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[Plot] The Hunt For Hunter!

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1 [Plot] The Hunt For Hunter! on Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:12 pm

Leena Lilac
The Hunt For Hunter!
Battle Royale phase 3!

The princess is Kidnapped and she needs Your help to save her! However, Hunter has Run off into the shadows and no one knows where! That is where you all come in. Somewhere on this island is Hunter's Hideout. The royal family is offering 10k lien to whoever finds it. That's right, a whole Ten Grand.

"10k?!?!?!? Hot Dog! But Leena, How can I look for it?"

Well it's simple! YOU get to choose where it is! Just make a topic at any location in Bellmuse (not the Palace). He could be hiding in Finnek, Kompress, or even the School! When the topic is made, You roll the "Battle Royale" Dice, a d20 dice that will tell you if you found Hunter's Lair, A bunch of Hunter's Henchmen, or Zilch. It is also possible to find a Treasure box, filled with 500 Lien, 500 exp, AND your choice of any item offered by Fletcher's or the Back Alley. Only the first three people to find this can partake! If you run into henchmen, it acts as a Grimm battle. If you find Hunter's Lair, Make your exit post and let us know, so we can start phase 4 of Battle Royale!

Every roll you make must be an RP post, so the 150 word minimum applies.
You may roll up to three times per topic.
The Dice Rolls as follows:

  1. 3 hench
  2. Null
  3. 1 hench
  4. null
  5. null
  6. 1 hench
  7. 1 hench
  8. null
  9. 2 hench
  10. Treasure Box
  11. 2 hench
  12. Lair!
  13. null
  14. null
  15. null
  16. 3 hench
  17. 1 hench
  18. null
  19. null
  20. null

Happy Hunter Hunting, Hunters and Huntresses!
~HM Leena

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2 Re: [Plot] The Hunt For Hunter! on Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:48 am

You guys found it too fast. Jeezum. XD
Phase 3 is complete, I guess

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3 Re: [Plot] The Hunt For Hunter! on Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:27 pm

Marcus Goldstein
Question, what's next? The guy who found the lair sent off a general alert, and while I am pefectly fine with a joint base raid it seems a little impractical to have everyone show up at the same time. First come first serve?

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4 Re: [Plot] The Hunt For Hunter! on Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:02 am

From what I've seen,  there'll maybe be ten people taking part if that and even then maybe two to five more active players pushing through

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5 Re: [Plot] The Hunt For Hunter! on Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:51 am

Leena Lilac
We Arent there yet. There will be a topic. Patience. XD

ANYWAY, It has been decided that since this took only about a Day, We will keep the hunt going until three people find the treasure box. Meanwhile, the 4th topic will start very soon! We just didn't get enough time to prepare everything. XD The henchmen have all run away, and I will add more boxes to the dice. Those of you who have already run into the henchmen will still get your battles.

Congrazzles to James, you have been rewarded.

This topic has now been locked, since you guys technically weren't supposed to post here. XD My bad.

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