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A knight must always come to the rescue of a princess

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Gallahad and Azure walked down the beach towards Bellmuse Central. They had just learned of the kidnapping and had taken a side trip to see if they could find a clue to the whereabouts of the princess, "Milord, I get the impression that you are rather angry about this act of cowardice." Gallahad growled, "we must uphold our duty as knights, the princess was nearby and in need of assistance and we failed so miserably. I will not rest until I have had that traitor's blood in my tea."
"Very eloquent milord. On a related note, you should at the very least have a drink to keep warm with this chill night air." Gallahad relented and had a few sips, savoring the warmth that went down his gullet. Azure put the thermos away and tapped his cane, "have you considered what to do with the fiend when you find him?" Gallahad nodded, "He will die."

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They walked past a well kept beach house, "Mr. Griffin, let's inquire about the area from the occupants of this home."
" A suspicion milord?"
"Yes, this act seems very well planned. I would not be surprised if a member working for the royal family was responsible for this atrocity." They walked up the porch steps and politely knocked and waited for the people inside to come out. The door had opened as he tapped it. Trading looks, the knight and his butler readied their weapons and stepped inside, "pardon, is anyone here?" They made their way towards the stairs and went to the basement as they called.

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