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Leon Grace Aka Makoto Tachibana [Done]

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1 Leon Grace Aka Makoto Tachibana [Done] on Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:45 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Real Name: Leon-Deliora Grace
Alias: Makoto Tachibana (橘 真琴 Tachibana Makoto)
Age: 21
Birthday: September 7th
Gender: Male
Race: Red Silkback Bearded Dragon Faunus-Human Hybrid
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143 lbs
Face Claim: Demon Blade - Kritika The White Knight

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Tech Major

  1. Peace & Quiet: Leon is a person who tends to like being alone, this to him is how he likes to be all the time, it allows him to think clearly and relax when he has completed all his tasks at hand, and often will be more easy and docile this way.
  2. Reading: Leon from time to time loves to read a good book, it allows him to hold onto some form of humanity that he has left and not fee like he is a monster to everyone around him, it also allows him to focus on the task at hand.
  3. Strong People: Leon tends to approach more battle reddened people better than those who he views as weak, maybe not through battle but mental situations as well, these people he prefer's to be around as he feels more comfortable knowing he will have ample survivability.


  1. Stalker's: Leon does not like people following him, this is a non-negotiable term unless given permission and even then he is very paranoid about people following him and often at times will become violent for no reason, though he prefer's not to get involved in fruitless conflict.
  2. Evedroppers: Much like his dislike for stalkers, or people whom follow him around, Leon isn't too friend to those who like to sneak up on him and listen to things he doesn't want other's to know, these type of people are the lowest form of living beings to him, and he would rather snuff them out himself if given he was evil.
  3. Weak People: Leon isn't too much of a person who likes weakness, this is due to this past and where he grew up, being weak got you killed and being weak also got you no respect or reason to get it, only the strong survived on Mistral harsh streets.


  1. Dumasaphobia: To put it plain and simple, Leon fears stupid people for to him this is a hindrance to not only him but others, stupidity in general, is something he also fears for it shows ugliness and crudeness in a rather unsociable manner that leaves a sour taste in his mouth.
  2. Being Disarmed: Leon is a person who put it plain and simple, doesn't like his weapon taking out of his hands, the simple term he uses is, "Being disarmed just allows me to use your arm instead.", something he isn't too fond of doing since an arm is a poor choice in a weapon.
  3. His Past: Leon is a person who rather not talk about his past since he had to grow up a rough life and in't too proud of a few things he had to do to get where he is, in fact, he fears the things he did reason is he might do them again to people he wouldn't want to do them to.

Overall Personality:

Leon tis a simple person, rarely does he need much to be happy, he tends to be a silent fellow watching and observing before he strikes or intervenes in any tussle if he ever does get involved, living on the harsh urban streets of Mistral made him a tough and cold person. Leon grew up having to learn to live with losing people close to him and often at times shows little to no emotion when such events happen "Nothing new to me." is usually what he says in these situations, due to this reason he tends to make little to no ties with anyone so he doesn't feel guilty for the death of that person. Those who he does have a bond to, these people are those he trusts and have fought with, only the strong survive and he tends to hang around those who are like this, perhaps not directly but on the sidelines mostly. Leon often at times is stated as an intelligent but brash person, he may hold intelligence but at times due to his age will not use it, though more than less he will surprise many others with how he can comprise a strategic plan and initiate it, though he usually comes up with one on the fly. His sense of his surroundings is on point with someone twice his age, and he does show this by constantly staying on guard and paying attention to his surroundings, but what is simply astounding is his sense of justice. Leon despite his cold temperament and aura he gives off, he is typically a person who routes on the underdog since he himself is an underdog, he will often aid those who he feels he has a similar connection to either past events or simple things that remind him of himself.

Leon's personality changes when he enters combat, instead of his emotionless cold tone, he begins to show some form of excitement, showing more of a smile though the smile tends to be that of a battle crazed junkie, he will often at times keep this smile in the form of a smirk. His actions are slow but precise, using a katana he has to bide his time to strike at the right moment, though when the going gets tough he can pull it out to initiate powerful and swift strikes and flourishes. He even bides his time to deflect income bullets and or projectiles in general, his mind is a focused one and often at times considered a cruel and unforgiving one when he becomes too engrossed in combat, purposely wounding his foes to prolong battles for his sick pleasure. He often at times will only attack when needing, though and often will strike from the shadows or onto an unsuspecting target gaining an advantage against them. But when using weapons that use both hands or he is using only one at a time, he often will fight defensively and won't strike unless he see's an opening, he tends to fight outside more than inside but can perform well in both, being better with either wide open spaces or in thick woods where he can blend in and gain surprise strikes on anyone foolish enough to tick him off.

When it comes to being a leader or a follower, Leon is neither, he prefers to do things lone wolf style, this is due to his long secluded lifestyle of being a hunter and a forager, he feels more at peace when he is doing work by himself. Knowing he doesn't have to focus on others, but if a job or task is too difficult he will often take on aid from others, over time though if he forms a bond with a person or group of others he will take on more jobs with them, being more of a follower and a lone wolf at the same time, taking the orders but doing them as he best can.

Aura type: Recovery: +5 SP per post.
Aura Color: Orange-Red Flames
Semblance Name: Way of the Samurai - Path of the Oni
Semblance Description: Way of the Samurai is a Semblance that allows Leon to control his Ki (Aura), the power allows him resides in the form of a cursed warrior, while his Ki (Aura) is active and being released he can manipulate it into several states to further enhances the versatility of his power. This Semblance is a unique Semblance that it alters the physical form of Leon for a short duration of time, making his form seem fiery, and snake-like, causing his form to crack and erupt into flame like energy. His own Ki (Aura) brings forth the power of a flame-demon into battle, striking fear into the hearts of many, giving off a menacing like vibe to all around him including that of the Grimm, while it is released it can be used to attack with, defend with or buff/transform him.
Semblance Appearance:

  • Damage: By increasing the flow of Ki (Aura) into his arms and legs, he can enter a stance known as the Bushido  stance where he takes on the true embodiment of a Samurai, Iaijutsu is the art he uses to deliver the full attack but keeping the blade within the Saya, slumbering until he dashes forwards in a quick flash and draws it. Pulling it out of the scabbard until he is at least withing four feet of his target, thus releasing a sleeping beast and awakening it into a fearsome mighty being ready to slash his foe down. But not all is yet revealed, while he draws his sword the blade will be engulfed in a flame-like energy, this is his Aura being projected from his arms and into the blades Ha or the edge of the sword, this causes a burn effect and this uses up 20 points in his Aura. And along with possible burn damage, deals 20 points total which can't be blocked unless by a Defensive Aura, but can be dodged if quick enough.
    Status Effect: Burned: After been dealt damage via fire dust, fire related semblance or fire related weapon. For every 20 damage, the burned-player deals the burned-player takes 5 damage (At affinity one). Target is not impaired. Can be healed through a burn heal or any kind of healing semblance, five that would be lost is neutralized by healing aura but if you deal damage resulting in over five points of burn damage to yourself you just subtract 5 from the total burn damage. At affinity two: You take 5 for every 15 you deal At affinity three: You take 5 for every 10 you deal At affinity four:Likelihood increases.

  • Defense: By releasing the Ki (Aura) in his body, Leon is able to project his Aura around him, this allows him to create a powerful barrier that can have two effects, one is if timed correctly and forcefully infused into the Ha or Mune the back/spine of his sword, Leon is able to literally deflect and completely negate all damage up to 20 points. The other effect that can occur is he releases it in the form of a flame wall from his own body that will absorb all damage up to twenty points, anything beyond that will extinguish the flame thus causing great harm to his own body if allowed such to happen.

  • Buff: When he activates his buff, his entire body will alter in appearance, his clothes will not burn away or anything, but his skin will begin to darken much like that of magma when it hardens, his skin will then crack and form a rather demonic like appearance. The cracks in his skin will begin to glow and release off intense heat from his body and cause him to release steam in small to large quantities, his face will morph slightly as his mouth will extend into a malicious and horrid like grin with several teeth like patterns in the skin. His eye will glow with a reddish like orange glow for not even his eyes will be visible from the intense bright glow, his hair will change from black to a striking ivory white tone and his nails on his hands will become elongated and black with a sharp point at the ends. This form allows Leon to control his aspects of power, thought through no immediate change, he can strengthen the power of his Strength, Defense, Spirit, Resistance and Speed by adding 10 Aura to a single Attribute for increasing by 2 points, but while in this form he isn't able to use his Damage of Defense.

Item 1: Kamae-Tachi: An elegantly constructed Katana with a wicked stained blade thick in the hue of night which has a unique metal combination, comprised of a Tamahagane or Bloom Steel and a Gibeon meteorite ore, the Shingane, or heart of the sword, is of Low-Carbon Tamahagane Gibeon metal. While the Kawagane or flesh of the sword is of High-Carbon Tamahagane Gibeon metal. Making this sword an incredibly unique weapon, a 2.45 shaku or a 30-inch long blade, with Tsuka about 10 sun or 12-inch diameter, being how this katana's Tsuba is as long as his forearm which is 11 inches long. The Saya or the scabbard of Ryouhikari is comprised of a dark wood with red stained patterns, the Koiguchi or the scabbard mouth is simple in design. The Sagaeo of the cord is a simple black silk tied in a traditional fashion, and the Shitodome of the Fittings is a simple brass cap, all in all, this weapon is a one of a kind piece and is beautifully constructed.
Weapon Trivia:

  • Kamae-Tachi means Sword Stance

Item 2: Futsu-no-mitama (August-Snap-Spirit): A set of clothing that mix the aspect of light and heavy armor together, with the sleeveless leather coat drenched in the hue of blood, and the scarf upon the collar as black as the hearts of men, this armor also includes metal gauntlets and greaves.

History and Sample
Born in Mistral in the rather ruthless urban sector of one of the major cities, his mother was a widow who held a small fortune due to her late husband's death, when Leon was born into the world she kept her money secret from everyone, reasons she lived in the urban region was her husband's family wanted no more relation with a Faunus tarnishing the proud name of Grace. Despite this, she took the money from her husband's will and made a small living as a cook for the rather poorer people, she also was a well-trained nurse and understood basic and advanced medical practices, which she did to treat sickly or wounded civilians, despite this though she soon fell into a situation where she was forced to give up as much of her earnings. Near broke and having a growing son, she did what she could to make money, this all was of course when Leon was of the age of seven or so, he grew up happily with the other children as he learned how to get by, how to venture around without getting into too much trouble.

Though this didn't last long for his mother Maria-Sinclair Anderson, her maiden name now, fell ill with some unknown sickness, Leon tried his hardest to treat her, he took on small jobs around the urban region to get her treatment from a doctor in the higher society, but after several months of her condition not improving, Leon's mother passed away in her sleep clutching a photo of her son and her smiling with all their friends. Now homeless and without his mother, Leon wandered the streets with his friends eventually entering a gang which seemed profitable at first, he rolled with them for about five years until the age of twelve, that was when his mentor came into his life, an older man who was his gang target. Upon seeing his fellow gang members taken down by this man without killing them, Leon took on the man with his bare fists instead of cheap weapons like pipes and wooden boards, to his surprise Leon lasted twice as long as the entire group of young adults and kids.

He offered Leon a choice, to live like a savage amongst the thieve and the low life's, or come live with him and train to be a swordsman who would have purpose, Leon though he cared about his friends and comrades didn't want to be considered weak, he agreed and went with the man who later revealed his name to be Markus-Alexander Grace, his father's twin brother. Leon told him everything and Markus understood what happened, he told him he would train him to be a powerful warrior and to learn to live as the family he was meant to be, Markus trained Leon for the next seven years until the age of nineteen and told him to train for two more years in the Grimm infested woods of Vale. Markus did say he wouldn't allow his nephew to die, and he would be watching him observing his progress, so with that, they left Mistral and went to Vale, upon reaching there Markus blindfolds him and takes him to the location.

With the task done Leon begins his training, only needing his uncles help once in the entire two years, he came across a Nevermore and couldn't take it down, after that he did his usual training of living off the land, scouting the area, learning how certain Grimm move, hunt, and strike, now being twenty-one he met up with his uncle and Markus having a gift for him, Ore was his gift, and he told him for his final task, was to make his own sword. Markus had gotten him two metals one of which was an extremely rare meteorite, Leon using the knowledge he gained from reading the books and his first hand experienced, he forged a Katana in their makeshift shack and forge, what came out was a gorgeous but wicked looking Tachi. With Markus dubbing him as an apprentice no more, and now a full-fledged swordsman, he told him to go to Syne and enter the academy to further his passion and to help others, Leon left later that day and went to Syne Academy hoping to become a hunter like his uncle.
RP Sample:
The wind was sharp, fall wings crept through the calm night air, simple as it was that this boxcar, an airship they called it, Leon's focus wasn't on the device that transported him but rather the distance building he could view upon the horizon. He had been on this contraption for a decent time of ten hours, he didn't like that it as taking this long to reach the school for hunters named Syne, "Uncle I hope you made the right choice in this place, for it is taking way too long." He said to himself as he finally stopped looking out the window on the inner portion of the car, he sighed and walked out onto the looking deck, his long black hair dancing as the calm wind caresses his obsidian locks. His dark brown-gray like orbs glinted at the rising sun in the distance, though it was still fairly dark the orange horizon was allowing some light to coat over the land below him, his red trench coat flapping as the wind picked up. His katana resting at his waist for now he knew his time would come, the day he would make his mother proud of him and carry on his families name as a powerful Hunter, and not let his uncles teachings go to waste, for he shortly would be leaving his confoundant machine ot begin his time at Syne Academy.

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