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What's a Dominus?

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1 What's a Dominus? on Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:57 pm

If you end up following me, you are going to NEED to know what the heck a Dominus is. So the basis is, that there is Deathbringer, Doom bringer, then dominus. This is it's own lore. So Ruby Rose is a example of a mix, as a Deathbringer. Dispite the name they are mostly friendly and use a unique fighting style. Their loadout consists of a Scythe and sniper rifle. It honestly surprised me how much Ruby matched the setting. Then to proceed to Doombringer, it requires a certain mastery and a lose of something close to them. This is where it gets complex. To continue they have to burn the wax of something of there element, the most common is Shadow and so they need something that is solid black to have the wax melted into a candle if it's a leaf or something like that. This item has to burn when they have lessons, and if they learn a certain degree of lessons they have, it proceeds to dominus. Though if the candle burns before they hit the requirement they have to start Doombringer all over again. The requirements are to learn arts of stealth like their steps being silent and not leaving prints, to more complex things like how to travel among their element as if they were teleporting. This only works if it is from and to their element and takes time to do. Then domius is when they burn candles after finishing the arts. All the training is improving the arts of a Doombringer and their rank will scene by the more arts they master. The final ranking, Diamond is a achieved when a Gold beats a diamond and gold can only be achieved by mastering all of the dominus arts. Over time a person in the art becomes more of a spirit than human or Faunus. If their Hood is damaged, they lose their power and requires a unique mending method to fix. It is a high respect to take off their Hood. When the hood is on, all you see is a shadow, with thin eyes of varying color depending on the kind of dominus they are, like my character's is cyan eyes as he is the rare Arch dominus only surpassed by one kind. Though I'm a dominus and the dominus who beats me only is superior as a domnious and hasn't achieved domnius yet. Thank you a lot for reading, good luck Hunters or Huntress!

Got a question? Put it in the comments and I will do my best to answer if dominus related!

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