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Grimm Comunicating Semblence?

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1 Grimm Comunicating Semblence? on Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:59 am

I know, the title seems overpowered in sense. I do have a way to balance it.

Okay, so this is for my character, and it will be cited on character sheet if this is a approved idea.

How it works is, It can help or be a fatal flaw.
Say the grimm doesn't have contact seeing my character, then I will go to This Link and choose a random number between 1 and 1,000 in the options. If the number doesn't have a 3 or 6, it will leave me alone, or if I get a one without a 9, it will be a temporary companion until I fight a creature of higher strength, then it turns on me.

But if it sees me, then it will only leave if I land on a 3, and 9 makes it work with until a stronger foe appears then it turns. Otherwise it fights me because it is a blind fury of fighting me.

Not sure how balanced this would be, and also the grimm leaves at the end of hunt. No EXP is earned if I don't kill it. If I attack it, it of course attacks me/ fights me.
When I am in a hunt or fight with grimm I would put to say whether the semblance worked or not and in parenthesis I would put the number like a example below

"The Ursa heard you, and disregarded your voice over it's blind fury to fight you! (170)"

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