos had hoped. Now that Kalos had gotten a really good look at his face, he realized that he knew the guys name, Darion Gerald. A frequent comer to the training arena for some fights and apparently bullying. His followers Keith, Garron and Jokken were always at his side like lost dogs, but all them made a team claiming they were gonna be the best team in Syne something that near everyone disagreed with.

"Aaahhh Darion I didn't know you resorted to things like this now, maybe its time to sto-" Kalos was interrupted with a punch to the face. That everyone saw, and started chatting about. No one could really see the look on Kalos's face, one couldn't tell if he was pissed, scared or to stupid to move.

"I heard about you Kalos, word around the school is that your more willing to back down from a fight then get involved in one. So I don't know what you think your doing, or who you think you are. But I suggest you go back from where ever you came from and mind yours."

"Haha sure thing buddy, just let me get my friend out of here and we'll be on our way." Kalos said suddenly reaching down to take the academic students hand to help him. It was almost as if Kalos didn't even realize he got hit at all and he just completely ignored it. Once the academic kid was on his feet, a fist hit his chest sending him right back down to the ground in pain. This time Kalos's golden eyes in shock, another fist from Jokken aiming to hit Kalos. But in two swift movements, Kalos used his left hand to parry the force of the blow downward and forming a hard fist with the same hand landed a hit on his chest sending him flying back.

"You shouldn't have done that." Kalos said sternly. Things were about to get good.

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4 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:57 am

Fuyuko smiled a small smile as she watched the one called Darion make a fool of himself. She stepped next to the man with the metal arm and held out her bomb, "Fragmentation. Only one immune to it." She stepped in front of the man to shield him and the weak one and stared the bullies in the face. She desperately hoped none of them knew enough about explosives to know she was bluffing about the nature of her weapon. Her skill set was support and over watch, not this close combat stuff. Her eyes scanned the area hoping a teacher would walk by and difuse the situation that looked like it was rapidly spinning out of control. In her pocket, she tapped her semblance to create a HEAP round that she'd have to get in her rifle somehow. Fuyuko had to resist the urge to twitch her tail or move her cat ears as she realized she was at the center of attention. She really didn't like this one bit and it seemed like it wasn't going to change anytime soon.

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5 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:43 am

Kalos's eyes widened a bit when a young girl came onto the scene, but he was much more surprised that she was holding a bomb that only she was immune to then her actual arrival. The stern look on his face disappeared completely with her arrival as well. She looked like she could handle herself in a fight, but from the looks of it she was more of a ranged fighter then a close one. A part of Kalos had hoped they would back off from the girls threat, but at the same time he didn't like how they sucker punched the academic student in the chest. So as far as Kalos is concerned these guys must be taught a lesson and what better place to teach a lesson to some bullies then the training arena. The scene was already made, and the spectators were expecting a show of some sort.

Jokken was still on the ground weezing from Kalos's hit. Darion looked over at him and shouted that he get up! Garron on the other hand was smirking at the girl, and didn't seem fazed by her threat. "Hey cutie! I specialize in guns and explosives I know your lying."

Darion smirked when he heard this. "It's four against two, I say the odds are in our favor! Now your gonna get a beating and we'll probably end up with her phone number!" he said to the both of them.

Kalos looked over at Fuyuko. "Hey I think I like our odds don't you think." he said with a smirk stretching his arms out walking in front of her. "If you can watch my back from a distance, I'll make sure none of them get past me. Deal?" he asked her right before he dashed off at a impressive speed. Towards the four, his first move to put Jokken on his ass again with another kick to the chest. Darion turned his body towards him holding a large mace, aiming to strike him. Which Kalos blocked effortlessly with his right arm Prometheus.

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6 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:34 am

Fuyuko closed her eyes and detonated the flash bomb. She then rolled backwards, getting her rifle ready as she loaded the HEAP round and aimed at Darion, "Die" She fired at his face and created another bullet to shoot the next one. It looked like the one called Kalos was very proficient in combat. She used her implant to read the battlefield and fired at the Keith who had flanked them. She spun about just in time to fire almost point blank half her magazine into the Garron. She jumped back to avoid the next attack and then set up close to the fight between Kalos and Darrion. Jokken moved towards the weak student, but had only taken a few steps when Fuyuko shot his knee out, "Bastard". Her normally impassive face betrayed faint signs of anger as she stood up and raced towards the academic and grabbed his arm and pulled him along as Garron and Keith chased them, "You're weak" She said to the student, "Why does he help you?" She spun about and thumbed the selector switch to burst mode and fired at their feet. She hadn't felt this excited in a long time. Not since her arrival anyway and she was going to milk it for all its worth. They reached the edge of the arena and Fuyuko realized her mistake. They were far from Kalos and she didn't have time to create a weapon with her semblance.

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7 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:04 pm

The Academic student face was in panic, as he looked at the young girl who had asked why Kalos protects him. To be honest he didn't know, he didn't know Kalos that well. But he could say this. "I-Im not sure I really don't know him that much. But to be honest this isn't the first time he's stopped someone from bullying me or anyone else. It's just- It's just what he does I guess"

Kalos was taken back a little from the rifle girls skills, definitely a talent she was thought Kalos. She was able to send shots to just about everyone keeping them off Kalos's back. Giving Kalos the free space to deal with a Darion and an already weakened Jokken. Both of them decided to charge at Kalos head on, Darion with his mace in hand and Jokken with an large battle axe. They both aimed to hit him at the same time, a simple but fast back step avoided both attacks.

Kalos then went on the offensive and dashed towards them while they had an opening. He landed a fast punch with his left to Jokken's gut, and spun around for a roundhouse kick that connected to Darion's face.

His focus on both of them, Kalos landed another series of punches on Jokken, causing him to let go of his battle axe, Kalos grabbed it and used the blunt side of it to knock out Jokken. And then swung it over towards Darion who blocked it with his mace, but Kalos's swing proved to strong and Darion was launched towards the ground. Kalos tossed the battle axe to the other side of the room making sure if Jokken did indeed get up he wouldn't be in reach of it.
He dashed at Darrion who had just composed himself and ready to take another wide swing at Kalos. Kalos decided to connect it with his right fist Prometheus creating a shockwave of power from both but most of the power from Kalos. Darion's feet sliding on the ground from Kalo's blow. His face in shock from the power of Kalos's right arm. Rage now clouding his mind, Darion rushed towards him but Kalos did a swift dodge to the left grabbing Darion's face with his left hand and tripping him to the ground essentially knocking him out. Kalos grabbed Darion's mace, and launched it at Keith and Garron who were in pursuit of the girl and the academic student.

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8 Re: Bullies at the Training Arena (Faeth) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:14 pm

Fuyuko threw the academic to the ground and dropped after him, taking quick aim at Jokken and squeezing a burst at him before rolling to avoid Garrin. Keith was on the ground with what had to be the biggest goose egg on his head. She shifted to take a shot at Garron but the rifle was kicked away, "bitch, I'm going to wreck you." It was clear he was so very weak. She tried to create a bomb but the hand around her throat stopped it. Fuyuko felt herself being pressed against the wall. A familiar and, admittedly, not entirely unwelcome situation. Her breathing quickened as his hand restricted airflow into her lungs. The other student tried to save her, but a swift kick in the balls ended it. Garron leaned close and whispered in Fuyuko's ear, "looks like you enjoy this...I know I will." Fuyuko grinned, "foot." Garron looked down and his eyes widened as she kicked him in the shin. The bomb she had formed while he was distracted went off and he held what was left of his leg in shock and agonizing pain. Thank you Alucard she thought to herself as she dropped to the ground coughing. The old huntsman had been right on more than one occasion and this was simply another thing added to that list. She picked up her rifle and put the magazine back in when she was tackled from behind. Keith was easily twice her size and he had seen her last trick. His hands forced the gun away and then reached for...things. She bucked and twisted but had only succeeded in getting further under him as he leered at her. She tried to form another bomb but Keith's arm went around her neck and waist as he picked her up like a toy doll, "oh no you don't. Wouldn't want your friends to get hurt now right?" He planted a foot firmly on the academic and called to Kalos, "if you don't want the girl to get hurt anymore, give up!"

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