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[Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base!

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26 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:57 am



Kei clenched his teeth as the Hunter fired on the Princess, but refrained from taking any action on the Hunter. Instead, he quickly glanced sideways at his allies, who all seemed to be handling the situation differently.

To his disapproval, someone was casting some kind of Glyph spell on the Princess. Obviously with the Princesses well-being in mind, but such actions would only provoke the Hunter.

Following was Marcus's offer to switch hostage positions with the Princess, again obviously with her well-being in mind, but with one fatal error.
"Hate to be the pessimist," Kei said bluntly in response to Marcus's offer to the Hunter, "But I'm pretty sure the Princess is worth way more than anyone else in this room."

Kei's jaw dropped when Fenrir began to do what he what doing. Who the hell let him on this rescue mission? There was clearly something very wrong with that dude. Fenrir took a aggressive approach to dealing with the hostage situation, putting the Princess's life in danger, undermining the whole reason for the rescue party being there. It soon became clear to Kei that Fenrir wasn't here to rescue anyone the moment he kicked the Princess, and Kei's perspective of him shifted from 'Psychotic Ally' to 'Immediate Threat'.

"Sorry Paragon," Kei hastily in response to Paragon's plan to wait for Faeth to take the shot, "But I can't wait for Faeth to make an opening, Fenrir's about to compromise this mission."

With Fenrir's back turned to the Rescue Party, Kei swiftly reached down to his belt, grabbing the weighted end of one of his retractable wires. He threw the weighted end towards Fenrir's neck in an attempt to get the wire to wrap around Fenrir's neck. When the wire should have caught, Kei tugged on his end of the wire, with his goal in mind to pull Fenrir away from Hunter and the Princess, and perhaps even incapacitate him as he was proving to be more dangerous then helpful. Kei watched his own strength though, and would only pull hard enough to ensure the attack remained non-lethal. It wouldn't look good on his resume with a dead classmate on his belt.

"You need to chill out on your edgy campaign," Kei insulted Fenrir as he made his attack from behind him, "I really need the money from this mission, and killing the Princess is not one way to go about it."

Mood: Serious
Condition: Fine
Health: 220
Aura: 150

Status, Health, Aura, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 220/220
Buff: -
Status: Normal

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat Tier 3 - Fine

MAUWS (Tier 4):
Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Deployed
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Fire Dust Tier 1
White Elephant's Tier 2 Fire Dust
(Check timeline for appropriate dust ratios)

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 30 ft.
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine


'Non-Lethal' Wire Choke out on Fenrir - 65 DMG

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27 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:02 pm

Leena Lilac


Language. I don't think the T-word there is very appropriate, you know? Please be wary in the future.

This is your first warning out of 3

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28 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:51 pm

[OOC] sorry, I wasn't thinking there. Won't happen again [/end]

Fenrir felt the air change as the wire shot towards him. In a pommel horse maneuver, he put his left hand that was stopping up the gun in the path of the wire. It wrapped around his and Hunter's hands as he planted his foot on the princess' back and kicked her free towards James using the momentum of Kei pulling on the wire. Using the force of his kick, he wrapped his legs around Hunter's neck and brought them both down hard. Fenrir grunted as Hunter's head hit him in the solar plexus. He then dislocated every joint in his left arm and slopped free as he reached for the second pistol...not that he had a clue how the hell to use a gun, seeing as the infernal things were useless compared to a good knife in his mind. The pain from his stunt cleared his mind a bit, Cutting it close there he thought as he pulled back and replaced the joints back where they belonged, which created more pain to further clear his mind. His eyes went back to normal and he backpedaled to try and get a comfortable distance only to trip, a chain from the ground was wrapped around his right leg, "Bags, nothing is ever easy." He struggled to free himself from the trap, "I swear, if one of you guys did this I'm killing the lot of ye."

(I don't think any of the actions done here have any impact in terms of status counters since they weren't meant to inflict damage. Let me know if I'm wrong please.)

Actions : Aura recovery : + 5 AP Regen
50 HP
230 AP

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29 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:49 am

Fuyuko silently bristled at Kei using her slave name. Only The Master had called her that and th reminder of her past caused her to lose focus for a second before realizing she had a wide open shot at Hunter's face. She fired off her HEAP bullet and then picked up her two bombs and relocated a few meters to her left, near where the fox girl was. She lay back down and flicked the fire selector to burst and squeezed off three rounds. She rolled and hid behind the table, hoping Hunter hadn't seen her. She mentally recounted what just happened:

1: Fenrir somehow got within arm's length of Hunter
2: Fenrir somehow baited Kei into using garrote wire to break the stalemate in a way that had endangered the princess
3: Fenrir is a scary as hell person with no thought of personal safety, as evidenced by his trick to free himself from the wire around his hand, which apparently was still around Hunter's hand...and Fenrir had flanked Hunter, putting himself down range making a chance of friendly fire a deadly possibility
4: if Hunter's gun or hand weren't at least damaged from that, this would be a long fight
5: No one else seemed to notice the red dust near the two monsters...where did that come from?

She wasn't sure how to process this turn of events as she leaned out a bit and studied the battlefield...what to do? what to do? Paragons plan had gone useless in seconds. She didn't want to risk hitting a teammate but it was clear Fenrir was a threat to everyone...and yet he seemed incapable of being does a raving beast maintain clear thought?

HEAP Shot: 20 unresisted damage
3 - round burst: 30 physical damage

Aura recovery : + 5 AP

Hp :100
Ap: 185

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30 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:03 am

Hunter Smith
So now they wanted to make a trade? What was with that? No only that, but there were still people who insisted on going at the poor villain. He pulled the trigger again, This time causing Periwinkle's Aura to visibly break. The next shot would kill her. The pained screams of the princess once more reached their peak. "Oh my God, Shut up will you? You're only making this worse for yourself." He then turned to the hunters. "As for you guys, You think I'm gonna make do with just anyone? I may not need this woman Alive, But even a dead princess is more useful than you, buddy." He pointed his gun at the idiot who proposed this ridiculous negotiation so clarify who he was talking to before returning the aim to Peri. "Your ignorance is appalling. You kids really think an individual attack from any of you is going to stop me? If you all Don't leave, I WILL kill her." The games were over, this was life and death now.

(What happened? You guys got colder! You were soooo close before! Chance 1/3 left)

EDIT: Lapis- We are following the Plot/Class Post order, in which there is no posting order. As long as you wait for two people to post before you do, you can post whenever. More details in the Rules section of the site.

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31 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:38 am

James Gray
Once more, Hunter pulled the trigger and fired into the princess. Once more, her screams of pain resonated into the chamber. If looks could kill, the white fox's glare would have turned Hunter into nothing more but ashes. Everything, all the plans were turning up nothing, and the princess is taking the fall for it.

What could they do, what could they do. Everything seems so wrong. First of all, teamwork is evidently not the strongest point here. The wolf man was simply too much of a wild card, hard to predict. Everyone else would be much more bearable to be with.

James pinched the bridge of his nose and let go of his shield. Attacking right out will not work. He needs to be distracted, caught off-guard, tripped up, whatever - they just needed an opening to all pull in their attacks. When in doubt, talk it out. Make them think they will get what they want.

"Fine. We'll let you walk. If the princess takes no more harm, I can assure you a Bullhead out of here and you can go wherever you want." The young hunter moved away from his protective shield, and started to slowly pace to the left, his eyes never leaving Hunter's. "I don't know how popular I am outside of Bellmuse, but Kitsune has some pull in the entertainment district around these parts." To add credibility to his alias, he tossed Hunter a business card he keeps on him at all times, as well as two pictures as proof of the connection. Honestly, to pull out his own secret identity was risky. If Hunter ever escaped, the white fox shuddered at what the repercussions could entail. It was certainly a gamble.

"You'll be long gone, as long as she stays safe."

Unbeknownst to Hunter, James had left a note on his shield, visible to all his squad mates behind it.

I'll keep him distracted. Find an opening, attack all at once. Let everyone else know.

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32 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:41 am

Amarante trembled as she tried to think. Fenrir tried to disarm Hunter and only succeeded in immobilizing himself. Periwinkle was going to die in one more shot. she slowly stood and walked towards Hunter, stopping only a few feet from him, Why are you doing this?" She looked him right in the eye as she asked him, "what could be so important that you would be wiling to kill someone who has done nothing to hurt anyone? Like Fenrir said, there's enough proof here to start a war with Atlas and by now Bellmuse forces are ready to storm the cave. Even if you destroyed all the evidence in here, there's more that has been collected which all still points to Atlas. Do you really want to start a war? Is that how you want to be remembered? As a monster responsible for the deaths of thousands...possibly millions?" She wasn't sure if her heartfelt words had been heeded or if they fell on deaf ears, but she never felt more vulnerable than this, even when she thought she was going to die back on the train, she hadn't felt like this. Her small body, soft voice, almost childlike innocence...She felt that if the princess died, something inside her would die as well...She wondered if this was how Fen and Yan felt when they had first witnessed death...would she become like them? Casually, almost humorously talking about killing people? Losing any sense of value of life? She started crying, "Do you want to be like Fenrir?  He's...he's a..." It pained her to put the realization to words, "he's a monster of the worst kind. He'd kill everyone in Bellmuse if he felt like it." She felt her heart breaking as she tried to reconcile the Fenrir at Syne, a kind, if somewhat odd and bitter older brother sort of person,  with the creature of grimm she had just seen. The knight's reaction to Fenrir should have told her right off...She should have seen it in how he never let anyone follow him on hunts. he seemed to be afraid of himself...and yet he relished the death he could cause...

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33 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:35 pm

(Wait, I'm confused now. How is Hunter able to shoot the princess with Kei pulling on a wire around his hand, the princess getting knocked free of him and also almost having his throat crushed? While I question the plausibility of getting free of a wire around his hand by dislocating the bones in his arm, Fenrir gave an explanation on how Kei's move did not damage his health. Hunter should, at the very least, be unable to aim at the princess since he has to fight Kei for his gun hand. So the shot would have gone wild even if he had managed to keep his grip on her which I also question because they all fell over from a chop socky move [sorry Fen, that's what popped in my head when I read your post].)

Leena Edit: Next time, please ask questions like this in the questions forum, I dont like How it breaks up the topic otherwise, which is why I am not replying in a new post. Anyway, to answer your question, please refer to the OOC note on the very first post of this topic. Hunter is allowed to Godmod for the sake of the Puzzle for as long as the puzzle exists. By joining the topic you consent to this fact.

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34 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:42 pm

Marcus Goldstein
((OoC: So there's a specific way to go about this. We apparently got colder according to the GM's, and given that the biggest difference between the first and second chance is the amount of violence directed at Hunter, as well as what he says quite specifically:

'individual attacks'

I believe the answer is that someone (FEATH!) has to snipe his pistol then before he can aim it again properly, the rest rush him down. Talking got us colder than violence, and in the first go we really planned out a neat snipe + rush tactic.

Ergo, we go with 'FIRE EVERYTHING' and pray))

“Kei he literally just told us all he needs the hostage for is to get out of here. I can serve that purpose just as well as Perriwinkle can.” Marcus replied. Seriously can they NOT shoot holes in his plan right smack dab in the middle of it's execution?

Wait hang on. What. What the actual flying-

For a few moments Marcus just stopped, paralyzed as he tried to parse the sequence of events in a way that made sense. Fenrir and Kei did their bit, Hunters shot Perriwinkle again and suddenly everyone was yelling about surrender.

“Hunter are you-” he yelled, then bit his tongue to stop himself. Do not offend the crazy moron with the gun, do not offend the crazy moron with the gun, he still has a hostage. It was just so easy though, to just slip in a barb here and there. The dude was surrounded by a very large group of heavily armed law enforcement who only held their fire due to a vested interest in the continued well being of his hostage. The microsecond she died, there was literally enough firepower pointed at the man that aura or not they would probably end up hosing his remains down the nearest drain. This point could not be emphasized enough here. How hard was it to understand 'She dies, you die' in this situation? Look at the amount of hunters you incompetent two note basement dwelling fedora wearing Mengele-

It clicked.

The man was in fact crazy. That was not an insult, but a diagnosis: Hunter was clinically insane. Somehow he thought he could get away with this even surrounded. His hostage was simply going to die and Hunter would laugh and not care, totally convinced he could get out somehow.

“You do realise why we're here right? What, exactly, do you expect to happen once she dies? Look around you! Look! We will not just vanish into thin air. Seriously use that brain of yours- FAETH NOW!”

If one would pardon the pun, it was a leap of Faeth. She needed to take the shot now. Time was up and they had no other options.

Marcus, on his part, just up and stormed forward. He prayed that Gallahad and Lapis were right behind him, because this was it. Do or die. Come on Gallahad here's your moment, charge now. Please charge now. Primary target, that pistol. Also, a simple, brutal armoured shoulder ram straight to the gut.

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35 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:56 pm

[[ok, sorry about that]]

Fuyuko ignored everything as she focused solely on the gun. Fenrir's move combined with Kei's wire and her missed shot, while failing it's original intent, had caused Hunter to shift in a way that gave her a clean shot at the pistol without endangering the princess. She switched the fire selector back to single, "Firing one. Follow up." She calmly squeezed off a shot. the path of the bullet would go through Hunter's gun, hand and shoulder. She shifted her aim to Hunter's leg and fired at his knee, this shot would hit a power conduit behind him. Voices of the past echoed in her head, a sniper's greatest asset is patience, never force the issue. If things are spiraling out of control, find the hardest target and wait until you can drill it. Relocate after every shot, unless you can gain a greater advantage by staying in place. The insane hunter who had saved her may have also saved the princess, not with his guns, but his words. She shifted her aim at Fenrir's leg and shot the chain that had immobilized him. The round ricocheted into a computer, causing it to explode in a burst of flames, "relocating" She snuck around behind Hunter and perched on top of the pods and focused her aim on the second pistol in it's holster.

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36 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:00 pm

Gallahad was caught off guard for a second. He hadn't realized the the sniper girl had spoken until after she had fired her third shot to free the assassin and had disappeared. He collapsed the handle and sheathed his weapon as he charged in. He dropped his shoulder and slammed it into hunter, simultaneously scooping up the princess in the process. He must've sent Hunter airborne since he didn't get tangled in Kei's wire as he slid to a stop beside the wall and used himself to shield the princess from the fighting that had started in earnest. Periwinkle trembled in his arms as he hummed an old family song,

"Over rock and Dell live the gods, under the root of the trees, along the river in the spring, my goddess calls to me. Hair gold as the sun with eyes blue as sky, to see her makes my heart fly."

He trailed off as he risked a glance around, waiting for the right moment to take her out of the room and find a safe place to hide her.

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37 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:12 am

Fenrir raged at Hunter, the chain around his leg had been shot, but held as he pulled, trying to trip up the coward. He snarled as his fingers were just short of his enemy. He turned an pulled at it, but it only got tighter.  The pain he could ignore, eventually though, it would damage his leg. He finally lay down, spent, resigned to the knowledge that he had failed his contract. protect from a discreet distance he had a relatively simple condition for attending Syne and now his reason was without her aura. He clenched his fists and bit the inside of his lip until blood flowed freely...He wished for the old days were he could just leave a massive body count and not deal with the fallout. The scents in the room mixed to create a potent brew that he had to actively fight off unless he wanted to lose himself again.

Aura recovery : + 5 AP Regen

Hp: 50
Ap : 240

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38 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:22 am

She watched the wild beast trying to break free. He seemed to have worn himself out, but given what she had seen, it was unlikely. Without Fenrir's very pitiful lack of people skills interfering, she tapped her scroll for James, "Speaker.....please." She centered the cross hairs on his spine and gently pulled the trigger right until it resisted, "surrender." She panned the gun and targeted one of his pistols, the shot sent it flying across the room and into a collection of test tunes filled with different liquids.  She further demonstrated her marksmanship by shooting the second gun out of its holster and then shot it again in midair and sent it out the door. She moved from her spit and climbed into an empty cabnet and aimed again, by this time, she didn't have a shot.

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39 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:38 pm

Gallahad risked a look behind as he mentally calculated his chances of getting Periwinkle safely to the door.he had lost track of Amarante,  poor girl seemed to be at the breaking point. He thought he located sniper girl, but he wasn't sure and felt like he was running out of time as he watched the brawl as Marcus at least was trying to subdue Hunter. The massive knight scooped the princess up and held her in one arm while using the other to cover her with his targe. The shield was easily big enough to completely cover her while it only seemed like a small device on him. He reached the door without incident and started contemplating where he could put her that was safe without going to far.

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40 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:51 pm

Amarante dropped to her knees as Hunter's blood from his wounds landed on her. Admittedly it was only a few drops considering the direction of the shot, but it still surprised her. She could see Fenrir trying to break free and get at Hunter, he seemed to be a completely different creature until he stopped and she saw blood dripping from his mouth. Then came Marcus and the giant lizard man. The latter removed the princess from danger and the former...well she hadn't seen a fight between people that was like this. Everyone seemed to become a ravaging animal when they fought each other in a life or death struggle. She had thought that people saved their best for fighting grimm, but this...., "Stop it all of you! You're like a pack of starving animals, and for what? What's on these computers that's so important that you want to destroy a life? I can break things too!" She waved her hand and the dust she had scattered into the computers and under Hunter detonated, creating small bit deadly explosions throughout the room. She shielded herself with her aura and waited for the dust to clear

Dust from earlier us used, 20 unresisted damage to everyone in the open

Aura block: -20 ap

Aura recovery : + 5
50 HP 235 ap

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41 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:23 am

Fenrir caught a different scent. Machine oil. It was coming from the chain around his leg. It took a minute for him to figure out that the chain was actually a robot. He loosened the muscles in his leg and counted a bit and then jerk ed his leg out. Spikes deployed from the chain, shredding his leg as he hobbled to Hunter and put him in a blood choke. The submission move was his prefered way to deal with people he wasn't supposed to kill since it usually worked in seconds. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a bag of zip ties, "Marcus.  Zip ties. There." He felt himself get weaker from blood loss. Just when he thought he couldn't hold on any longer, an explosion rocked the lab. He was thrown free and landed with a thud, cutting his forehead. He felt something cracked in his leg, really hoped it was the same one as he felt around trying to find the ties and incapacitate Hunter as he drew on his power to heal himself, but nothing would replace lost blood which the dark edges of his vision were becoming a serious indicator of his state.

Actions :
Blood choke (not a combat move, blood choke is a move prefered by people with weaker upper body strength to put others to sleep by restricting the carotid artery and and stop the blood from going to the brain. Also referred to as strangling)
Healing: 20/20
Aura recovery : + 5 AP Regen

Chain: 10
Explosion: 20
Falling: 10

Hp: 30
Ap: 225

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42 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:13 pm

Fuyuko slipped from her hiding spot and relocated outside the door near Gallahad and the princess, she felt something wrong with th mechanism on her last shot and had replaced the magazine. Now that she was relatively safe, she could examine the old one. The double stacked billets had gotten stuck in the top were the bullet would enter the firing chamber. She pulled a hair pin out and used it to push down on one bullet and tilted the magazine to remove the second. She heard a series of blasts and looked inside to see what happened. Fox girl was sitting on the ground surrounded by her aura....Hunter....was unaccounted for....Marcus....James...Lapis...She cycled her visual to try and see where they were. She saw movement and noticed an unfortunately familiar form, "did he just blow himself up?" She wasn't sure which he to which she was referring to since both Hunter and Fenrir seemed like they'd do that just because they could. This had really gotten out of hand. She ducked back behind the wall, "escape?" She looked at the two beside her.

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43 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:03 am

Lapis Valesti

    Lapis L. Valesti
    ►STATE OF MIND: Disorented
    ►STATUS: Excellent
    ►AURA: 200 -> 185
    ►HP: 100 -> 85
    ►ATTRIBUTES: STR:2 | SPT:2 | DEF:4 | RES:4 | SPD: Below Average
- Lapis utilized his semblance in preparation to follow up with Marcus, and instead used it to protect Marcus by creating a Torrential wall between Marcus and the fire Dust released by Amarante.

(OOC: Making a note for clarification. Amarante Dust Dmg is actually 35 Unmitigated (Her SPT 5 (25) + Dust Rank 1 (10)). Mitigated 20 for Marcus Only ( So only 15 dmg towards Marcus which would be 0 Dmg to Marcus due to his RES if it hits him ).

Lapis Buffs/Debuffs/Notes
►- 20 Aura to create Torrential wave through his semblance that shielded Marcus from the side (Mitigate 20 of 35)
►+5 Aura *Recovery Type Aura*

Dmg Dealt/Recieved
► Lapis received 35(15) Dmg from Amarante

Lapis while trying to be very aware of the situation of the situation and the surroundings, had found himself focusing a bit on Marcus. Whatever the plan actually was, he had to make sure he was ready for it. His eyes closed for a moment, and with his free hand he attempted to pull the Hydrogen molecules from the huge source outside of the entrance. There was a great distance than normal, and the effort that used in trying to pull it from the beach ended up completing the task, but from a different source. Instead of the beach itself, it was from the Molecules in the air between the beach, the entrance, and inside the cave. The air around Lapis became distorted a bit, like in invisible  veil that seemed " wavy ". This was the manipulation of the Diatomic Molecule Hydrogen immediately bonding with the Oxygen Molecules, creating " Water ". The bonds was far and while, and those had not completely created the water but instead this distorted veil around him. He had not realized that this was being done with the Hydrogen from the air, believing it was pulled from the beach outside. The Determination to back up his Friend was high, indicated by him taking action of following Marcus with his " Hidden Weapon " when he saw Marcus Launch forward.

The movements was not as drastic as Marcus launch, but Lapis was picking up his pace as he followed behind, not yet running. It was in the midst of advancing forwards, that the voice of the little Fox girl reached over and pulled his attention for a moment, even though she wasn't addressing him specifically. The only thing he caught in her words was " I can break things too " which was followed with the release of fire Dust which brought up immediate red flags in his brain, indicated by the widening of his eyes. " Sh**!! " escaped his mouth as he looked forwards towards Marcus and thrusted his hands forwards. The Bond between the molecules would increase, completing the process in forming water, which would appear as if Water was summoned out of Mid air. The rushing wave shot towards Marcus and would shoot around to his side, creating a torrential wall that would collide with what would soon be an explosion from the Fire Dust. It wouldn't block out the entirety of the explosion, but it would prevent a portion of the explosion from reaching Marcus, canceling out the explosive force with force of its own. Lapis himself wouldn't be so lucky, being caught in the brunt of it which sent him flying a bits away from Marcus. What was initially intended to follow up with Marcus in an offensive way was forced to be utilized to protect him.

Hitting the ground, Lapis rolled a bit before coming to a halt. The damage was great, but Lapis wasn't a completely fragile individual. It didn't knock him out due to his Aura, but he struggled just a bit to attempt to get up in the midst of the Dust clearing. " Wha....the...hell ". came from his lips. This was the first instance in his life where his supposing allies was actually more of a threat to lives then the intended enemy. He struggled to regain focus in both mind and sight, attempting to decide the next course of action. Escape was an option, but he didn't know the status of the Important individuals, Hunter being one of them.

  Hydro R1   |   Body Armor *Torso* R1  
  Valentines Day Card *No Effect*  
Status Affinities:
  Poison R1   |   Sleep R1   |   Burn R1   |   Freeze R1   |   Bleed R1   |   Scramble R1   |   Hex R1  
  Weapon R1   |   Dust R1   |   Armor R1   |   M.Armor R1  
♥ In-Love/100%     ♥ Passionate/80%      ♥ Close/60%     ♥ Friendly/40%     ♥ Comfortable/20%     ♥ Indifferent/0%     ♥ Uncomfortable/-20%
  Marcus Goldstein ♥23%   |   - ♥   |   - ♥   |   - ♥  

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44 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:58 pm

((Oh, ok. I thought since it was controlled by my semblance it followed those rules))

Amarante shivered as she realized what she had done. Her aura subsided and the tails disappeared as she crumpled, sobbing, "ha-happy now?" She didn't even have the will to move as she lay there. When she had decided to be a huntress, it had been to prove she could be her own person. She had been prepared to fight grimm. She thought so at least. But this...This was different. They were fighting a person, not a grimm. They hadn't even tried to see if he was as evil as everyone had made him out to be and to confuse her even further, someone she thought she could trust had revealed a darkness inside of himself. She curled up, oblivious to the carnage and yet fully aware of what she had done. Electric sparks shot from broken equipment and the smell of burnt things was pungent.  She tried to tune out the pain she was feeling, but it only hurt more the harder she tried. Fenrir had warned her that even trying to take a life exacted a heavy toll on a person's soul. He had called it a pain that would never truly heal.l, and now she had to live with the fact that she had hurt her friends and a complete stranger for no known reason.

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45 Re: [Plot/DEATH ENABLED] Storm the Base! on Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:14 am

Gallahad looked into the room in stunned silence. what the hell did Sable do? he turned to Fuyuko,  "make sure Hunter doesnt escape." He walked in carefully and found Sable with his leg bent were it wasn't supposed to, "Damn you" He picked up the assassin and carried him to where the two girls had been waiting outside. He then went for the small fox girl and set her gently down and was ready to go deeper into the lab when something grabbed his leg. He looked down and saw a chain, "Grey? If you can hear me call off your chains." He waited, nothing. He forced his leg to move and ripped it clear from the ground. It deployed spikes that were deflected by his armor, " Anyone hear me? Call out if you can." He carefully looked from side to side as he took cautious steps.

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James Gray
It was a whirlwind of action. To be quite frank, the snow fox was slightly overwhelmed. So many things were happening - gun fire, explosions, and whatnot. A ring from his scroll had drawn his attention momentarily and answered it out of reflex. It was the sniper girl. He put his scroll on speaker and her voice rung out, calling words of surrender.

The wolf man went down, and it did not look good. As much of a threat he was, a member of the team he still was - and he had every intention of making sure everyone stayed alive. A chain bursted forth from his arm and raced towards Fenrir. Wrapping itself around the arm, a light glow exhumed as the fox used his semblance to heal their destructive member. Hopefully it was enough to get him into stable condition.

More explosions. Turning, he saw as his blue-haired teammate flew and rolled. While not in a critical condition like the wolf, he still took a massive hit. Another chain came forth from his arm and wrapped itself around the arm of Lapis, exhuming the same light as it went to work.

The source of the explosions, the littlest of them all, seemed to have fallen, sobbing as they fell. With another chain, the fox boy sent it to retrieve the girl, in hopes of moving her away from the action and shielding her while she was incapacitated. Slightly frowning, his thoughts circled around her not being ready to handle this kind of work - before those thoughts were dashed away. He berated himself for doubting his teammate at this crucial juncture.

His attention was drawn when the burliest of their team shouted his name, a chain wrapping itself around his legs. He was confused, it wasn't any of his chains. Before he had the chance to respond in kind, the man ripped himself free and protected himself from the ensuing spikes that followed.

The snow fox panted slightly before taking a knee. The multiple chains and healing were taking a small toll. Oh, how he hoped for this venture to end soon.

Oh, roll call.

"Yeah, right here. Tread lightly. Surprising, that was the first trap we found. There will probably be others."


HP: 150 - 0 = 150
Aura: 150 - 60 - 5 = 85

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Fenrir ripped some cloth off his pants and stuffed it in his mouth as he then took his broken leg with both hands and set it. The agony shot through his core and made him arch his back a second, but he didn't make a sound as he took the cloth and then wrapped it around the break and wove a solid Glyph mixed with a wind mail glyph to protect it until he could get it properly fixed. Shuffling over to the smallest teammate, he snapped his fingers next to her head and caught her as she fell over, "this should keep her asleep for a few minutes" He reached into her weapon and unloaded the used vial and replaced it with his fresh one which he put into his gauntlet. It would he better for her to believe she had simply gotten confused, besides, from what he had seen from the others the idea that he blew himself up to get free would be an easy sell. He looked up and saw the princess was looking at him, "damn, I hate witnesses." He reached over and snapped his fingers again, he caught the girl and shuffled out of his jacket which he put under her head as he set her down. It was better this way he thought as he drew on his aura to heal again.

Aura recovery : + 5 AP Regen
Self inflicted pain: -10 Hp
Aura heal : + 20 Hp - 20 ap

Hp: 40
Ap: 210

Fire dust 1: 4/5
Fire dust 2: 4/5

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Fuyuko looked back at the incapacitated members of the team. The small girl seemed to have fallen asleep and the raging psychotic man was deathly pale. She noticed his leg was straitened,   sweet mother of grimm. I didn't even here him when he did that. the assassin was tougher than he had any right to be. She could see that his injuries had taken a toll, but figured he could easily scrap with Hunter if he had to. She heard the calling back and forth and set up perched at the top of the door frame. Her new goal was to take out the chain traps that seemed a lot like Mr. Grey's semblance. She created three HEAP rounds and loaded them in. She quickly aimed and fired at a chain reaching for Lapis, " get off the ground!" She doubted they could hear her, but it was worth a try. She located Hunter behind an overturned table. He was clearly out of sight of the men inside but she still felt irritation that they hadn't found him. Adjusting her aim, she called the team, " five meters ahead, behind the table near the center."

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Gallahad nodded in acknowledgement.  However, his team came first. Two of them were incapacitated, one nearing exhaustion,  two unaccounted for and himself and Lapis still in fighting condition. He decided that instead of searching for Kei and Marcus, it would be better to bring James out to the injured. This would remove a potential for Hunter and allow himself to focus on defensive strategy, "Come on James," he said as he helped him up, "The psycho looks like yes gonna need more help...and you can't do that of you pass out here." The way things had gone reminded him of his first battle against the grimm...Almost twenty years ago....

Gallahad stood with the pages, "when's the battle starting?" A small figure to his right asked. The grimm stood there, almost like in a formation opposite of the Holy Knights, "when it starts of course." He snapped. The suspense was intense as they waited for the horn to blow. When it did, they knights cheered and raced towards their hated enemy. The grimm likewise roared and charged. He watched in amazement as they clashed. He watched in horror as grimm broke through the lines and headed for them. He grabbed a nearby weapon as other pages panicked when squires were cut down. He rallied a few of the biggest and oldest pages to form a line, fully expecting to die so that the others could escape. Out of nowhere came galloping horsemen in bright armor with mighty swords to cut down the grimm, not one reaching the pages. Gallahad looked at the leader, a young man with his helmet off. The man smiled at Gallahad as he dismounted, "what is your name?"
"Gallahad of House Argent of Clan Durin, milord." The man nodded as knights gathered around, "listen all here this day. I hereby declare Gallahad of House Argent of Clan Durin to be my squire. May Bahamut shine his favor forever and a day on this brave man!" Gallahad couldn't believe his ears. He had been made a squire and was called a man at age 10. He kneeled,  "Thank you my lord. I pray to be worthy of your kindness."

Maybe in retrospect, he had been hard on the assassin. It wasn't like he had chosen to be born to the Sables. He'd have to sort that later as he helped James to his feet.

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Fenrir shivered, his body was slowly feeling colder with the rocks leaching heat from him. He had to stay awake...had to....blood from his head....tore some cloth to bind it...needed....heat...He reached for his dust vial and pulled some bits of emergency fire out of his pocket....He forgot the ratio for a moment but managed to get it started...The small flame quickly produced enough heat to make up for what he'd lost....his vision slowly faded as he fought to stay awake. He picked up Amarante's weapon and muttered to himself as he smashed it against his broken leg. The pain cleared his vision a bit as he managed to gather enough strength and hit himself again. He needed either Amarante to get her shit tigethe....oh...right...He needed the other healer...Fenrir tried to link coherent thoughts....his mind....slipping....Darkness closed over him as he fell over.....

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