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BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt)

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1 BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:32 pm

Marcus Goldstein
Marcus sat in the back of the bullfrog alone. The light flickered. Again. He contemplated fixing it right there and then with his aura, but decided against it. He would need every drop of power for this mission. His first solo hunt. Should he have been this eager?

Something had been trying to get into the city, scratching at the walls, and it was his job to check it out. If he felt he could handle it, search and destroy. If he couldn't, fall back and get help. Easy enough for a first year, and also a good way to earn some extra cash on the side. Marcus wasn't going to lie, one part of his eagerness to accept a mission this quick into his enrolment was for want of resources.

Yet there was a part of himself that had doubts. Grimm. That existential threat that always hungered for blood and souls. Why was he so eager to go out and face them? Cold hard cash alone? No, there was more to it that that. What though?

“Touchdown in half a minute.” the pilot announced calmly. Marcus looked up. Now was no longer the time for silly questions and doubts. This was it.

The area was the portion of land just south of the docks, away from both the bustling tourist beaches and the heavy industry. The wall that kept the Grimm out on one end stood firm, a monolithic block of grey concrete. Beyond it lay a cleared out killzone for any sieges, and then dunes and tall grass, with the occasional thorny shrubs. Though he was too far inland to actually see the endless blue, the eternal crash of waves on the shore and a salty taste to the air served as a constant reminder of the sea's presence.

Marcus stepped out of the bullfrog, choosing to fall the last five meters. The soft sand came up to his ankles as he crashed into the land. Off hand, he waved the pilot goodbye as he scanned the land. There, that hill. He stomped upwards, instantly in a fight with the land itself. The sand gripped his feet, a noticeable effort to just stay mobile. He briefly chuckled to himself if this was going to be what got him killed. Sand. There’s a joke if ever he heard one. At last, he reached the hilltop. No grimm in sight. He could  go and walk along the wall to find traces of whatever creature wanted to breach it. The thought made him chuckle harder. No, there was a much easier way. He put his hands to his mouth.


Rolls: 5, 3, 1, 1 (click for link)

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2 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:18 am

||Griffon||Medium||100HP||DR 5||

Swooping down gracefully and landing on a nearby tree, this Griffon primmed it's feathers hastily. It had been flying for a while now, and it hadn't encountered any fleshy ones during it's flight. It sensed them, of course, but did not locate any of them...except for that young one going back and forth on some weird contraption made from wood and rope. He was easy, and he was delicious...

However, this Griffon was a bit bored, honestly: the young fleshy one had not even been the slightest of a challenge to track down and kill, and frankly, this Griffon deserved and actual chase and hunt. It not only desired the thrill of an actual hunt, but felt entitled to one: clearly, hunting the weak, young, or feeble was too easy, and thus beneath it.

That was when the Griffon sensed a fleshy one approximately ten-to-twenty treetops away. It looked in it's direction, then looked away. No, this Griffon would not take another easy kill, and this fleshy one had put itself out in the open and near the deep wet mass. Clearly not a bright one, and therefore not worth this Griffon's time.

However, as this Griffon continued to prune itself, it turned it's head towards a sudden sound. It came from the same direction as the fleshy one, and moreover it was rather irritating.


If this fleshy one was so eager to die, this Griffon would be very much obliged to serve. This Griffon ruffled it's feathers, accounting that each one was in it's place, then took off. It glided gracefully until it saw the fleshy in view: it was seeming to struggle with it's footing and with general movement. Pitiful: it made so much noise, and yet it was just giving itself up by doing so. This Griffon circled above the fleshy one a few times before deciding that it should still attack as normal: in a manner without counterattack.

After two more circles above, this Griffon then swooped down, as if to make an attack...but swooped up early before committing and took off towards a couple of nearby trees. Resting, yet readying it's haunches, this Griffon gave off a screech at it's currently location, then bounded a few trees over before launching out of the trees and atttempting to strike the fleshy one from behind with both front claws. This Griffon was aiming to grab the neck and grip on tight, then bolt immediately down and then up to the side, breaking the tender neck of it's prey in one fell swoop.

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3 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:58 pm

Marcus Goldstein
Sure enough, the taunt was answered by a dark shape with a tell-tale white bone mask. Oh a Grifffon. Figures that a Grimm with the power of flight would pick places where footing was terrible, Marcus berated himself. Oh well. The beast appeared to taunt back by circling overhead a few times, out of punching and cutting range. Marcus revved Skree, and let the high pitched angry screech of the angle-grinder make his challenge clear. It dove in and Marcus tensed, as he awaited the moment to counter-attack. Just a little closer, come on.

To his surprise the beast backed off.

"Oy! Fight's over here!" Marcus yelled at it as he puzzled over this new development. It screeched back at him, probably something rude.

Grimm didn't run and only the smartest of them waited. Even the weakest Beowulves would throw themselves headlong into the fray against hunters they never stood a chance against by the hundreds. A remorseless, relentless black tide of tooth, claw and hate.

So, he reasoned, while this Griffon might be smart enough to realise that directly hurling itself at a prepared badass, there was no way it was smart enough to back off.

That meant that it would attack from another angle. Deliberately Marcus turned to face the trees where the beast fled to directly. With the bare, open killzone that led to the wall off to his left, and Skree raised in his right, only his back stood unguarded. Open. Inviting.

In the reflection of the disc, he saw a black blur approach. Not yet. He breathed in. His left hand let go of Skree's side handle, open and ready. He breathed out.



The claws whisked over the top of his head as Marcus dropped to his knees, and his free hand struck out. He grabbed for one of the offending limbs, and yanked it down with his not inconsiderable might and the full weight of his armoured bulk. Combined with the Griffon's own forward momentum the intended result was a forward flip face first into the ground for the fiend. At the same time, his right arm with Skree shot up, headed for the beast’s other claw to sever it. His aura flared and granted the cutting disc an impossibly strong and sharp edge.

Hit taken 10 DMG - R1 Armour = 5 DMG

Attack 1: 20 base + 10 weapon + 10 semblance boost = 40 DMG

"Hey there!" Marcus yelled as he revved Skree and jabbed the howling angle grinder straight at the Griffon's facial region.

Attack 2: 20 base + 10 weapon + 10 Semblance boost = 40 DMG

Healing from semblance: 5 HP

Marcus HP: 120/120 | AP 160/180

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4 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:37 pm

||Griffon||Medium||30HP||DR 5||

This Griffon was confident in it's attempt to kill the fleshy one, but it appears that it was ready for it's stealthy maneuver. How it was able to respond so quickly for a counter attack when in the sinking land bewildered this Griffon, and as such it did not properly defend itself as it found it's beak caught up in the sinking land.

Suddenly a sharp slicing pain brought this Griffon back into the fight, although no where near ahead. A shrill screech emitted from this Griffon's beak as it was now short an appendage, and was still being held onto by the fleshy one. This Griffon was now in a panic, and was flapping wildly and thrashing about, trying to release the grip of the insane fleshy one: this was no longer about hunting, but survival. As it was thrashing about, this Griffon was about to break free when it felt the grip on it's other limb tighten and it was struck in the face by the oddest weapon it had seen, which granted was only a few.

Dazed, confused, and heavily damaged, this Griffon made one last attempt to get away: if it could strike the face of the fleshy one with it's beak, it may just be able to get it to let go so it would fly off to recuperate. This Griffon then focused on the face of the fleshy one and lunged beak-first as fast as it could.

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5 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:33 pm

Marcus Goldstein
Adrenalin burned in his veins. Skree howled, and for a brief moment Marcus felt the bastard offspring of a buzzsaw and a V8 engine demand blood. A demand he was all to willing to fullfill. The Griffon struggled and thrashed in his grip as if aware of his plans. With the constant movement, Marcus just could not find a good angle to attack from.

It probably wanted to just get away from the crazy hunter and his angle grinder, but Marcus liked to imagine the thing felt fear.

The tells gave him a split second warning. That was all he needed. It craned it's neck back, muscles bulged and like a bullet it lunged for his face. Marcus met the lunge with an uppercut. Skree bit into the softer flesh of the underside of the lower jaw, directly in the middle.

Attack 1: 20 base + 10 R1 wep = 30

This forced the deadly beak up and away from any delicate fleshy bits of Marcus himself.

Hit blocked(?)

He followed it up with a jank on the foot he still had in his hand, to force the buzzsaw deeper and with some luck, directly into the beast's brain tissue.

Attack 2: 20 base + 10 R1 wep = 30

"Shoryuhoweverthe___kyousayit." Marcus said, panting and shaking. Was it over?

Marcus HP: 120/120 | AP 160/180

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6 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:41 am

||Griffon||Medium||-20HP||DR 5||

It was definitely a last ditch effort to annihilate the fleshy one that grasped it, but this Griffon had now doubt it would plunge right through the face of this strange looking fleshy one...what with it's oddly shaped head and all.

However, it would appear that this Griffon was vastly mistaken in terms of this fleshy one's capabilities, as it counter it with a simple blow to the bill with it's odd-looking weapon. This Griffon squawked and flailed around in an effort to escape, but sadly to no avail. With a simple jerk of it's leg, the odd weapon pushed and sliced it's way right through the skull of this Griffon.

As the front part of this Griffon's beaked face landed into the next to them, the rest of it's body flailed around a few moments longer before finally excepting it's fate and falling lifeless to the ground, disappearing into the air around them as it disintegrated.

The only remaining sign of this Griffon's existence was a black feather than landed gracefully on the bill of the fleshy one's weird head, then just as briefly as it had landed it disappeared into the air as well.

[So dead, he's ded dead.]

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7 Re: BEAR PUNCHING maybe (Solo hunt) on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:54 pm

Marcus Goldstein
Panting and shaking Marcus rose. Adrenalin pounded in his ears and screamed at him to act, move, fight. His head whipped from side to side as he checked for any more adversaries drawn to the cacophony of battle. The dying few flaps of the griffon's blew the smoke created by it's death into his face. He felt something tickle his aura on top of his helmet and grabbed for it. Nothing save a disintegrating feather.

The forest was silent as the grave. There was nothing save the smoke of the dying grimm within reach. After a few scant seconds, Marcus popped his helmet and let out a loud, primal yell. This was it. Victory, oh so sweet victory. Still giddy, he started to move to a place the bullfrog could come pick him up.

"This is Goldstein requesting pickup. Take me home Country Road." he said into his radio.

"To the place, I belong~" the pilot sang back at him. Marcus just let fly a fain chuckle in response. Soon soft country music and the roar of an engine announced the arrival of his ride home.

"Difficult hunt?" the pilot asked as he clambered on board. Marcus shook his head.

"Not really, grimm couldn't keep his head in the game."

((Now I get to roll a bonus dice or something?))

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