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Team FRAC dorm room

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1 Team FRAC dorm room on Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:54 pm

Fenrir threw the door wide open. The team dorms were much nicer than the singles dorms. And this one came with a kitchenette. He made his way to the bedrooms and tossed his pack on the first bed he saw. There were seperated damn. He explored the dorm a bit and then tensed. He heard water running. Stalking towards the sound, it led to the bathroom. He held his hand ready and then quietly opened the door. He saw a feminine silhouette. To tall for Amarante and too short for Crimson, "who are you?" The figure jumped and face him, "Fenny?" He knew that voice, "FENNY!!!" A green haired wolf faunus jumped through the curtain and tackled him, "ohsweetmotherofallthingsgoodandpureIKnewyouwouldbecominghereyoushouldstophidingfrommeyouknowhowmuchIloveyouFenny!" He saw darkness at the edge of his vision as his cousin crushed his throat....and she was naked so death by naked girl....yeah....worst way to go out...He hoped no one would see this.

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2 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:16 am

Entering the room with her stuff, Amarante heard a disturbance. She pulled her fans out and cautiously walked towards the sound. Not a bright idea, but it looked like someone had already come here, hopefully Rai since Fenrir and Crimson scared her. She entered the bathroom and found Fenrir and that strange girl from earlier, " you...need...ah...." It was rather disconcerting to see a male and female like this. She blushed and raced back to the common room, sitting on the couch waiting for the rest of the team.

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3 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:24 am

Crimson came through the maindoor to the dorms carrying a single bag and looking annoyed. Having seen the single dorms she had little need for more.
Upon seeing the look on Amarante's face Crimson glares towards the bathroom.

" No one better be doing anything inappropriate in that bathroom! We share that!" She yelled ass she dropped her bag and made her way over towards the bathroom. "You are scarring little Amarante over here! If you are doing what I think you're doing I'll have you scrubbing that bathroom with your own toothbrush!"

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4 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:42 am

Fenrir crawled...sort of, "help meeeeeeeeeeee......" Yan's grip was like a death trap as he managed to clear the threshold of the door. He twisted to the side and then bucked her off him. Glaring at Crimson,  he tossed his jacket to his cousin, "gee, good thing she isn't an enemy or we'd all be dead. Yan, what are you doing here anyway?" Her tail wagged, "I wanted to be with you. And also cousin Ragnarok said to keep you away from the rest of the clan. The elders aren't happy with what you did to the head family."
"And yet they sent someone to keep me out of're going to tack onto my contract aren't you?"
"Yep." Yan glared at Amarante and Crimson, "besides, I want to make sure the batches over there don't try to seduce you. You and I belong together." Fenrir groaned as he flopped back down, "sweet, sweet darkness...Please claim my soul already. Alright, of you are going to haunt me like a ghost, there need to be some rules. One, you are not an official part of the team...hell, you aren't even old enough to be a student. Two, you will stay out of mine and Rai's rooms. Three, don't maim, incapacitate or otherwise injure anyone in team FRAC. Clear?"
"Crystal!" Yandere skipped out the door wearing the shower curtain and the jacket, "this.......I'm getting to old for this......"

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5 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:59 am

Seeing the display before her simply turned around and walked back into the common room.

She walked over to her bag and proceeded to unzip a small pocket. From that pocket she pulled out a piece of chocolate before walking over to Amarante and kneeled down.

" Here eat this. It will help you feel better. No doubt you'll be scarred for life now thanks to Wolfie over there. You need anything come to me and I'll see what I can do."

With that she grabbed her bag and looked over at Fenrir.

" Any male who enters my room without my permission will find out how well my aim is."

She started walking towards one of the open rooms before stopping. Without even looking back she said "Thanks for getting the team together. I hope we end up being a good fit." before walking into her room and closing the door.

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6 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:39 pm

"She does know she's basically naked in a coed dorm right?" The fix faunus looked out the wide open door, "should we be worried? I feel like this can't possibly end well." Amarante picked up her bags and claimed the room next to Crimson. It seemed like the team was getting off to a bizarre start. So, Fenrir and Long-senpai are close combat fighters and Crimson is a ranged fighter...and then there's me. she lay in bed thinking over what she'd do on the team. She heard a creak, "Crimson?"
"Nope! It's your roomie!"
"Oh, hello Yan-chan." Yandere stared at her, "please, don't make that a thing. Now then, what can you do?"
"I cast glyphs." Yan's eyes widened, "elemental glyphs?" Amarante shook her head, "no...just uncontrollable ones. Wait, weren't you just outside?"

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7 Re: Team FRAC dorm room on Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:14 pm

Fenrir knocked on Amarante's door, "Yan, out."
"But you said-"
"Your room is over here." He led her to the room that used to be his, "Where you sleeping?" He shrugged as he dumped his cousins gear on the bed, "couch in the common room is sufficient." He walked out and went to the coat closet to put his pack in. He took one of his contacts, put it in his eye, and then very thoroughly checked the doors and windows of the dorm. He knocked on the doors to the girls' rooms, "security check" He announced as he examined the windows in their rooms. Satisfied that the place was reasonably safe, he put his contact and scroll away and plopped on the couch, reaching for a large bottle of liquor on the floor next to him.

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