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A manhunt on Hunter by a Huntress [Solo]

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1 A manhunt on Hunter by a Huntress [Solo] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:43 pm

Valencia Esper
As of today, there has been an official decree by his majesty the King himself. His words: look for the one who kidnapped his poor little daughter, the princess Periwinkle. Where to look: well... wherever, it seemed like no one had a clue as to where they could find the culprit of this crime against the crown. At least, there was a huge reward to counter balance the lack of information about where to look or even who to look for.

Valencia was sighing heavily as she was walking across the mesmerizing blue woods of Finnek Forest, in which from afar you would have a hard time to notice her even if she'd be running. Her outfit was matching the hue of the forest so perfectly that if she'd turn into any object here and now, no one would be able to find her. It wouldn't be fair a game of hide and seek against her in this place, an idea that made her smile.

But that wasn't the reason as to why she came here, not to find a good hiding spot, although the fact that the woods were surrounding the school made it the perfect place to hide from any teacher or student she'd want to avoid. No, she was here in order to try to find the lair of the kidnapper. She wasn't especially sure why she did so though. Was it for the money? Well, it was a lot of money to just find the place, without any guaranty that she'd need to rescue the girl herself, so maybe. She did need money to get by in life, so it was the most logical answer.

Roaming about aimlessly, Val hoped to find something interesting, even if not the hideout she was currently looking for.

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2 Re: A manhunt on Hunter by a Huntress [Solo] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:57 pm

Valencia Esper
As the sun was shining from its zenith with a pleasing breeze blowing across the cyan leafage of the trees, Valencia began to here sounds coming from above a little hill to which she was right next to, rustling of bushes along with cracking branches. Sounds like this one could be anything really, small animals like squirrels or even a deer or it could even be a Grimm. Maybe it was even the man she was looking for! So many possibilities yet so many uncertainties. What if it was indeed the princess' kidnapper and that he spotted her? It wouldn't be good if she was also taken, how would she manage to tell the others where to find them afterward? Or what if it was a Grimm? Val did take some self defense class when she was younger, but she's not a real fighter on her own. She's literally a weapon for anyone to use. Whatever was making that sound, she'd need to stay hidden until someone else came at least, she wouldn't be able to deal with a fight alone.

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3 Re: A manhunt on Hunter by a Huntress [Solo] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:57 pm

Leena Lilac
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4 Re: A manhunt on Hunter by a Huntress [Solo] on Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:53 pm


Count: 3

Henchmen 1
Level 3
5 Damage Resistance
Equipment: Electrical Riot Baton

Henchmen 2
Level 3
HP: 110/110
5 Damage Resistance
Equipment: Electrical Riot Baton

Henchmen 3
Level 2
HP: 80/80
5 Damage Resistance
Equipment: Rusty sawed off double-barrel shotgun

3 different men with ages varying from their late 20’s to early 40’s walked together without formation through the forest. Each of the men were lightly armed and moved carelessly, making no real attempt to hide their presence or pay much detail to the forest around them. Each dressed in a similar uniform consisting of cargo pants and a gray hoodie, it was clear that these 3 men were a part of the same group.

“I can’t believe the boss actually thinks there is a search party all the way out here.” Henchmen 3 complained.
“What do you mean?” Henchmen 2 questioned, “This is the princess we’re talking about. Of course they’d send a search party all the way to here. Heck, they’d probably send one all the way out to Mistral if that was where she was being kept and the King knew.”
“I don’t know about that.” Henchmen 3 replied, “We’ve been patrolling all day and we haven’t found anything that isn’t trees and squirrels. It’s really making me question why I’m here.”

All of sudden, Henchmen 1 raised his hand, motioning for his two companions to stop. He quickly glanced around, his eyes scanning the surrounding forest.
“Did you guys hear something?” Henchmen 1 asked.
“No, not really.” Henchmen 2 replied.
“I think you’re being paranoid.” Henchmen 3 also replied, “There’s literally nothing out here.”

Henchmen 1 didn’t reply to Henchmen 3’s remark, but instead remained motionless, carefully watching for anything out of place…



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Currently haven't noticed Valencia

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