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The Hyena Approaches! (OPEN)

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1 The Hyena Approaches! (OPEN) on Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:40 pm

Tall and broad, with a wide gait, the orange-haired Faunus marched forward at an exceedingly excited pace. Today was the day, the day! At least, his first day at Syne. For all his life, he’d lived in Bellmuse, and dreamed of one day coming to this place, the academy his father had compared many a time to his own. Baring a maw full of jagged, savage canine teeth in a giddy grin, his amber eyes observed the area around him with some sort of childish fascination.

”Haha, YES! FINALLY, FRESH AIR!” the Hyena shouted to the world at large, stopping in place and tilting his head up towards the sky. His coat would stop a moment after him, the rattling of the weapon – folded and hidden within – following in its halting. ”But… Where are the people?” Topaz pondered aloud, blinking twice, and then halting all movement. His breathing would slowly intensify; something had caught his attention, and he was far too interested to ignore his own instinct. In an instant, he would leap a few inches of the ground and snatch some unsuspecting dragonfly from the air. Seems he had a thing for insects…

Opening his hand, the tiny thing would uncurl in his glove. ”Shh, shh… I just wanted to see ya a little closer!” Topaz whispered to it, before throwing it out to wander again.

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