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Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn)

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1 Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:09 pm

Merlynn woke up abruptly in the wee hours of the morning her heart racing like she had a nightmare, her fist clenched to her heart she gasped. Feeling the numbness in her hands she stand up to fall to the floor in a panic. she had marks on her body to show that she slept wrong seeing these marker merlyn sighs, as she noticed the blanket was ripped up she had wrapped her self so tight it caught off a lot of circulation. What a silly thing to have done being her self to a stand the doe looked around and noticed her empty room. bring her arms around her self feeling the chill again she sighs and her mind sparks. Grabbing the silly little tablet of a scroll shes messages one person, the one who broke her horn oh so long ago. it been ages since she even seen or talked to him. Leaving a message for him to get the idea. ~Time for the rematch move your ass, I won't wait forever. Same place as before.~ With that merlyn got herself together and dressed in a nice dress that showed of her curves but also would allow her to move nimbly if need be, her sword was sent to the training room ahead of her. Making her way to the training where she waited for her target to arrive even though it was 4 Am in the morning she was more then ready to fight.

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2 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:17 pm

It was early, almost too early for anyone to even be awake at the time, but with the ring of the scroll he had forgotten about all together a message appeared, creating a loud ding that woke the receiver wide awake. A few grumbles here, the cat meowing at him there, the not so humble man managed to drag himself out of bed, face planting the floor in the process jolting him wide awake. A flourish of swear words followed by more grumbling as the cat helped him get dressed, brown sweat pants out of laziness, a black shirt, and a brown hoodie as he didn't care too much of who'd see him in the morning. He checked the scroll to see who messaged him, and let out a small sigh, not out of melancholy, but relief. It was the doe of all people, and he could only imagine why she'd message him at 4 in the morning about a rematch. Karla jumped on his shoulder as he slowly, tiredly, walked down hallway after hallway. Eventually he made his way down to the training area, spotting the girl, Merlynn, standing around in a dress.

"It's 4... In the morning... Why are you in a dress...."

He spoke, taking a seat on the bench next to her. He rubbed his eyes, reaching for his pack of smokes that he forgot to pack, and held his head in his hands. Karla eyed Merlynn up and down, before hopping off her masters shoulders to brush up against her, then casually walked back to Koko. He lifted his head, looking up at her as he pulled out the scroll and rechecked the message, looking back up at her.

"You look good, look like you're doing well. Look like you've been eating properly... But uh, why the hell did you drag me out here at 4am? Just to fight me? Something's gotta have upset you a good deal."

He spoke, pulling out his flask to take a sip. He let the spiced rum slide down his throat and placed the flask away, petting Karla's soft fur as he did so. He closed his eyes for a moment, almost drifting to sleep but Karla bit his hand causing him to open his eyes and look at the little doe.

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3 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:33 pm

Finally her opponent had entered the room of course lacking the luster of what she was expecting. Ignoring how he was dressed as she felt something brush against her leg, this caused her to shift her leg away as she saw a cat it was soon gone and heading back towards her opponent. "I never took you for a cat person, and never mind why I am wearing a dress. The complements are not needed, and nothing is eating at me can't I just want to pay you back for what you did to me. Don't worry I'm not going to let it happen again." With her final words Merlynn let little signs of her intentions as she gripped her sword and lunged forward. Coming to a stop just before them no more than 10 feet away her other hand grips the handle of her sword as she gets ready to swing. Her eyes trained on him, as if she was hunting him. However unlike before her movements were more fluid and more precise. Style of the dress hindered little of her movement that showed much more than her previous outfit. The power in her legs showed as she was half crouched ready to swing the blade. Swinging the blade it would come close she was testing the actual distance she had. At 10 feet her blade would be no more than a few centimeters. However who knows what her opponent would do. As the sword came around for the first swing coming from her right her left hand was more dominant holding the sword as her right hand let go. Her crouch seem to go more down as it seemed Merlynn was going for twirl as if she was dancing.

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4 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:46 pm

He was still half asleep during the conversation with her, ready to drop dead asleep in a moments notice. He played with Karla's hands as he forced his eyes open, not even noticing she was readying herself for an attack that left him pretty much open without his weapon in hand.

"I never took myself as an animal person, but I guess things change, otherwise... Oh Jesus Christ-"

He said, barely finishing his sentence as Merlynn went on the offensive. Karla lifted her head up, right in the path of the sword that was on its way to do harm. He grabbed the cats head, pulling her down as he leaned back, barely missing the blade that would effectively lop his, or Karla's, head off. Karla hopped off quickly and went a ways back towards safety from the two. Merlynn was definitely wanting to cause harm, and the situation of the last fight must have bothered her enough to swing at him unarmed. He hopped up off the bench, his sword forming in a spout of smoke in his real hand. He aimed the weapon like an enlarged rapier towards her, hopefully using his speed in place of his lack of raw damage as he took his stance.

"You almost killed Karla you maniac! How mad at me are you?! It was just a fight over gummy worms! Oh wait I did break off your horn... Oh hell..."

He mumbled the last part, cracking his neck quietly as he shot forward, thrusting twice towards Merlynns stomach in an attempt to counter attack while she was still recovering from the swing.

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5 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:08 am

Merlynn watched as the sword formed in his hand and begins its thrust at her. to her it seemed slow as her anger in her mind reached a boil point it pumped adrenaline through her veins like a morphine drip. she moved with her sword as its weight pulled her out of the thrusts path. as the sword moved behind her pulling her from the force swung she braced her footing so she slid rather then falling over. she waslooking at him with sharp eyes. "Why does she not love me...HUH!" merlyn said with anger but this means she wasn't mad at koko she was just. having a moment? as she took a stance kneeling with her sword hilt pointed at Koko, pulling on the handle there was a click noise as some thing popped open on her sword, it was a large lever as she squeezed it. "Tell me why does no one love me!" her voice was angry, she pulled the trigger and her sword bursts into flames, fire dust Merlynn activated fire dust held in her sword. "Flame Waltz." she muttered as she charged him again this time she came in spinning like a top causing her to act like a flaming sawblade. Three swings where made as him as she swung like a top all aimed midsection. This move was a little more like merlynn reckless and outlandish.

(used one vial of flame dust 5 posts of flame augmented sword. 4 posts left.

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6 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:07 am

He attacks missed, but to land damage this early on someone whom he'd already fought he expected nothing less than for her to dodge, but what he didn't expect however was the woman seemingly yelling at him on girls loving her.... What? What exactly did this fight turn into, and why of all people did she have the urge to fight HIM? Why not those who caused her to be this way, being completely thrown off.

"Woman I have no idea what the hell you are talking about?! Who is this she and why aren't you whooping on her?!"

Seemingly more ramblings, the next hitting kind of close to home. He often asked himself that, but as she started going on the advance he had barely managed to dodge the first spin, moving back a little as he ducked underneath the next and slashed at her legs twice, the final spin connecting with him as he stood up, splitting his stomach open as he recklessly took the hit, blood spilling from his stomach as she broke into him with her flaming blade. He held his stomach as it spilt blood onto the floor, no real expression on his face as he had to pinch the skin closed.

"God dang woman what the hell is your problem? Hell I may not be able to die but losing blood all the time while not dying can't be good for my mental stability."

He spoke, the wound sizzling closed with a flourish of noise. Hissing, sizzling, popping of the flesh sealing itself closed filled the air, a bunch of sick gross noises.

Merlynns attack-- 55 + 20 = 75
Koko's Defense-- 35 + 10 = 45

Damage taken = -30

Attacked 2 times

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7 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:03 pm


Merlynn eyes where solid with streams of tears as her legs where left with two slash on her exposed thigh. not taking a moment to look at her leg she came on strong still pushing advancing her self to more of a horizontal slash to him again but this time her sword stopped as it pointed right at him. "Flame blitz!" she fires a vial of fire dust at him the flames released as a fireball at him as she then followed it up with a sword still on fire aiming for a thrust. to his chest aiming for the heart. If any thing merlynn was not holding back having showed that her sword had more then just a single trick to it. her hand sill on the leaver that revealed the secret dust vials hiding spot, also compared to the last time she tried to defend her legs at all costs this time she was using them as fodder to get better strikes. "She made me feel happy again.... I hate it! Why did I grow fond of some one again...I don't want this feeling any more. My family would never accept my feelings for her! Why did I even try." she spoke as she tried to thrust at him her eyes still filled with tears of sadness but she seemed angry, but she wasn't using her semblance like before in there last fight so she was holding back.

(3 attacks flame slash attempting to cause burning, dust attack uses spirit level 1 dust. thrust attempting burning from augmented sword.
slash 60 damage
fireball 40 damage spirit
thrust 60 damage

merlynns took both attack to her right leg 15 def 40-15=25
=50 damage merlynns hp 200-50=150.

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8 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:34 am

He couldn't comprehend a single thing the girl was saying, none of it was making sense from the moment he walked in. What exactly broke this woman's happy go lucky attitude. He barely had time to think about that as he caught the slashing attack between the serrated teeth of his blade, lucky on him. However, he was a little unlucky as the fireball erupted in his face, and it burned. It burned like absolute hell, and he didn't have time to heal his skin as she was already pushing the advantage she had. He backed off a bit, watching the massive blade thrust forward. It sliced open his side, blood spilling to the floor as the wound cut deep. Karla, quick to notice the fight wasn't gonna go over well, bolted to the dorm to retrieve one of the two remaining health potions he had just incase the woman didn't cease her mental and physical onslaught against him. He grabbed onto her massive blade and boosted his speed, slashing twice at her now exposed arm and went for two thrusting attacks against the girls legs, the feeling of his skin still burning from the fire dust caused him immense pain as he did so.

"Woman! Who the hell dumped you?! I'm gonna beat their *** for leaving me with this!"

Damage taken -55 = 105 health

Damage dealt
Slash 40
Slash 40
Thrust 40
Thrust 40

Health = 105 (-40 if every attack lands due to burning status)

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9 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:49 pm

merlyns was quick to ditch her sword as it was caught by Koko, she had no problem leaving her weapon in his hands. Jolting back enough to avoid his swings the length of her blade meant she had more time to react as enemy's grew closer down its range of attack. she stood there  her fist clenched as the tears stained her cheeks as they grew red from anger in her face. blood dripped down her arm as she did not dodged the first attack as fast as she could of. Merlynn locked eyes with him and just spoke softly. "i'm done." she said as she loosened up her clenched fist she  brung her left arm to her face and started to wipe her face of the tears her teeth where still clenched, she was obviously still angry but she was out of the fighting mood. "why ... why did she leave me, i don't under stand i was willing to change for her was I that horrid for her to be around." Merlynn was obviously still debating in her head why this was going on. merlynn now looked sad as she looked down, as if the rack on her head weighted her head down. The blood from her leg and her arms started to stain the ground around her feet as she  brought her head up the long hair that used to be short now hiding some of her face. "sorry for bringing you here... i guess my anger and rage got the better of me." the doe spoke clearly but the strain of pain she felt clenched her throat almost dry making her sound stuffy. "I should have never texted you i could have done this on a pratice dummy." she wiped her eye again more in a tired motion as it was only 4:10 in the morning. Forgetting she had used her dust on him meaning she was out for blood, even in her records there was little talk of her using dust in any form.

(took the first attack 3 def=15 def 40-15=25 -150=125 hp left.)

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10 Re: Rematch (koko Vs Merlynn) on Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:44 am

He watched as the first attack landed, causing a wave of pain to flow through him like someone slapped him with a heated knife, but when she said she was done he stopped dead in motion to prevent the other attacks. Her crying face shook him more than it should of, and made him shiver. He felt sorry for Merlynn, genuinely sorry for her. Koko released the blade in his hand and watched it vanish into nothing as he sat down on a bench.

"I uh.... I'm sorry to hear that."

Were the only words he managed to speak as he closed his eyes, his cat coming back to the room to see the fight was already over. She looked between the two, and the level of depression going on in the room sent her back towards his dorm. He noticed all the blood on the ground where she was standing, and pulled off his sweatshirt. Koko ripped the sleeves off of it, and walked over to her as she talked, taking the time to ignore personal space as he wrapped up the wounds he inflicted on her body, forgetting in the moment people couldn't heal open wounds like he could.

This saddened him as he was forced to realize that, as he was lost in his own mind, perking his head up as she talked to him. He didn't say much, but he awkwardly gave her a hug, something he wouldn't even do for his family. It was obvious she was hurting, so he did the only thing that came natural, and continued hugging her.

"It's... fine. You should go back to bed, get some rest."

He said, and let go of her. Physical contact was awkward to him, so he moved over and sat back on the bench, tossing the remains of his sweatshirt on the small puddle of blood Merlynn left where she was standing to soak up some of what was there. Koko let out a small yawn as his body was growing tired again as it tried to heal the burns she left on him.

Damage taken from burn -10 = 95 health

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