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Cabot Hanazusaki, the one with the floaty robot thingy. [Finished and ready for approval]

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Enrollment Form

Now tell me, does this look like the face of a mass murdering psychopath? No, of course it doesn't. Because if it did, she would just scare everyone away

   Basic info
   Name: Cabot Yves Exkroll Hanazusaki (Pronounced: CA-but YEEVS ECKS-krol)
   Age: 19
   Birthday: October 17th
   Gender: Female
   Race: Cat Faunus
   Height: 5'7.2
   Weight: 123.4
   Face Claim: Absolutely no idea who the artist is. The link isn't good either.

   STR: 6
   DEF: 3
   RES: 1
   SPT: 3
   Aura 170| 130HP

   Major: Tech (Prefers the term [Combat Engineer])
   Likes: -Ohka.
-Excessive amounts of mocking directed at others.
-Her family, in her own special way.
   Dislikes: -Basically everyone other than her family.
-Other people mocking her, or her family.
-Seeing people she has decided she likes in pain.
   Fears: -People will take her too seriously and consider her a huge jerk.
-Losing her family altogether.
-Deep water.
   Overall Personality: Cabot is very easy to hate. She will find any little thing about someone, and call them out on it.
She is an expert in the art of mocking, messing with people, or just being flat out annoying.
Now, the thing that makes Cabot special is that, at any given moment in time, she can mock someone, joke with someone, anything. She truly is unaffected emotionally by disturbing, even traumatizing scenes. She could be covered in someone's blood, or in a near death situation, and yet, she'll laugh. She'll laugh, she'll make jokes, she'll act like nothing is even happening.

Cabot's way of showing affection is simply making fun of people she likes. Her mocking tone for people she dislikes is typically a light happy tone, but when having a serious conversation with a liked person, she speaks in a normal, relatively serious tone. She likes her family, although it's partly because she saw them as 'prey'.

Put simply, Cabot is happy, in any situation.
Almost, any.

   Aura type: Damage
   Aura Color: Burnt Orange
   Semblance: Unbreakable: Cabot's eyes go from a calm cute pink to a darkened bloody red, along with a faint glow of the same colour orbiting around her.
Cabot's body no longer retaliates to puncturing damage and blunt attacks. She can be impaled, stabbed, whacked with a hammer, or kicked in the gut, and she won't break stride. Say a sword went through her chest. A normal body would go back with it for a while, but Cabot is not affected by it. Or maybe she gets hit with a hammer. She won't move, but she will take the appropriate damage.
It still does damage, however she can fight as if she were at full health, whilst she is at even one percent.
When she comes out of it, however, all of the pain hits her at once, which as you could probably imagine, HURTS.
10 Aura to activate, 10 Aura per post while activated.

   Item 1: Ohka.
Ohka is Cabot's personal favourite invention. A smooth, slick, pure white and oval shaped droid with a visionary sensor, or 'Eye'. This droid has multiple different 'emotion' settings.  Blue is neutral, Red is angry, Green is happy, Yellow is confused, Purple is tired, White is flashlight mode, which can tint to each color, although it is hard to notice, and Black is sleep mode.
This droid has a scanner, which can detect bio signatures, and also can scan and copy Cabot's inventions, but can currently only hold one: The MK. V Sentry Turret

The hole in the middle is the entire eye [For Ohka], as opposed to just most of it.

   Item 2: MK. V Sentry Turret. Deployable minigun turret with a tripod stance, able to be detached from the ground and carried by Cabot.
[Rp effect, unable to jump high or run fast, still Speed 3 though.]

MK. V Sentry Turret:

   History and Sample
Small, cute, helpless. Three words to describe Cabot Yves Exkroll Hanazusaki as a child. Bullied and bullied, always made fun of. She looked so weird, they'd say, with her pink eyes, her cat ears, her semi fluffy tail, and even her name. 'Cabot'. Every single day there was something new to call her out on. She'd always come home from school sad, lonely, sometimes in tears. But, she'd always have her siblings to greet her.
They were her only real friends. They were the only ones she trusted.
She would see Sophia, her second youngest sister, come home sad, but she would say 'everything is fine'. Cabot, on the other hand, wasn't strong enough, wasn't brave enough to do that. She'd come home and baul her eyes out, and then some.
She wasn't the strong sibling, she wasn't the reliable sibling, she was the cry baby, and she knew God Damned well it was true.
But that was her as a child.
She grew older, and by the time high school rolled around, she had learned. She had adapted. She had evolved.
People would try to make fun of her, nit-picking every little detail, but she'd come right back around. Nobody bullied her, annoyed her, pestered her.
Nobody tried to befriend her either.
Apparently, Cabot was scary.
She had grown cold, heartless, practically incapable of a regular conversation.
She had to mock every single person, her body had become overflowed with sarcasm and smart remarks, and now she was spitting them all back out.

Cut forward to 5 years prior to the current time in Cabot's life.

One day, her eldest brother Koko left, and once more, Cabot cried.
Miho, her eldest sister, was sold.
Cabot cried.
Sophia left as well.
Cabot cried.
She cried, she cried, she cried.
The youngest of the bunch, and the last one left.
Cabot left too.

While Sophia was having her troubles, while Koko was locked away, Cabot lost any form of emotion.

Cut to a year later.

One night, Cabot, unsurprisingly, was attacked.
Somehow, she managed to disarm her attacker, whom was carrying a knife.
As you could probably imagine, it got messy
Very, messy.

By the end of it, Cabot was covered in this person's blood, her chest, arms, and a decent amount of her face looked like someone gave a toddler some red paint.
This was her life changing event, this was her turning point.
She laughed.
She laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
It was all just so funny to her now.
All of it.
"You look like you've had an incident with a juice box!"
Talking to the bloodied and battered corpse, Cabot laughed some more.
The body was in many, many pieces, and she made some insult about how he looked like he'd been through a cheese grater.

Later that night, after she had cleaned herself up and gone to sleep, her mind was filled with images.
Distorted, horrible images of what she had done.
She got about eight hours of sleep in the next week.

Cabot, albeit reluctantly, killed more.
Self defense turned into murder, sleep was a thing of the past, she rarely experienced it anymore anyways.

They began to bring new toys, as her mind described them.
Cabot would be shot multiple times, stabbed, punched, kicked, beaten, but thanks to her semblance, she tanked it all, she killed it all.
She became accustomed to the small pain after the usage of her semblance.

After so much pain, so much suffering, so much emotion she blocked out, something snapped.

Cut to now.

Cabot, put simply, had a breakdown.
Why? Just why was she doing this? What happened to the small, cute, helpless Cabot Yves Exkroll Hanazusaki?
All she was now was some mass murdering no good psychopath, near completely devoid of sadness, finding everything funny.
And now,
She couldn't go back.

She tried as hard as she could to revert back to her previous personality, only half succeeding.
Sure, she wasn't as psychopathic, but Cabot just couldn't get rid of it now.

Returning to Bellmuse, Cabot searched, in hope of finding a new life.
She saw this somewhere, and it rung in her head like a telephone that refused to stop.
That didn't sound too bad, maybe she oughta try it.

And so try it she did.

RP Sample:
Lilia was sitting in a chair, casually watching TV, when she heard a very distinct sound.
The sound grew louder, more apparent, more annoying....
It was a fly.
She spotted it, just in time for it to land on her nose.
She muffled a little growl as it crawled around, legs moving in a rhythmic beat.
She was going to kill it.
She stared intensely at the insect, slowly removing her hand from it's comfortable perch on the arm of her seat.
Raising it up, her eyes began to go crossed. Her face was trembling, succumbing to the tickle the fly gave her.
Finally, she struck. Her hand flying at her face.
Alas, it was to no avail. Her efforts were for naught.
She had smacked herself directly in the face, and the fly, being a fly, and dodged it gracefully.
Lilia sighed. Once again the fly had won.
For now....
I would make it original, but it's 11:30 PM right now, so.... Yeah....


Cabot's Voice: Yuri Nakamura-Angel beats!
Ohka's 'Voice': Bastion-Overwatch

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Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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