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Shadow Dust - The Guide

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1 Shadow Dust - The Guide on Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:34 am

Lore of shadow dust? I'm a master of it's lore (it's fanfiction that I created that easily could falls in the bounds of what could be in RWBY) Okay so that basis is that it's the dust form of what I call Grimm Gems. You need Grimm sap to create the crystal, Grimm sap is the sap of trees that have had the dna in them for so long is spreads to the entire tree or plant, and can make the ground have this taint. Almost every tree in the Finnek forest has sufficent sap because of grimm concentrations. If it ever is handled improperly, it can turn to dust, like a dead grimm and ends up and will collect together somewhere else to form a young grimm, and now to it's other use, grimm summoning. So you take this sap I gave the long description of, and crystallize it. When crystallized you need Grimm Blood and dust. Say you fight a ursa, and you cause it to bleed, collect the blood somehow before it starts to evaporate away then you also need this evaporating dust of it's torso or head.
    Then you need a binding, how you make a binding is finding a leaf of a tree that has grimm taint throughout and melt the wax out of leafs and make a symbol you can remember, as it is required later. Then you need this binding imprinted on the crystal using the wax, when you have the binding, on each side slowly infuse the blood and dust of the grimm separately. Thing is, it doesn't have to be the same grimm for the blood and dust but it does have to have to be the same species and around the same age (armor has to be relatively the same.) Then you have to use the binding, and incite the words Grimmus Symous (whatever your symbol is named), and it will summon a grimm companion that is dark blue, cyan, and white. This takes up your pet slot in combat, and can be a companion in battle.
    When first summoned, it is a baby. The only way it becomes stronger is fighting, and must be feed a special feed to grow, this feed is hard to make and complex. and if I hold a class it requires tests to get more. The only way I would give more is improving your relations with the grimm. As if your relations aren't maintained and improve and is fed feed it could grow too quickly and get out of control. Later on, grimm can be modded with dust, add fire and air and it can breath fire and other combos can have acidic fangs or spikes to other combinations. Though if over modded it becomes a creature of no control. When it achieves adult it can be ridden and the older it becomes it grows in armor as a wild grimm does. Early ones are small, and weak but can grow powerful.
    Then you have bosses and dna creations. Bosses are unique, They are grimm that are highly advanced and are extremely rare, there isn't a lot of them and they actually normally control hoards or even massive concentrations. Like the dragon in the cannon series, or any other unique boss they fought. Honestly under certain circumstances they can be easy to recreate but it requires a certain chain of variables to be set to specific conditions and rarely happen, even with there being so many grimm in revenant. These are very delicate situations and one variable off could be the difference between a special or normal ursa and a boss. These bosses can easily be recreated as a companion if you get their dust and blood, they will be a lot smaller when first summoned but can grow beyond previous standards. Though they are harder to tame compared to previous ones and aren't easy to dust mod. Then dna creations, could be made by combining grimm dust and dna, like nevermore beak and ursa torsos, and it could be 50% nevermore torso, 25% ursa torso, and 25% beowulf could be a new creation. If you get a lucky combination it can become a completely new grimm and be like the Empty Armour that Wiess fought to travel to beacon. Though most become Algimites, abominations that melt into a soulless creature and are almost impossible to tame or communicate to as their genetics are unstable and have their own way of speaking that could be the sound of static to random noises.
    Back to shadow dust, can be used to mod or modded itself. Or enhanced elemental dust, Like shadow dust and fire dust could create Hell-fire dust, which instead of fire it becomes strength focused fire. This combo makes Hell-fire, Though this makes it more unstable and can have un-predicted results. This is actually just the basics, and almost no advanced detail. I hope I get to have a successful class on this when my character form eventually is posted and hopefully approved quickly. Of course there is normally a kink or two in a character in some way or form. Good luck Hunter or Huntress! Bye

In the comments feel free to post any questions, I'll be happy to answer! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope this becomes a mechanic for or heck even RWBY itself (may be a lot of hope, heh).

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